Robert Rodriguez Confirms ‘Predators’ Sequel

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predators headshot logo Robert Rodriguez Confirms Predators Sequel

Robert Rodriguez is in attendance at this year’s Comic-Con to promote Machete, but he took a moment to address speculation about a sequel to Predators – and offered insight into what fans can expect from a follow-up.

Modestly-budgeted for a summer blockbuster, Predators quickly recouped its expenses and received mostly positive reviews. It should come as no surprise that 20th Century Fox is hungry to repeat that success. The ending of the film certainly hinted at the possibility of further installments and Rodriguez confirms that he’s been approached to get the ball rolling on a sequel.

Apparently Predators was the studio’s way of “testing the market” – and the scope of the film was deliberately modest. Rodriguez spoke with IGN asserting that, with a renewed interest in the franchise, we can expect bigger and better things from a Predators sequel:

“They really wanted it to be pretty contained, pretty scaled-back. They didn’t want to put too many of the ideas into it that we could save for a second one. So we could see what the appetite was, because the bigger movie would actually be what comes following that. That kind of sets up a new storyline, new location and world, and then you can really go crazy from there.”

Rodriguez goes on to say that while he’s got a few of his own ideas for the sequel, he’ll probably bring in other writers to pitch their take – and then choose the approach he likes best.

When asked about the possibility of stepping into the director’s chair for the next installment he brings up one potential obstacle:

“I don’t know… I think I have too many people wanting me to do Sin City 2 first!”

Personally, I only had two major complaints with Predators. The film never tried to flesh-out characters – beyond their one-dimensional archetypes. The second was the previously mentioned restrained scope and style. The alien jungle looked just like Earth’s jungles and, despite the fact that the planet was a game preserve, we  never saw any other creatures for the Predators to hunt. While these are relatively minor grievances, expanding on these details could have appeased fans who found Predators to be a little too similar to the original.

That said, it was still an entertaining ride and if it reinvigorated the studio’s faith in the Predator franchise – that’s a win in my book.

What do you think? What would you like to see in a Predators sequel?

Source: IGN

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    • Predators was a great view into the ways of the Predators. Predator 2 with danny glover sucked because it was cheesy and too urban. AVP1 was good referencing effects, but the plot was weak. Introducing multispecies enemies, but not as entertaining as cunning humans who are stalked and slaughteree.

      • Predator 2 did not suck at all! True, it was cheesy in the beginning and Danny Glover popping up on the scene was kind of a “WTF is he doing in this movie!” moment. But over all it was a really good sequel. It tied into the original Predator movie very well. This movie showed more of the Predator and his intelligence i think. It wasn’t better then the original but I put Predator 2 at #2, right below Predator. All the rest of the Predator movies basically sucked!

        • It was down to Predator 2, which paved way for the whole AvP franchise, when at the end scene where Glover is on the ship, you see an ALIEN skull revealed in the trophy cabinet! It no doubt spawned the success of the comics books and finally lead to AVP1 being released after 14 gruelling years of waiting since the last predator film.

    • Yes I liked how they incorporated the predator hound and would love to see more of them in the trailer I thought they had a predator bird type and was excited for it but it wasn’t a predator bird they can really do some amazing stuff with a sequal

    • Bro avp requium was bad ass its the first one that was a let down

  1. I agree with you except for predators. I thought it was an ok movie.

    My biggest issue were the character selections, mainly the doctor. How long did they have to watch him before thinking he belonged to the group?

    why when the original predaor was freed, why didnt he call for help if there was a bllod fued

    How could 2 separate wrist bands operate the same ship

    I love Laurence fishburne, but why didnt he help them when they were near the ship and the way he went down seemed a little lame to me

    i like the smaurai predator duel, but the predator went down with after like 3 cuts/slices or whatever

    I just thought this movie couldve been a lot better but wasnt and there were too many references to the original movie

  2. I really like the idea of this film, was a much better direction to go in, rather than the AVP. Which has not really been much liked or created the sort of excitement it should of! I agree with what was said at the end of column about Predators. Abit more detail in the surroundings, creatures and creating the charactors more into the film would of made it much more appealling movie. So if there is another tobe made in the not too distant future, the writer should have that in mind.
    There are alot of directions you could go with the Predators film, but I do think if the films try to stray to far from the starting idea. Then the problems will start, looking at what happened to the last Alien film. Have got to say, was the worse film they made out of the quadrilogy.

