Robert Rodriguez Confirms ‘Predators’ Sequel

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predators headshot logo Robert Rodriguez Confirms Predators Sequel

Robert Rodriguez is in attendance at this year’s Comic-Con to promote Machete, but he took a moment to address speculation about a sequel to Predators – and offered insight into what fans can expect from a follow-up.

Modestly-budgeted for a summer blockbuster, Predators quickly recouped its expenses and received mostly positive reviews. It should come as no surprise that 20th Century Fox is hungry to repeat that success. The ending of the film certainly hinted at the possibility of further installments and Rodriguez confirms that he’s been approached to get the ball rolling on a sequel.

Apparently Predators was the studio’s way of “testing the market” – and the scope of the film was deliberately modest. Rodriguez spoke with IGN asserting that, with a renewed interest in the franchise, we can expect bigger and better things from a Predators sequel:

“They really wanted it to be pretty contained, pretty scaled-back. They didn’t want to put too many of the ideas into it that we could save for a second one. So we could see what the appetite was, because the bigger movie would actually be what comes following that. That kind of sets up a new storyline, new location and world, and then you can really go crazy from there.”

Rodriguez goes on to say that while he’s got a few of his own ideas for the sequel, he’ll probably bring in other writers to pitch their take – and then choose the approach he likes best.

When asked about the possibility of stepping into the director’s chair for the next installment he brings up one potential obstacle:

“I don’t know… I think I have too many people wanting me to do Sin City 2 first!”

Personally, I only had two major complaints with Predators. The film never tried to flesh-out characters – beyond their one-dimensional archetypes. The second was the previously mentioned restrained scope and style. The alien jungle looked just like Earth’s jungles and, despite the fact that the planet was a game preserve, we  never saw any other creatures for the Predators to hunt. While these are relatively minor grievances, expanding on these details could have appeased fans who found Predators to be a little too similar to the original.

That said, it was still an entertaining ride and if it reinvigorated the studio’s faith in the Predator franchise – that’s a win in my book.

What do you think? What would you like to see in a Predators sequel?

Source: IGN

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  1. I would like to see the US Colonial Marines in the Predators franchise.

  2. I would like to see in the next Predator a cultural aproach about their origins, planet and evolution.

  3. It would be interesting to see predators fighting with al-qaida in New York lol

    • no its better that predator somehow wrong ends up in bosnia and the epilogue to be that serbs killed predator aand next day all the predators come from their planet and so etc serbs are quilty for this interplanetar war…..
      in the end us marines kick their asses ….?????? what do you think???

  4. I liked the fact that the original music was choreographed. I also found it inspiring to see that a human(Laurence Fishburn) was able to accomplish what only two others could. Defeat a predator. Seeing him uncloak for the first time, grabbed my attention similar to the first movie.

    Let’s face it. The only, & I mean the ONLY logical way of shooting up any further Predator Sequel with steroids is to get ARNOLD in it. Even if it was a cameo appearance, it would still generate a world of profit & a thrill to the masses.

  5. it would bee very interesting if schwarzenegger get back in predator 4????

  6. Id like to see a whole movie from the perspective of a single predator in space fighting aliens and such, make the predator the star instead of the humans

  7. I’m not interested in another predator unless Arnold is the main actor from beginning to end. If you guys don’t challenge Arnold to get in the best shape as possible and get one more predator out of him your insane. Everybody loves nostalgia and comebacks this would be big I mean BIG!!! Show Arnold retired and a loser drunk that’s struggled with the loss of so many of the men he served with.

  8. I would like to see a more detailed experience of the predators maybe see them over run by the aliens they flee to earth and end up in a free for all humans aliens and predators of like to se more different weapons and maybe humans that have addapted to help them be stronger against predators and aliens with more up to date technology

  9. Great film

  10. Batman vs. Predator or Wolverine vs. Predator!

  11. I would like to see more of the culture of the predator. Show them communicating, maybe a few subtitles to build the character??? Definitely would like to see other types of aliens that get hunted. If the hunt is on another world make it an alien world and not in Florida some where :-). Love this series will pay to see more!!!!

  12. Only thing that could make the predator sequel better is to just keep making them, I’m happy with every one of them I’ve seen. But to have a different spin on it would be to have the movie from a predators view. That would be awesome!

