Prince of Persia Spoilers Discussion

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prince of persia spoilers Prince of Persia Spoilers Discussion

While we have an Prince of Persia review where you can leave comments, this is the place where you can discuss spoilers about the film without worrying about ruining it for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have.

Discuss away!

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  1. I kind of wish they hadn’t gone down the same route as the game and had him rewind time all the way back to the beginning at the end of the film. It felt like a cop out in the game and was more-so in this film. They even sort of addressed it in the third game (in a really effective way).

    Otherwise… nothing really spoilerific to discuss about the film unless anyone was paying attention enough to spot any major plot issues (beyond the obvious “the plot was rather weak” issue).

  2. I disagree with the time re-wind as being a cop-out because the theme of the movie is turning back time. Its like saying any time the Doctor in Dr Who goes back in time to fix something it’s a bad plot device and that’s just not the case. It sucks when movies do this that have nothing to do with temporal movement but otherwise if the movies theme is just that like as was the case for the BACK TO THE FUTURE series (a highly successful trilogy) its not only OK its almost expected.

    At least the way they did it the movie wasn’t blaringly obvious in advance. I mean when we got to the end and the dagger was stabbed into the hourglass there was nothing in the movie so far to lead one to believe everything would be re-wound as far back as it was.

    I also like how they handled the rest of the film after the rewind; something that was missing in Nicholas Cage’s NEXT that made it a terrible film, at least not near as good as it could or should have been. In Prince of Persia you got to see some wrap up at the end verses being left with a cliff hanger as was the case with NEXT.

    I’ll admit that my tastes are not as tough to satisfy as many but I see that as an advantage because it means I can enjoy a movie, even more than once without it having to be on pair with something like THE DARK KNIGHT or IRON MAN. Prince Of Persia was well done especially considering its background is a video game and I believe it will reign as the top movie in its “Video game to Movie “ genre.

    • “Nicholas Cage’s Next”

      Oh that’s what it reminded me of.

      But yeah, I’m not saying rewinding time is a cop out, I’m saying doing something at the end that negates every bad thing that happened throughout the film is a cop out. This is also the case for “it was all a dream” gimmicks. I won’t address your Dr Who analogy because I don’t watch it, but all I’ll say is, using it sparingly like the Prince did those few times in the film to fight off snakes and what not felt fine to me, but doing it in a way that reverses everything in the film? Not so much.

      Even the games addressed this when the Prince finds his father dead in Two Thrones and his alter-ego chides him “What now then? Gather up enough sand and perform another grand rewind? Or return to the island and travel back to a time he might still be saved, maybe even save your damsel in distress along the way?”. That was the lesson the Prince learned in that game, that turning back time to correct your mistakes isn’t the way to do things.

      In the movie, Dastan was essentially given a second chance at the end of the movie to set everything right, how’s that for character development?

      • I get what your saying but I think here in POP it was OK to do. Now what woul;d not be OK is when they do a sequel if they use that same plot move to fix everything. What would be a great way to do this is in the sequel he tries to unwind everything like before but either makes things worse or it just doesn’t work. It could be explained as being something you can only do once and then that option is no more. It would also be great if the situation were far worse/dire when he goes to turn it all back and finds out that one time fix is over with.

      • I agree with you. When they rewound back to the beginning and negated everything that occurred, you’re left with the feeling of “Why did I even waste my time watching it? None of it mattered anyway.”

        And I absolutely LOATHE dream sequences.

    • It’s one thing to spend an entire film trying to go back in time to fix something, but the way they did it in the film WAS a cop out, undoing all the death and pain (that you can get in a Disney movie, anyway) and invalidating it all.

      Closest thing to it was the scene at the end of 10,000 BC where with the princess it was “look, we killed her!” and then “psyche!”



  3. The movie was very good and was spot on from the game. Jake did all the same moves as the prince from the game which I wasnt expecting. I was getting flashbacks from the game while I was watching the movie. I wish they did do more with reversing time with the dagger. Alfred Molina was funny.Overall it was great!

  4. i say this one of the best video game movies out there along with POSTAL, yea i said it POSTAL was SPOT on. and funny.

    • Say what you will about Uwe Boll, but “Postal” _was_ spot on. Probably one of the best game-to-movie adaptations so far.

  5. I would like to address two issues, which are related. Yes, rewinding back to (almost) the beginning is a cop-out. It means all of the characters who don’t remember the now-lost future time stream lose all of self-knowledge and personal growth they gained in the movie. But that would be okay if the two leads had grown a little more. And if they *both* remembered the movie.

    Which gets to the second issue – Jake and Gemma are easy on the eye, and have good chemistry, but neither Dastan nor Princess Tamina learn much over the course of their adventure. The only thing Dastan does “learn” he is actually just told – Dad just tells him “You shouldn’t have invaded the city. A great man would have known this.” So next time around Dastan knows what to do. This isn’t enough in the personal development department. What is Dastan’s (near) fatal flaw, which he corrects, so that the next time he can do the right thing? Umm, he doesn’t really have one. As for Princess T, she’s perfect from the get-go. And anyway, she forgets everything, too, so it’s a good thing she’s perfect.

