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Prisoners Movie Spoilers Prisoners Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Prisoners review, this is the place where you can discuss Prisoners spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Prisoners for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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Prisoners runs 153 minutes and is Rated R for disturbing violent content including torture, and language throughout. Now playing in theaters.

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  1. The end of the movie remember me a psychology thriller
    from The Master of mystery, Alfred Hitchcock.

  2. Very disappointing. No real explanation for character’s actions, several stories not followed up -guy with the snakes had a possibly excellent back story. Seemed to be filmed ‘on the cheap’. No other vehicles on the road/ people on the streets. Why wasn’t an ambulance called to get to the hospital? How did murdheress get back to her house after driving Jackman’s car away? Liked the naturalism in the acting (if act times in audible) but soo sloooow

    • nothing else really happened besides them actually shooting the deer so u didn’t miss much don’t worry

    • First of all it was a truck that she drove away probably in her own property or maybe she went into town to get milk then you’re right she might need a ride. Or better yet maybe make the movie a little longer and drag it out while she comes back from white castle or a quickie Mart. And to sum up the ambulance for which part? The end I am assuming where the little girl was being rescued? Again let’s drag it out quite she dies in his arms waiting for the ambulance to arrive from who knows where while the child dies in his arms! Sorry the movie did not turn out in your favor after all it is a movie. Have you ever been to a small town? Cars are not skewed in the street after a kidnapping oh sarcasm is in that statement.

    • I completley agree, i mean what is with the snakes? I had so many questions when i finished watcing the film.

      • Ok this movie is complex, intricate and very subtle. The young guy in the RV who was tortured was one of the earlier kidnap victims. He has the mind of a 10 year old and had probably been drugged up his entire life since he was taken. The old woman, the “Aunt,” had said that she and her husband were extremely religious at one point. I take that to mean that they were probably snake handlers a group of pentecostal christians that believe in handling snakes as a sign of faith. She also wore a pendant with a maze on it the same one that her husband wore. Her husband? Yes the man found dead in the priest’s basement was her missing husband killed (or held hostage) by the priest when he told him he killed 16 kids. Seeing those things as a kid traumatized the other guy who eventually shot himself. It was clear that he had seen some of the bad things they did and he was re-enacting them hence the snakes and buried manequinns, kids clothes, pig blood etc. He had no desire to hurt anybody so he did those things to manequinns and animals. There is more but that pretty much explains the two kidnap survivors.

      • The snakes were just how Holly’s husband was torturing the children to death after sedating them with the jesus juice it’s appalling it’s cold as it gets feeding children to cold~blooded reptiles just because god had taken their own child with cancer.

        Eliza Joy’s older sister was on the phone to Anna’s older brother Ralph. The relevance being the old adage Hollywood portrays in comedies or horrors ~ there’s a sound in the other room the white girl always goes to investigate asking hello? hello?? anybody there? then the villain grabs her whams her she dies she’s dead the black girl on the other hand turns the other way from where the sound was lol.

        When Taylor sneaked into Anna’s house Grace Anna’s mother was asleep and then she woke up… forgetting all the dreams that she had she went investigating in the other room thinking it was her daughter Anna in the other room. However when Taylor was in Eliza’s house she heard something as well but she locked herself in. It’s classic Hollywood template lol.

        Eliza was mad at her parents for not telling her where they were going or when they will be back they left home without telling her without even phoning home she was all home alone she just had a sister missing she thought it was the end of the world but she doesn’t realize it’s not the end of the world it doesn’t have to be that bad she was safely at home.

    • This movie was so great . When Joy has the flashback of escaping . When they run out the door it is Hugh Jackman (Keller) grabbing a hold of the Aunt (Melissa Leo) while Joy runs. I have watched it over and over. This movie is a masterpiece and all the missing pieces will be told in the second movie. Its an amazingly horrifying story involving many child murders , it going to take time to show the complexity of these crimes . Prisoners 2 that is why all of these great actors are involved because the story is amazing …

    • I was thinking that the aunt just drove Keller’s car into the deep woods near her house and walked back. Didn’t she kind of live out in the boonies anyway?

    • Everything more or less was explained. Your complaining about nobody being on the streets? Seriously? And he had no time to sit and wait for an ambulance she would have died. He had the lights to fly through traffic at such high speed. Great film.. if theres anything you didnt underatand maybe me or someone else who got into the film instead of looking fot extras may be able to explain it to you :) ….shame about the ending though.. could been made a lot better.

