Robert Rodriguez Confirms ‘Predators’ Sequel

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predators headshot logo Robert Rodriguez Confirms Predators Sequel

Robert Rodriguez is in attendance at this year’s Comic-Con to promote Machete, but he took a moment to address speculation about a sequel to Predators – and offered insight into what fans can expect from a follow-up.

Modestly-budgeted for a summer blockbuster, Predators quickly recouped its expenses and received mostly positive reviews. It should come as no surprise that 20th Century Fox is hungry to repeat that success. The ending of the film certainly hinted at the possibility of further installments and Rodriguez confirms that he’s been approached to get the ball rolling on a sequel.

Apparently Predators was the studio’s way of “testing the market” – and the scope of the film was deliberately modest. Rodriguez spoke with IGN asserting that, with a renewed interest in the franchise, we can expect bigger and better things from a Predators sequel:

“They really wanted it to be pretty contained, pretty scaled-back. They didn’t want to put too many of the ideas into it that we could save for a second one. So we could see what the appetite was, because the bigger movie would actually be what comes following that. That kind of sets up a new storyline, new location and world, and then you can really go crazy from there.”

Rodriguez goes on to say that while he’s got a few of his own ideas for the sequel, he’ll probably bring in other writers to pitch their take – and then choose the approach he likes best.

When asked about the possibility of stepping into the director’s chair for the next installment he brings up one potential obstacle:

“I don’t know… I think I have too many people wanting me to do Sin City 2 first!”

Personally, I only had two major complaints with Predators. The film never tried to flesh-out characters – beyond their one-dimensional archetypes. The second was the previously mentioned restrained scope and style. The alien jungle looked just like Earth’s jungles and, despite the fact that the planet was a game preserve, we  never saw any other creatures for the Predators to hunt. While these are relatively minor grievances, expanding on these details could have appeased fans who found Predators to be a little too similar to the original.

That said, it was still an entertaining ride and if it reinvigorated the studio’s faith in the Predator franchise – that’s a win in my book.

What do you think? What would you like to see in a Predators sequel?

Source: IGN

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  1. Okay, I thought the Predators movie was cool. I actually liked not learning about the characters. I would have gotten attached to one or two. Anyways I like how there were multiple aliens like the Collector like one. If the second were to happen it should have something to do with Adrien Brody and The girl escaping with the help of the Collectors and the new people that would be so sick. Also I was reading these comments and people were saying how the Predators only hunted humans. They hunted the collectors. Also the whole thing with multiple new xenos types they did that in Alien 3 and that movie sucked. They should stick with PredaMorphs and Regular Xenos.
    Please comment back.

    • I don’t really get your point of view. How wouldn’t it be cool with new types of xenomorphs? Think about the possibilities, my friend. Flying xenomorphs, excellent swimmers xenomorphs, high jumping xenomorphs, huge muscular berserker-type xenomorphs – and I can go on and on. Yes, Alien 3 sucked – but that doesn’t mean it sucks to have different types of xenomorphs.
      And you say you liked the multiple types of aliens like the “Collector like one”? What are you talking about? A xenomorphs collecting something? In Predators? I must have missed that part, dude. And if you mean the predators – AKA the yautjas, then it still makes no sense what you say – all of their species tends to collect stuff. Adrien Brody and his girl escaping with the help of the collectors? Okay, dude; seriously, you need to explain yourself. WHAT are these collectors you’re talking about? And what the hell is a predamorph?!

      If you respond, try to think about being CONSTRUCTIVE, and EXPLAIN everything you talk about properly. I’m sure I’m not the only one who could not follow you. Your sentences are a bit too messy; sort of gives me a headache. I’m not trying to be rude or bully you, my friend – I’m just trying to say you should be a bit more caring about how you build up your sentences for the sake of us readers of it.

      • ok i read his comment once and got it. Its not hard to ill explain tho.

        Collectors are a alien species from the game mass effect 2 and he was reffering to the alien they thought they killed after visiting the predator camp not xenomorphs take ur time to read it before slacking ppl off.
        Predamorphs not hard again. Predators that have been facehugged and a xeno exploded outta the chest of that predator is big and predator looking predamorphs in a way READ S**T BEFORE YOU POST.

  2. First off, i’m a HUGE fan of the Predators franchise and have been since I first saw Predator 2 when I was 5. I have fond memories of my dad taking me to comic book stores when the AVP franchise really started taking off for Dark Horse and you could literally find something Alien or Predator-related on every shelf. With that said, I loved the original Predator, absolutely loved Predator 2, hated AVP, appreciated AVP-R simply for showing the Predator’s homeworld (something every Predator fan I know had been dying to see in a movie for yrs) and fell head over heels for Predators. The Alien franchise is pretty cool too but I really only began appreciating Xeno’s when they interracted with Predators (violently of course). The best thing Nimrod Antal could have ever done with this awesome entry is to leave it open for new possibilities versus creating a definitive ending to the franchise. With that being said, i’d truly like to visit the Predator homeworld and learn more about the species. Obviously, I don’t want to lose sight of what they are in a sense of gore & bloodshed but I would fully be on board with delving a bit deeper in understadning their background. We’ve gotten bits and pieces of the interaction between them & the Human race across the series but i’d like to know a little more about the culture and their civilization. Also, I don’t care to see Danny Glover or Arnie in any new entry to the series. I would hate to see either franchise go the way of Jason or Freddy which would have us seeing 15 movies hoping for one sliver of gold to match the original. It’s bad enough every entry hasn’t been up to par as it is. These need to be done right and i’d personally appreciate RR directing the next one; maybe even along with Quinton Tarrintino in a sort of Grindhouse fashion. That would be a stylistic masterpiece. If I had my wish, i’d like to see the Predator homeworld, know a little more about the Predator’s background/civilization/culture, more planets and better use of the entire universe and different species of prey. I’m such a fan that I personally don’t care how the storyline goes, so long as those ingredients are stylistically added. Hell, if RR could invest some James Cameron Avatar dollars into the next film, imagine the possibilities. I wouldn’t want to see any more Xeno’s cross paths with a Predator franchise unless its specifically an AVP film. I don’t think it would hurt to add a Xeno along with a cast of other species though (kind of like when Danny Glover got a glance at the Predator ‘trophy’ case on the ship at the end of Predator 2) but it couldn’t be another focal character/villian in the film; more like a supporting monster. Lastly, one thing I will say I felt was missing from Predators was the gorey kills of humans by the Predators. I miss those scenes like in Predator 2 when the hunter would gorily kill each human and those kills were the focal points of the movie. I feel the storyline overpowered those special effects scenes and they became filler versus why you go see the movie in the 1st place; for the kills. The next film will have to be something of a masterpiece because with funding and technology at the disposal of these studios, there’s no reason the next entry should even mildly remind me of AVP-R or some other low-budget prequel.

