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Prisoners Movie Spoilers Prisoners Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Prisoners review, this is the place where you can discuss Prisoners spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Prisoners for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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Prisoners runs 153 minutes and is Rated R for disturbing violent content including torture, and language throughout. Now playing in theaters.

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  1. What i dont understand is why alex gets reunited with his family??

    Ok i gues he probably had stockholm sydrom or someting but he was the one how kidnapped them and tock them to his aunt and he knew what she would do to them en he could tell someone where they where instead off saying crypic stuff like they are in the maze

    So why does he go free??

    • The ‘aunt’ is dead and his RV has no evidence of kidnapping. Add on to the fact that he was tortured, has a childlike mind (10 year old IQ), stockholm syndrome (at the very least), etc…there is nothing they can charge him with or prove he was involved.

      Lack of evidence is what got him freed in the first place, so they can’t prove he did squat. the main dude could yell until he turns blue about how he’s guilty but no ones gonna take his side because he imprisoned, tortured and kidnapped a mentally challenged and drugged out of his mind man. The girls could talk but all they’d say is that ‘he brought me to the house and knew where I was but he didn’t hurt me’. But who’s gonna charge Alex? unilke the main character he is actually mentally challenged and quite possibly insane to a degree. (the police are also incompetent it seems). They could also say he was coerced into keeping quiet by his ‘aunt’.

      the possibilities are many and complicated.

      • I am confused about the character who killed himself and had the boxes with the kids clothing and live snakes. Was he related in anyway to the aunt? What was his role in the plot? When they were digging up the grounds of the aunt’s house at the end of the movie, the men stated they found nothing but some dead snakes. Was this related to the snakes in the boxes of the character who killed himself There were references to the maze. What was the maze? Was it related to the picture of the aunt’s dead husband who had a necklace with a maze design? Anybody out there who can help!

        • You need to go back and watch the movie about 5 more times.

          • hahahah :)

        • The guy with snakes Bobby Taylor was kidnapped by the Aunt and her husband,when he was a boy. He is was traumatized by that and is recreating what he seen and experienced.The husband was the guy that was found in the basement of the preachers house. He confessed to the preacher about killing 16 children. The preacher lured him to his house and killed him.

          • If the guy with the snakes was the missing boy, why did the newspaper at the end indicate that
            the missing boy was reunited with his parents after 26 years. What about the maze?

            • The paper is describing Alex Jones he was also Kidnapped. That was not his real Aunt and Uncle. Remember the detective visits his mother. The house he was sitting in front of was his childhood home..

        • Taylor who killed himself was not related to the aunt Holly. His role in the plot was to be the Lucifer character. He was the Lightbringer into the dark world of Holly’s husband before the argument the confession. Taylor was showing or reenacting what Holly’s was husband was putting the children through. Holly’s husband was the one with the snake fetish therefore once he was dead or missing or never returned home Home simply burrined her husband’s snakes. The maze was an unsolveable riddle Holly’s husband was torturing killing 16 children with snakes ~ symbology for being in a maze a labyrinth a confussion which they cannot get out of then being bitten by serpents appalling! I’m guessing!

        • that guy is Bobby Taylor, when he was a kid, he was another victim of the kidnappers. for some reason he escaped but he is left emotionally damaged

      • Regardless of his mental problems he kidnaped the girls and lied to police, his freedom would be gone as he is a danger to society. Now he may get to be in a state psyche ward but no they wouldn’t so oh you got beat and your mentally handicapped so everything you do is not punishable. He’s a bad person who committed a crime he goes to jail.

  2. I liked this movie, sure, but the premise of the maze- when there was no maze at all- was extremely confusing.

    • The maze was on the husbands(Uncle) necklace in the picture right before the “Aunt” was killed.

    • The maze was on the Uncles necklace in the picture right before the “Aunt” was killed.

    • Eliza Joy’s older sister was on the phone to Anna’s older brother Ralph. The relevance being the old adage Hollywood portrays in comedies or horrors ~ there’s a sound in the other room the white girl always goes to investigate asking hello? hello?? anybody there? then the villain grabs her whams her she dies she’s dead the black girl on the other hand turns the other way from where the sound was lol.

      When Taylor sneaked into Anna’s house Grace Anna’s mother was asleep and then she woke up… forgetting all the dreams that she had she went investigating in the other room thinking it was her daughter Anna in the other room. However when Taylor was in Eliza’s house she heard something as well but she locked herself in. It’s classic Hollywood template lol.

      Eliza was mad at her parents for not telling her where they were going or when they will be back they left home without telling her without even phoning home she was all home alone she just had a sister missing she thought it was the end of the world but she doesn’t realize it’s not the end of the world it doesn’t have to be that bad she was safely at home.

  3. When Joy escapes from the house. Hugh Jackman was there and is the one who grabs the Aunt from behind. I understand the film is called Prisoners and it achieves that in everyway in the story. I still think there will be a second movie to explain all the missing pieces,; because the story is amazing and interesting ..

    • Keller didn’t grab the (Aunt) from behind. He left ahead of the girls trying to make a run for it. Joy was able to get away but Holly (the Aunt) grabbed Anna back.

      • Yes it was Keller , He was wearing the dark green coat with the hood on it . Keller(Hugh Jackamn) makes the Aunt look like a little girl because of the size difference. Only #3 people were in that scene not 4 running out the door. I have seen the movie a few times so I understand, that is what they would want you to think. There will be a second part to this movie .

        • I don’t understand… If Keller knew where the little girls were, why he did not say nothing about that? This is nonsense.

          I think that was the aunt grabbing Anna.

  4. Iv watched this movie but am unsure if it ended wrong as it was a copy. Did the police man find hugh jackman down the hole when he was blowing the whistle.

    Thank you

    • The writers deliberately left it open-ended here’s an extract from an interview click the link below for the rest

      How do you interpret the ending?