  3. I saw the movie last night but due to my friend being late, we got into the theater late. The first thing that we saw was right before Thanks Giving when they were driving back with the dead buck. My question is, what happened in the beginning up to that point in the movie? I know that it is not usually that important but it might have been and now me and my friend are left unsure.

    • Hugh Jackman is with his son hunting in the woods. One of them (can’t remember which) recites the lords prayer (I assume his son) then he shoots the deer. Jackman says to his son that he is proud of him and it was a good shot – and then says something about one day there being a day where he will need to defend himself or something.

    • Hugh Jackman said the Our Father prayer and his son shot and killed the deer.

    • Him and his son were out hunting. His son shot a deer. Thats all that happened. You didnt miss a thing.

  4. I thought it was a good movie. I agree, some things were not explained fully, but I guess thats what makes the movie a psychological thriller. I did wonder however about Keller’s truck. She couldn’t have driven the truck that far and gotten back to the house that quick without the car being somewhere on or near the property. Thus, once the police got to the seen, they should have found that truck in that area somewhere. That was a huge plot hole that was left. However, the movie lived up to its name in that every character in the movie was a prisoner, be it mental, psychological, or physical, they were all bound to some form of confinement, hence being a prisoner is some respect. Great story!

  5. okay so I dont know it this has already been mentioned but I just thought of the part in the movie where JAKE’s character goes after Hugh’s character after Joy says that he was there that he put “tape on their mouth” and JAKES character says “I know where youre going” and once he shows up to Hugh’s old place where he was torturing Alex, the shower is clearly on and Alex is screaming but who was doing the torturing if Hugh was at Alex’s aunt house?!

    • He wasnthug being tortured at that moment, he was screaming for help while his captor was mia.

      • I thought that snake(s) had been added to place of confinement.

  6. It was a good movie but there are some major things I disliked.

    Keller and the black family are portrayed sympathetically, but I would say what they did was evil, even if the person they kidnapped was guilty. But I give them credit for showing that Keller was bad.

    In real life, Keller would be a prime suspect for the missing Alex problem.
    Also, the cops were pathetic compared to real cops. They beat so many suspects and even allowed one suspect to commit suicide.

  7. Prisoners was a great movie, but there’s still a few things I need cleared up.

    1. This is a big one for me. I do not understand what the significance of Bob Taylor was. I know that he was the victim of one of Holly (Anna and Joy’s kidnapper) and her husband’s abductions, but why exactly did he become involved in the case and break into the girls’ houses to steal their clothes? Was it because he was trying to re-enact the perfect kidnapping simultaneous to the kidnapping of Anna and Joy or was he involved in Holly’s plans or what?

    2. As badboy also said above, I wondered how Holly managed to drive Keller’s truck so far away after she put him in the hole AND get back to the house in time for her to be there when Loki arrives. And also, how would the truck not have been spotted when the police searched the property.

    • *a victim of one of the abductions.

    • 1. Taylor first appeared when he attended the vigil that the girls Joy and Anna were missing! He usually buy childrens clothes but when he learned those kids were missing he presumed them dead then went to their parents’s homes specifically to retrieve their clothing items for an enhancement of his reenactment of the book FINDING THE INVISIBLE MAN (which is a fictional book by the way it doesn’t exist in real life only THE INVISIBLE MAN exists)

      2. Insignificant where she drove Keller’s truck the point is she rid of the truck from her home

    • OK here goes MY take on the second suspect lol The manequin* wierdo in the movie was “Most Likely” one of those abducted kids, probably witnessed the murders and related the book “Invisible” with the his abuser (Tormented w/Snakes) who had never been caught (unknowingly to him cause he was killed in the preachers basement) maybe he assumed his abuser took those girls too (News said RV possible suspect)likely he was just a coincidence not an accomplice. Since he was re-enacting his “own” crime scene, wanting to be apart of it (stealing personal items) was just relating to the victims and in some sad twisted way maybe was trying to be apart of what was normal for him. He probably didn’t have other children around him for long. So maybe these “dead Mannequins were his friends,or siblings? Behaviors from a traumatic event to psychotic behavior is baffling in itself.
      Ok now the truck thing .. Seems that the property’s in the wooded area anyone think right behind the house theres possibly a lake or even a ditch she drove the truck into. Reason for walking back quickly. Also the investigations going on and they could have done an aerial depth search (especially in a multi kidnapping and and or death investigation) to not find the hole he is in but are digging maybe a few yards away um yea ok. Vehicles are still on the property not being examined, No dogs specially with history of past abductions of husband with an RV? Hence this film was made for dramatical purposes only not factual based. But still a great Psychological Thriller.

