Stylish New Teaser Trailer For ‘Priest’

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Priest Stylish New Teaser Trailer For Priest

Director Scott Charles Stewart and his Legion star Paul Bettany will return in another stylishly macabre thriller next year in Priest, an adaptation of the Korean manga from Toykopop.

The official teaser trailer for Priest has made its way online and offers an early look at the film’s visual style and design – including that of its vampires, which (thankfully) bear a much stronger resemblance to the Pale Man from Pan’s Labyrinth than to Twilight’s Robert Pattinson.

Priest mixes elements of the western, horror, and fantasy genres into a tale of a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by centuries of war between humanity and the vampires.  Things start to heat up when the titular character (Bettany) violates Church law and sets out to rescue his niece (Lily Collins), who was kidnapped by a horde of the blood-sucking demons.

Vampire-slaying action sequences, a futuristic world that looks like a cross between Dark City and Judge Dredd, and the standard “objects flying out at the camera” 3D bits abound in this teaser, which offers little to no insight about the film’s plot.  But that’s why it’s called a teaser, right?

Check out the trailer (courtesy of Reelz Channel) below:

Legion did not exactly leave a great impression on moviegoers this year, with good reason.  Stewart is again working with some more intriguing source material that is not of his own creation – not to mention that his previous collaboration with Bettany was his directorial debut, having worked primarily as a visual effects supervisor prior to that. Could second time be the charm for Bettany & Stewart?  The fact that the setting is no longer that of a dilapidated diner run by a cantankerous Dennis Quaid bodes well.

Priest will arrive in regular and 3D theaters in the U.S. on May 13th, 2011.

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  1. Hmmm…

    Blade meets Daybreakers meets the Cronicles of Riddick.

    • Very good description.

    • You lost me at “Chronicles of Riddick”.

  2. The best Vampires ever were the ones in “30 Days Of Night”.

    • Upon seeing said trailer I wish to recant my earlier statement……….

      Tip #1: Watch the video before posting a comment.

      • Gotta say I wasn’t all that thrilled with the vampires in 30 Days. The movie itself was pretty good but I got tired real quick of the constant screeching of the vampires. Got on my nerves real quick.

    • Some of the best indeed. The comic book versions were even freakier.

      • For me it was the teeth, all of them became sharp cutting tools instead of two gay ones like in Twilight.

        • They don’t even HAVE fangs in Twilight, just another thing that points at them not even being vampires.

  3. Yeah it looks cool, I just hope it’s NOT R-rated :-)……….. damn, maybe it is. Is it?

    • I’m actually really hoping it is. It’s based on a Vertigo comic series, and they exist solely to keep the grown-up comics off of the actual DC label.

    • And I’m willing to admit when I’m wrong. Yeah, it’s manga. So it’s possible it’s going to be PG-13.

  4. The Crow + Dark City + Blade = Paul Bettany who seems to have pidgeon-holed himself into the “priest with a six-pack” role.

    thank goodness it’s in 3D…
    Just once, can we not get a “Not in 3D”?

    • what are u talking about. Do you not like 3-D before they started doing 3-Ds again people where begging and after 2 short years people now complain about 3-d movies.

      • Not everyone was begging.

    • Agreed.

  5. This trailer has me a little pumped for this. I’ve been a Bettany fan since A Beautiful Mind. Not that his acting was bad, because he gave a good performance, but hopefully this allows him to redeem himself after Legion..

  6. Not to get off the subject matter but……..I really wish Michael Moorcock would get off his ass and license his Eternal Champion series and cast Paul Bettany as Prince Elric (if oyu don’t have a clue who or what I’m talking about google it, you won’t be sorry) He is perfect for the job and his books would make for a movie series even more epic as LotR (granted a good director is found and the script is done well). We seem to also be moving towards a darker and grittier time in movies which also lends itself to this being the right time to make an Elric of Melnibone movie.

    Frustrates me that in a time when movie studios are stuck in reverse either rehashing old movies, making bad adaptions of 80′s cartoons or infected with sequelitis, such awesome, rich (and original) source material is not being taken advantage of.

    and yeah I like Paul Bettany so this movie should at least be worth the price of admission. ;)

    • Hmmm I do beleive there was talk of a movie for that series of books of Elric M. StormBringer by Michael Moorcock. I think it got shelved. Not sure were I remeber reading that at though. Anyways “Priest” looks good for the eye but the story is were its at and depth of characters. Not enough …and leave us asking what about and the movie will be another Legion. Wich I did enjoy for entertainment…but lacked depth in the angels character and story. Hmmmaybee a bit fast paced in the telling perhaps…er to fast that is.

      • bump for reply notify! Forgot to click it !

      • Not sure as to it’s status. I don’t think it’s been shelved but more stuck in the limbo mire. No one can seem to pull a deal together which is really sad.

        And Bettany was Moorcock’s first choice for playing Elric until he saw the DaVinci Code. He said after that Bettany was off his list as even a candidate. Didn’t quite understand that because I thought Paul did a great job in his minor supporting role so nixing him because the movie itself sucked? Yeah who can understand the way some peoples minds work.

        but I digress

  7. I like this teaser trailer but I’ll have to wait for more until I finally decide. I mean Airbender looked awesome on the teaser trailer…and look how that turned out! Visually, I like it as it has visual references from some of my favourite films – Dune, Judge Dredd, Mad Max, Pitch Black, Constantine etc…so I’m hopeful.

  8. Haha, if only religion was this cool… and that’s coming from a Christian…
    No but seriously, I have very low expectations for this film.
    I wish Paul Bettany would start utilizing his actual acting talents with a legit movie, not these popcorn, fluff, whee-things-go-boom type films.

  9. Not particularly a fan of the Priest comics, but anything with a cool-ass train in it, I gotta see.

    • If your not a fan then you havent read any of them. Anyone who has read them couldn’t help but love them.

  10. looks somewhat interesting, though i doubt it will be anything hardcore, it might be worthy of a 3/5 just might.

  11. Looks promising.

  12. Actually looks pretty good. With a better script that his last film and a few better actors this could be a promising cult film.

  13. This looked a fairly length trailer for a teaser to me and its out way, way in advance of its release. I would think a film like this should be realeased first of the year and not at the star of the Summer Movie run whcih is what May has become. That May release data also means this will be in competition with THOR and taht seems like a bad move to me.

    The film looks very interesting; especially liked the throwing star crosses.

  14. Watch the trailer from 0:59 secs to 1:00

    cool :)

  15. Yeee,this movie will be great :)
    Come on,vampires and great story :)
    My favorite character is BLACK HAT :):)
    I CAN’t WAIT !!!!