Robert Rodriguez Confirms ‘Predators’ Sequel

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predators headshot logo Robert Rodriguez Confirms Predators Sequel

Robert Rodriguez is in attendance at this year’s Comic-Con to promote Machete, but he took a moment to address speculation about a sequel to Predators – and offered insight into what fans can expect from a follow-up.

Modestly-budgeted for a summer blockbuster, Predators quickly recouped its expenses and received mostly positive reviews. It should come as no surprise that 20th Century Fox is hungry to repeat that success. The ending of the film certainly hinted at the possibility of further installments and Rodriguez confirms that he’s been approached to get the ball rolling on a sequel.

Apparently Predators was the studio’s way of “testing the market” – and the scope of the film was deliberately modest. Rodriguez spoke with IGN asserting that, with a renewed interest in the franchise, we can expect bigger and better things from a Predators sequel:

“They really wanted it to be pretty contained, pretty scaled-back. They didn’t want to put too many of the ideas into it that we could save for a second one. So we could see what the appetite was, because the bigger movie would actually be what comes following that. That kind of sets up a new storyline, new location and world, and then you can really go crazy from there.”

Rodriguez goes on to say that while he’s got a few of his own ideas for the sequel, he’ll probably bring in other writers to pitch their take – and then choose the approach he likes best.

When asked about the possibility of stepping into the director’s chair for the next installment he brings up one potential obstacle:

“I don’t know… I think I have too many people wanting me to do Sin City 2 first!”

Personally, I only had two major complaints with Predators. The film never tried to flesh-out characters – beyond their one-dimensional archetypes. The second was the previously mentioned restrained scope and style. The alien jungle looked just like Earth’s jungles and, despite the fact that the planet was a game preserve, we  never saw any other creatures for the Predators to hunt. While these are relatively minor grievances, expanding on these details could have appeased fans who found Predators to be a little too similar to the original.

That said, it was still an entertaining ride and if it reinvigorated the studio’s faith in the Predator franchise – that’s a win in my book.

What do you think? What would you like to see in a Predators sequel?

Source: IGN

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  1. Arnold should be in it he made predator predators is rubbish can’t beat the original maybe Arnie should have a small part in it tho and I hope they make a better effort with this one than the last one p.s predator rocks

  2. hola a todos, seria genial unir a los sobrevivientes de las dos 1ras (arnold y danny glover), tambien adam baldwin y entre otros…ojala se pueda hacer DEPREDADOR 3……….. saludos

  3. i would like to see bad ass predators arm to their teeth battleting other predators and the humans ar in between them for survival of the human race battle begins in nyc the cops the swat team the army and also vicious bounty hunters ar involde for the peace of the action

    • Your spelling is atrocious you cretin.

    • i agree with you mostly but not in a city that would be more like the second one and avp R but that was a town but your main idea is cool and my opinion they should also add aliens and do like another avp but in that game preserve so predator hunting predator hunting alien hunting human and a huge war between the deadliest of species.

  4. Yes I really woukd like to see sequel

  5. Yes I really woukd like to see sequel

  6. I would like to see an evolution of the last two remaining survivors. And that in itself,is the plot for the second movie, there were other alien and bounty hunter type characters in the movie, but just like the predators we never saw them because of their camouflage.

    And since the gaming grpund is a planet I.dare say.there would be numurous gaming grounds. I would like to see best survivors/
    warriors placed into the largest reserve, with the last one standing earning the right to go home.

  7. Hell yeah we want another Predator movie!!!!!!!!

  8. I would like to see a sequel that explains how they got to that planet.

    • that would be called a prequel not

  9. You have to make another one . Only bigger budget , and better effects . Predators was lacking in many areas . Too close to the original . I would WAY rather see another one of these the another Sin City .

  10. They should drop the “Predators” series, and focus on a solid Predator 3 film. I wouldn’t mind seeing it directed by either John McTiernan (Predator) or Stephen Hopkins (Predator 2). I’d like to see the original plot play out.

    The original comic showed Dutch retire from the Army special forces, and move to into the city. Several years pass, (perfect excuse for Arnold having aged 20 years since the first movie), then on a particularly hot summer a young Predator hunts down Dutch to gain honor by killing a highly regarded human warrior.

