New ‘Predators’ Trailer Is All About Tension

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There’s a new trailer online for 20th Century Fox’s upcoming Predators reboot from producer Robert Rodriguez (Sin City) and director Nimrod Antal (Armored).

Predators marks a return for the alien hunter franchise to its “Humans vs. Predators” roots after the taking a detour through the Alien vs. Predator flicks.  The action will shift from the jungles of Central America (the setting of the original 1987 Predator) to a wilderness reserve on the Predators’ planet – a place where a group of deadly humans led by mercenary Royce (Adrien Brody) must fight for their lives.

This alternate trailer offers little in the way of brand new footage, but it forgoes much of Laurence Fishburne’s foreboding dialogue from the official trailer and instead hints at the white-knuckle tension we can hopefully expect from the film.

Just have a look for yourselves (courtesy of Bloody Disgusting):

We’ve seen featurettes on most all of the Predators cast at this point – including Fishburne’s maniacal Noland and Danny Trejo’s drug kingpin, Cuchillo – and it looks as though they’ll make worthy adversaries for the savage extra-terrestrial warriors.  Admittedly, Adrien Brody is no Arnold Schwarzenegger – less muscle and goofy charm, more acting talent – but he’ll do icon wink New Predators Trailer Is All About Tension .

Schwarezenegger vs. Brody New Predators Trailer Is All About Tension

Schwarzenegger vs. Brody

So what are your thoughts on Predators so far?  Would you care to make any bets about who will or won’t be alive by the time the end credits roll?  Sound off in the comments section below.

Predators attacks regular theaters in the U.S. on July 9, 2010.

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  1. Yes he will do ;-)

  2. looks great. im really looking forward to seeing this

  3. Brody’s nose compensates for the lack of muscle.

    • HAHAHA!

  4. its so obvious that the 2 soldiers that don’t have a featurette are only there to kill time etc.
    my guess is either trejo or topher’s character will turn on the group and try to screw everyone over for their own survival.

    im really looking forward to this, might be the best remake/reboot to come out for the last couple of years if its done right.

  5. i like it. I think this is going to be the best one since arnold’s. as long as someone says: “Get to the choppa!”

    • Agree! LOL!!

  6. This really could be it !
    Finally after years of horrible movies they seem to get it right !

    Please turn out good !

  7. I’ll accept this as an apology for the AVP flicks, they were crap.

    • Agreed. We’ll see if this makes up for those two.

  8. How is this a re-boot?? Do you watch films??

  9. Its hard to call this a true reboot as it doesn’t in any way that we can tell, dismiss the past Predator films including the AVP ones.

    I’d say this is more like PREDATOR 2, where it’s about the same time frame as the first one, perhaps a few years later and this because the hunt for Humans was so thrilling last time (in PREDATOR 1 with Arnold) the predators have decided to bring home to they game preserve a few of us for sport.

    I’m looking forward to it. Then again I was excited for TERMINATOR last Summer and I feel like that cursed it.

    • The whole point of THE HUNT is to go to Alien worlds and prove yourself in their environment. These preds should’ve killed these humans on earth but the fact that they didn’t, only goes to show that they’re cowardly bad bloods.

  10. I’m liking it.

  11. I’m digging it, I read the scribt I thought it looked like fun I’m looking forward to it big time

  12. Okay…in no way am I hating on this movie because I’m there already, time just hasn’t caught up to me yet. It’s just seems that this is sort of like over kill. I mean one Predator took out a whole team of muscled up special forces team( “I love that get to choppa!!” bit, another took out two gangs, some secret government agency and a police unit. Hell three Predator rookies took out a tomb of Aliens and and some scientist(weak I know) but understandable and one Predator elite took out a town of Aliens and a town. Now they have like a two separate tribes of Predators verse like a handful of human killers. Like I said interesting and I’m still hyped up to see this film. But..I’m just saying.

  13. Okey, some answers for you Predator-fans out there! (NO SPOILERS!)

    1.) Predators is the “second” movie, only having Predator (1) in mind and that the Predator 2 never happend.