      I like keeping the end ambiguous for myself. We flirted with extending that scene to give audiences more closure but I like a little bit of mystery. In most movies, everything needs to be tidily wrapped up and I like that you’re not quite sure at the end of this one, even if you assume that Loki hears what he hears.


  5. Uh, the “Aunt” made it clear that it was her idea to keep the kids. Alex only offered them a ride in the RV – cmon, the guy has the mental state of a 10 year old.

    Also the whole thing about the Maze was that it was “the unsolvable maze” and this Taylor guy had been driven nuts by it. He read the book titled “How to find the invisible man” and as a coping mechanism drilled into his head that he had been kidnapped by the invisible man. He had almost no recollection of his kidnapping thanks to the nasty acid/ketamine mix he had. He took the opportunity to use the girls as slaves to solve the last puzzle as he was in on the whole kidnap thing – not sure how but he was. Alex obviously knew about it hence why he mentioned the maze in the first place.

    Also, about the whole Alex doing the kidnapping thing – he said they only cried when he left, which makes it clear that he didn’t kidnap them on purpose, they would have been crying because they realised the Aunt was forcing him to keep them Prisoner.

    • When I was 10 years old I was taking care of my young brother after school. My son had 4H animals to take care of at that age. A 10 year old would have known better than to take children to that woman’s house . He was able to sing the same song the girls were singing and he was able to talk. If he had told Keller where the girls were he wouldn’t have been tortured and HE DID KNOW where the girls were and Keller knew Alex knew because of the things he said and the song he was singing and if he hadn’t kidnapped Alex the girls would never have been found in time. Loki only found Anna when he went back to Holly’s house to tell her Alex had been found. He wasn’t even going to go then but his Captain made him go. I’m not saying all the torture was necessary but if it had been one of my children, I would have been on the move!

      • You do realize that aside from having the IQ of a 10 year old, he is also high and has numerous other mental problems right? Being able to talk and sing doesn’t = able to think very well. And when you beat someone half to death, deny them food and keep them in isolation then they get concussions, deep depression and become unable to think.

        Keller is a rage a holic and Alex love’s his ‘aunt’ (is dependent, prolly was tortured a few times that he dared to do what she deemed not ok). Keller has proven that he’s not stable and completely insane. A normal person wouldn’t resort to torture and if they did then they’d find themselves in jail so fast it would make your head spin. If you seriously would kidnap, torture and half kill someone after you’ve been told repeatedly to stay out of the way and let the cop do his job then I am seriously worried and scared. That’s not normal or legal. You understand that right?

        Loki put together the puzzle and linked it to the bodies and such. He interrogated the dude who blew his brains out and because of that maze that was drawn, he was able to connect the two. Alex was already on his radar due to Keller having almost homicidal rage for the kid and had the other police been competent and guarded him like they were supposed to then keller wouldn’t have gotten his hands on Alex.

        Sooner or later he was going to have to re visit Alex. And Joy would have given him info too. Keller did pretty much nothing but break the law. And please note that it was Keller’s original idea for Alex to stay locked up. Had he gotten his wish then no torture and he’d be able to do jack. The cop did everything and Keller made a stupid. I have no idea how anyone can defend what Keller did.

        • I don’t think it’s defensible by law’s standards…the point was that as a parent you do things you wouldn’t normally – maybe extreme things that are over the edge for your missing child. It would be maddening to have someone in front of you whom knew where your child was but wouldn’t tell you-or anyone-and know that that only meant worse for your child. He kept him alive until he mentally slipped in his pAnic and determination to be the protective father they all knew. For some men letting their family down in that way is not survivable. They fell they are nothing worthy without that. Not saying I agree but people are complex and that was the strategy in this set of characters. Especially when they are so damaged.

        • The drugged juice turns the kids into vegetables it retards their brains all of them or anyone who drinks it including Keller it renders them drousy

          Alex was choking dog with collar at 1st clip the next time we saw the collar it was in the hands of Loki who said 3 times I NEED TO KNOW WHERE EVERYBODY IS! when you add these clips with the freemason ring on Loki’s pinky it all adds up! The real life Alex Jones who has a website called http://www.PrisonPlanet.com might have inspired the writers.

          Our nation was founded by a network of Secret Societies in 1776 the Founding Fathers were all masons and every President from Washington to Obama is a mason; Loki with his ring is indicating that what’s at stake in this movie are Secret Society Secret Services Sinister Secrets about their New World Order plan of a cashless surveillance society where everyone’s being watched monitored with a chip.

          Sinister Secrets which are in this documentary ~ Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined (2010) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NO24XmP1c5E

          Plot synopsis:

          For the first time ever, the secret agenda of the planet’s ruthless rulers is exposed in stark detail. This documentary film chronicles how men of power and influence have worked in stealth for centuries to establish an oppressive world government in a global oligarchy.

          The criminal controllers have successfully dominated the globe and are now in the final phase of consolidating power. Invisible Empire is a damning indictment of the globalists through their own words and documents. Worldwide tyranny isn’t coming, it’s here. This isn’t conspiracy theory, it’s conspiracy fact. The New World Order is out in the open.

          Unelected bureaucrats are establishing regional unions under one superstate. Witness their plan for a global tax and a cashless surveillance society in which every man, woman and child is micro-chipped at birth.