    If the producers were deadset on following the “Predators” plotline, they could have the Preds abduct Dutch from the city, then drop him on the Game Preserve planet with Adrien Brody and Alice Braga’s characters from Robert Rodriguez’s movie.

    • I like the old predator series as well, but I don’t see how there is much honor in going after a retired broken down warrior who won’t put up much of a fight against any predator.
      The predators know human anatomy very well and by now know how when humans age they derteriorate in some form and unless its a rogue predator, there would be no joy in going after dutch or harrigan for honor purposes.
      Dutch probably wants no part of any predator and probably suffers from some kind of predator PTSD. Traditional predators in traditionsl predator settings, I recommend the novels, Predator: South China Sea for a tremendous story. I can read that book over and over, or introduce Dutches Brother. In Concrete Jungle, where The predators are in NYC (I know we saw the Los Angeles thing already), and Dutches Brother, who’s just as big or burly, and that much an azz kicker, could be played by the same guy who plays Thor and let the Predator threat become exposed because there are multiple predators running around killing drug dealers and cops. But thats just my opinion

      • I would like to see a predators where people from all across time, (revolutionary war, WW1-2, Vietnam, and modern warriors) are all thrown into an awesome predator game preserve. Over the course of the movie the characters of modern times would conclude that predators are time lords, and that they need to find the predator’s ship in order to return to their own times. After many are slaughtered along the way, they find the predators’ ship only to realize…(pause for dramatic effect) that the predators aren’t time lords, but that they have the technology to freeze people and preserve them.

    • Yea that would be a very good idea, a predator 3 would be great!!!! You don’t have a bad idea.

    • They should have Steven King (under the dome book) as the script writer and Steven Spielberg (Jurassic park 1 and 2) as the diractor that would be epic but Steven king is a novel writer

      • Stephen King’s movies are horrible compared to the his books. Just look at The Mist, they effed up the movie

    • That would be an awesome film. Arnie and Adrien together. Great idea.

    • How about predators come pick up Dutch and they get Terminator by mistake? $#IT. Surprise! Hasta la vista baby! Just kidding.

      I like Predator and Predators. Just give me any predator to watch.

  11. I think in the sequel they should show Royce and Elizabeth trying to get off the planet and back to not only fighting predators but the other creatures even other people as well

  12. I think there were not a lot of other live game animals shown – other than some skulls and bones – because the Predators kill them all – most of the time. Then when they need more they would just go catch worthy prey and drop them in on the planet. Can’t wait to see a sequel! Predators was a lot better than the AVP stuff.

  13. I want it to be a sequel to the last movie where they try to find a way off the planet and then Arnold lands on the planet and he saves them but a squad of predators sneak on board but don’t kill them they get to earth and the go on a killing rampage and Arnold the 2 survivors from the last movie and a kid survive just a lot of blood and gore with the spines attached to skulls getting ripped of a lot

    • with a kid? Sounds like you want this to be rated pg-13

      • Yeah there are heaps of MA15+ movies with kids in them. it would be like Alien 2 but more gore and blood and deaths

  14. The sequel should have all the survivers
    From the last predators still finding a way out
    But this time another alien is after them
    Which the predators highly respect and she is the queen known as creature but she is awakened after 125 thousand years and once awaken she she kills her kind only to lay eggs
    For the next 125 years then rest for the next
    125 thousand years this is their real fate.

    • that sounds good but it will change it from being Predator to Alien basically

  15. I would like to see further developement of the predators themselves. How the two races separated. More about the warrior culture. The women predators, and where they come from. What caused the divide. There needs to be another backdrop, the off world planet was cool and god forbid you put it in New York. Create more wonderment keep it off world. Maybe a single bad a$$ predator that lives, because I know anything that comes from that kind of culture has to be more bad a$$ than a human. Take us away from what know, immerse us completely in the movie. I believe that’s what made the Matrix series, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Harry Potter so enjoyable. Please don’t let us down.

  16. I would love to see more of variety of there deadly arsenal also I would like to see more scenes on their home planet. What is their culture like. What about featuring a female predator. That would b cool.