    • @ Yungrasta

      I too a big fan of the Predator franchise. Loved the first film & Predator 2 aswell & enjoyed Predators. During the climax of Predator 2 when Harrigan sees the trophy room on the ship, like others i been waiting for a AVP film when i seen that Alien xenomorph skull. I liked AVP but wished AVP-R could of been little better. AVP-R imp had a bad cast,bad characters, bad setting for the story of the film, etc. I was hoping that the film would happen in space on the Predator’s home planet. But bottomline imo was i didn’t think RR’s Predators film or Ridley Scott’s upcoming films need to ignore the AVP films really since Paul Anderson made it pretty he intended them to stand out on their own as spin-off films so films could be made still to both Predator/Alien franchises. As we know Predators didn’t mentioned anything that occured Predator 2 so there would be no reason to ignore the AVP films. That’s just my opinion of-course. I only liked Alien & Aliens, didn’t care for Alien 3 or Alien Resurrection. I too don’t care to see Arnold or Danny Glover tor reprise their roles in the Predator franchise that much as i can’t imagine what all they could do besides their character’s give their lives to save others somewhere in the film. In Predators id like to thing when the humans reached the edge of the preserve, in the sky you see few planets above & one might be the Predator’s homeworld that we might of seen in AVP-R where Predators could come from. That’s just my guess due to colorof sky of one of the planets in AVP-R & Predators lookin simliar. I know why people hated Predator 2. Reason i liked it was because it was a attempt of making a great sequel different from the original. It was in the the urban jungle of Los Angeles & from what i read about the new Predator of the film was it was a rogue, out to make a name for itself by doin it’s hunting in the city instead of jungle where it’s harder for it’s prey to see it, kill it, etc. Plus, the Predator showed some new weapons i enjoyed watching killing his prey with. Thing about AVP-R was i liked how violent it was. I just hope that nursery at the hospital when the PredAlien walks by the infants didn’t tick people off from enjoying the film or the way it killed the pregant woman make offsprings burst out because it’s hybrid. But i agree with your last sentance completely. Both franchises are handled by Fox so theres no reason the next entry should be a big improvement. Even after Predators, it still seemed to much like they were trying to make it as much like the original half of the time throughout. Even using same dialogue from original Predator film & a line of dialogue from one of the Alien films.

    • You win. Hands down. Don’t care what anyone says at this point on, you have in mind exactly what anyone who wants to see Predator reinvented in a way that gives it justice.

  3. I wasn’t a fan of the berseker predators, they seemed different for the sake of being different and added no extra value to the movie.
    The orginal predators stand the test of time and still sell millions of dollars worth of goods so why change what the fans like?

    If I were to story board a sequel I’d have an humaniod alien join the cast, but the difference they’d have experience with Predators, the whole running round blind for three quaters of the movie is now over done, it was good, but its time to move on.

    I’d have the movie explore more of the predator culture, and they’d be more hand to hand combat. We already know predators tech destorys humans, why do that again?

    • I honestly think you’re being extremely unfair considering the super predators. Just like there’s different types of humans, there should be different types of the predator race as well – AKA subspecies. It’s not that they just did it for the heck of it – they did it to expand the universe. You’re welcome to have your opinion about it – I’m just trying to explain they didn’t just do it because they forcefully wanted to bring in something pointless new.

      But else, I agree with you. They totally should expand the universe more, and show us the culture of the predators. And aliens added in? Yes, please! I honestly don’t understand those saying “Oh, the AvP movies sucked, so we don’t want that again”. If the whole AvP thing gets in the hands of a COMPETENT director, it could be done really really well. I wish they will make some new AvP movies sometime in the future – and if they do, let someone direct them with an actual brain.

      • @ Viktor

        I actually liked AVP. AVP-R, not as much like everyone of-course. AVP would be my 3rd favorite Alien film.

    • @ Guy

      I pretty much agree with ya there. They dropped AVP films so we can watch bigger, meaner predators hunt humans & fight another clan over a matter of minutes? If they make a sequel, i hope it will be better.

      • 1: Try to not be so closeminded, WallyWest. I just gave a proper constructive point of view why it does make sense considering the Super Predators. My points aren’t deserving you to ignore them.

        2: Every true fan of the Predator and Alien franchises hates the AvP movies. I’ve already explained in detail why they deserve to be hated, and I should not have to do that again because some people are too lazy to read it.

        • @ Viktor

          Im more of a fan of the Predator franchise than the Alien franchise. I enjoyed every Predator film but none more so than the original. However i only enjoyed the first two Alien films. I didn’t care for the 3rd & 4th films. Even James Cameron considered the first AVP film the 3rd good Alien film which id agree. Ive stated before how people forget how Paul Anderson intended to have those films be their own spin-off sort of speak like films. They wouldn’t prevent a decent Predator sequel alone from being made or Alien Film in their own franchises. Like the events Predator 2, it wasn’t like the events from both AVP films were mentioned in Predators. As for Scott’s prequel films, i doubt the xenomorphs being around for years from the past through the future wouldn’t matter much if they are created by another alien species like the “Space Jocky” which Predators could of crossed paths with years back. All depends how well the canon is kept imo if you know what i mean.

