‘Priest’ Trailer #3 Is All Unimpressive 3D Action

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Priest trailer 3 with Paul Bettany Priest Trailer #3 Is All Unimpressive 3D Action

The Korean comic book adaptation Priest has been in a bad spot since it settled on a release date just one week after Thor hits theaters this summer. Combine that matter with messy theatrical trailers, and it seems that the long-delayed Screen Gems pic is poised to bomb – possibly becoming the Summer 2011 equivalent of Jonah Hex.

A third full-length theatrical trailer for Priest has been released and it’s even more poorly constructed than its predecessors, offering little to no insight about the movie – other than it features vampires, gimmicky 3D action, and a Dark City ripoff inspired cityscape.

Here is an official synopsis for the film:

‘Priest’, a post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller, is set in an alternate world — one ravaged by centuries of war between man and vampires. The story revolves around a legendary Warrior Priest (Paul Bettany) from the last Vampire War who now lives in obscurity among the other downtrodden human inhabitants in walled-in dystopian cities ruled by the Church.

When his niece (Lily Collins) is abducted by a murderous pack of vampires, Priest breaks his sacred vows to venture out on a quest to find her before they turn her into one of them. He is joined on his crusade by his niece’s boyfriend (Cam Gigandet), a trigger-fingered young wasteland sheriff, and a former Warrior Priestess (Maggie Q) who possesses otherworldly fighting skills.

For some reason all this new Priest trailer focuses on is an action scene involving Bettany, Gigandet, and a horde of vampiric creatures – as well as touching on the conflict between Priest and the head of the Church (Christopher Plummer). It’s more a glorified teaser than a condensed version of previous trailers; there’s not even a glimpse at the film’s main antagonist, the mysterious Black Hat (Karl Urban).

Check out the new Priest trailer (via Yahoo! Movies) below:

Passing over the unmemorable aspects of the footage on display – including the poorly-rendered CGI effects and Bettany’s curious John Wayne voice – this Priest trailer is just kind of cluttered in design. That doesn’t bode too well for the actual film, which marks the second collaboration between director Scott Charles Stewart and Bettany after the hokey apocalyptic horror-thriller, Legion.

It’s a shame too, since the mashup of supernatural horror and western elements in Priest reads as kind of creative and interesting on paper. None of the footage shown from the film looks all that good, and there are a lot of elements that Priest seems to have not so much borrowed, but rather stolen from previous films (Matrix-style slo-mo fights, Undworld-inspired production design, etc.).

While this may ultimately prove to be a case of the trailers just being poorly made, I get the feeling that  Priest is going to end up being just as messy and unmemorable as the previews indicate. How about you?

Priest arrive in U.S. theaters next month on May 13th.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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  1. Looks great to me, CGI doesn’t bother me one bit. Can’t wait! :)

  2. Im curious to know what this article is suppose to do exactly, Im all good with an editorial that actually has a point to it, other then to say what a pile of crap something is, but to do so based on a three trailers that basically shows similar scenes is pretty Lame, its also funny as to how we had just made comments as to how much Hollywood saturates the public with trailers on their properties, pretty much ruining the audiences viewing experience. So the trailers dont give you a clear picture as to what the movie is about , so what go see it, Look at JJ Abrams, trailers for Clover field and Super 8, great trailer which allows the audience to speculate as to what the movie may contain, which in turn grows anticipation for a film.
    I for one am looking forward to this film, and I hope it ends up being the sleeper hit of the summer.

    • I too like the design of trailers like that for Super 8. They offer enough insight about the film for people to get the gist of what’s going on, but also tease the final product so it seems all the more interesting.

      The Priest trailers, in comparison, feel cluttered to me. To me, they seem to throw a lot at the wall (3D effects, action, etc.) without much structure – and that leads me to suspect that might be because the movie does the same thing.

      Like I said – I may be wrong, but that’s how it looks to me right now.

  3. Christopher Plummer — Paul Bettany — Karl Urban.
    One could not ask for a better cast for this film.
    Each looks wasted here and the creatures
    look disastrously fake and repulsive.
    And hardly frightening either.

  4. Lots of hate for this movie here and on other sites, I wonder why?? It has all the elements of a good fantasy/scifi movie. Action, cool looking weapons, good actors and the staple story of good versus evil.

    What more do you want?

    When I trash Transformers for being badly filmed and having a terribly story line its quashed with the same old, “Well it made a lot of money” reply. Wonder why they double standard since we all know Michael Bay is a epic director. /sarc

  5. But how do you really feel? Are you looking for some artistic merit from this graphic novel based violent movie or just as an action movie? It looks like a nice violent genre movie. Nothing much more, and a fun one to boot.

    • Heh, well, I enjoy a good violent genre movie as much as the next man. I’m just not yet convinced that this is a good one, is all. 8-)

  6. I’m digging it. You can try and figure out every flaw, but I guarantee you this will be a great movie.

  7. theres no way this movie can suck.scott stewart didnt write it

  8. Looks lame and cheesy, better than I could do, but still these guys are supposed to be professionals. Not going to be any better than Legion and that movie really sucked…bad.

  9. Idk, that is some bad timing on the release date. I want to see it but my money goes to the bigger movies first.

  10. This would have been a better BLADE movie and would have save the BLADE series!!!!!!…. DAMN YOU WESLEY SNIPES FOR NOT KEEPING A BETTER TRACK OF YOUR BLING?????

  11. I dont unerstand why people have to cut a movie down when it has great action and suspense great affects and acting.so what if copies moves from other movies.How many moves can their be so what.Treat it has it is a great action movie with great story line.

  12. 3 trailers that are boo boo and some still say it looks good? What the hell has the world come to? Has people’s standards dropped so low that they’ll watch any crap? As movies get stupider so do next generation audiences. -Glad I grew up in the 80′s when movies had substance.

    • LMAO< oh my god , that has to be the funniest thing i've read today, did you really just put on here that 80's movies had substance, lmao really lol, what like Red Heat , Commando, turner and hooch, lol man I can go on and on.. please chose your nonsense wisely , lol but thanks for the laugh…

      • Raging Bull
        Blade Runner
        Stand by Me
        The Terminator
        Full Metal Jacket
        The Princess Bride
        The Color Purple
        A Christmas Story
        The Breakfast Club
        The Shining
        The Dark Crystal
        Back to the Future
        First Blood
        -Just to name a few. Hardly mediocre films. Commando is a classic Schwarzenegger action movie, nothing more.

  13. I can’t help but think that Paul Bettany desperately wants to be an action star, so much so that he won’t bother to wait until a decent script comes up… he does make a pretty decent action star though – he can act better than most and handles the fight scenes well. This movie does look like it has some cool elements, but I think I will wait for the blu-ray, as there are many more movies out this year i’d rather see and that will end up costing me a fortune…(Thor, Cap, GL, Cowboys & Aliens, Your Highness, 13 assassins, X-men FC, Conan, Warrior….and more!)

    • I’ll be waiting for the Screen Rant review.

  14. “poorly-rendered CGI effects”

    Poorly rendered? I guess I must not know what good rendered CGI effects are because I thought they looked fine.

    I do admit this last trailer didn’t feel very well put together but that hardly qualifies it for the hostility you seem to have for the movie. We all know that a cleverly constructed trailer can make even a PoS movie look good so they shouldn’t be used to pass judgment on a movie.

  15. Looks good to me. I like the action style.

  16. Style and no substance. Also from the director of Legion.