          These are just a few of the cutscenes scattered around in places in the movie that don’t appear to be sensible on their own until when put together with other cutscenes that the picture intended by the writers emerges i’m guessing

        • Do you have children?
          Every parent I know would commit heinous crimes on anyone that hurt their child on that level. He was 10000% sure it was Alex, and despite the fact Alex was mentally handicapped, he was still an accomplice and mental handicap is not an excuse to kidnap and hurt children. He was desperate to find his daughter and was sure beyond reasonable doubt that Alex was the culprit.
          When you rear a child, you will gladly go to the ends of the earth if it was for their safety and well-being. Some go a little further than others depending on the situation, and of course it doesn’t make sense and it’s not lawful, but that’s not the point. That’s part of the moral ambiguity of the story (the mother saying “He did what he had to do to save Anna and I thank God for that. He’s a good man.”) and I do believe that without Keller’s involvement, it wouldn’t have gone as smoothly at all. The police had already moved on from Alex Jones as a suspect. Joy would have been found but she was almost completely comatose at the time and was barely able to put together any coherent thoughts… so when she said “you were there”, Keller knew exactly where to go. No one else was able to figure out her ramblings, evidenced by the fact that Detective Loki went straight for the abandoned apartment building, which was where he thought Keller was headed to. If it took any longer, Anna might not have been able to get better–Alex’s “aunt” (Holly I think?) may have been scared Anna run as well and transferred her to a different place or have killed her or given her more brain-numbing drugs in the meantime.
          Although I do agree Keller wasn’t the smartest about the whole thing. He should have expected her to have a gun and had one in his hand when he turned around or took 2 seconds and let everyone know Joy meant he was at the Jones’ house with her comment, although he was probably afraid they’d try to calm him down and stop him.
          Also, if he didn’t go alone, we wouldn’t have gotten to have 2 climaxes in the movie, and with a Hollywood movie, one simply won’t do. :P

    • “Taking for a ride” is kidnapping. You don’t know that he intended to take them back. You don’t know that he hadn’t kidnapped kids in the past. Do you think the kids wanted to go for that ride? What could he possibly have shown the kids at his house? They had found the missng whistle. Don’t you think she was looking forward to tell her dad that? But no, first they wanted to ride around town with a stranger? Alex is 100% an accomplice. He took the kids. He knew were they were.
      And ALEX DID NOT ONLY HAVE THE IQ OF A 10 YEAR OLD! That was an act or a coping device. He is a psychopath. He violently choked his dog. Probably tortured animals routinely. Acts like he cant talk but had no problems singing a song. Alex realized that Keller’s friend didn’t agree with the torture. He thought he could wait them out. He was waiting for a chance to escape and almost did. A simpleton would have confessed. A hardcore psychopath that believed in the cause (war with God) wouldn’t.
      If Keller’s techniques were more effective (breaking fingers) he might have found out his daughters whereabouts. The way the movie played out, if Keller had left the cops to do their job, Loki wouldn’t have walked thru that open front door.

  6. I didn’t seethe movie but I want it to get spoiled for me so that I don’t cry but do the girls die or what happened exactly my mother won’t let me see it….:(

  7. I’ve been reading a bunch of posts, trying to figure out more about Keller, but no one is addressing what I’m looking for. It sounded like Joy or Julie (whatever her name is) said that he taped their mouths. Then he ran away. It looked like he was in on the kidnapping; so what I want to know is… was he? I am soooo not going to see that movie again. Too gruesome and the dog being yanked at the neck was traumatizing for an animal lover like me.

    • Joy said he referring to their original kidnapper Alex who took em in broad daylight then duct taped their mouths in the RV or they’d ‘ve been screaming! Keller could not be in on it because when he attacked Alex in the parking lot Alex said “they only started crying after i left them” after the extended torturing of Alex by Keller Alex decided not as a result of the torturing but on his own accord after Keller had said he was tired Alex then said “they are in a maze it’s a maze” none of this would’ve been necessary had Keller been in on it!

      • Alex didn’t kidnap them. He took them for a ride and his ‘aunt’ decided that they stay. She taped their mouths shut. Given how psychotic and torture happy she seems, I’m not surprised that Alex did as she wanted and didn’t speak. The ‘they only started crying after I left them’ means that he was the only one being nice and treating them well. With his childish mind and IQ (that of a 10 year old) it would be no problem for him to interact and relate to the kids. Oh yeah, and he was drugged outta his mind on that juice and got a possible concussion (among other things) thanks to Keller’s torture. The point was not to kidnap them but to give them a drive and then return them.

        The cop saved the girl by doing his job and putting the pieces together. Keller only managed to get a bullet in his leg and thrown into a hole. If Keller had just done as Loki had said and ‘let him do his job’ then it might have gone smoother and faster.

        • No matter how you swing it he (Alex) did kidnap those girls. You do not know what he has been a part of over the years . He was raised by 2 very disturbed people. They kept him as one of their own. Also Keller had part in getting Joy out of the house. In the flashback Joy has it is Keller stopping the Aunt from catching Joy. It is not the Aunt stopping Anna . That is why she said he was there . There are a lot of mysteries yet to be explained.

          • And again, no he did not. He took them for a ride and had the intent to return them, his psycho ‘aunt’ decided that they should stay. To kidnap someone usually implies that they (parents) arnt getting said kids back until money or whatever is given. Since he was planning on giving them back then it’s not kidnapping.

            This is a dude who can barely spell his own name without help. Do you really think he’s intelligent or capable enough to help his ‘aunt’ out with much of anything? I don’t think so. I think he’s too high, stupid, and scared to do or interfere with anything (remember when she mentioned how he picked his words more carefully after an incident?)

            ‘ In the flashback Joy has it is Keller stopping the Aunt from catching Joy. It is not the Aunt stopping Anna . That is why she said he was there . ‘

            no. Joy took a chance and left but the aunt pulled the other girl back inside. Keller had nothing to do with it. He was in the house and she (joy) heard him talking. That’s it.

            The cop saved Anna. The cop did his job. Keller tortured a mentally challenged man and ended up with a bullet in his leg and in the bottom of a hole. Had he left well enough alone then the cop would have not been impeded by his insistent meddling (among other things) and could have solved it faster.

            • When you say the Aunt pulled Anna back while Joy ran . Did you see that on the screen . It shows Keller stopping the Aunt in his dark green hooded coat during her flashback. You would think it is the Aunt pulling Anna back but it is not. I watched it over to make sure . How this came about is yet to be revealed. All of these unanswered questions and story lines in the second part.Also Alex is a Kidnapper and the fact that Keller beat him up , in which you mention in your next post. It has nothing to do with the decision of luring 2 little girls away for a ride in an RV. Who knows if that is even true that is the Aunts manipulating Keller. She hiding the fact that Alex has been molded into a sadistic calculating demon in there war against God. Did you see how he took the beating and burnings and didnt tell.