  13. Get a predator fight with Aliens and Arnold in it, and Arnold comes out the victor again.

  14. Like to learn more about Predators. But not too much that that they’re no longer mysteriously interesting. I like learning a tad bit more, which I feel each film is doing so far. I like that they don’t talk like us. I like the ideas that they’ve been around for a long time having humans build pyramids for them in ancient times & worship them. I think the next movie should start out leaving off from at the end of Predators movie, then moves off the preserve planet to another alien world but not before picking up Arnold! Possibly to new planet to a new challenging alien race. Also show more of the Predator home world. On Earth, they could show the progression/technological advancing of the Weyland Industries maybe teaming up with the U.S. Marines from after the AVPR film. The Predator laser cannon & the advancement in building androids. Sigourney Weaver could also be in the film & cameo as a Ripley ancestor & possibly fight with Arnold! Or all this could be in the future taking place after Alien Resurrection. The Ripley hybrid could team up with Arnold; relative of Dutch. Arnold could also be the latest android that’s closer to the likeness of a Terminator cyborg!! -OG

  15. Jason vs predator! Or have all of the horror movie villains dropped on the preserve, ie. leatherface, Michael Myers, Freddie, Pinhead, even Commission Darth Vader from Disney.
    Other ideas, drop down Movie directors like George Lucas, Speilberg, Coppola, Michael Bay, and Kevin Smith with Smith double crossing Lucas by pointing him in the direction of the Predator by telling him that Disney has a drop ship waiting for him.

  16. I think it would be cool to go the comic book route and do Predators vs Aliens vs Terminators. That would be epic!

  17. I think I would like to see not one but a handful of predators dropped in to the Middle East and somehow getting involved with the conflicts that are currently taking place mysteriously though the U.S. Army thanks it is Al Qaeda and Al Qaeda thinks it is the U.S. Army but in fact both sides are fighting the same enemy that are killing their people I don’t know I just think that our modern military technology against alien technology which is well more advanced than ours should be a good battle to see plus it’s a historical fact that we actually do have a war taking place overseas I think it would draw the interest a lot of people i’m not saying Al Qaeda in the U.S. Army tagteam against the aliens but I do think that we should definitely involve what’s currently going on and in the end the US kicked both of their asses

  18. no more hero chicks whipping the predators ass no more skinny wimpy guys kicking the predators ass such as danny glover. Please

    • I totally agree.

  19. i would like to see the human race go to the predators planet and hunt them down as a spinoff. and when the predators see that the human race has evolved into hunters like themselves that another spin off near the middle of the movie as the predators and humans are hunting each other aliens escape from one of the restraints the predators had them in and started making human predator alien hybrids that when discovered both humans and predators form an alliance after the hybrids take a predators ship to earth to take it over as they are taking over the predators planet and they combine weaponry to take on and save both planets, and as the movie ends it shows where one hybrid survives and lands on a totally different planet and from there the sequels would have endless opportunity.

  20. I would love to see a new Predator film again. I think after AVP & AVP-R, it was a breath of fresh air to see both Predator & Alien go back to being their own films. although Prometheus is more or less the Space Jockey film and it may be a long while until we see a true Alien sequel again, but at least it also allowed the Predator franchise to return to it’s roots and be it’s own films again.

    what I would love to see happen in the next film is go back and connect with Predator 2 a little bit in terms of the surviving characters. one idea that was passed around for many years was to have both Harrigan and Dutch join forces against the Predators. that would be exciting for the fans if both Arnold Schwarzenegger & Danny Glover return for one last time in a later sequel.

    what I also want to see happen is make the Predators more unique and show the advancements in their technology. at least also show more of the clan feud they introduced in Predators. it was hinted at with the Bad Blood Predators, uh, Super Predators, but it wasn’t expressed as much as I would of hoped. there wasn’t enough of the predator weaponry either. the new clan members had 1 elongated blades, bigger helmets, wrist computers that didn’t flip open, and plasma casters that I find cheap looking. hell, they didn’t have the breathing tubes connected to the sides which was rather distracting to me at least since even AVP-R featured it even though it was a terrible film.

    one big thing I still would like to see at least either explored or have the movie studios consider is one of 2 things. the first is to bring in at least one of the hunters from the fan film Dead End or at least inspired by it to at least create a new hunter design. and the 2nd thing I want to see is a more active Elder Predator. the Elder Predator from Predator 2 is still to this day one of the best looking predators I have ever seen. he even had a well made comic book based on his origin story. all the elder’s tend to do in 2 films is stand around and give trophies to the main hero/heroine. even a film based on just 1 elder predator kicking some ass would be a great fan film if one such person doesn’t mind making one. this was always an idea I wanted to explore which I hope to one day attempt to do as a fan film.