  4. Oh good god… I can’t believe one person could be so blind. Sure, the AvP movie is a “spin-off”, sort of. That’s not the problem, captain genius. And James Cameron said that? That means absolutely nothing to me – James Cameron is as overrated as the Star Wars prequels are underrated (and don’t you dare bash those movies).
    The problem is he changed stuff in AvP. I shouldn’t even have to explain why – there’s some reviews out at TWGTG to explain if one is too incompetent to realise the annoying changes themselves. Your lack of actual intelligence makes my brain hurt. Excuse me while I ignore you from now on.

    • @ Viktor

      Im blind? More like im open-minded & people like you have no common sense whatsoever. Yes Cameron said that & of-course it means nothin to you cause you know nothin. Cameron overrated is a sad excuse people make cause of what success he’s made. I rather enjoy the Star Wars prequels as much as the original trilogy. I didn’t enjoy Episode 5 as most do though. They always change things in the films from comic to make it their own. The director stated he wanted the film to have the first Alien film feel to it. I admit i never read the AVP comics. But even they tried goin by the comics, doesn’t guarantee would still be a great film. For example,Concrete Jungle wouldn’t make sense to me to made into a film as other’s suggest because i can’t see a Predator being taken alive. You have to have a brain for it to hurt. I could care less if you ignore me, you’re a waste of time obviously.

      • I understand your perspective, but may I recommend the Predator Novel Concrete Jungle and then that may change your mind.

    • Viktor,

      In answer to your unpublished question:

      “Rules: No profanity or personal attacks.”

      I searched and found your comment – we don’t have time to go through and clean up comments with a bunch of profanity.


  5. All the Predator movies are good. Some of the comments you guys come up with are really boring. One guy said the jungle on the alien planet didn’t look alien enough, who’s to say if there was another planet in the universe that could sustain a jungle it wouldn’t look like earth vegetation, I mean what else do you want. One guy said keep women off the battlefield, I know some chicks that will kick your ass pal. And who wants to see repeat actors, I love how every movie has it’s own characters and shows us different parts of our world that the predators use as a hunting ground, or where they pick their worthy game. Keep them coming I enjoy them all very much. You people should stop being so closed minded, if you think you have a better story, better characters or superior ways of making a better Predator than what’s already been done then you make one and we’ll see how good it is.

  6. The reviewer is so negative ey. I’ve just read all of you’re reveiws for the predator movies, it sounds like an attack against all the predator/avp movies, mate get a life and don’t degrade the movise simply coz you don’t like them!

  7. AvP sucked, Predator 2 sucked something terrible and Predators was just okay. The first Predator was pretty awesome. So stop making them!

    • @ Chris

      After reading Cameron’s thoughts on AVP, I too found AVP the 3rd good Alien film. As for Predator 2, i rather enjoyed it because they attempted to make it new with it takin place in a city with extreme violence goin on w/ a rogue Predator who out make name for itself by hunting in such urban areas instead of the jungle like the original film. Predators was good but wasn’t great.

  8. I agree. The only problem with predator 2 that i saw was that they used Danny glover. Thenproblem with avp was that it wasn’t long or bloody enough. You don’t take the 2 most horrific aliens who were rated r in their own right, put them against eachother and make the movie pg-13. Predators was stupid because the predators they used didn’t fit the mold physically of the first 2 predators. The predators in avp were bulky. Avp-r was of decent size. Predators didn’t have much size height wise and had no real purpose and they didn’t show them hunting and killing other aliens

    • @ Berserker

      Danny Glover didn’t really bother me much but everyone has their opinion. I agree about AVP not being long or bloody enough when they were gettin these two alien races to duel for the first time on screen. But i enjoyed it being PG-13 when it should of been R-rated.

      That was one thing i didn’t like about Predators. We know they had other species drop down on their reserve to hunt besides humans but never shown them get attacked or kill another species. The humans did.

  9. I personally thought Predator 2 was a really great entry in the series. I’ll probably butt heads with a lot of folks on here but in all honesty, I enjoyed Predator 2 more than the original Predator. I thought the original was one of the best but I don’t really think it had the same grit as the 2nd one did. In fact, I felt the 2nd one remained more true to the comics because aside from the homeworld, most of the carnage took place in larger metro areas. I really enjoy when directors infuse actual science into the thought process when they create films like these. For example, we live in an industrial world and almost every single civilization (aside from extreme cases) is somewhat of a concrete jungle so it makes much more sense to see a Predator crossing vast distances of space/time to arrive to our current world and choose to hunt in a city vs a jungle. I loved the premise of the jungle in the first movie because Predator was a new character and it made sense to see the way he would stalk and hunt prey in surroundings that are more familiar to it but for a more realisitc feel, a Predator should be hunting where the prey is and for contemporary times, that’s in a city. My main problem with the AVP films is that they lack substance. I fully agree with the comment that the first AVP was too kiddish. There was barely any blood/guts and I found it to be too stiff. The Predators seemed like they were on steroids and the entire film just came off too generic. AVP-R was decent and even though it ranks lower to fans than any other Pred-Alien film, I really appreciated the idea of seeing a Predator get the distress call and hop on the ship. I think every true Predator fan has always wanted to see a stylistic appraoch to the Predator homeworld and I really liked the Brothers Strauss’s take on that. Predators was a great entry in my opinion and any true fan of the Predator series will also tell you that any entry is better than no entry. I really enjoyed the concept of being dropped on an alien preserve but I thought it was an undercooked idea that was used to test the market (just like Rodriguez said). There’s just so much that can be done to really make the story blossom and so many different avenues that could really lead to prequels that any fan could be proud of. Although I will say i’d like to see a common director/producer on every film (kind of like the Dark Knight & its sequels) instead of leaving a new entry to a new director every film. Just because the comics took that route doesn’t mean the films should. I would kill to see a new Predators film done in the same way Rodriguez did Planet Terror, minus the campiness and humor that made Planet Terror so good. But a more realistic take with just as much blood/guts/gore would be right up my alley. It has to be done right because Predator is an iconic character and nothing is like it. The style & gore of Ninja Assassin mixed with the pace and direction of Predators would be perfect. Hell, let Terrantino join in and it’ll be a masterpiece. And make the next film 3hrs and give fans what they want. I’d much rather watch a 3hr Predator movie than Avatar if its as engaging!