    2.) The script is mind-blowing and the cast is giving 101% to make it awsome. You will see a diffrent approch and some new cool stuff within the Predator-universe.

    3.) Brody is a huge fan of the original Predator and the whole crew is doing an excellent job.

    4.) Predators will stay true to the feeling of Predator (1) even if it is a reboot.

  14. this will be the only or one of the few movies that will make me go to the cinema this summer :D

  15. Ok, so I was looking forward to the movie A LOT – but I have a few things to say:

    Why, as of May 27, 2010, has this film not yet been rated?

    Why was the trailer shown along with tons of PG-13 fare before Iron Man 2?

    Is this film going to be Rated PG-13 despite Robert Rodriguez’s comments about it being “hard R”?

    If this film is rated PG-13 I WILL NOT be seeing it. I hate to say it, but if there is no R there will be no movie, for me.

    • Predators will NOT be an PG-13.

  16. I’m not looking forward to this movie at all. The fact that he’s ignoring P2 completely, disgusts me. He’s regressed the predator to a mindless movie monster, instead of a sentient being that could kick our ass any day of the week.

    And when it comes to characters, no one -aside from Brody- is original either. Like the Black Ops chick. Not only is she your stereotypical “tough but still hot” chick, but look at her; she can barely lift that prop gun, let alone use it right.
    I think I would’ve liked her more if they actually had a tough chick play her role.
    Oh and btw Robby Roddy, there are more crime syndicates than just the Yakuza.

  17. The biggest problem with another movie, is that the original was damn near perfect. Iconic characters, beautifully shot, with real special effects. McTiernan made the perfect action movie.

    Anything after is going to suffer the same fate: simply not as strong as the original. Jesse Ventura had very little screen time, but how memorable is he? I still hear his lines quoted today.

    I’ll go see it for fun. But I still watch the original because it’s a phenomenal movie.

  18. Can i just make a few points, Robbo Rod wrote this ten years ago and this was supposed to be the ‘original sequal’ so any mentioning of the second movie or any AvP’s is mute. Secondly, look at the cast…Oscar winner and Oscar nomanees…on an acting level, you can’t ask for more and being as this is a movie, it requires ‘actors’ and thirdly, you people are looking way too much into it. It’s a predators movie, so without being sceptical, just give it a chance and enjoy it for what it is. My only concern is that it gets an R rating cos Predator movies ‘have’ to be of a bloody violent nature, forget a younger audience, cos this isnt aimed for youngsters, its aimed for adults. Whatever the outcome tho, i cant friggin’ wait to see it!

  19. Well if the movie follows movie protocall, I place my bet on Laurence Fishburne. Just a great movie predictable guess

  20. Most interesting!Predator 1 were freakin´awesome, horrorfying, funny and memorable!
    In my oppinion, the sequel truely sucked and should never had been made! Not only is it a crappy movie, but the P2 movie also kickstarted the AVP movies, which also turned out to mess up badly!

    So far, this new Predators movie looks ´out of this world nasty´, and I´m sure looking forward to watch it!

  21. I too am looking forward to it, but my take on this so far is this, if intelligent beings came to this world looking for challengers, you would think that only certain types would be considered. I’m thinking why not select humans like Jason Voorhees, or a mass murderer, or an elite team of Navy Seals? At least this way, they wouldn’t seem like bullies slaughtering rabbits! If its gonna be a fight, they should pick someone that would give them an even fight!

    • Predators do not search the whole world. They search just areas that might me interesting or spots that are marked on their maps even long before man took its first step on earth. Since they are being hunters, and not bountyhunters, the take whatever they feel like within some areas, looking for warriors that have a will and power of a leader.

      Predators lives by old codes and have a great honor and a way of strength. Being a yautja (Predator Warrior), they all need to respect the codes – its just THE way of life.

      I would altso remind all Predator fans that Predators introduce a new powerful darker predator aswell as an classic predator.

      This means.. How much is this new creature diffrent from the classic Predator? You are gonna be amazed!

  22. Beware the prophecy of Stephen Hawking, the man has sense!