    Why dont they do what Ridley Scott did with Prometheus and take it back to where the Predators came from, we’ve seen them cause havoc on Earth and takes us to an unknown planet for hunting games but why not take us to their planet and let us see how they were born and what their story is…????

    • Nice idea.
      What would make sense is if they went looking for them, for their weaponry and technology, and it all goes wrong…..
      Make it believable, we love inventing new stuff to kill each other.


    • Great comment! Find it very interesting 2 think what they’re like an potentially how they’ve influenced human civilization and cultures! ? Could be sweet!? :-)

    • Anyone else notice where the scavenger Lawrence looked suspiciously like the ship in aliens

  4. Because Ridley Scott didnt take prometheus back to where the Space Jockeys/Engineers came from. He didabsolutely nothing whith that movie except annoy his fans with even more questions and gave us a light show.

  5. I’ve been a fan of the Predators franchise since the beginning. And, yes… the original Predator was awesome in it’s day, and still is legendary in its own right.

    I thought the adaptation of Predators was great in many ways, also. Instead of being a tight group of soldiers who’d worked together for years – as was the original Predator movie main cast – this one took primarily militant-styled individuals and other killers from different cultures out of our world to be hunted. At first, my thoughts of the doctor being thrown in was more for medical-support in the event of one of the group being injured, but he, (Topher Grace), never seemed very eager to be of much help in that respect. Character development wasn’t entirely spelled out, but it added to the overall tension within the group to keep things off-balance and added a level of threat from any of the individuals involved. Personally, I thought the character Royce, (Adrien Brody), was a great element to the story because of his ability to focus on surviving the situation and going after the threat. The rest of the characters, without making this into a boring read, played their parts in a realistic enough fashion to keep a versatile group from imploding.

    I agree with many who have posted, “Would love to see the movie from the Predator world and how they evolve into the ultimate killing machines.” Are they discarded as infants if they don’t possess some particular perfection, as seen from the beginning of 300? Are killer-instincts shared throughout their society, or do they have paternal and maternal connections to their young? Since it’s been made evident throughout the franchise they are “Trophy-Hunters”, is there a innate need within them to conquer any formidable threat? Just questions that tend to arise at the thought of such things. That’s all.

    As for additions to the movie – I’d really like to see an entire film one day from the Predator’s perspective. That is, as long as we can get a history lesson from their point of view in a film before then. It would satisfy my curiosity as to what such a tactical and efficient killer would be focused on throughout a given timeline… or, what ultimate goal they receive… once they kill their intended prey.

    Just my lengthy two-cents

    • I see your points, however, my only issue with the first predator was that they didnt show how Billy was killed. The worst death had to be by Carl Weathers who got his arm shot off and then saw the predator run around 32 trees and impale. He did have a good dyiung cry though. If you’re going to die screaming, thats the way to go.

      As far as Predators and the doctor (Topher Grace’s role), he was useless and didnt belong.
      And how long did that group of predators travel each region of the earth to find its cast of characters. How long did they watch the doctor to know that he was a worthy opponent?

      I mean really, the known Predator MO is that worthy kills are only kills that have weapons or bigger animals.

      Not to keep harping on the novels and comics, i’ve stories where predators attacked a grizzly bear, or show predators fighting or capturing aliens from different worlds. Or what wouldve saved trhe AVP series in my opinion, show the Predators capturing the queen.