  8. I’m having a pizza.

  9. Why does the little girl, Joy, say that Jackman’s character was there and that he put “tape on their mouth?? Good red herring but doesn’t make sense.


    • This is bothering me so much as well!! She made me think that he was involved the whole time, and then nothing?!??

    • Joy said “you were there” as she was in the other room when Keller visited Holly they were chatting in the kitchen area Joy could identify Keller’s voice however she said “HE put tape on our mouths” referring to Alex who took the girls in the 1st place when Alex 1st took the girls from the street into the RV he immediately duct taped their mouths!

    • OMG yes someone answer this question!!!!

    • She said “you were there” to hugh jackman because they heard him at Hollys house but they couldnt make any sound because their mouths were duct taped by either Alex or holly. Right when they said “you were there” hugh jackman knew that it was Hollys house that’s why he ran because he wanted to save his daughter

    • When Keller first visits the old lady and speaks to her about his dreams of a maze etc she sits him down at the table and gives him a drink which is spiked with the drug, which means he wasn’t aware of what he was doing or where he was , like a date rape stupor. In this state he sees the two girls in the house and frees them but one gets free and the other gets recaptured. He can’t remember this event and the next time we see him it’s the morning after and he looks really hung over and dazed outside his house. He only recalls what happened to him when the girl in the hospital says “you were there” which jogs his memory and he speeds off the old lady’s house.

      • this is a potentially revelatory theory. Though I seem to remember the flashback being shot from quite low down, suggesting it was the girl’s memory, as opposed to Jackman’s. But i’s a nice idea, I hadn’t seen that written/said anywhere else.

      • Oh yeah lets just add stuff that didn’t even happen to it

  10. hi guys…could someone please update me on the last part of the prisoners. i saw – when lokki turns around and hears the whistle? what happens after that?

    • Ha ha write your own ending. My wife says they found him I said he dies in the hole.

      • As the crew was packing up to leave for lack of finding anything more, the pink whistle was used by the dad who was in the hole, hoping someone would hear it. Because the detective had not left yet and it was so quiet, he heard the whistle and it is assumed that this led to his discovery.

    • The writers deliberately left it open-ended here’s an extract from an interview click the link below for the rest

      How do you interpret the ending?

      I like keeping the end ambiguous for myself. We flirted with extending that scene to give audiences more closure but I like a little bit of mystery. In most movies, everything needs to be tidily wrapped up and I like that you’re not quite sure at the end of this one, even if you assume that Loki hears what he hears.


    • lokki hears the whistle when all the activity quiets down- the red whistle is important as he knows that the one around the girl’s neck in the hospital is new. of course, he will find him!

  11. What happened in the very end? Did the cop find out that Hugh Jackman was trapped in the hole under the car? Did he get rescued? We missed the very end when the cop was looking around after the people that were excavating.

    • The writers deliberately left it open-ended here’s an extract from an interview click the link below for the rest

      How do you interpret the ending?

      I like keeping the end ambiguous for myself. We flirted with extending that scene to give audiences more closure but I like a little bit of mystery. In most movies, everything needs to be tidily wrapped up and I like that you’re not quite sure at the end of this one, even if you assume that Loki hears what he hears.


  12. Why did Loki go to the priests house in the first place? That’s the only bit I didn’t get…

    • It is assumed that the priest was a sex offender since previously Loki stated that he was going to check out some sex offenders.

  13. i believe that keller was found because in the hospital Loki says to the mom , so she found her whistle and the mom said no…knowing that the girls were at the crazy old lady’s house and then hearing the a whistle at the end he knew (at least i assume) that Keller was there.

  14. Why, oh why, did Keller not desperately bargain with the “Aunt” that he had her nephew? And if Holly wanted to see him alive again… a swap should be made.(Followed by Holly torturing Jackman for info… Really, I should be writing this stuff.)

    I too am in stunned disbelief at the ineptitude of police searching Holly’s premises and Keller’s hide-away. Like, how difficult would it be to figure out that Alex was probably kidnapped by the derangedly upset father? “Oh, I guess Alex must have gone for a little vacation or something. Okay.”

    And remember how the whereabouts of the Boston bombers were easily traced via a cell phone…?

    Why did Alex involve the other parent, anyway? He didn’t do anything to help in any case.

