Predators Sneak Peek Offers First Footage

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predators video footage Predators Sneak Peek Offers First Footage

We’re only a few months away until the release of Robert Rodriguez’s Predators, one of our most anticipated films of 2010. While the only real news we’ve seen on the project so far has come from a few set photos, casting announcements and a script review, we now have the first official Predators footage in this just-released first look video.

What I appreciate most out of what we see in this Predators video is what Robert Rodriguez has to say about the direction this film must take to differentiate itself from the series and to offer something new, interesting and exciting for fans new and old. Needless to say, Predators has to feel new and not represent simply more of the same or another iteration of what came before. Taking the story and our characters to the homeworld of the Predators is one way of doing that and the characters and story will be the key.

Check out the first ever official footage for Predators:

When the announcement was made that Adrien Brody would be playing the lead as a soldier fighting to survive against the meanest aliens in the galaxy, many scoffed at the idea but I was always interested in seeing Brody in such a role. And from the brief glimpses here, it reinforces my interest in seeing how the casting choices pay off.

predator cast 1987 Predators Sneak Peek Offers First Footage

Out with the old, in with the new

What I think will be interesting about this franchise installment, and to touch on what Rodriguez has to say about each character having a leading quality about them, is the dynamics between the vast array of characters. The first Predator film saw Arnold Schwarzenegger lead a team of commandos who knew each other and how to work together (as best they could, anyway) against the solo Predator hunting them down. In Rodriguez’s Predators however, a mixed-match group of “warriors” ranging from a serial killer to an elite soldier are put together on a foreign world and forced to find a way to survive.

I’m slightly skeptical about the project due to the direction the franchise has taken in recent years but I am very eager to see what Robert Rodriguez will present fans with this fresh take. As for the story of the movie, I wonder how it is the Predators know who are worthy prey to be selected for captured and transport to their hunting ground. Are they reading our newspapers and checking out our internet, perhaps spying on everyone to figure out who to draft?

Predators is directed by Nimród Antal from a Robert Rodriguez script. In addition to Fishburne, the cast includes Adrien Brody, Topher Grace, Danny Trejo (also working with Rodriguez on Machete), Derek Mears, Oleg Taktarov (UFC fighter), Walt Goggins (The Shield), Alice Braga (I am Legend, Redbelt) and Mahershalalhashbaz Ali (The 4400).

Predators is scheduled to hit theaters on July 7th, 2010.

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  1. It could be decent. FISHBURNE BETTER GET HIS PROPS THOUGH!!!!

  2. Apparently, the first full trailer will be released online next week. This better be good, though I've never really liked this franchise as much as Alien.

  3. wtf doesnt it load ?
    cant get it on the home site either, doesnt play, or even load the flash wtf.

  4. Been waiting for months to see something new…I really want to be surprised with this movie so I can only hope that they arent showing the good scenes…couple months left…cant wait.

  5. Also at 1:45 Laurence fishburne is holding the predators helmet…so im guessing he must be the lone survivor on the planet from a previous hunt. especially since he tells adrian brodies character how to survive…nice touch at the end also using sound bites from Predator. But how is that possible when that Predator died???? or is this a prequel (i was under the assumption this took place between the first and the second movie). If its a prequel it doesnt make sense…neither would it make sense if its a sequel.

  6. The Predator from Predator 2 also did this. It's probably due to some sort of transmitter in their helmets.

  7. Why are there predators that look like dinosaurs lol?

  8. “As for the story of the movie, I wonder how it is the Predators know who are worthy prey to be selected for captured and transport to their hunting ground. Are they reading our newspapers and checking out our internet, perhaps spying on everyone to figure out who to draft?”

    They hacked into google.

  9. Predators always record and transmit data back to the mother ship/home world. Proof of record for their hunts/kills and for recon of new worlds, plus seeing how as this take place on another planet this movie seems to take place in the future are Predator 1 and 2

  10. ??? Are you referring to the tracking hound?

  11. Adrian Brody's nose can cut the toughest of predator armor

  12. Is that what it was? I watched tHe teaser on my phone and couldn't really tell. Had horns coming out of the head?

  13. yes for lack of a better official name for the thing walking on all fours. But there was a predator that appeared to have horns coming from its face mask as well

  14. I can't wait.

  15. “…they're such killers, they're such predators…” haha, that got a chuckle out of me.

    But, wow. Adrien Brody looks like a bona fide action star to me and now I'm hooked with interest. Considering I've never seen a Predator film besides the original, that's impressive.

  16. He plays a white-collar serial murderer type I think, so not the big strong soldier.

  17. This seems like a breath of fresh air for the franchise. It deseves a movie as good as the original or better.

  18. That video makes me even more excited. I'm a huge fan of the franchise. I even found things to like about the two Alien vs. Predator movies…but wow, they really missed the mark with those. This looks very interesting and Robert Rodriguez knows how to make an action flick.

  19. the movie is taking place on the Predator home world, or a world designated as a proving ground for Predators so it makes sense there would be more than one Predator, besides elder Predators are always watching silently.

  20. yeah, that's what i meant.
    a world of predators.
    those boys don't stand a chance….

  21. But think about it for a minute Roger. On Earth all kinds of people with different skill levels engage in hunting. Doesn't it seem even more logical to figure that a society based far more on hunting prey would have similar situations. Terrain is a very important element in combat. If you know it better than your enemy you have an advantage. This is one of the reasons the more skilled hunts portrayed in the other movies were on Earth. Terrain not as well known. Far more skilled hunters. Their could be all kinds of conditions, rules, situations going on behind the scenes. A whole set of mysteries to figure out. Will Rodriguez give us enough expository, enough visual hints, enough situations to build on to what we've seen of the aliens? Just that is enough to get me into the theater. I thought it was an excellent idea and a good sign to bring the writer out to the audience and have him reintroduce the fans to the the story. If it's good enough, broad enough in its story, this might be one of those rare times that you can't rely so much on a review to help make up your mind whether to go see it. That's great for discussions like these. More stuff to mull over and discuss…

  22. looks good. i like that the cast arnt all buff guys because being buff doesnt help agianst a pred at all. also i think the humans will be able to kill quit a bit of preds because of advanced weponry. also i think adrian brody looks good as the lead. i actually cant wait to see topher grace. he fits the character perfectly(he looks like a phsyco killer)

  23. I really liked the first Predator movie, but the following movies just got worse and worse. I hope they do a better job on this new movie.