              • ‘ It shows Keller stopping the Aunt in his dark green hooded coat during her flashback.’

                if that is true then he knew that she was the bad guy and he kept torturing alex for info that he already had. Also., it would mean that he also kept more important info from the cops and is now the bad guy (still was)

                ‘Also Alex is a Kidnapper and the fact that Keller beat him up , in which you mention in your next post.’

                again. no. He took them for a ride because he can relate to kids more easily than adults. Think of it as a kid taking another over to their house for a playdate. But instead of a house it’s an RV. He was going to give them back. And his ‘aunt’ kept them. It’s that simple.

                Keller is so single minded and so sure it’s Alex that when other suspects popped up, he still continued to torture the kid. That’s not ok. That’s a serious problem. After the concussion, lack of food, torture, damaged brain, and more. I’m not sure Alex was even able to form a coherent thought.

                ‘She hiding the fact that Alex has been molded into a sadistic calculating demon in there war against God. Did you see how he took the beating and burnings and didnt tell.’

                ummm being able to withstand torture doesn’t make someone a ‘sadistic calculating demon’ it means they can withstand torture. I’m sure he’s used to torture. What with living with a crazy sadist for a long while and she even admitted ‘he chose his words more carefully after the incident’. That also suggests that she tortured him (while drugging him). As an abuse victim you’d be surprised how much physical and mental abuse I can take before I even utter a word. Same thing in Guantanamo Bay. Prisoners can take a lot of torture before talking even if they are guilty or innocent.

                Sometimes abuse victims still have a ‘love’ attachment to their abusers. This is obvious with Alex as he keeps coming back despite still being able to leave. He wasn’t gonna put his ‘aunt’ in jail. Weather that is due to fear or love is up to interpretation and debate.

                • I was just giving a different twist to Alex , but that is not how I see him in the movie . This why this is one great movie . there is a lot of topics up for debate . That is why I am hoping so much for a second part. Im glad to see that you did see what I saw about Keller being there in the flashback . A lot of people have not noticed that yet . But now I am wondering if that was just Joys interpetation of what happened or if Keller was part of her escape but was drugged and did not remember. there is no answer to that without a second part.

                  • oooh. Ok. My apologies. :3 out of curiosity…how do you see Alex in the movie?

                    ‘But now I am wondering if that was just Joys interpetation of what happened or if Keller was part of her escape but was drugged and did not remember. there is no answer to that without a second part.’

                    You have no idea how glad I am that you said that. When Joy mentioned what happened, and the flash back was shown I sat there for a min and thought ‘what if Keller is one of the bad guys and blocked out what he did as an accomplice by way of denial or trauma’? you know how they say that ‘if you repeat something often enough it becomes truth?’ well it’s actually true. Out minds can form memories of things that never even happened. (which is actually quite fascinating)

                    OH! and what if the reason Alex wasn’t talking is because he knew that Keller was the bad dude and was confused as to why this man wanted answers..that he already had? :0 this is actually a fascinating theory and now I want a second movie to see if we’re right..

                    omfg. I could now talk about this theory for days. Come here I need to hug you for planting this thought in my head. (and I also gotta go see the movie again.)

                    • thats exactly wht im thinking haha we just solved the movie haha

                    • Hey Im Just getting on you for how much you do not like Keller for going after Alex. I do not think anything bad about Keller , but it makes no sense why he was there unless he was drugged cause had already been up for days and drinking.Could not differenciate his dream from reality . I do not think he was involved in anything against the girls. In the second part we will learn more about this , the relevance of the maze . The stories of the dead children. The torture , snakes and Husband and of course how Alex dealt with being brought up in these conditions . It will all start with Detective Loki getting Keller out of the hole.

                  • Sizkel, I don’t believe that was Keller pulling the Aunt back from grabbing Joy unless it was in her imagination. Keller’s hooded jacket was dark blue. I’m not sure what color jacket the woman had on that saved Joy when she was running free. Keller left Holly’s house hurriedly after reading the news article about Bobby Taylor shooting himself in custody. He was suffering as much from sleep deprivation as much as he was from alcohol. He was in no way involved in the kidnapping of the girls. As we saw, he would do anything to save his child. Alex is guilty, Nancy Burch is guilty and Franklin is guilty also. Each of these people were accomplices . Nancy and Franklin were just willing to let someone else do the dirty work for the.

                    • correction: *them.

                    • Jean, I rewatched the film enough. and it is without a doubt Keller, putting a stop to the Aunt. That is what is showed on screen.. Wether Joy remered it different cause she was drugged or it was Keller and he didnt rember because the Aunt offered him tea before going to the next scene after their conversation. Joy said “you were there,, it put tape on our mouth”.. Ive rewatched and listened to make sure. How this explained we need to wait for the next one

                  • Siskel, If that was Keller pulling Holly back in the flashback, then it was the way Joy interpreted it …..
                    Thinking Keller had been responsible for saving her?Maybe because Keller had been there and his revelations about a maze distracted Holly giving the girls a chance to try and run away.

                    • There is no way to know , I am just going by what is shown. Keller stopping the Aunt from grabbing Joy. There are no more hidden answers in this part of the film for that question . we have to the next movie or guess ahead. I believe Keller was drugged by the Aunt cause she offers him a cup of tea The rest I will wait for the second part for an answer.

              • yes i agree with you i replayed as well i saw keller grabbing the aunt and at the hospital the girl looked at keller and soon after had the scared look in her eyes and then had the flashback.

          • Yes Jean . You nailed it . If you know your child has been kidnapped and you have already found out who has something to do with their disappearance. How could you possibly sit around , thinking about your childs face and eyes and feelings.

            • ……..no. You obey the police and do as told. Doing what Keller did would land you in jail and impeded the investigation. If you want to help your kids and your self then don’t to what keller did.