    • if you read the novels the females are basically just bigger, more aggressive versions of the “Yajutas”


      the ones from Predators

      • unless they go with those ones being the “Hish” and work something else for the females but the only depiction i really get is that they are the only things that the “Predators” view it as “silly” to tassle with

  17. Bla

  18. I like the plot from predators and an idea i have more or less consists of opening ideas not only for the predators sequel but a third avp. at the end of predators there are two survivors who witness more humans being dropped so lets say the humans go around and group back up and when the big predators show up they get met by the opposite predators who are pissed about one of theirs being killed and so an all out battle begins between the two predators but lets say a queen alien was also dropped off on the preserve and completely blinded by the fight between eachother the predators are completely oblivious of the threat that begins to grow. the humans stuck between the predator blood feud also beinh unaware of thr alien presence are first to begin getting hit by face huggers and the predators then two begin getting hit so now the predators and humans must work together to survive the onslaught of multiple predaliens and drones as well as the queen now the ending being the two from the original predators who survived and one remaininh predator after setting a bomb. make iy back

    • Make it back to the ship and manage to escape as thr bomb goes off wiping out the aliens and the predator then flies the humans back to earth. now that being my idea of predators as well as wanting to know why the predators split up and what became of the feud i feel that since at the end of avpr the humans gaining access to predator technology were now avle to manipulate it for their own use. so when the predator returns to earth with the humans teyre ambushed but before capture the predatir was able to activate a homing beacon letting his home planet know of the humans and their new highly advanced technology the predators then fly to earth to begin a war with the super humans and to take bacj what is rightfully theirs but amongst the advanced technology the humans using what knowledge they have from the encounter in antarctica and in avpr managed to track down in space and capture a queen alien and weaponizing its reproductive abilities and freeing the alien race onto earth but like the alien movies before they cannot be controlled so now the war is 4 way predator vs super human vs alien vs normal humans. that being my idea for avp 3 i know its alittle far fetched but I’m sure ppl can agree we are tired of seeing so little we want to see an all out war between the races destruction chaos blood killing we want to kbow who the top killers are is it the humans the aliens or the hunters?

      • I believe at some point, the Predator films need to be stand alone, not combined with AVP. Continuing to include the Xenomorphs in the timeline of the Predators, is like making future friday 13th mmovies or nightmare on elm street movies with the frddie/jason inclusion.
        Predators should be stand alone and definitely something we havent seen before.
        we havent seen female predators, team building (hunting larger aliens that require more than 2-3 aliens, dissention among the predator ranks, and most importantly where and how did they acquire their technology.
        Their heiarchy almost doesnt matter, of course you will have your rogue predators, predators that go against the code. But I dont think you would have Bigger and smaller predators, not that they would all be identical, but still remain different.
        The last film done was poorly executed and was simply a slap in the face to the predator fans. Not to souond chauvanist, but the woman in the movie was weak. She couldnt deal with the predator dogs, let alone a predator. She screamed way too much at the sign of danger and was a waste of a character. Not to play a race card, but you kill off the mexican and 2 african first. REALLY?!?!?

        The doctor who had no purpose in this movie was a waste of a character. How did the predators know who was what? How did the predators know the doctor was a murderer or the convict was on death row, he coulve been in jail for tax evasion. Did they kidnap the female only because she had a gun, and why not show how they captured these folks or any other aliens on the planet. Why show 5 or 6 cages and only show a portion of one captured alien.

        And the thing that ammpyed me the most about this film was the ability of the traditional predator to start the ship of the Berserker Predator with his wristband. I’m sure the predator wristbands operate on different frequencies and instead of breaking bad, why not call for help. He obviously couldnt handle the predators intially which is why he was in chains. IJS!!!
        Sorry so long

    • I like your idea, but consider this…. we dont know that those were humans being dropped off and we have to assume the the predators doing the drop offs dont know that the predators on the ground are dead. So lets assume that there are other intelligent aliens being dropped. Maybe not so much a warrior class of aliens but an intellectual class, as well as your brutal warrior class of aliens. Show an attack on one of these monster aliens not named Xenomorph goes wrong where 3 or 4 of these predators are trying to capture or take down a T-rex size or type of Alien gets killed and only 1 Predator remains, and he’s only equipped with Wrist blades and close combat weapons. Not to mention other aliens running around that havent been hunted. Show the humans and whats left of the guns and ammo from their group and maybe try to make it back to retrieve the gun from a dead lawrence fishburne. aand you have your humans and predator on the run being the hunted and not so much hunting, and Royce finds himself wanting to leave the chic or set her up to be bait so he can live or survive and thats your movie. The humans and predator are not teaming up but at the same time helping eachother, indiirectly. The enemy of my enemy is my friend

    • that is a good idea why did i not think of that. good thinking avpfan that would be awsome to see how that would play out.