    the predators in the next sequel or sequels needs to be different and unique and not just a throw back to the original predator which we don’t need to see over and over again. introduce some new hunters with different skin and armor color, different hunting techniques and more advanced weaponry, different visions that can be useful to their advantage in different surroundings, maybe have different clans in one film instead of 3 or 1 hunter from the same exact clan, and maybe try giving us a different environment for the stories to take place rather than the jungles a 3rd time.

    finally, I think having more Predator films would be cool and I can’t wait to see this franchise go into new directions. however, if they intend to keep this franchise going, then they need to try new things and take bigger risks. you can;t make more sequels using the old and familiar all the time. now, I am fine with at least using the old and familiar every now and then as long as it finds a way to blend the old with the new. but that alone can’t hold the entire franchise. Predators was in deed a good film and a love letter to the original, but it’s time for this franchise to move on and I want to see new and exciting things that the fans want to see and the things we have yet to see on screen. just don’t be pushing too many pencils 20th century fox.

  21. I want to see what really happened. I want the falconer predator still alive in predators 2 because the falconer predator had a gun on em and shot hanzo in that field. It doesn’t even make sense for most of the hunted being dropped off with guns and one of the “SUPER” predators to not have one. I mean what’s he supposed to do? Run through a bullet and cut somebody?. Well I’ve got news for you. I am the falconer predator and my name is bosa not Baltimore and I’m actually the leader of the super predator clan by being born a super predator. The tracker predator lived through that explosion and turned into a predalien after the movie was over. The beserker predator

  22. My 2 biggest complaints, u get a non-action, 90 lb beanpole for the lead then Fishbourn is in it for all of 5 minutes? Should have reversed the roles! Here’s looking forward to a major upgrade in acting and story for the sequel!

  23. I like most of you guys ideas about how the next film should go.

    I, however, think that Arnold and Danny Glover are way too old to have an impact in future films. I am biased about the AVP series, the stories sucked, but I did like seeing the predators in action. I personally can care less about the storyline of humans in any Predator movie. I almost think that everyone who wants to see a predator movie are more interested in the Predators, their relationships and their new weapons and ways to kill. I also am not a fan of female snipers or chicks who are ready to take their own lives by placing a gun to their heads at the sight of predator dogs or anything less than a predator…..Unless, she has a similar role of Vasquez in “Aliens”!!!

    Lastly, show us a quick origin of the predators, who they were before they recieved their technology and how they evolved and show them killing something more than Xenomorphs and humans. Show them killing/tracking or bring killed or tracked by something larger and deadlier than them.

    Oh and I highly suggest everyone read the novels Predator: South China Sea and Predator: Concrete Jungle” featuring Dutch’s Brother, who is a mirror image, almost, of Dutch. A younger Stronger Actor could be used for that, my 2 choices would be Henri Cavill (Superman) and/or Chris Hemsworth (Thor). Those are my thoughts

    • eh, I don’t know about about adding a younger brother to an older character since it has not been entirely successful in many films in the past decade. Indy 4, need I say more. plus, this idea of adding younger actors for similar or identical roles is getting old since even the guys working on Ghostbusters 3 thought about it.

      I want to see the predators more often and at least reinvent some of the older predators. not just stick a classic predator on a wall and have him killed off later in the film just to justify the new predators superiority even though they will never be superior to the classics from the first 2 films for multiple reasons.

      the problem is that Hollywood needs to keep a franchise fresh and introduce some new ideas. if they keep using the same old characters and the same old techniques while using some of the cliched ideas of the past decade or the cliched ideas their using now, then the film itself will suffer for it. let me ask you guys & gals a question. how many times can you keep doing the same old story before it gets stale?

      if they intend to use some of the older predators, then I say at least make the Elder Predator more involved. make him clean up the younger clan members mistakes. at least it can go with the old man theme with both Arnold & Danny as both humans and the Elder Predator could redeem themselves. if the Elder had his clan killed off by a number of bad bloods and super powered humans, that would give the old guys a clear motivation. like what they did in the video game Predator Concrete Jungle, they can obtain predator technology and use it to their advantage. at least they can make an offer to the bad bloods and go against clan traditions and that would get the younger clan members killed off. and plus, with Danny Glover’s character, at least the Elder would remember him based on his sign of respect he gave in Predator 2.

      in this situation, they would have no choice but to work together and not forced like in AVP. teamed up with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character, at least this could potential give the actors one final sequel they can do together to make the fans happy, and this could be a nice way to close the chapter of the films for good before it completely runs out of steam. plus, wouldn’t you like to see Danny Glover & the Elder Predator team up if it was a final battle in a finale sequel?

      that’s what I would do. plus the envelope while putting a final cap on the series. at least this way folks, the series could end on a high note.