      We’ve seen the Predator vs, cops, not even elite cops, but just regualr cops, elite army rangers, green berets, navy seals what ever, a dysfuctional diverse group of people with guns thrown into a environment and then hunt them. Give somethig we havent seen before.

      Good predators ve bad predators, big predators vs little predators. Give us where the predaotrs acquired their technology, who gave it to them, who did they take it from. What is their honor code and who or what intstilled in them. FEMALE PREDATORS anyone? They are supposed to be bigger than male predators. One novel even says that predators go theough a transformation period when they develop female reproductive organs.
      Just give me something different

    • You have expressed exactly my thoughts on future Predator movies. Hopefully the producers are listening!

  6. I would like to see more of a battle between the bigger predators and the smaller ones. With the humans making an alliance with the smaller predators. Then showing more of the history of the predators. How long they have been doing this. Maybe they could talk to. Maybe?

  7. Well for one I think predators was a great movie. It was a lot like the first one but that gave the inspiration to come up with more ideas for a sequal. And more so it was good to get the predators back on normal ground and away from avp. But that’s only the beginning I see so much potential in movies to follow this one. And the jungle does look very earth like but it was filmed in hawaii to try to give the jungle a little twist rather than them filming in south america or asia.

  8. I would like to see aliens in the next predator concidering the aliens next to humans are the most difficult hunt yet. I don’t feel there should be enough aliens to pretty much make it into avp instead of a predators sequel but a couple would make for some exciting fight scenes

  9. I think all the predator movies, from the original, all the way up 2 the present day one, had smething unique 2 say about the predators. I’m allso a fan of the video games based on the franchise. There’s one game that does justice on the mystery of the predators, like there Clans and honour, what they hunt, how long they can live for. So I think the movie should dive more into what the predators are, we’re they are from, what they think of humans and earth. It should reveal more about the predators and there planet.

  10. I know the movie avp2 sucked but it did goto the predator homeworld. Get Royce to go there in the next predators ship. That would be pretty cool a human on a predator world. Oh yeah he could bring the next seasons humans with him to.

  11. I feel like I’m in Toastmasters about to follow an excellent speech; ergo the comment before mine was well thought out and intuitive. I was in high school when the first Predator movie came out and thought it was AWESOME! My 3 favorites thus far are the original Predator, AVP and, most current, Predators. I thoroughly enjoyed the first 10 minutes of AVP Requiem because we were introduced to, what I think was, the Predator planet.

    If a sequel or sequel(s) are to be produced I would love for the Producers to incorporate, somehow, more of the Predator planet. How are Predators such awesome “hunters and soldiers?” Are they simply born this way, are they trained as weapons of destruction from birth through adulthood, are there fighting arenas with other alien beings on the Predator planet? How do Predators come about i.e. born or created? As we saw in AVP, at the end, there are obviously leaders over other Predators. Is this because the leaders have won more battles than others? I suppose I’m touching more on a “prequel” than a sequel, but I’m intrigued about the above.

    There is NO doubt I would love for there to be more Predator movies as I’m a total Scifi addict as well as fantasy i.e. JRR Tolkien stories.

    I won’t beg the Producers/Writers for more Predator movies, but I would really, really, really appreciate their consideration and desire to produce more. I have rebelled for quite some time from paying the high costs at the box office, simply to wait for movies to come out on DVD. HOWEVER, I would pay top dollar any day of the week to catch another Predator movie in the theater!!

  12. I would love to see Arnold Schwarzenegger in the predators sequel 😀 and if not? then Dwayne aka “The Rock”!!

  13. The movie Predators (released in 2010) never specifies what year the story takes place. Figure that all the human characters were tranquilized and taken to some planet (who knows how far from Earth?) they would most likely need to be put into suspended animation for the journey. Therefore, the characters may be from 2010, but the story could take place many Earth years later. I think it would be the best if Predators could be set in 2094 to coincide with the ending of Prometheus. Perhaps then the survivors of both films could somehow join forces to achieve their goals. Such a crossover film would be so interesting. Supposedly, Ridley Scott has an outline for a Prometheus sequel. However, if there was such a crossover film made it could probably take place before the Prometheus sequel, afterward would be unlikely. I love these movies so much! Watch all 10 in chronological order it’s an awesome trip (Predator to Alien Resurrection). I can’t wait for the next movie! Peace!