              • I also meant Jean nailed it,, that the reason why Anna was found is because Detective Loki was sent there to report that Alex had been found . And had Keller not done what he did , his daughter would have been killed . How can you not look for your child . I am not saying that you should beat and torture someone. Although Alex is the one who kidnapped the girls he got off on a technicality. Even If you say that he wanted to give them a ride. He drove them straight to the devils house.

                • Alex is not capable of mind reading and I highly doubt he’s even capable of thinking ahead. A normal person – when given the option to go – would drive away and never come back. But he doesn’t. He keeps coming back and that is evidence of Stockholm Syndrome. And the ‘juice’ with the drugs has obviously damaged his brain. In short, he’s a brain damaged child in an adult body. And last I checked….10 year olds are not very good with that ‘thinking ahead’ and ‘consequences’ thing.

                  Loki was able to gather a lot of info on his own. Loki was the one to piece together the body with the mazes and the guy with the snakes. Alex was already on Loki’s radar due to him still being a suspect. Sooner or later he was going to have to go back and take a look around. And that would have lead to him finding the picture. Or how about Joy and what she had to say? All Keller managed to do was break a ton of laws and be completely unhelpful.

                  ‘How can you not look for your child’

                  easy. Because I have faith that people who know what they are doing, and know better than me are doing their jobs. I also know that impeding an investigation, kidnapping, torture, and lying to the police is highly illegal. So i’d go to jail and not see my kids. I’d also know that if I interfere I could also end up doing more damage and setting them back (like what Keller did).

                  • What if your child ended up dead . this is not a case where you have no idea what is going on . You know who drove away with your child . You would not even try to speak to Alex . You have no problem sitting here writing on the computer , defending Alex . Someone you feel sorry for in this film . When it comes to to your own child being kidnapped you will leave it to someone else.

                    • I know the law and I know what constitutes for illegal and what can happen if people interfere with an investigation. I am telling you, from the bottom of my heart, that if my kid got kidnapped that I would do as told and let the police handle it. Because unlike the movie, there is more than one competent cop doing the job and they know what they are doing.

                      And if I knew then I’d tell the police and if he got let go then I’d keep tabs on him. But under no circumstances would I ever torture or kidnap or interfere in any way with the investigation. Let the experts do their job.

                      Seriously dude, there’s a big difference between this movie an reality. And in reality Keller would have been the prime suspect for Alex’s disappearance and questioned until he spills. Then he’d go to jail.

                  • Ok, I’m reading all this talk about Alex being mentally challenged, BUT, when Joy’s mom was in the bathroom talking with Alex remember he whispered, “Help me.” ? He was cunning enough to get her close enough to him in order to try and escape. Not the mind of a 10 year old there.

                    Personally, I don’t think Alex is as slow as we see…I think you’re right and there will be a part 2. If that was, in fact, keller pulling the aunt (and not just joy’s drugged interpretation of how things went down) we need answers.


              • Keller knew he was doing wrong legally but he was *sacrificing* himself for the slim opportunity to find his daughter alive. Here was his choice: a possibility of saving his child’s life vs respecting the legal rights of strangers. Only he was in possession of 100% genuine clues not available to the police who would not listen or could not act because of man-made legal restrictions. Keller might have weighed the benefits of the recovery of his daughter against his criminal act knowing that felons are released from prison after rehab and paying “their debt” to society for their crime, but I doubt it.

            • The sequel CANNOT BEGIN with Loki getting Keller out of the hole! That would ruin the entire movie. It has to start with a closeup of Loki listening to the whistle coming from the hole. Then it MUST immediately go back in time, maybe saying something like 2 years before….at the bottom of the screen. It will then explain everyone’s true role in this kidnapping and fill the gaps in the storyline. Then at the VERY END, it will again pan in on Loki looking at the hole and listening to the whistle. Then and ONLY THEN it will show Loki either lifting up the lid to the hole to rescue Keller…..or show Loki casually walking away. Whatever he does at the time will let the audience know why he did what he did because of the movie going back in time.

              To show Loki rescuing Keller at the BEGINNING of the movie would be a mistake.

              • Yes , I like that plan for the sequel . they need to go back to her husband though . Keller is guilty of is going after Alex to find his daughter and will have to suffer the consequences of vigillante justice.. I pointed out early that he (Keller) was in Joys flashback , but I think it because he was so drugged and was only able to help get her out that is why he did not remember… Or Joys remembers it different cause she was drugged .. Either way it shows Keller stopping the Aunt from grabbing Joy. the rest is coming

                • Yes, the ideal sequel will address the aunt’s husband and everyone mentioned in the first movie. Also why the maze was so important.

              • Wow awesome insite and theories guys…

                First of all thank you for (somewhat) clarifying why Joy said Keller was there and put tape over their mouths. That’s actually the reason I got to this site

                I find your sequel idea intriguing but highly unlikely. The whole “2 years ago” thing is way too cliché for such a sophisticated fun thriller. I believe there more to Loki than what we know. Agreed, Keller will not get pulled out of the hole as easy as we think. They left that open for the screenwriters.

                Maybe I’m a skeptic but I don’t believe all of those faded tattoos he has is for no reason. One of them on his neck actually looks like that maze symbol, I noticed towards the begining of the movie. It also mentions that he “did some time with the huntington boys” when confronting the suspected priest saying, “Can you imagine what I could do to you?” Which then begs the question how is all of this relevant?

                I’m not saying hes involved because he clearly killed the main perpetrator and clearly had Anna’s best interest when rushing to the hospital. (Beautiful cinematography by the way)

                I can speculate even further and think is he the destranged son of the original killers or maybe a former abductee? Highly unlikely but I have to tickle the idea.

                I also believe Terrance Howard’s roll to be a lot more cynical than what he expect. I just watched it last night so I won’t release what reasons I have for that yet. I do believe this movie has some rewatch value.

                Overall I give Prisoners an 8.5/10 with the potential of being 10.5/10 with a sequel or even trilogy. What do you guys rate it?

