A Prequel/Sequel To 300!

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king leonidas pretty pissed A Prequel/Sequel To 300!

Hmm… a prequel or a sequel to 300… how about BOTH!

After the huge success of 300, there was much talk of a potential prequel or sequel to the hit phenomenon. Well, it turns out there will be another 300 film and it will be a bit of both.

After the Warner Brothers’ Watchmen presentation on Wednesday, Robert Sanchez from IESB had a chance to throw a few questions at Zack Snyder during the cocktail reception. Simply asked when the second 300 film would be based, Snyder responded saying it would take place

“between the Battle of Thermopylae and the Battle of Plataea”

the latter of which is where the first film ended off with Dilios, the one-eyed narrator (played by my favorite, David Wenham), leading the Greeks into battle.

Frank Miller, creator of the original 300 graphic novel, will be working on the follow-up graphic novel, which will then be adapted for the second film. Snyder made sure to point out that this second piece of work will be entirely Frank Miller’s creation and that he is not involved in any way with the writing of the story.

It’s a relief to hear that the sequel/prequel will be an original comic turned into a movie rather than a movie turned into a comic. It’s also a relief to hear that Snyder will again helm the film.

What do you think? Should there be another 300 film? If Wenham is back, if Snyder is directing, and if they can bring back Gerard Butler as Leonidas, then I’m in for sure!

source: IESB

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  1. One of theses days I’m gonna watch the 300 dvd…


  2. Way over rated movie. Looked great, plot was boring. Do you guys look at IESB.net everyday and post what they posted 2 days before? old news. Get in the game.

  3. No “Your Face” Screenrant waits for news to be confirmed and doesnt post B.S. like most websites do.

  4. Oy.

    300 was fun but it was no masterpiece. Doing a sequel/prequel is pointless in my opinion. Nonetheless, people will be drawn to it like moths to a flame…

  5. @Your Face

    Hey, maybe you could provide us with a link to your movie website? Oh wait, you don’t HAVE one? I see.

    If you want straight up news without opinion, feel free to visit any of the dozens of other movie news sites out there. We run a small operation over here with a handful of guys who all have day jobs.

    The point of Screen Rant is to editorialize the news – and yeah, sometimes we wait a day or two because as Oscar said, a lot of the time they turn out to be bogus.

    Believe me I’d love to have more writers so we could cover more news, but it’s hard to find people out there who can write this sort of thing at higher than a 5th grade level. I strive for quality in writing and coverage here and I think we provide that.

    Have a nice day.


  6. Sorry bout the b.s. Vic lol But its true, when i see news, i wait till its posted on here to know if its true or not. Alot of props to the writers on this site. keep up the good work!!!!! :)

  7. Appreciate it Oscar but I will admit we let stuff slip through the cracks. We just don’t have the manpower to cover everything I’d like to.

    We try to make up for it with our Round-Up posts, but that’s not ideal I know.


  8. I think a sequel or prequel could work; I thought 300 was a very good action movie.

    Vic, could you e-mail me please?

  9. Dear,
    Your Face.
    screenrant provides articles that are almost always fact. the staff talk to people that post on the web site like friends. they right up very fair reviews that are unbiased (Except with Iron Man and The Dark Knight) screenrant is just better than other movie sites, it’s like local business compared to corporate chains, it may not have as much info, but screenrants is always better. I still have friends telling me that Johnny Depp is going to be the Riddler, and Angelina Jolie is going to be Catwoman.


    That Iron Man/Dark Knight thing was a joke.

  10. Oh, Yeah, a sequel would be cool as long as it was based on a historical event (no matter how loosely).
    I am kinda light on Greek history, now might be the time the read up.

  11. Every time I grab this dvd I hear that line from “Airplane”
    “So Timmy, do you like Gladiator movies?”. 8-)

  12. Your Face, what you want is a direct RSS feed or something.

  13. A Sequel to a movie about 299 men who, in the end, all died. Is George Lucas somehow involved in this?

  14. Well, its not just a sequel. I should of explained in more detail about the timing. Alot of the film will take place before what we saw happen in 300 – thus allowing the return of the fan favourite characters.

    Maybe it’ll be something similar to that of 300 where Dilios is again narrating, perhaps after/during the big battle to events or other fights previous where Leonidas led the Spartans into battle.

  15. This site is great. I’ve been reading it for the last 5 to 8 years. I don’t know how long it’s been around. Anyway, I’ve basically stopped reading movie news from other sites because if it’s on screenrant, it’s true 9 out 10 times.(am I being too generous?)Heck even when you guys are wrong, you post disclaimers pretty quickly. The site never seems to freeze up either. Kudos to Vic and the guys.

  16. Thanks, Wes. It’s greatly appreciated.


  17. Thanks wes :)

  18. 300 was OTT fun, but that was all. Really don’t see how another is needed.

    Oh, and for me, the South Park episode kicked it into touch. ;)

  19. Also, hurrah for ScreenRant

    A proper site for proper fans with proper discussion. :D

  20. Ah…Airplane…great movie…and you are certainly correct about 300 bringing that outstanding quote to mind…very nice.

    As for the movie, I’m not sure how I feel about it yet…while the original was GREAT, I don’t know how a pre/sequel would do as far as an audience is concerned. Among the people I know, the standard reception was either that they loved it, or they had no interest in it…and I think that’s how a second one will be received.

  21. After re-watching 300 like 8 times, I find all the non-combat parts to be booorrring but I want to see more of that kick-ass action.

    If this means more of that with alot of the same characters, then I’m all for it. It doesn’t even need a story. I would watch 90-120 minutes of Gerard Butler yelling at people, eating apples and killing everyone. ;)


  23. Although I am lived in Athens for 10 years, grew up there, and was taught not to like the Spartan rivals, we need to admit to their military superiority. Thanks to Greek history there is plenty of material to be used right after the battle of Thermopylae. The sequel could start with the battles of Salamis and/or of Plataea, where the Persians are destroyed and defeated. The Peloponnesian War could also be a great story to touch on, but maybe for another sequel. Great website by the way.

  24. Say what you want about the story, but I’ve always felt 300 was a masterpiece of adaptation. Watch the movie and then read the comic. Its all there, exactly as it was written. And there was room left over to expand it into a full film with the queen storyline. So it was able to retain all the source while still feeling (and pacing) like a proper film, and not just some shot for shot comic. I don’t see how anyone who loved the comic could be disappointed with the film, and that’s a very rare thing.

    If it happens, I’ll go see it.

  25. 300 is one of my favorite movies. Can’t wait to see the sequel. Hope it’s just as good as the first one.

  26. 300 is one of my favorite movies. Can’t wait for sequel to come out. Hope it’s just a good as the first one.