Robert Rodriguez Confirms ‘Predators’ Sequel

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predators headshot logo Robert Rodriguez Confirms Predators Sequel

Robert Rodriguez is in attendance at this year’s Comic-Con to promote Machete, but he took a moment to address speculation about a sequel to Predators – and offered insight into what fans can expect from a follow-up.

Modestly-budgeted for a summer blockbuster, Predators quickly recouped its expenses and received mostly positive reviews. It should come as no surprise that 20th Century Fox is hungry to repeat that success. The ending of the film certainly hinted at the possibility of further installments and Rodriguez confirms that he’s been approached to get the ball rolling on a sequel.

Apparently Predators was the studio’s way of “testing the market” – and the scope of the film was deliberately modest. Rodriguez spoke with IGN asserting that, with a renewed interest in the franchise, we can expect bigger and better things from a Predators sequel:

“They really wanted it to be pretty contained, pretty scaled-back. They didn’t want to put too many of the ideas into it that we could save for a second one. So we could see what the appetite was, because the bigger movie would actually be what comes following that. That kind of sets up a new storyline, new location and world, and then you can really go crazy from there.”

Rodriguez goes on to say that while he’s got a few of his own ideas for the sequel, he’ll probably bring in other writers to pitch their take – and then choose the approach he likes best.

When asked about the possibility of stepping into the director’s chair for the next installment he brings up one potential obstacle:

“I don’t know… I think I have too many people wanting me to do Sin City 2 first!”

Personally, I only had two major complaints with Predators. The film never tried to flesh-out characters – beyond their one-dimensional archetypes. The second was the previously mentioned restrained scope and style. The alien jungle looked just like Earth’s jungles and, despite the fact that the planet was a game preserve, we  never saw any other creatures for the Predators to hunt. While these are relatively minor grievances, expanding on these details could have appeased fans who found Predators to be a little too similar to the original.

That said, it was still an entertaining ride and if it reinvigorated the studio’s faith in the Predator franchise – that’s a win in my book.

What do you think? What would you like to see in a Predators sequel?

Source: IGN

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  1. @ Beserker-I actually wholeheartedly agree with what you just said. I think what a lot of us are missing when it comes to Arnold & Danny is that they didn’t defeat the Predators they faced off of pure muscle. I would even say Danny has a lesser place in the franchize than Arnold. At least Arnold came from a badass military background where he was equipped to go against a Predator in the setting of a jungle. And you’re right, he only won because he outsmarted the Predator. But Danny was very misplaced in Predators 2. I felt the city was more of a character than he was. I would think they could have come up with a better backstory for Danny’s character to make him more of a realistic match for a Predator. Then again, he did more ass-whooping to the Predator than Arnold did. But now, these characters are aged and even less of a threat to a Predator than they were even during their respective times. And lets not forget what a Predator is; an almost unmatched Alien species that literally considers traveling from planet to planet to find the most challenging creatures to hunt. If you ask me, scientifically and realistically, the only true match for a Predator is another Predator and frankly, i’m tired of seeing Predator and human relations on screen. We all watch these films for the Predators, not to see how a human will eventually overcome and kill a Predator by sheer luck alone at the very end of the film. It would serve the franchize much better if they have an all-Predator cast and delve deep into the science, culture and being of exactly what a Predator is. They have their own weaponry, advanced technology and a code of ethics. They are extremely intelligent creatures. Lets explore their language more, lets explore their culture more, lets dive into their origins and history more. That in itself is a roadmap for at least 2-3 movies alone. And that’s what we fans want if I can speak for all of us. We don’t want these to stop being made, we just want them made right. We’re tired of the same old backstory of a jungle (whether concrete, ice or remote) filled with potential prey for a Rogue or other Predators and people are killed off one by one until one remains and ultimately kills the Predator, only to be met by the Elders and their posse at the end. I feel like there’s a whole civilization unexplored and all we’re getting are several single accounts of people’s experiences with a Predator encounter. I liked the way Rodriguez introduced a little twist with the humans being captured and forced to survive in Predators; that was at least a fresh spin. But the same backdrop, the same Jungle experience, the same sort of kills as in Predator, it was just too reminiscent of what we’ve seen already. I even give AVP-R a small nod for the simple fact that they also tried to put a different spin on things (plus they showed us the Predator homeworld as a bonus. But maybe Predators have populated several planets and that is just one of them). The film wasn’t great, true, but I applaud the attempt. Now we just need someone with the same motivation to change up the franchize, but get it right. I mean think about it, the Predators are an advanced alien species that has the technology to travel interstellarly. They most likely have populated several habitable planets. Maybe this explains the blood fued; because there are actually totally different civilizations or even different species that had a totally different ethics code. It would be similar to the differences between America and the Middle East. These movies are very special to me because growing up, while everyone wanted to be a Jedi or a Power Ranger, I wanted to be a Predator. I do think Batman vs Predator, if it follows the original story, would be a really great movie but again, we’re getting away from what we all really want. It would just be Bruce Wayne in place of Arnold or Danny. It doesn’t have to be a big Hollywood production with top actors, it can be all no-names and Predators mainly. I still think the issues in the other films need to be addressed in future films like what will eventually happen with the shoulder cannon retrieved at the end of AVP-R, what happens now that we are aware of an Alien species that has the technology to be a devestating threat, what will become of the Predalien species? But personally, i’m more concerned about seeing an all-Predator cast and delving much more into their culture than anything else. Predator kills are the best by far but there’s more to them than that, so just give us more. I could really keep going of forever but i’ll stop here for now.