    • @ Yungrasta

      Main thing i hated about AVP-R was it’s cast. Except for the military woman who came home to her husband & kid. I thought she was the only worthy cast member. I liked the Predalien hybrid & how it pushed aside a Xenomorph twice when it attacked two people & seemed violent towards the Predators it killed on their ship & even hanging one upside down. I Liked Yuntani Co. being mentioned & seen on film despite i feel the film ended on cliffhanger. It had good & bad things in despite being R-rated. But it was cool to see the Predator’s homeworld indeed.

  10. really dude- ? , predator 2 had to be the worst one ….
    #1 dumb story, #2 bad actors, #3 made the movie to just make a movie…
    predator 1 was by far one of the best movies in the sci-fi world.
    also i agree avp moved at to fast of a pace, went into high gear and never stopped. but it did give us (scar), the movie wasn’t great but didn’t suck ether.
    different size preds, i think is cool. i myself thought the preds in avp were larger then the old ones. scar & Celtic would have done a number on beserker, and the others.

    • I disagree, i think the concrete jungle aspect was decent and was eventually going to happen. I dont think any of the predator movies needs or warrants a major human actor or character development, becuase its mainly about the Predators. Unless Predaor does what Alien did by bringng Ripley back film after film by bringing Dutch back film after film. Its more about the Predators and the type of weapons they use and their killing methods and code of honor, like when it didnt kill the woman cop because she was pregnant even if she had a gun.

    • @ tom

      Well you have your opinion. But my opinion of why Predator 2 was good was because of they’re attempt to make a sequel different from the original & could of been good if they made of a film based of Concrete Jungle, maybe.
      But i liked it because this Predator was a rogue & wanted to take over new territory. Unlike most in in his clan or others. He wan out to make a name for himself among his fellow Predators by killing/collecting trophies from a city in populated urban areas where theres violence. Lucky for him there was a drug war between two rival gangs in L.A with police in the middle. Long story short, things get heated up when he killed a cop who retrieved one of his weapons. Even more for Glover’s character as to why Keyes & his team always appear after every attack, wondering what his agenda is & what he knows. Back to the Predator. Unlike the one in the first film, this one wants a challege by hunting in the city by having a risk of it’s prey being more able to see it since theres no jungle to easily hide him. But he also came with more armor & more weapons, for film purposes perhaps. I loved that scene in the cemetary when not only was he stalking Harrigan, but spotted a kid w/toy gun & scanning the gun before shooting the kid. Of-course that scene when it choked that pregnant woman because she was armed before it heared more than one heart beat inside her. I liked how it adjusted it’s vision to see Keyes & his team’s lights better before killing them. Loved the ending when all the other Predator’s appeared, two stepped forward as they would gonna do somthing to Harrigan. Then one by one disappear till only the leader is left & tosses the gun, telling Harrigan to keep it. Than slowly slides antique sword away it has & disappears himself before their ship takes off.

      Predator 2 must of been good if RR didn’t choose to ignore the film’s events & have his film take place after the original Predator itself.

      This is just my opinion as might bget blasted for. Imo i still like to think of the AVP films as canon despite RR says. Because Paul Anderson stated that he intended his film to be it’s own thing as to not really having much of anything to do with the Predator or Alien Franchises. Nothin of Predator or Predator 2 is mentioned in the film or AVP-R. And i seen no bother of RR sayin or wanting to ignore AVP films since the events of those films aren’t mentioned in his film just Predator 2′s isnt. Yet Alien skull is seen not only in Predator 2, but seen in the Predator’s campsite in Predators? I know Ridley Scott’s new films may change things now. It was just my opinion.

      • Wallly don’t get me wrong or misunderstand me.
        Predator 2, had a desent storyline. But that was were it ended.
        The gang shoot outs , the stupid reporter, the tribial leader,
        The secret task force. It could have been a lot beter,to me it was boardering on stupidity. I didn’t read the book concrete jungle but I’m sure it was a good story.
        In my op . The movie was thrown together with no direction.
        In my op that is .

  11. I for one dont think that any Predator movie is about any of the Human Actors but more about the Predator/s and their style of killing and their code of honor. Who they will kill and who they won’t. What’s a worthy kill and what isn’t.
    What we learned from the first Prdator is that a lone Predator can be dropped off on Earth and left there for who knows how long and continue to collect trophies or what ever reason it was isolated.
    Predator II showed us its diet as well as what it will kill and that even if you have a weapon, it wont kill you if you’re pregnant. And that it has visited other planets and have come in contact with the Xenomorphs as well as other aliens. That scene alone made it almost mandatory that they bring forth a movie like AVP.
    AVP showed us the tests young predators had to go through to be a part of the clan and that the clan leaders were on standby just in case things got out of hand. What they didnt show was how they captured the queen alien which would have been a good 10 minute opening scene and had given the avp movie more validity.
    AVP-R was just 2 dark and made the humans look extreley week and disorganized, wouldve thought that the armed national guard wouldve put up a bigger fight.
    Predators, was about more than one Predator and their retarded philosophy and one of the scenes that bothered me most was how can 2 predators from different clans with different arm controls operate the same ship. That whole beserker predator and super black predator crap was asinine to me and really didnt make sense. In these movies there is no need to focus on human character development when the movie isnt aboout them. Just my opinion.