    So, what would I change — give Dastan and the Princess more personal demons to overcome, and let the Princess remember the adventure, too. The the two people we really care about aren’t “rewound,” so the time travel thing is okay.

    • I agree with pretty much all of that. There was no character arc for either of the main players (although inexplicably, the two other brothers do change somewhat after the time rewind which makes little to no sense at all) and thus it was hard to invest in them.

      The one thing I would have liked, would be if the princess actually had remembered everything after the rewind, they could have easily hand waved this away as “well she’s the guardian of the dagger or whatever so she’d remember” or something. But she didn’t, and instead was just really accepting of her being forced into marriage with Dastan.

  6. OK at the end when they (the prince and the princess) are talkin you can tell she knows he has used the dagger. And if you played the games if there is a sequel him using the sands to go back and change things can start wearing off or start affecting him and others if that makes since.
    But look at it this way, as a game based movie this is really good compared to others. It was a fun movie, tho there wasnt a huge character arc.

  7. I found the cinematography to be really distracting. All the slow motion and blurring of details. And I’m not talking about when he uses the dagger, but whenever he does the parkour-type stunts. I get that they were doing it to replicate the game’s visuals, but I don’t think it translated well, especially when they applied it to young Dastan’s jump at the beginning of the film. And by the way, I hated the whole beginning sequence, I think it could of been handled better to help build greater anticipation for things to come, but instead it fell kind of flat.

  8. What really bothers me is how the he*l did Dastan manage to rewind time to the very beginning of the film. Wasn’t the hourglass supposed to destroy the world if they impaled it with the dagger?

    • Absolutely, IMO this is the biggest flaw of the movie. However, if you watch the movie over and over carefully, you’ll notice Dastan stopped pushing the button on the dagger after a few moments, I think if he pushed it further it would have re-winded to Nizam’s childhood, just exactly what Nizam wanted.

      Another flaw, who was holding the dagger in the end, if you only watch it once it seems like both got hold of it.

  9. If they do make a sequel drop disney make it rated r and make it dark like warrior within because the story develops a arc and he overcomes demons. The sands of time like the movie is very light compared to warrior within when you see the prince older darker and desperate to get away from that big grim reaper thing chasing him! And it has greater ending because it doesnt end on an oh so happy note!

    • Warrior Within was criticized a lot for the new darker tone and annoying heavy metal soundtrack that made it so much different from the Sands of Time that people loved. Hence why they went back to what worked in the first game in Two Thrones. I feel the sequel can still have Dastan face the consequences of his time reversal in a meaningful way without hitting a hard R, PG films are perfectly able to do that without overusing the word “b*tch”.

  10. I couldn’t stand the music of this movie. When you’re attempting constant laughs and one-liners, the music shouldn’t be so serious! It needed to be lighter when the punch lines were delivered. It was just constant dark and dreary.

    I really enjoyed all the Parkour stunts. When Dastan goes to give his uncle the note and the Princess claims it’s impossible – - clearly not if you know Parkour!

    I couldn’t believe how far back they rewound! It was just getting good with everyone dying and Dastan having to deal with the pain. The Princess coming to terms that the gaurdians had been infiltrated. So there are still people protecting the dagger that also would have seen her die so someone else could have it?

    My friend asked me why they went back to that exact time and I replied because everybody is still alive here. That was the only reason! Nobody had learned anything at this point in time and Dastan is still popular. This is the perfect time he would want to get back to.

    Did anybody else find his actions at the end extremely creepy or was that just me? Just because you can remember your brief kiss (after five or six almost-kisses) you’re not really the person you were then because you didn’t go through those experiences, you just remember them. She definitely didn’t grow as character so she just trusts that Dastan’s not pulling one over on her to keep the peace? We all know you deceived him time and time again but go ahead and trust him.

    I love how these Persians live in the desert, yet never seem to pick up their tents. Dastan and the Princess leave their tent after the sandstorm just sitting on a dune. A: that tent should’ve been buried. B: are you sure your not going to need anything? Not the even the blanket?

    After the snakes attack and they move on, that other brother comes upon their abondoned camp! They just left it there saying, ‘Please follow us so we can have a confrontation during a critical juncture in our journey.’

  11. What I really don’t get is why they all have British accents. They’re Persian. Persians are Iranian. Why in the world did they make the characters with those accents?

  12. does anyone knows the last quote in the end of this movie?can u pls post it here?tnx alot=))

    • “It is said some lives are linked across time. They are connected by an ancient calling–Destiny.”

      That is the last quotes from the movie.

      • thank u,

  13. ahmm it begins with this it is said life is connected with blah blha sumting like dat..coz i it=))

  14. I just went to see this movie in theaters yesterday and that movie was great to watch. PRINCE OF PERSIA has became Disney’s Fantasy films which was released last month and Iam so proud to see Jake Gyllenhaal playing Prince Dastin The Warrior.

  15. Terrible movie. Badly written, wooden acting…Jake must have more than three expressions he can make with his face but you wouldn’t know it from this film. Derivative plot, predictable dialogue some of it paraphrased from Star Wars, action scenes ripped off from Indiana Jones…and on and on… a really stupid terrible movie. If you haven’t seen it, don’t waste your time.