                • Come on, tell us why you think Terrance Howard’s character seems a little fishy to you. Since you cannot spoil the movie for others on this forum, we all need to know what everyone is thinking about this movie! :)

                • Thank you for reminding me about that scene with the drunk priest… interesting.
                  I also remeber that the tattoo on his knuckles were M A Z E, it was showned in the scene when he trashed his keyboard in the office. But all these clues give me the feeling he had been abused/kidnapped as a kid or involved in some way, but there is no signs of that in his behaviour. Not what I can see atleast. I hope there will be a sequal and soon, need some answers!

              • Except… since you and I are writing this sequel, I say there is just too much untapped evil potential left in Alex to simply ignore going forward. Oooo. Meanwile Keller is on trial and is… a… Prisoner…too. But then what could a resourceful dude in jail do to protect his loved ones?…

        • Remind me what clue would otherwise have sent Loki back to the Aunt’s house in time to prevent the girl from being killed.

    • No joy said you were there they taped her mouth meaning he was there at the house and the aunt taped them so they couldn’t make a noise that’s why Keller knew what she was talking about and went to the house

    • I heard the same thing im trying to figure out was keller in on it joy woke up calm then got terrified when she saw keller

  8. Maze definition:

    1 ~ CONFUSING system of paths or tunnels in which it is easy to get lost!

    2 ~ something jumbled or CONFUSED!

    3 ~ a deliberately CONFUSING series of paths from which it’s difficult to find the way out!

    4 ~ An intricate, usually CONFUSING network of interconnecting pathways!

    5 ~ A CONFUSING situation in which it is easy to get lost!

    6 ~ mase, CONFUSION, maze, from masen, to CONFUSE!

    7 ~ any CONFUSING network of streets, pathways, etc!

    8 ~ a state of CONFUSION

    9 ~ a CONFUSING network of paths or passages!

    • Mostlyghost, you got it with your definitions

  9. what does joy say in hospital about keller and why ? Someone please explain

    • In the hospital when he questions joy about Anna’s whereabouts, she says “you were there.” It dawns on him that he had been at the aunts house trying to get clues of some sort about the maze statement that Alex had made. He knows where Anna is then and that the aunt had been holding the girls.

    • Two questions:
      1) The priest (a registered sex offender) who apparently killed the the aunt’s husband and left him under the house to rot away. Are we to assume that this guy is in no way connected to the case with the exception of killing the dude? Why does that guy come to the priests house to begin with? To confess, right? Why him? Why that priest? Had he been one of the priest’s victims as a child?
      2) We read that through a newspaper article that Loki finds online, that Keller’s father (who had lived in the apartment where he held Alex) committed suicide. Coincidence? I think not.

      • No, the priest was not a registered sex offender. Loki (or his boss? I forget which) said that Loki was knocking on every door in the neighborhood and asking questions. When this came up, he said something along the lines of “and I found 9 sex offenders in the area” that they previously didn’t consider or know of or something like that. The priest was just a priest was a drinking problem. The sadistic “uncle” went to him in a confessional and bragged about killing all those kids because a confessional is supposed to be private and anonymous, but the priest was so horrified by this, he had to kill him. Loki went to the priest’s to ask questions because he was asking all the neighbors if they’d seen anything suspicious.

  10. I just watched this movie. Loved it. Only question I have is I’m confused how Joy escaped…and you all keep saying that Keller was there when Joy ran out of the house. But was he? Then why was he at the hospital asking who did the kidnapping (if he was at the house and saw Joy run out he would know Anna was there and the Aunt did it?)l? I went to the bathroom during the movie and when I came back Joy had been found and I’m so confused about that part.

    • Joys flashback. It shows a box with books in it it . possibly work books full of those mazez and or puzzles. It shows 2 2litre bottles full of that drug. It shows Joy with tape on her mouth and hands . it shows another set of little hands with tape . either Joy or Anna. A shadow that looks like Keller walks by the hallway. then it shows Keller holding Joys hand the door bust open to daylight . Joy runs and Keller stops the Aunt from grabbing her. People thought that it was the Aunt grabbing Anna while Joy ran . But it is Keller in his dark Green hooded coat stopping the Aunt. Which is why Joys says you were there , and IT put tape on our mouths. I have listened to this over to make sure and watched it over to make sure. Now we have to wait for the second part to see if This is Joys interpation of what happened because so was drugged and heard Kellers Voice or if Keller was drugged and lack of sleep and did not even remember this. in no way do I think Keller had something to do with this.

      • NO Joy only heard identified Kellers voice in the other room when 1st visit but her mouth was duct taped she was not in a position to cry out for help

        • exactly

      • It is Alex, not Keller

  11. Here’s something I don’t get.

    That invisible man book, I’m guessing it was written about the couple.

    But how did the writer know what the exact maze was? The writer seemed to know a lot about the couple. And if he did know so much, how was he not able to solve the cases?

    Only thing I can think of is that Barry (I think that was his name) helped the FBI agent who wrote it with the details. But if he did, why would they have discredited the FBI agent? Wouldn’t eye witness account be enough to credit it?

    Any ideas?

  12. I think we are overthinking everything and mabey thats what they want us to do

    But i dont think keller had anything to do with the kidnapping i think he was just going a bit crazy because his daughters was missing ( wouldt you) and he was sure that is was alex how did it

    And is it fore sure that there will be a part two??

    • Not for sure but it was such a great film that the have to finish the masterpiece . I heard that there was and it was set from the beginning.And Keller has nothing to do with anything but trying to save the girls. There will not be any stupid revalations as part of this film . No conspiracy theories just plain evil , the level of evils and the people it hurt and all this questioning of morals and faith and values.

    • no Part 2, watch the TIFF press conference, the actors talk about the movie and make jokes about a non possible sequel

  13. To make the sequel really exciting maybe it will show that Loki had a vendetta against Keller- something from their past that will explain why Loki gets revenge if he doesn’t rescue Keller.