  12. @ WallyWest-One of my main gripes with AVP-R was the fact that it happened in the small town that it happened in. It’s reminiscent of the Predator comics where a rogue would crashland in some remote 3rd world village and easily & challengelessly kill off all the inhabitants. Then there would be one badass who just happened to be stationed there that would give the Predator a bit of a challenge. We all know that most humans defeat a Predator by playing at its own game, camoflauging their heat signatures and disabling the Predator using old school Guerilla war tactics. I personally felt like it was unrealistic for a group of towny kids to deal with an invasion of not only Xeno’s & Preds but also a Predalien. That should have been a scenario for a film with a much bigger budget. Too many superpowerful aliens in one cheesy film. I appreciated the Pred homeworld and I thought that 2min scene was so good in fact that the whole movie should have had many more of those scenes and I would have respected it much more. It’s high time we get more personal with the species and learn more about them instead of the characters that are hunted by them. I mean if you’ve got a movie about a mercenary-like species of Aliens, I could give a rat’s ass about some boring SOB’s home life before/during/after it’s contact with a Predator.

    @ Beserker-I completely agree. I love the fact that Predator 2 gave us a completely different insight into the honor code of their species. It almost made them more human-like and tied in well with AVP when we learned how Predators & humans have interracted through history. One thing I loved about predator 2 was the 90′s era special effects. There was just something about that film that had that grit factor that no other Predator film has ever had since. Like the scene where we see the rogue axe Keyes in half with the bladed frisbee and the scene where we catch a quick glimpse of Harrigan walking up on his partner’s spine being ripped out (which was acknowledged in Predators as one of the staples of the Predator kills). I wasn’t too crazy about the lightning strike part when he reached the top of the sky scraper but the part when Harrigan takes off his mask and then the Predator eventually gets up and breaks his gun is so badass to me. (@ Tom) Predator the original was good and I enjoyed it but I don’t think it was the best out of the series. I’d have to give that title to Predators but I think Predator 2 came in close second, IMO at least.

    Not to be diplomatic but I actually agree with a lot of points you all made and am just glad to be in the company of fellow Predator fanatics like myself. I just wish the next Predator film that comes out is done right. I would really appreciate a film delving more into the character of the Predator. I could care less about Royce or Dutch or any of the main human characters because secretly, the Predator is always the ‘hero’ to me and I only enjoy the human interaction when they’re being killed off. I enjoy seeing them die in creative ways. The Predators are a blended mix of old & new; ancient Egyptian & Aztec-like with superior advanced weaponry. I’d love to see a movie where it’s literally just about the Predators vs a species of some sort. In other words, make a film where the Predators or a Predator (like a rogue or even a whole clan) is the focal point of the movie; it’s the hero and we follow it across the Universe hunting. That would be a movie EVERY one would want to see. Let’s be honest, Predators are so much more advanced than the Human race, it’s only because it’s a movie that the Humans do so well. I know the Predator species is far more capable of creative and tough kills and if you put them on a planet with a worthy adversary (say a hive/clan of Predaliens), we could really take the series up a notch. Whenever Humans get thrown in, it’s always bias and I personally appreciate realism more, y’know, when ALL humans die at the end..but that would obviously be a short movie.

  13. @Yungrasta- Thanks, I will admit, that at first I was a fan of the city environment for the Predator, but after watching the movie and then reading concrete Jungle with the main character being Dutch’s brother as a cop, it just confirmed my approval for Predators 2. Predator: South China Sea is my favorite and I thik is the best novel out there for a predator novel. Where the filmakers have come up short in the Predator movies is they have failed to demonstrate moreof a background for the homeworld of the Predators. The movie shows a Desert like area with no Trees or trpoical environment, many websites on the predator homeworld says they com from a swamp like environment and one could agree on that based ontheir reptilian appearance. Also, someone gave the Predators their technology who did they kill to get their technology or what race of beings decided they were best fit for that technology. Why not show the Predators capture an alien queen which is no easy task, or hunt other aliens enormous in size in either a group or a single predator take down a massive kill, only using a spear and his wrist blades. One size kill is a predator not allowed to use its shoulder cannon on? Just that type of stuff. Does a Predator like family life, its off spring, female Predators, we get to see a female Xenomorph, why not a female Predator which is said to be larger than a male. Sorry so long, my mind just took off on the possibilities.

  14. @ Beserker-those are some pretty cool thoughts. I especially like the concept of finding out more about how the Predators came across their high-tech weaponry & technology. That would be awesome. The best part is, they could do a whole film just about the Predator’s background. “Predators: origin”, I can see it now. See, i’m a big fan of the study of the Universe and extraterrestrials and I think it goes hand-in-hand with Predator because obviously they are from a different sector of space and the idea of a nomadic-like ancient sub-species of alien that is ritualistic and tribal like our ancestors but has the technology far beyond our time is such an interesting notion. I would love to see a Predator film where they show more of space. When they showed the Predator homeworld, I found it really interesting that the planet was surrounded by debris and chunks of space rocks. It would be cool to know how the planet developed, what part of space the planet’s located (ie: binary star system, water world etc). I definitely want to explore the Predator’s culture more also. I want to know how their day-to-day life is lived and that’s a character I can watch develop over the coarse of 3-5 films. There’s just so much to learn about them. I can’t believe I forgot her name but the woman in the comics (the asian who joins the predator clan..It completely slipped my mind) would be an amazing story to follow. Because it would almost be like learning more about the Predators than her since she would have to learn about the Predators herslef in order to become a part of the tribe. There’s just so many avenues to explore and the good thing is each and every film has left an open-ending where many different spin-off stories can begin. Predator films have been done a lot like the comics/novels in that every film has been a completely different story that doesn’t necessarily tie in with the other films so it’s almost like watching a brand new concept with each film. With the exception of the AVP films, at least we can say the films are getting better with time. Although admittedly, I would have liked to see how the Brothers Strauss would have made AVP instead of AVP-R. They weren’t completely nonsensical with their ideas in AVP-R, it was just a poor cast, bad script and a halfbaked execution. C’mooooon RR, you need to write the script and direct the next one! I like Nimrod’s Predators but i’m salivating just thinking of what RR could do. Back then, he mentioned his version of Predators was waaaaay overbudget to make at the time. I can imagine what his brilliant mind could achieve with his studio now. Idk about everybody else but i’d much rather see him put his touch on a new Predator entry than do Sin City 2 first. Although Sin City 2 will obviously be badassness on film!