    The drive to the hospital: Might it have been a good idea to radio ahead to the hospital, or meet an ambulance? Or put on the police siren? Or take the drug bottle. Or grab a by-stander to monitor if breathing stopped for more than a minute?

    Don’t you just hate endings where the perpetrator spills every last detail of the crime and then dumps the good guy in a room by himself?

    • I’m assuming bargaining for alex wouldn’t have worked since he wasn’t a real newphew of hers, she abducted him along time ago and brainwashed him.

      • You’re likely right, but Keller didn’t know this and there must have been some strong bond for the “nephew” to protect his “Aunt” even under extreme torture.

  15. This was a nailbiter, but there are too many loose ends. Perhaps this was purposely done to make the audience think. But, as I said, there are many things that are left open for assumption. One is at the end when the headlines read that the nephew was reunited with his family. Also, one has to assume the reason for the kidnapping as it was not sexual. And what were they made to drink? I got that the woman’s husband was the corpse in the priest’s basement, but why and whose snakes were in the boxes? This man liked snakes but surely they weren’t over 26 years old, without food and water, locked in those boxes for that long. Whose were they? The movie was too helter skelter, too and fro for me.

    • 1) The nephew headline: Alex wasn’t really the crazy old lady’s nephew. He was abducted years ago by the crazy old lady and her (now dead) husband. He was poisoned with that same weird juice which made him dumb. The woman who showed Loki the videotape of her son that was abducted was Alex’s real mother. At the end of the movie, Alex is reunited with her. That’s the headline.

      2) The reason for the kidnapping was clearly explained in the movie. The crazy old lady and her husband used to be deeply religious. Then their son died of cancer and they took it upon themselves to wage a war against God. Kidnapping children turned people into monsters (a la Hugh Jackman’s character) so it was the crazy old lady’s way of getting even with God for what God did by giving her son cancer.

      3) The snakes were that guy’s way of recreating everything he was subjected to by the crazy old lady. He too was abducted years ago but escaped, but ever since became obsessed with what happened to him. So he’d “kidnap” children manequins and bash their heads in (presumably like what the crazy old lady and her husband did to kids after they poisoned them), and had snakes just like the crazy old lady. He was just messed up in the head after being kidnapped and poisoned, so he reenacted the treatment he received.

      • Holly rid of the snakes after her husband disappeared she kept the drugged sodas recipe made by her husband who was feeding the kids 16 of them to snakes when they fail to solve an unsolveavle maze riddle which explains Taylor sprinkling pigs blood over brand new childrens clothes he bought then keeping those clothes in boxes with the snakes just like Hollys husband was then later buring manequins just like Hollys husband was burying the bitten kids its appalling!

    • Alex was choking dog with collar at 1st clip the next time we saw the collar it was in the hands of Loki who said 3 times I NEED TO KNOW WHERE EVERYBODY IS! when you add these clips with the freemason ring on Loki’s pinky it all adds up! The real life Alex Jones who has a website called http://www.PrisonPlanet.com might have inspired the writers.

      Our nation was founded by a network of Secret Societies in 1776 the Founding Fathers were all masons and every President from Washington to Obama is a mason; Loki with his ring is indicating that what’s at stake in this movie are Secret Society Secret Services Sinister Secrets about their New World Order plan of a cashless surveillance society where everyone’s being watched monitored with a chip.

      Sinister Secrets which are in this documentary ~ Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined (2010) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NO24XmP1c5E

      Plot synopsis:

      For the first time ever, the secret agenda of the planet’s ruthless rulers is exposed in stark detail. This documentary film chronicles how men of power and influence have worked in stealth for centuries to establish an oppressive world government in a global oligarchy.

      The criminal controllers have successfully dominated the globe and are now in the final phase of consolidating power. Invisible Empire is a damning indictment of the globalists through their own words and documents. Worldwide tyranny isn’t coming, it’s here. This isn’t conspiracy theory, it’s conspiracy fact. The New World Order is out in the open and all documented in stunning living color.

      Tihs is their plan for a global tax and a cashless surveillance society in which every man, woman and child is micro-chipped at birth.

  16. Pondering over plot lines in this movie for 4 days after seeing it, maybe Taylor’s damaged mind thought if he could solve the maze, victims would be allowed to go free. Each time someone was kidnapped in that area and the maze went unsolved, he knew what would happen to the children. He acted out the kidnappers scenario finally torturing and burying the manikins. Just a thought.

  17. Can someone help me understand something? Towards the end of the movie, when the one girl runs home and is in the hospital, she says “you were there and put tape on our mouth” when talking to the other girl’s dad about where they were taken.. what is that about? I’m so confused was he part of it or something?