  14. What I would like to know is the culture of the predators there life to understand more about there way of living there mates how they are raised things like that etc..

  15. Its really frikin simple to make a good predator sequel. Take it back to the past. Have a squad sized element of Army Rangers parachute into japan days before the Hiroshima bombing. Have the stalked one by one picked off by a bad ass predator wearing samurai inspired armor with dogts fro all the soldiers hes killed dangling around his neck with a katana at his side. End of the movie ven simpler. The minutes tick away as the last ranger and predator fight it out. Like alays we do something to Injur him to the point he triggers the self destruct device. The A-bomb drops and turns out to be a dud then the sepf destruct device triggers and good beye Hiroshima. Just saying someone direct that s***.

  16. Hello, After watching Predators again for what i think was the third time i can fairly say that I believe the movie worked well to reintroduce to a new generation while adding refferences to the first predator movie. I enjoyed the movie overall but I had a few concerns:
    1. The viewer does not become emotionally invested in the characters so everybody just feels like they are cannon fodder.
    2. I understand the mysterious aspect behind the hunters but need to know more about the predator species.

    I wont tell the producer how to create a sequal but i would love to know about the predators and if there are going to have solders being hunted please allow the viewer to become emotionally invested inthe characters before they meet their untimely instead of having the predator slaughtering their next victom. If anybody else would like to add to my comment i would love to know your opinion as i enjoyed learning how everyone who posted before me felt.
    Thank you for your time.

  17. What always got me is that why didnt they get Arnie or Danny Glover to play the role Fishburne did, would have been mental that the predators captured them and put them in the jungle and give them a better ending then the fisburne had.

  18. They need to show us more of the alien home world, the predator franchise can be taken a hell of a long way. The idea of predator is very intriguing. I would like to see more of predator but also with more of them, doing more team work and showing us their world and customs. Not always just the lone warrior type action. It can take place on another world or on ours. Either way is fine. But dont make the predator seem weak. The end of predator 2 showed all different types of creatures that the predator hunted. Show us more of that. Dont make cheesy actors and story line. Its an action movie. Use that and make it full of action. Not all the down time in between showing the predators. Show the two types of predators hunting each other as well. Not just a 1 on 1 fight. Make it like ww3 predator style with humans in the mix as well.