  15. @ Tom-I actually disagree because I thought another factor that played into why Predator 2 was so good and gritty as I’ve said is because of the Jamaican warlords. I thought that was a smart touch by the director because even though their role wasn’t as large, all the dreads and voodoo (and King Willy) tied in with Predator really well IMO. It made the movie feel a little more dark and it was great to see Predator kill so many different types of antagonists to show that it didn’t care which side of the war you were on. One issue I saw with the movie was the fact that we didn’t get to see the Predator getting sent to Earth like in the beginning of the original Predator. That would have been really cool to see how the ship landed in the abandoned subway and would have been a good supporting scene leading up to the first kill. In AVP, I thought it was smart to show the Predator ship blasting a hole to the center of the ice cap down to the temple below and I especially loved the quick scene of the ship flying low right over the head of that miner unnoticed. It’s little scenes like that that add depth to a film; although I thought the whole ancient Predator temple idea for the basis of the movie was stupid. I mean really, you take us from a huge jungle to a metropolis to a tight, dark Indiana Jones-like temple? To me, the Predator is only as good as its environment. Even in Predator, at the beginning we see the Rogue’s pod getting dropped to Earth and in AVP-R, we saw a full scene with the ship crash-landing. Hell, even in Predators we see Royce getting dropped into the preserve. But other than that, I thought Predator 2 was the 2nd best entry in the franchise and is till this day one of the only sequels that is just as good (if not arguably better) than the original (the best duo in my opinion is Crank & Crank 2 although not in the same genre). The original was fun but it was more hoakey and I felt the story compounded the killing in the middle of the movie. In other words, the majority of the beginning was all about learning of the Predator’s presence and the end was all about Arnold’s survival while the whole middle was of the Predator stalking and killing each team member almost directly after another. I would have liked to see that spread out more tastefully but obviously being in the jungle really helped make a fun action-packed and exotic original. All IMO btw :)

    • I agree with some of the small details. My biggest complaint for predator 2 is Danny Glover defeating the Predator. When Dutch damn near lose is life in the process. And he was specially trained. Glover isn’t trained at all and he wasn’t even the lethal weapon LOL. Had to throw that in there. No cop can defeat anyone in the special forces let alone an alien being whose specialty is seeking out the thrill of the hunt

      • Got to agree with you on that is Dutch only by the skin of his teeth beats him in the jungle , how the hell can 50 year old danny glover beat him , still great movies also.. everyone has said AVP-R wa san alright movie it was awful … i mean one of the worse movies i have seen , it was made like a teen horror movie , obvious storyline , no general direction and seems like it was just made to be put in a box set mcuh like Alien 3 which was boring as sin , also think we all know this AVP although great script i thought was widly average actors and unconvicing alien and worse thing about the move by far was the Alien in no universe would a Predator accept help from a human or even make a spear , predators are proud creatures and would rather die and nuke the place then get help.. any comments please

  16. First of all predator and alien rule. I actually like the fact it was the best of the best vs predator like the first film. I do agree about other game though. Maybe more of the skulls that are on the ship in predator 2 should be brought to life barring alien. Also show why the two predator types are hunting each other? Follow avp2 with showing how they hunt in more depth and what started it all. Maybe have two sets of three rivals hunting the same game and more technology. Just a few thoughts. What’s the planned release date?

  17. Also. What ever happened to the avp film where the humans adapted the camouflage device they got off the predator and added it to a ship. Then went to the predator homeworld and watched from space an alien outbreak on the predator homeworld. Whilst a and p were fighting the camouflage device fails and predator try to war on two fronts. realising they can’t they form a temp alliance with the humans and gang up on the aliens???

  18. I would like to see more of the governator in the next movie along with sigourney weaver(royces parents in the movie)I think its about time for a predator like no other….US! Humans have now evolved with our own new sweet weapons, travel ships, uniforms, armor, cloaking devices, and training tactics. We should invade their planet!

  19. Many of you guys have some excellent ideas! I would love to see a member of each of the elite Special Forces teams(1 Ranger,1 Seal,1 Delta,1 Green Beret,1 Marine Recon)square off against an elite Predator clan where they each have to use weapons from a different species/planet and have to take each other out!That way you see both groups of hunters having to adapt on the fly. I would also love to see more dialog within the Predators to see what they think & say when they’re hunting humans or other species. Do they complement us, think we’re dumb ,make jokes with each other? I would also like to see a female Predator and if her hunting style is like the males. Also are there any environment specific or hunt specific Predators? For instance, are there Predators that are trained to hunt underwater only, or only hunt humans/aliens in caves for instance? Just some thoughts and ideas on what I wouldn’t mind seeing in future Predator movies. Please feel free to comment. PEACE to all.

    • YES! Dialog! That would be just ONE of the reasons we try to invade them….intel. In predator 2 the Government was already on a path to finding out more. So many unanswered questions though I would like to find out. Where are the predators from, how did they become so advanced, yet primative looking. Thanks for your insight King06 very interesting!