  18. The only thing my friends and I couldn’t figure out were the snakes.. why were the snakes in the boxes? What did they have to do with?.. I remember the aunt mentioning something about them but I can’t remember exactly what they had to do with anything.

  19. My biggest problem is the fact that Taylor’s abduction wasn’t fully explained. I think it was mentioned that he’d been abducted, but had escaped 3 weeks later. Is that right?
    If so, where did he go after his escape? Those three weeks clearly made him a lunatic, but wasn’t anyone there to take care of or monitor him afterward? How many years did he spend in that house, drawing mazes and collecting kid’s clothes and snakes?
    And if he’d escaped Holly’s place, why did he not lead the cops back to her and her husband back then?
    Many of my problems with the movie have already been mentioned here, so I’ll add only one more thing. Did it really take Loki finding the clean sock outside the Dover family’s house for him to question the validity of that bloody sock? Didn’t we see him seeing that pig head in Taylor’s sink? The second I saw the bloody clothing in those boxes, I thought “It’s the pig”, while the police took a seemingly l o n g time to reveal that fact.

  20. Ok, maybe Loki shouldn’t have driven the little girl to the hospital like a maniac, but really, that was an exciting ride! How dull it would have been if he had just picked up his cell phone and called 911!

    • yeah i thought that was a really good scene

  21. The reason the aunt kidnapped the children was because they where fighting a war against relegion.

    She sais to keller that her son died of cancer en then they saw things diverendly so they woud kidnap childeren so that te parents would lose there faith in religion en thet would turn into demons

    The snake where there because they aunts husband kemp them en would put them with the childeren probably in the hole in the backyard

    The aunt sais the keller dat alex choose his words more carefully after the axident keller asks what axident??
    The aunt sais ow my husband used to keep snakes and then someting happend?? She doesnt say what

    And the reason wij taylor couldt remeber how had kidnapped him is because they drugged the childeren with a mix of ketamine and lsd that is probably also the reason wy joy was so confused about keller in the hospital

  22. sorry fore the crappy english by the way i hope it makes some sense haha

  23. Saw the movie last night and still trying to process it. Absolutely loved it! And with Mark Wahlberg’s name on it, no wonder. What an emotional ride! These previous comments helped a lot with my questions and I will definitely have to see it again.
    Don’t understand why Alex crashed the van at the beginning. He only drove it a few yards?
    Also, why was Alex semi-torturing his dog on his walk and looking directly at Keller?
    Was he loyal to his “aunt”? I didn’t go for that at all.
    Also, he didn’t seem THAT retarded that he couldn’t tell Loki about the kids, after all, he did have a drivers licence and he could have said something during his torture, as he was supposed to be a “10yr old”, not 4.
    Why was Alex in front of that specific house at the beginning? Just random or had the aunt been stalking the kids?

    • Alex crashed the car after he looked at the two rear view mirrors and saw a few men approaching the RV on either side he was attempting to drive through the woods.

      Alex WAS semi-torturing his dog on his walk BUT NOT looking directly at Keller. It was a dark night he looked around and only when he affirmed there was noone around was he torturing the poor dog. The reason is yielded by combining the other cutscene when the dog collar was in the hands of Loki. He said 2 or 3 times “I NEED TO KNOW WHERE EVERYBODY IS!” The dog collar is the link! Both cutscenes are just a few of the occult symbology about the futuristic New World Order microchip and when you add Keller’s dialogue when he first abducted Alex and told his friend he said “That’s the choice they have times 3″ about thrice then by combining that there is in real life a conspiracy nut called Alex Jones who owns a website called http://www.PrisonPlanet.Com then you can guess the writers’s inspirations for the movie. I’m guessing.

      Alex and Taylor and all the kids are brain damaged due to the druuged soda Holly serves them.

      Alex was in front of that specific house because that was his home where he grew up where he was riding a bike in the front garden when he was abducted in broad daylight.

  24. I’m thinking that Joy said “You were there! SHE put tape on our mouths!”. I have no idea why the director didn’t make sure these words weren’t spoken clearly, unless it was to stir up controversy…..which it did! ;)

    • Had she said HE then she would have been referring to Alex who took them from the street put them in the RV then immediately duct taped their mouths.

      • I thought Alex did nothing but give the girls a ride? Didn’t the aunt say that?

        • There’s no way he was merely giving them a ride without first duct taping their mouths first ~ he was a stranger they would have been screaming for help!