  14. For those who are struggling, Alex (the 10-year old IQ man) did not have any part in the kidnapping of Anna and Joy. Neither did Bob Taylor (the snake man). They were both kidnapped by the ‘Aunt’ during childhood. The missing boy seen at the start on the TV was Alex Jones. The Aunt kidnapped both Alex and Bob as kids and told them if they completed the ‘maze’ they could go back to their parents. The maze was impossible meaning they would never leave. They both became obsessed with mazes hence the drawings all over the walls. The dead guy in the priest’s basement was the ‘aunt’s husband whom she had killed. The maze pendant was the same maze she gave the kids to do. Alex had never committed any crimes and was returned to his birth parents. If Keller had been found alive, he would surely have been sent to prison for abduction and torture. Joy and Anna attempted to escape but only Joy made it out which is why she was in hospital. I hope this has helped anyone but i still dont know why Bob had snakes. I only know that Alex had a fear of them. Anyway :)

    • Alex confessed to Keller in the parking lot saying THEY ONLY START CRYING AFTER I LEFT THEM he was the one who kidnapped the girls.


    • No, you have it wrong. The aunt is waging war against god by kidnapping children. She was religious until her own son was taken by cancer and after that she lost faith in god, leading her to hate God and commit these acts. The mazes only come from Taylor.

      He had no memory of who his captors were and what happened and took to reading crime books, one of them being “how to find the invisible man” which I’m sure contained the impossible maze that the girls had to solve to go home. Taylor was in the same boat as Alex, he was being controlled by the Aunt but hadn’t chosen to stay at her house like Alex. There was even a nearly empty bottle of the acid/ketamine mix in his house when Loki went in. That makes it clear that he still has connections to the aunt. He took advantage of the situation by forcing them to work on the mazes.

  15. Attention everyone:

    A) Keller had NOTHING to do with the girls’ disappearance;

    B) THERE IS NO SEQUEL COMING! (Seriously?! People really think that’s an option?! Jackman wasn’t playing Wolverine in this movie!)

  16. Everybody is bashing Keller saying he tortured Alex for no reason and the cop would have found out on his own and possibly faster too but what you fail to understand is that the cop was faced with a dead end and if Keller didn’t torture Alex than the cop would have never found Alex in that house which would have meant he wouldn’t have ever gone to inform the old lady which would mean the cop wouldn’t have ever found the little girl. Keller played a very large role in finding his daughter and so did the cop. without each other they would have never found the girl.

    • Exactly, Keller and Loki were both involved in rescuing Ana.
      But what I don’t understand is that even if Alex had the IQ of a 10 year old, he still could’ve told Keller where Ana and Joy were. If the man can drive a car, he can tell someone where two little girls are.

      “They’re at my aunt’s house,” is literally all he had to say to end the torture. Also, Keller and the black mother were pleading for Alex to tell them where the girls were. Even a ten year old knows what sadness and desperation looks (and sounds) like. Alex was refusing to tell Keller where the girls were for some reason.

    • KillerPotatoes, You are right about Keller being instrumental in Anna being found. It took both his and Loki’s efforts. The torture was excessive and I am not going to say it was warranted but Keller was working against the clock. Law enforcement had not been keeping tabs on Alex. Hence, it was easy for Keller to kidnap him. There should have been a 24/7 stakeout on that house. The law let Alex go , didn’t even have a detective watching his movements. How could a parent of an abducted child still have much faith the law would find their daughter?

  17. Oh and even though Alex had the mind of a 10 year old he still knew where the little girl was which meant he knew enough that if he would have just told Keller where she was nothing would have happened to him and he knew this and still kept it a secret.

  18. Everyone seems to be forgetting that Keller also realised where his daughter was. He went to the house because he realised that’s where she was being held.
    Why would he bother going over to the house to rescue his daughter and deal with the Aunt (he had a gun in the TOP of his bag) if he already knew where she was?

    As for the whole debate about Keller grabbing the Aunt, It couldn’t of been Keller as it was only in the last day that he started approaching the aunt, he was spending the rest of his time drinking and torturing Alex. Also ,the only person who had their hood up a lot of the time was Taylor but It couldn’t of been him as I’m sure he was in custody at the time of that – even dead I’m not sure.

    Also, a big factor everyone is overlooking is that Joy had also been drugged to high hell and had undergone torture. She is not going to have a perfect recollection of the event, she would have just been putting things together in what made sense to her. The Aunt could well of just tripped and wasn’t actually grabbed it’s just Joy imagined it like that as she was aware Keller was around.

    • What triggered Keller to go back to the aunts house? He saw Joy in the hospital and took off.

      • cause she says , you were there, meaning she heard him in the house

  19. The director intentionally left these questions out there. That does not mean there will be a sequel. Why can’t we let it be? Why does there HAVE to be closure. It is just a story, it did get the audience to ask themselves self-reflective questions, it also created debate and unsreadiness…like real life. Life isn’t tidy and real people aren’t tidy. The complexity of people and their own ways or choices is played out here with a “what if” situation. I love when a director does this – it doesn’t insult the audience’s intelligence and creativity. It’s ok to not have all the answers. It is just a story, not a moral lesson. Don’t condemn the writer or director for their imagination. Of course, if you talk enough and see it (buy tickets or the DVD) more the Hollywood money will demand a sequel. But it might not ever happen, then again. Ponder on about your perspectives, that was the design in part.

    • *unsteadiness – not unsreadiness. :/

    • Because a SEQUEL would bring in lot’s of MONEY! The makers of this film all know by now how confused most people are about it, and they also know that we would all go to see the sequel hoping that it would tie up all the loose strings.

      So that would be a GOOD reason for a sequel. $$$ talks!!

  20. Holly and her husband were waging a war against god for taking their child away the same way eric clapton wrote the song TEARS IN HEAVEN after god took his son away both or all the parents were bitter same reason especially since they were all believers

    Eric Clapton ~ Tears In Heaven ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SP7hXCZF_o

  21. So did the detective find the father?

    • Didn’t! Lol! How could you possibly have aNY concern for Keller who knew what he was doing was grotesque horror but he wnet ahead torturing Alex anyway! He didn’t lol Loki didn’t he had to go he couldn’t or could’ve made it happen had ne been around long enough but he had to go so he didn’t but Keller gave up torturing he held back from killing Alex which meant there was him showing exhaustion he couldn’t go on with the torturing of Alex so no he didn’t!