    • I disagree. Short of the most die-hard Predator fans, that would make for a lousy movie. The point of a film is to relate to it’s audience. Since the audience will be 100% human, there has to be something humans can relate to. Trying to flesh out a completely alien society, it’s technology, sciences, religions, languages, etc., would be a nightmare on screen to coordinate, and a disaster at the box office.

      It would work as a series of graphic novels for the die-hard fans, but movies are expensive and have to grab a general audience. I’m sorry, but the ONLY way a Predator movie works is to continue to find cool ways to kill people.

      For the record, I liked Predators. Sure, it pulled on the original a lot, but isn’t too much change what people hate about reboots anyway? Adrian Brody was an infinitely better actor than Arnold or Danny, and pulled off the role of the mercenary badass perfectly. Every character may have fit some stereotype, but you bought into most of them. Unlike a lot of today’s movies, they left the Predator(s) relatively “hidden” for a while. For 90 minutes, it was about as good as we’re going to get. If they bumped that to perhaps 2 hours, we may get some more interesting character development.

  2. Oh and one more thing regarding Arnold & Danny, lets not forget that the Predators, most at least, don’t believe in hunting/killing weaker prey. Unless Arnold & Danny are shown to still be ‘making noise’ in terms of still being badasses, then any Predator would look at them in the same way they’d see a pregnant woman or a child (both demonstrated in Predator 2). They wouldn’t be a challenge at all. Lawrence Fishburne’s character was only killed because he had a weapon and presented himself as a threat. So Arnold & Danny, no matter how much of badasses than can be portrayed to be on camera, would be so much less of a challenge to a Predator that if they were included in future films, they would surely die off immediately and would only serve as connections to the original movies. As much as we’d love to see them reprise their roles, we already know Danny Glover is completely out (of acting in general I think) and Arnold hasn’t flat out said no but he also wouldn’t be a good fit anymore, other than a small supporting role where he gets killed off right after spreading some Predator ass-whooping knowledge to a younger version of him or something like that. Just my $.02

    • Incorrect when it comes to Laurence Fishburn, his line is, “oh so you finally found me big dog…”. Based on that alone tells me that their interaction has been long over due as a result of past brushes of fate on both sides.

  3. To see some more of the original predators, up holding honor..perhaps a hero predator (character) with more hunting scenes and a predator that actually lives at the end.

  4. Seriously, Yungrasta said every single thing I would have said, just way more poignantly. I love the predators, and while I love how built up the suspense is for the culture and home world, lets go on already. Come on, lets see it. Enough foreplay, its time to get in there.

  5. I read a Predator book along time back, it followed the story line of AVP, in which the female survivor ( can’t remember her name at the moment)her offspring in the future still bore the mark. As such she was part of a Predator clan. So in the future she gets in trouble on a planet which has Aliens attacking the humans and she then calls in the Predator clan to save the day. It was an amazing book and I have been unable to find it since. I always thought it would make a great movie.

    • I read this too! It was an Alien Vs. Predator book, but i cant remember if it was called War or Rebirth… i always wanted to see if there were any other stories that led to that or followed, because the main character talked of her time with the Predators and that she herself had been on adventures with them. I thought the character had fought a predator in defense and killed it, only to have found out it was in violation of the tribes ethics and she was begrudgingly allowed to go with the Predators to their homeworld where she trained and was eventually allowed to join as an honorary Predator, even going on hunts with them and taking trophies until she felt it was time to leave and return to a human world to begin a new life. Then calling on the Predators as you said when the humans world was being attacked by the Xenomorphs (Aliens). I may be getting a couple stories crossed, but i know i read the one youre talking about, lol. But it would make an INCREDIBLE movie if the right back story was introduced through a tie-in movie to AvP and AvP:R, but im like you, since i read it when i was younger i havent been able to find it. :/

  6. Bring Sanaa Lathan back for predators 2…make weiland industrys responsible for the games being held on that planet, for their own observation of the specimen…Rob Rodriguez, make this better than machete kills, cuz that movie was a disappointment…

  7. I would love more predators, I love them all, they are the coolest creatures, the dreds, everything, I cant wait, fans of all ages love them, my son is 11 and he has figures and masks hangin on his walls.