  19. I actually agree with Keith wholeheartedly. I feel like in a film like Predators, the only real character development that fans want to see is that of the Predator species themselves and not of the characters that serve as fuel for the body-count machine. After all, why allow the viewers to become emotional invested in a character or characters that will eventually die off sooner than later? If we’re going to get invested in a character aside from the Predators, let it be the one or two characters that actually make it to the end. I’ve always been a fan of more realistic endings in movies, especially of this caliber. We all know that if a super-advanced technologically primal alien species with the individual power to wipe out whole cities paid us a visit, even the military’s most elite wouldn’t stand a chance. So why are there always survivors. We can’t be that egotistical as a species to believe that there will always be at least one survivor. They should all die off or the Predators become less of who they really are and who we’ve come to know them as; ruthless & cunning killing machines. These creatures are trained on planets with a stronger gravitational pull making them much faster, stronger and larger on our planet (and that doesn’t even account for their technology that, if even possessed by humans, would yield uncomparable power) so how is it that a normal human being with militant training can take one on mono-y-mono? With current understanding of the Universe, planet formation, processes and other scientific knowledge, I think the best way to go about these films is to infuse real science and understanding into the genre. Explain how these creatures came to be, where their creators came from, why do they value the hunt so much, where/how did their technology originate and from whom? Even just understanding their star system would shed a lot of light on their species. A lot fo people hated Prometheus and I also felt it was seriously lacking but for me, I came to my conclusion based on how amazing the visuals were. We’ve come a long way even from when Predators was made so it would be so wonderful to see their planet and their ecosystem in an updated way. We have the tech to do it and these directors have the budgets to make Avatar-level films. If done right, the Predator franchise can become as prolific as the revamped Dark Knight series or Spiderman franchise. It’s all about direction. We’re tired of seeing Predators crash-land on our homeworld and wreak havoc. And besides, how long will it be and how many Predators have to come here to do their business before Humans begin to catch wind of them? Think about it. We live in such a transparent world now with things like the internet to the point where alien visitation, even today, would be very difficult to cover up. How would it be possible that so many people are involved in these visitations and they’re all kept quiet? Our government can’t even keep secret affairs that officials are having under wraps. So with all that said (sorry for the book btw but thanks for continuing to read, if you’re still with me), make it really, really good. No excuses. Take us to the homeworld or a world where the some of the creatures that we got a glimpse of at the end of Predator 2 come from. I know the current school of thought in Astronomy is that our world is super special and super rare being that it is the only known planet with life but that theory is rapidly changing with the discoveries of millions of exoplanets (planets out of our solar system) so with a presumed Universe (or Multiverse) teaming with possible life, take us somewhere else. I have to look at this place everyday as it is; I don’t need it to be the basis of fantasy film and not with movies like this. So that’s my $0.7.

  20. I am a huge fan of the Predator franchise. I’ve read almost all of their novels and some comics associated with them. Saying that, I was very disappointed in the movie predators. I felt that they tried to remake the original movie by following the same format. I also felt that they cheated us in this movie by 1. not showing how they chose or captured the characters involved, watching the doctor wouldve taken a lot of time to see if he was worthy of hunting, so he shouldn’t have been in the movie, and 2. not showing the predators hunting whatever was in those boxes or cages that they dropped in on the planet.
    I know this isnt associated with AVP, but where they went wrong was not showing the predators capture the queen and placing it in the harnest. That wouldve made for a better movie.
    I am a fan of the traditiional predator like the one used in Predator 1 & 2. That guy “Kevin Peter Hall’ was 7’3 and Arnold is 6’2. Unfortunately, KPH is no longer with us and there arent many 7’3 actors running around hollywood. I bring that up to say that the predator has to be an imposing figure, the first thin everyone in the first predator who saw it and was horrified and to look way up at it. I just think that they need to stick to that format. In the movies predator, they tried to say that the predator species was different like dogs and wolves. That tells me that they were either wild or domesticated. Maybe they should use analogies, like tigers and lions or leopards, eagles and hawks or falcons, etc…. I know some of my complaints may seem petty or trivial but, I think that if they stopped rushing these movies, they would turn out alot better, and some of these so called visions of these directors, need revision. And I also agree with taking the predaor fight off world. At some point humans will begin to attempt to colonize other planets after they destroy this one. and their has to be a better alien species not human or xenomorph that can give the Yuatja a good fight, either mono y mono or by the group. And I dont think a predator civil war is worth the money. Give me some originality.

  21. i agree i would love to see more things for the predators to hunt not just humans and i would like to see the jungle look less like our worlds jungles but it was a great movie im hoping for an epicly awesome sequel thanks

  22. There has been no predator alive at the end of any predator movie! Yes, we have seen that there are more left, but i would like to see one live. One badass original predator like some of the scenes in avp 1 & 2. Bring the whip back also, that was sweet! They have all the better technology, so why wouldnt one live!

    • Dying in battle is more of an honor than being rescued. Nothing is better than the shoulder cannon and the wrist blades. i like the variations of the disc, and their medkit is awesome.

      I think to answer your last question, they dont live, because they run out of weapons or their main weapons get damgaged, and other than having the selfdestruct, dont leave a trace of anything nuclear wrist bomb, they have to take themselves and all witnesses out

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