  20. @ Beserker-I really like your train of thought and totally agree with many of your points regarding the flaws in the most recent Predators film. Especially regarding the woman. Because as you said, she was totally a plot hole considering she was even weaker than the doctor. And in fact, the only sense I can make out of it is that the woman and doctor’s characters were only infused for each other. Because without the woman, the doctor is never truly ‘bad’. And without the woman being somewhat weak and naive, the doctor couldn’t have so easily manipulated her. So there’s no question that Rodriquez was living up to his statement when he said Predators was simply a ‘pallate-wetting’ introduction to what could be to come. But there now has to be a new film because there were just more confusing twists and holes than anything. I’ve said it several times before but I want to personally see more predators. I hate that these movies use the victims as more of a main character than the Predators themselves. Lets be honest, as fans, we don’t go see the films for the character development (or lack thereof) of the ‘hero’ or the victims, or even how it is they came to know the Predator threat, we wanna see the Predators rip every last body to shreds in a badass way. The reason why we’re not getting more of the Predator history and character information is because no one before has taken the time to make the Predator a connectable character. The movie is based always on the final surviving character and his plight against the antagonist (the Predator) but fails to accept the Predator as its own character that has development and dynamic. So an entry into the series that’s based solely on the Predator character would open up so many possibilities for future plots. If the fans want more AVP, i’m fine with that but we need more of a background first to connect. Then you can take humans out entirely and still feel as connected to that one Rogue or Warrior caste or Female huntress like you would the last surviving badass human in the jungle. In other words, we can’t continue this franchise with it always being the same old Predator vs Commando storyline becuase even the most die-hard fans will get tired of the same ol’ hack. I say take it to the homeworld, let the movie just be about the Preds and make the kills so grotesquely badass that any level of gorehound can appreciate it. Realistically, the plot wouldn’t matter because we would be given something we haven’t seen before and that alone would be a huge benefit. And then it opens the door to breathe new air into the franchise. We’re seeing Prometheus trying to give a backdrop to the Alien franchise so why not even go that route for the Predator franchize by showing how the barbaric, tribal Yautja came into existence and eventually was given technology far ahead of their level of advancement. I would imagine it took centuries for the Preds to learn and master and even recreate the technology which is seriously interesting; even to non-Pred fans. Then show how they took that knowledge and combined it with their natural urge to hunt and grow stronger and run with that. Maybe even tie that in to how at the end of AVP2, we recovered their tech and how that might parallel with how the Yautja’s came to be how we now know them (ie: came into tech far more advanced than theirs and ultimately became ruthless killing machines). Afterall, the parallels between humans and non-technological Yautja’s would be somehwat relatable and similar. But in the same way we will ultimately change when we master their tech (which would be explained in future AVP films hopefully), the Yautja’s would have also undergone some major character development when they were given their tech. Maybe even tie in how the Gods in Prometheus crash-landed on the Predator homeworld after trying to escape from the killing machines they created on the fictional world in that film and the Predators came into their tech that way. That right there, albeit a random idea I just now came up with, is a perfect tie-in for AVP, Alien, Predator & Prometheus. So the possibilities are endless. The main take away here is WE NEED SOMETHING totally different. Out of the box, unordinary. I’m tired of the jungle, i’m tired of the city and i’m tired of a preserve. Let’s learn more and then get back to killing on other’s territory.