  8. Bring on another Predator Sequel. I think it would great AS LONG as you take us off from where the story dropped. Them on the planet with new candidates dropping from the air and then battling the Predators and getting off the Island and landing back on earth…That would be awesome…
    Which can lead to ANOTHER sequel where the entire Predator Army comes back and invades earth….Kinda like Battle of LA…..BALLS!!!!!


  9. Film makers today are just missing what makes a classic film we all want to watch over and over and just keep making simply watchable films that just whither away once you’ve seen them once ! What is missing from modern films is matching the right actor to the right film ! For example Adrian broody in this film should never have been ! Compare this cast to the cast of Predator 1 and 2 and lets face it ,its shocking! No one wants to see Adrian broody imitating Arnie at the end of the film , running around saying “come on kill me” its just cheap and tacky !
    What this film needed was either a Statham ,Bale,Hardy or my favorite The Rock or even better all of them in an all star cast which in turn would transform this film into a classic ! Bottom line put a tough guy in a tough film !!!!
    one final comment is that the part played by Laurence Fishbourne should have been played by Arnie or Glover !! Its simple

    • Well i agree with you on the point of Adrian Brody shouldn’t be ripping off or just doing the lines to have a link to the past films but a bad ass actor isn’t needed for the tough guy roles, i think he did a great job of doing the part and honestly i feel it was just the writing that was a bit under par considering all the characters had so much back story that could have made this film into a series on its own, and with that time of lets say 3 films each character could have grown and the actors would have fit that role perfectly or even if the movie was longer, its like trying to move from book to movie so much to translate into another medium something is going to be cut so the character seems of not due possibly to just the actor but the writer or director as well.

    • how about the expendables vs predator… the team gets hired to go off world to find brodie and crew and end up on the reserve planet

  10. I have been a fan for as long as I can remember! And I would like to see IT ALL COME TOGETHER! ! Finally. … Aliens, predator, permetheous. I think there is a great story line there…. and I’d love to be a part of it in any way….. lol

    • Lol sorry but you know AVP, preadators, and aliens are all different storylines right? They cant go together cause it wouldnt make sense. Aliens doesnt happen till the futur and in prometheus you see that the first “alien” wasnt created until lthe year 2100.

  11. I would like to see in the sequel the predators hunting other humanoid alien beings from other planets who are bad asses. For example such as alien space pirates.

  12. I Lake to see akl the Summers fron predadores star fron sangre adn hosting anotados soeces fron anothers planet i Will. Be a hit l all time.

  13. I would like to a sequel for predators that contains all of the survivors in the same game preserve.

  14. I liked the wimsy of the last film, other alien (not just humans), a character already there e.g. Fishburn, and most of all the out of place Topher Grace character.
    I hope in the next one they do something like drop a kid!
    Yeah and like the whole time everyone is like why?
    Or a pregnant woman, why not? A good writer can solve it or make it come to fruition with a twist. The kid could be a robot, or is a shapeshifter. Anyway I’m not saying has yo be this specific, but a character that causes bewilderment is very cool, and can distract just enough that you don’t figure it out too soon.

  15. Yes yes yes and yes. I REALLY want a sequel! I thought it was good and hopefully it comes around

  16. It would be interesting to see a Predator/Human hybrid in an upcoming sequel. The storyline could go in many directions with the development of a new species. The characteristics that motivates Preditors is the hunt and trophies. The characteristics of humans (unfortunately for us) is we’re war like and combative towards our own species. This is typically out of character for Preditors with the exception of the last Preditor movie. Creating such a race wouldn’t be beneficial for either Preditor or Humans but that’s what makes it interesting.

  17. hi, i wented to known if they will make a DRAGONBALLZ THE MOVIE

  18. I think the Predators should kidnap Arnold, and Danny Glover. Then drop them in on that Game Preserve. Being that they have already killed Predators before. Then kill them off.