  20. hello what im still waiting for is to see the home planet of the predators it wud b fab to c adrian brody have a lot more work to do woth perhaps a strong sidekick thrown in having to escape their planet only for them to find ours

  21. I think the new “Predators” movie was great! I have the entire collection.
    I think the Predator creature is one of the most creative and original depictions of what a ‘alien’ could end up looking like in the universe, that Hollywood has ever created. And its a very very advanced high-tech creature with obviously malevolent tendencies. So whatever you guys do to the sequel DO NOT change the aliens look.

    I would like to see in next sequel for you guys to indulge a bit more into the alien lives and their tech. Just a bit more. For example, like in AVP, you showed what looked like one of their computer system on board the space ship. Maybe have a brief scene where you can show the Aliens having a conference or meeting or something of that nature on their planet — discussing their agenda or next mission. Maybe show some small scenes of them in their world or planet, depicting some of their scientist developing even more advanced high energy weapons, etc. Doesn’t have to be deep, but just to give us an idea of how their skills and tech came to be and what their society and planet are like. Just a taste.

    I thought it was cool in the new Predators where you guys wrote in a scene where one of the Aliens was gonna actually help the humans get off the planet by letting them use their ship – in exchange for his freedom. That shows, in spite of their malevolent tendancies that they are honorable. That was a nice twist. I agree with the comment that it was a bit to much like the first one, but it worked! I also agree to some degree about the jungle looking to much like Earth, but you know what, its been proven by Quantum physics using the theory of a Level IV Multi-verse, that as we go deeper and deeper into space, there is the possibility that we could run into a replica earth.After all, didn’t we just find a earth like exoplanet? So the earth-like jungle can also be justified even within the context of a fictional sci-movie in my view.
    I thought that was a good move on the behalf of the writers to make it look like an Earth jungle because physics verifies that anything is possible in the universe. Because when they got attacked by those alien looking tigers or dogs, they knew right away it wasn’t Earth-as well as when they looked at the planet arrangement in the sky. So it does not have to be always obvious that your on a different planet by making it different from Earth.

    I am sooo looking forward to the sequel. ALL my friends liked the new movie and I am sure they will return to see the sequel. And we’re ready for more.

    • One of the many problems with this movie is that, if the predators were from 2 different clans, with 2 different wrist devices or whatever you want to call them, how can 2 different wristbands operate the same ship, when the predator was free, why didnt he call for help, after he was released, was he really interested in Brody’s skull after the human just set him free. I mean really. Did the beserker predator shoulder cannon really make fishburne’s character explode, how did the russian take a plasma blast to the back that had penetrated the fron of his body, not to mention an impaling by the predator that was stalkinghim still have the energy to crawl away and set off his explosions. How were the wounds to the predator engaged in combat with the yakuza guy enough to kill him. We’ve seen predators take way more damage than that. I was disappointed in this film. When there is a story and a concept they should stay with it. How long were they spying the doctor to know that he was a formidable foe. Too many holes in this film, appeared to be another rushed product. these predators must have been desperate, and if they took the time to find the other real combatants, the doctor must have been a fill in for someone else they were looking for.
      Please dont take my comments the wrong way, this isnt an attack on you, just as a fan of the predator, i expected more

  22. The one of many questons I had about this film was the waste of Lawrence Fishburn’s charcater. He said he was there for 10 seasons, correct? And he had never thought of stealing the ship even though he had killed and was using their invisibility cloak? Then when when he runs into them(the people that landed there) he takes them to his hiding place, which the Predators never knew he had been the whole time, until he took the people there. It all juts plain makes no sense. They need to give us a real sequel or prequel.

    • I totally understand what you mean with waste of Lawrence Fishburn though I think you can interpret what you said in different ways. They maybe didn’t find his hiding place because he was too good at covering his track to it and when he had to lead all those people there + “fighting” them. You can see that after the hole was blown in the wall, the predator instantly heard the blast and saw the heat signature. Well since Lawrence probably hasn’t been blasting holes in walls before, the predators didn’t get a chance to find him.

      Like I said you can interpret it in any way you want, I liked the movie and would definitely love a sequel to it.

      At the moment it passes my mind that it should maybe be about the two survivors getting in contact with newcomers. Since they know how hard it is to kill them and probably have some gear left from predators they have killed they could get them all prepared for what it’s coming and maybe turn things in the other direction. Make a jungle their playground instead of predators one. The search of leaving the planet shouldn’t end though.

  23. I have been a predator fan since I saw the first movie as a little boy. In my opinion it world cool to see the survivors adrien brody and alice braga round up the dead predators cloaking and weapons tech like laurence fishburnes character and take out the predtaors early in the begining. Leaving them and the soilders you see parachute from the end of the Predators. Giving them the advantage to git off the game preserve planet. With an added twist thinking there going back to earth the ship auto pilots back to the predators home planet. That is in my opinion is the only I have yet to see that I would watch over again. To see the human race take the fight to there planet. Its never been done and should. Seeing that they go so far just to hunt use they would just kill them where would be the hunt in that. Of course they couldnt just sneek off once they got there or fight a whole planet. But seeing the scene from ped vs aliens requiem. Their home plants our jungles in which they could fight for their lifes on a battlefield we have never seen before. Maybe a gladiator arena which would open more pred species and technology. To see the survivors fight predators using predator technology.That just my in my opinion (and you know what they say about those) would raise the bar. But whatever they do for the sequel dont make it the same lame thing like Predator or predator 2 or even the last one. The reason I seen the last one and like so many others did is because was a realistic movie. They all were trained soilders that knew they was being hunted addapted and over came just like the human spirit has always done.