    • You had a lot of great ideas there, I personally disagree with a lot of your criticisms of Predators, I personally wouldn’t mind at all an upscale jungle v.s. commando sequel but that is just me. Predators works as a great pilot and dives into the predator culture while sticking to the style of the original albeit not nearly enough to your liking, obviously. I really liked your Prometheus tie in concept though, it’s pretty brilliant and is very much in the style of what you are talking about (answering big philosophical questions about evolution) which is also where predators is great in that they can easily transition the sequel into the aliens timeline while completely avoiding the atrocious AVP movies. We do need to see more of the predator culture in general, like their homeworld, but more so of their culture, that is a definite must. I don’t think we will ever see an all predator cast or predator staring role movie, or even a machiko noguchi character dealing with just predators. Movies have to be able to connect to the audience pretty quickly it has to work in familiar territory and not alienate its fanbase, I am not saying it wouldn’t be cool to see something totally out there, and Prometheus I would say was a rare success of something like that, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  21. I would like to see a movie following Royce and Isobella from Predators but I would also like to see one set in boston where the Irish and the Italians have been slugging it out over territories for years.

    Sticking a Yajuta… and maybe even a “Hard-Meat”(Xenomorph) into that situation would be interesting and a whole lot more natural than either of the AVP flicks

  22. I’m an amateur writer at best. But I have a very active imagination. And my mind is always working on a sequel for my favorite movies. Predators 2 sequel should start with with Brody and Elizabeth turning around and salvaging the predator weapons and armor. And recruiting a team to take on the predators and hunt down one of the 3 predators or kill 2 and force the last one to take them back to earth. Or have the predator trick them and take them to his home planet. Then the possibilities would be endless.

  23. Even though Predators 2010 had uncanny character similarities and even lines to the original Predator, I must say I deeply enjoyed the movie and even watched it three times already. Royce and Isabella would definitely seem to be the characters worth exploring deeper in the next film. Particularly Royce, we only learn his name at the end so there’s an element of mystery there that keeps you guessing. In my (humble) opinion the sequel should be very successful. The only thing that would definitely be a disappointment is seeing the characters Royce and Isabella being played by other actors. Otherwise, can’t wait to see it. I’m even willing to pay double at the movies! very exciting.

  24. I thought predators was a fantastic movie. I loved the predator franchise several years back and when I got a chance to finally watch it I thought it was fantastic. Much better than AVP and a more interesting story. It was somewhat similar to the original, but I think that’s good since the original was the best! I am extremely excited for a sequel and would love to see what happens to our two characters. It would be nice to see new varieties of the traditional predators we know and love and for at least one main predator to survive at the end. I think the story should take a different turn with new plot elements because it would be boring if it were to continue with the exact same theme from predators. I think it would be great to introduce new prey on the planet and show more predator back story and explain the whole feud – as someone said above this really would make the story so much more interesting. The concept of predator is great but it needs new ideas and developments, I think this would make the series really stand out again.

  25. I think Arnold should be in it as the old school guy who defeated the predator and show the new guys what he learned from it.Or every camando they send gets killed but the bring him in to do the job once again.Any way Arnold should have a part in it some how.

  26. Just do a movie about predators there is enough about predators to do a movie. There culture living habits different types of predators there kill glands and how females are sometimes bigger and stronger than males. Drop the humans focus on just predators.

  27. I really want to see a sequel to this. Maybe have Brody’s character link up with a seasoned Predator killer Dutch (Arnold). He was whisked away from his family, and dropped in the Alien world. They team up, get off the planet, to find out that the Predators head hancho is after them, or.. has been on Earth the whole time scooping out the planet for an invasion.

    It would be massive.

    This was updated on Sept 2013, but I don’t see what you’ve updated?

  28. I would love to see a predator 3 to continue what started it all. Some A list actor who in some point in the movie consults advise from Arnold’s and Glover’s charecters. I would also like to see another Predators involving their origin and home planet, how they procreate, eat, everything!

  29. Eh, they did show other creatures for the Predators to hunt. You don’t remember the grey alien with the bugs crawling all over it? Just that addition the story alone proved it wasn’t only humans. Also in the end of Predator 2 (1990), there were several different types of trophy skulls on display positively confirming that humans aren’t the only target. Predators just stuck with the human element because, well, we’re watching it and we like to hear human/english dialogue. I hope the Predators II shows more of their homeworld and technology. Maybe some females of that race. It’s always hyper alpha males on camera and you never hear them speak a language other than gutteral clicking noises and growls. It would be nice to see them in a different light while still keeping them dangerous.

    • I think they should you’s sum of the other creatures as well as the human’s like sum of the one’s that were the trophy’s skulls in predator 2.I hope the sequale deos show more of the predators home world and there technology. It would be cool to have a war in this one that would be awsome.

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