  25. Maze meanings:

    1 ~ CONFUSING system of paths or tunnels in which it is easy to get lost!

    2 ~ something jumbled or CONFUSED!

    3 ~ a deliberately CONFUSING series of paths from which it’s difficult to find the way out!

    4 ~ An intricate, usually CONFUSING network of interconnecting pathways!

    5 ~ A CONFUSING situation in which it is easy to get lost!

    6 ~ mase, CONFUSION, maze, from masen, to CONFUSE!

    7 ~ any CONFUSING network of streets, pathways, etc!

    8 ~ a state of CONFUSION

    9 ~ a CONFUSING network of paths or passages!

    • The maze had no solution…they told the kids they could leave if they could solve it, which they couldn’t so they were stuck there forever. It messed their minds up

  26. SURPRISE ELEMENT: Alex was threatened by Keller in the parking lot he told him oh the girls were’nt crying when he had them!

    NO SURPRISE ELEMENT: Alex was listening to Keller when he was telling his friend WE HAVE TO TORTURE HIM OR THE GIRLS DIE! Alex went OH YEAH? THESE FOOLS GOT ANOTHER THING COMING LOL! He knew their plan he was determined to make sure they will not win! It was a challenge quite an undertaking on his part and he won (RONIN: Robert DeNiro talking about everyone eventually yield under torture has been proved wrong by Alex lol)

    YOU ARE NOT IN CONTROL! I AM!!: Alex on his own accord told Keller after keller said I don’t know what else to do to you anymore to make you squirm! That’s when Alex said It’s a maze! The children are in a maze!

  27. Have i got this right…All this big drama around the ‘mazes’ is actually just about a puzzle in a book? They tell the kids that if they can complete the puzzle then they can go, its obviously the one they refer to in the red book where they say ‘its impossible to finish.’
    I am so confused about that part i just don’t know 100% what to think.

    I understand the term ‘mazes’ as i see someone above has definied it, but i genuinley believe now it is to do with the book, because they don’t even move the children from the house other than the hole under the car!Never mind to any maze, above or below ground.

    What a confusing film!

    The big disappointment is that they said 16 children were taken….they are going to make some really crappy follow ons for the rest of the kids taken and take it too far.

    Well….might get some decent answers if they make another one, because i came out more confused than ever

    • The maze was unsolvable so the children could never solve it to be free..it messed with their heads badly

  28. I just want to know why there was a freemason ring on detective loki(jake gyllenhaul) and also why did he have subliminal tats? what was the message behind this?

    • Alex WAS semi-torturing his dog on his walk BUT NOT looking directly at Keller. It was a dark night he looked around and only when he affirmed there was noone around was he torturing the poor dog.

      The freemason connection is yielded by combining the other cutscene when the dog collar was in the hands of Loki. He said 2 or 3 times “I NEED TO KNOW WHERE EVERYBODY IS!” The dog collar is the link!

      Both cutscenes are just a few of the occult symbology about the freemasons futuristic New World Order great idea and when you add Keller’s dialogue when he first abducted Alex and told his friend he said “That’s the choice they have times 3″ about thrice

      Then by combining that there is in real life a conspiracy nut called Alex Jones who owns a website called http://www.PrisonPlanet.Com then you can guess the writers’s inspirations for the movie.

      In all the directors are suggesting the plans that the Secret Society Networks who founded our nation the US have in store for installing a NWO one world government of pretty much monitoring everyone with a tag a chip or keeping them in line with one world army. I’m guessing.

  29. I don’t understand what happened to Keller! PLEASE I hope he finds him! He’s such a good detective he better investigate that whistle!! I am sure Joy heard Keller talking to Holly when he went to speak to her, I am positive her husband was the man the priest killed?? Or was dead in his basement…confusing all around and has upset me. 2 stars

    • Keller was doing great evil to get his daughter ~ 2 wrongs do not make a right never have never will ~ the directors left it open ended Loki heard the whistle he will dig Keller out then charge him with abduction possibly attempted murder of Alex therefore if found guilty Keller becomes a prisoner along with the general theme of the movie which is simply called PRISONERS by the end of which the audience finds out everyone has been imprisoned for all the wrong reasons because their captors thought they were doing the right thing Holly Father Alex Keller all of them!

      • Would you sacrifice your life if it meant a 100% chance of saving your daughter’s life? 80% chance? 20% chance? Let’s say instead of sacrificing your life, how about sacrificing your decency and morality for the same end? Would you do it? Like Keller did?

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