    • I meant to say push the envelope not plus.

      let try to paint the picture here of what I would do for the series finale. the company that Peter Keys worked for could possible obtain predator technology. set a little further in the future (and not in the present for the 4th freaking time and not on a jungle or jungle like planet…again), this company would have more predators roaming the city, some of them being bad bloods. Mike Harrigan would be involved in keeping the city streets cleared while Dutch has been hired to keep their asses in line, thus both Dutch & Harrigan would have to learn to get along with one another. at least they both can share their experiences with the predators from their own experiences, and Mike would still have the 1715 flintlock pistol.

      the lost hunters would again arrive in the city since more bad bloods keep coming to this one city and defying the clan rules to an almost alarming rate, like a group of wild dogs broken from their leash. the company in this future notices the bad bloods and offers them a deal to work together in exchange for their more advanced weaponry that the remaining clans are unaware of. as the clans members are killed off by both the bad bloods and the companies soldiers, Mike & Dutch’s forces are also being killed off more and more as the streets are over run with the bad bloods breaking the clan’s code of honor and defying their race.

      as the situation gets further and further out of control, both Dutch & Mike encounter a single Elder, the same one who Mike encountered in 1997. Mike offers to help the Elder in undoing the mistakes he’s made since he too must undo the damage that he himself has caused for getting his fellow soldiers killed. while Dutch is originally against the idea, this does allow some growth in his character development as he see’s the clan members differently and at least slowly grows some respect for the predators. sort of like what Linda Hamilton went through in Terminator 2. and now they must undo their mistakes as the 3 of them face off against some of the remaining bad bloods and some of the companies solders in one final confrontation. where only the strongest survive.

      tagline: the hunters become the hunted

    • Schaffer is older though, so i’d suggest someone more along the age of and build of Hulk Hogan (not him specifically) I suppose Dolph Lundgren would be a good bet. His acting level is about the same as Arnie’s, so that could cover up some of their faults with emotion haha. Maybe its a family thing XD. Plus He-Man and Conan fighting predators hahaha imagine the internet that we would face once that was realized.

      Another good bet might be good ol’ Sylvester. He’s got the attitude and acting ability to back up Schaffer’s in the comics.

      Check my comment from earlier today out for my little two sense on what they should do for the next movie. It’s actually very similar.

  24. Personaly, I think they should make a story line with the predator hunting Arnies and Danny Glovers offspring, who would be in some elite military or service group. Make it so that the predators hunt the best of the best.

  25. in predators seemingly unquenchable desire for the ultimate specie to hunt down and battle it out to the death. i think,if done right, this could be very interesting if during the process of gathering another specialized group of humans from earth the predators chose Dr.Bruce banner. it could be the U.F.C.of the universe,probably draw record breaking crowds from both sides of the fence. it could make for some awesome viewing.

    • The only problem with that is that Dark Horse is already affiliated with DC. As you can see several predator Cameos throughout DC comics particularly in Green Lantern Comics as a Sinestro Corps member.

      But me and my friend were discussing how if Predator fought batman (with all their gadgets) it’d be a pretty crazy fight. so maybe not Bruce Banner but Bruce Wayne. It’d also be interesting to see what they could do with the Green lanterns. Maybe amend the damage from that Ryan Reynolds adaptation.

  26. I thought there’d be another all along and with their confidence in its success a braver project is justified can’t wait will they start on it soon !

  27. They need Schwarzenneger to come back as Dutch and be deployed to NY by some secret military branch to help eliminate some predators, and when he gets there Schaeffer (from the comics) is now the chief of police and baffled to see his long lost brother. Together they kick some predator butt and abuse cheesy one liners.

  28. Everyone seems to forget that Arnold was getting his butt kicked by the Predator until he got lucky and one of his booby traps kicked in. So to say that he would come back and kick sopme predator butt is the furthest thing from the truth, considering he’s soooo much older now.

    Batman vs Predator would be a very interesting movie. He would definitely stand a better chance against the predator that he would against superman, considering they both have gadgets.

    I just want the old traditional 7ft predator like in the first 2 movies, not this beserker/wolf/falcon predator B/S.

    My point being Danny Glover and Arnold are way too old to effectively deal with a predator on screen. Danny was already too old and had no business defeating the predator in AKA Concrete Jungle.