    • Yes yes that is a perfect idea but maybe not kill them off but yes I totally agree with you on that 100%

  19. Dude, ever hear of paragraphs? I don’t wanna read joyce amd faulkner again, man.


  21. Let’s see the creatures let’s see how the other creatures are and you gotta you gotta keep the original characters in the movie every predators I seen I love them all they are all good but let’s see the same characters but I am curious what is in the different crates that were dropped

  22. I think like the unga what ever up there but he said a lot more than i want to. so hears this. Maybe if one of the smaler Predetors ( that say understands and speaks English ) teams up with the survivors again simalar to befor but threw out the movie not just at the end. Um and were useing alien tec….

  23. “never saw any other creatures”? You’re kidding or you’re blind. Maybe you were watching another movie? What about the silver wood aliens with bugs crawling on them? That creature pretty much defines what you said you didn’t see. I agree there could be more, but like they said.. they were testing the market. Now they can go nuts because they know there was interest. Hold off on the heavy handed bullsh*t opinions until they wrap us up in Predators 2.

  24. I’ve never been as disgusted in a movie as to when I saw Predators.

    I actually felt nauseous how much it ruined the original Predator for me.

    The possibility of a sequel makes me feel dead inside.

  25. I am a fan of x-terrestrial concepts. So for a movie with aliens, I loved it anyway. However, for a predator movie, I just think its trying to introduce a side story. What I really wanted to see is protrusion of the idea from the ending of 2007 AlienVSPredator’s ending where that japanese woman says “I think we are not ready for this technology”. I want to see some crazy ideas, involving technology, human race, alien, and predator fight against or work together. I would definitely find it boring if its the same fight in jungle or fight in the city type of settings. Take the next battle up into the future, or another planet or maybe have a couple human smarties + killer head up to join force with a predator race in some way. Just whoever that is going to direct it, please make it more interesting!

    • All in all i guess it could make things seem to gel together a bit more considering all of these characters are in overlapping films, but each line of these films are supposed to be independent storylines of each other, and Rodriguez actually stated many times in interviews that Predators is only supposed to be a continuation of the Predator and Predator 2 movie franchise, and doesnt tie in at all to the Alien, Alien Vs Predator, or Prometheus movies. Although if they make at least one or two more Predator movies, they could advance the story and timelines ahead far enough to then incorporate the AvP movies through a story much like you mentioned, in space, in the future, on a new planet, etc., and then tie it in to the Alien and Prometheus movies, even filling in some plot holes left open in the originals. As convoluted as these characters and stories are, if its done right they could all be tied together to form one huge intergalactic space epic between three extraterrestrial species.

  26. I want to see a Predator/AVP film that finally retcons and destroys the Alien saga. My personal canon only includes films with Predators in them and the Xenos are merely another species the Preds hunt. I refuse to ever count any of the stand alone Alien films as they have so many plot holes and redesigns it isn’t funny.

  27. Aliens vs Predators vs Terminators

  28. It was good that they scaled it back for this reboot. The original Predator was not a huge budget movie with tons of CGI. In fact it seems like they were trying not to do a lot of special effects. Predator is a classic because it was organic, you had some talented actors that were perfect for the role. Arnold has never been the most talented actor but this was probably no different than Commando or any other action movie he had done up until now. The audience had never seen predator. You didn’t know what was hunting this team of seasoned operators until the end of the movie. That kind of suspense is hard to recreate. The Aliens vs Predators were trash. Not because there wasn’t enough CGI or that they didn’t have good actors. But because there was no character development like the original. They lost the essence of what Predator is. Rodriguez’s movie was the best one since the original because he did bother to elaborate on why Predator should even be bothered with hunting these people. I’m not sure if I even want a Predator sequel. How many times can you rework that plot of a hunter that hunts dangerous men? The only thing I could imagine is if Predator and man teams up to fight something else that’s even more terrible…(that’s actually happened in two of the sequels already). Predator is a classic that, in my opinion doesn’t need too many big changes to the theme. And another thing- I don’t want another PG-13 Predator movie. Let’s see some blood and guts! Don’t let Predator go Hollywood!!!

  29. Make the Predators 2 only all Predators. And Xenos are used for training. Make the movie on the Predators home planet and show how they live in their citys and hunt in their own jungles and have their own young to train and keep safe from other clans. Could be something like hunger games for the young Predators.And start the movie with humans on a ship and coming across the Predators home planet and then about to head to it they get wiped out! Then the movie starts and Show the Kings and Queens of the clans. Have a yung star Predator that becomes a ledgen for his clan. And maybe a mate for him to.Then the clans send the winnwers out to other planets to past the finale test to become kings of their own clans. And have one young Predator being a punk to the star Predator and mate to be. Make the young star Predator slender and fast and under sized. So he gets picked on by others.