  22. What doesn’t make sense to me is this (and I haven’t seen this asked or answered yet): the aunt says she takes the girls out of the hole to bring them inside since the police were poking around. People are saying that is when Joy escapes. At what point would her mouth be taped then and she would be inside to say that Keller was there? Following the theory that she escaped when the aunt was trying to move then inside, Joy would have never been inside.

    • The girls’s mouths were taped as soon as they were put in the RV by their kidnapper the only tape the tape was removed was to give them the drugged soda and the tapes were put back on always. She was in the other room she could identify Keller’s voice when he was talking to Holly but she could not cry out for help. Alex was the he she was referring to when she said HE PUT THE TAPE OVER OUR MOUTHS!

    • I think Holly said she took the girls out of the hole after Alex went missing became she became lonely without Alex.

      • * because she was lonely……

  23. Why did alex choke the dog? And earlier tell Annas dad that they didnt cry until he left after not saying anything to the police. Also why did he run from the cops?and sorry one last thing to think about is how athletic Alex looked when he tried to escape after hisbhands were untied

    • I think he chocked the dog as a way to punish his ‘aunt’. And I think Loki was a lil creeped out by that dog too so the dog might have hurt Alex at some point and he was just paying it back in full.

      He said ‘they didn’t cry until I left’ because he was treating them well. Once he left then his ‘aunt’ started hurting them. And as to why he didn’t stop her…well it’s prolly because he’s scared of her and is drugged with that ‘juice’

      I think he was trying to destroy the RV so no more girls could be taken. Either that or he panicked. Kids do stupid things when they don’t wanna get caught.

      Stunt double probably. And I’d try to escape too. He had no way of knowing if Keller was going to kill him.


      Dog collar was choking dog by Alex at 1st the next time we saw the collar it was in the hands of Loki who said 3 times I NEED TO KNOW WHERE EVERYBODY IS! when you add these clips with the freemason ring on Loki’s pinky it all adds up! Also that the real life Alex Jones has a website called http://www.PrisonPlanet.com

      Our nation was founded by freemasons in 1776 the Founding Fathers were in a network of Secret Societies ~ Loki with his ring is indicating that hidden in this movie are Secret Society Secret Services Sinister Secrets about the New World Order they’re ushering in.

      These are just a few of the cutscenes scattered around in places in the movie that don’t appear to be sensible on their own until when put together with other cutscenes that the picture intended by the writers emerges i’m guessing

  24. I saw this movie a couple of hours ago and can’t stop thinking about it. It was fantastic.
    What confused me is that Joy said that Keller was at the house. I’ve come up with a theory of my own and it might sound crazy. But the main reason why Keller went to see Holly “the aunt” was because he tried to figure out more about the importance of the maze and why Alex had mentioned it. But I’m sure mentioning the maze must have made “the aunt” suspicious. And right before he notices the newspaper article she asks him if he wanted a cup of tea. Maybe she drugged him. In Joy’s flashback there’s someone walking in the hallway. He looks quite unsteady as if he’s drunk. And I’m pretty sure it’s Keller not Holly “the aunt”.

    • No, Daniela, Keller didn’t drink any tea. He left fast after reading the article about Taylor’s suicide. You are right I believe in your comment about offering Keller the tea. When Keller mentions mazes she knew things were unraveling for her. She would have liked to do away with him right then but he leaves too fast and as soon as he gets home Grace tells him they have found Joy. Leading to hospital visit, talking to Joy, and discovering Anna is at Holly’s house, goes back and drinks the mixture hoping Holly will lead him to Anna.

  25. Reading all these comments porves what a great movie this is because it keeps you thinking and everybody has a different look on it i am going to see it again haha


    Dog collar was choking dog by Alex at 1st the next time we saw the collar it was in the hands of Loki who said 3 times I NEED TO KNOW WHERE EVERYBODY IS! when you add these clips with the freemason ring on Loki’s pinky it all adds up! Also that the real life Alex Jones has a website called http://www.PrisonPlanet.com

    Our nation was founded by freemasons in 1776 the Founding Fathers were in a network of Secret Societies ~ Loki with his ring is indicating that hidden in this movie are Secret Society Secret Services Sinister Secrets about the New World Order they’re ushering in.

    These are just a few of the cutscenes scattered around in places in the movie that don’t appear to be sensible on their own until when put together with other cutscenes that the picture intended by the writers emerges i’m guessing

  27. Why did Loki go the priest’s house in the first place? If the priest was a pedophile he would not have murdered Aunt Holly’s husband?

    • He was knocking on doors all night parolling sex offenders registered checking on them that they’re not getting out o line the priest didn’t murder holly’s husband he just tied him to the chair and left him in the cellar basement since holly’s husband bragged about killing more children!

  28. *!*!*!*!*!*THE FREEMASON RING EXPLAINED*!*!*!*!*!*

    Alex was choking dog with collar at 1st clip the next time we saw the collar it was in the hands of Loki who said 3 times I NEED TO KNOW WHERE EVERYBODY IS! when you add these clips with the freemason ring on Loki’s pinky it all adds up! Also that the real life Alex Jones has a website called http://www.PrisonPlanet.com

    Our nation was founded by a network of Secret Societies in 1776 the Founding Fathers were all masons and every President from Washington to Obama is a mason; Loki with his ring is indicating that what’s at stake in this movie are Secret Society Secret Services Sinister Secrets about their New World Order.

    These are just a few of the cutscenes scattered around in places in the movie that don’t appear to be sensible on their own until when put together with other cutscenes that the picture intended by the writers emerges i’m guessing

  29. As confusing as this movie might be, it’s not as confusing as to the order these posts are arranged!