  24. Even though i’d definitely like to see a lot of the ideas you guys have brought up, knowing the kind of director Rodriguez is, a lot of what we want to see most likely won’t happen. Rob mentioned he had big plans originally for the franchise and that he couldn’t keep it under budget so he didn’t make it. I’d love to pick his brain and know a little more but like i’ve mentioned a few times already, personally, I think just the thing the franchise needs to wake up the fans is to either take it to space or to the home planet. No more game preserves, no more concrete jungles, no more jungles in general unless they’re located on the home planet. In AVP-R, we saw that they have a very primal, Aztec/Mayan-like civilization that mixes barbaric and extremely advanced technological themes which leads me to believe that Predators are a nomadic and cave-man like species that were given the technonlogy they possess by a far more intelligent species. However, either through learning the technology or by nature, they are also extremely intelligent themselves. In fact, they would undoubtedly have to be far more intelligent than our species to even effectively operate the weaponry and technology they use while hunting. So there’s definitely some very interesting storylines that could be further explored. We got a glimpse into the origin of the human/Predator interaction in AVP but it leaves little-to-no info about the Predator’s origins or background. Everything is left up to speculation and that can be a great way to cement the Predator franchise for the next director. In other words, as long as Robert Rodriguez keeps it close to the original storyline from the comics, he has a unique opportunity to really show the world what exactly the Predator is, where it came from and how it developed into the cunning hunter we know & love today. Every film thus far has only taken us on an individual hunt. That’s like watching a film on WWII and trying to speculate on all of humanity’s history and origins just from that one event that is basically minescule (although very important) to the entire picture of the human race. Rob could pick up where he left off in Predators but let’s be honest, that just puts us at yet another sequel that just gives us a hunt with 1 or more Preds and takes us on another predictable journey where 1 or more humans survives after taking on and then defeating a Predator. Honestly, i’d watch it all day but still, i’d crave so much more. When you have an entire species to discover, 1.5-2hrs just isn’t enough but look what George Lucas was able to create with his Star Wars series and what James Cameron created with just a few hrs in Avatar. There’s much that can be done and I really hope Rob takes all this into consideration before he shoots the next film (assuming there is a definitive next film) because i’d say that more than ever, this will be a make-it/break-it sequel/revamp for the franchise and if done well, can quinch all of our thirsts as fans. If done wrong will leave yet another bad taste in our mouths and will leave us craving more until someone eventually gets it right. But as long as the franchise stays alive, i’ll stick around to see what happens next. Until then, we’re all just tossing around our ideas that most likely won’t end up in the final cut i’m sorry to say.

  25. One more thing, i’ve mentioned before that i’d like to see a few directors take on the Predator franchise, but aside from Rob & Quintin, I think it would be especially cool if folks like Ridley Scott, JJ Abrahams or even Christopher Nolan jumped on board; all fantastic directors who are great at creating certain atmospheres and storylines that are fantastically played-out on screen. Just some thoughts..

    • I like the story lines and characters as they are. No big secret and actually right in front of your face about how LF charachter made it as long as he did on the preserve. Along with other unanswered questions about such things. I’m thinking about writing a book called Imagination for Dummies:)

      Dont laugh at this I’m serious. I want to see Rambo in the next Predator movie.

      • One of my biggest issues with this movie is similar to the issues i had with clash of the titans remake. Do talk about something we havent seen and dont show us, for example in clash of the titans they talked about how the Kraken beat the Titans, they showed us where the kraken beat the titans, but you dont show us the Kraken beating the titans.

        In Predators, you show us all these crates of different possible aliens but only show us a brief glimpse of another capture and predator dogs as well as some anorexic predators. You show us 2 different predators with different wrist controls operating the same ship, But when the predator is freed, he doesnt call for help knowing he’s outnumbered and outgunned.
        They dont show us the capture of all of the participants mainly the doctor who truly didnt belong, because to bring him, would mean they had to spin some time on surveillance with him to show he was worthy of being part of the group. you kill the first guy and dont show knowing that all predator kills with the exception of Billy in the first predator must be illustrated on film. this movie couldve been alot better.

  26. Another Predators would be Great!I enjoyed every movie that has involved a Predator so far,except AVP-R…..Simply crappy.I haven’t read any of the comics.But I say Predators 2 would be a major success if they focused more on the action,environment(the environment in Predators wasn’t bad,very believable) and way more on their home-planet.I like the idea of how they spoke about the predators blood-feud,and I had this idea.What if they have wars on their own planet like ours?That would be insanely awesome!Imagine if they did make a movie about their planet,and the Predator species had wars on their planets,and the small clans are what escaped and held on to their cultures.It may not be the brightest idea,but that would be pretty cool.I’m note gonna bash any other movies except AVP-R,I hate that one.

  27. iam a huge fan of predators and it wud be realli good if arnold cud step in if the predators stalk and abduct him and throw a bunch of aliens in the hunt 1st it needs to be on planet earth as movie goes its taken into space then on the predators home planet were the main actor becomes a fugitive on the predators space ship were he becomes hunted by the predators on the spaceship and it wud be good if they introduce a bunch of other aliens they also hunt and also its a bit stupid they dnt talk but there technology is so advanced they probbly serve a diffrent a pwerfull alien specias who use predators as there bounty hunters

  28. the 1st movie was great. ive been a fan of these movies since “predator” the original! with that being said in the sequel i would like to see more gore! and to start off the movie there should be a scene were royce and isabelle are running and they get triple teamed by the next wave of predators thus killing them and ending them in the series than it should cut to the title “Predators 2″ and then a new cast is shown. maybe have some gangsters like gang bangers, some cartel, and of coarse assasins, i would like to see a crazy ass arab as well!

    • if they can show predators hunting other alien species other than humans and xenos, that would be great. gang bangers and cartel members are not an elite fighting force, just people with guns. They went weak in Predator 2 going after cops and drug dealers. they had it right in the first movie with the elite army special forces, now if they went against the navy seals (Since they’re in the spotlight after killing bin laden) then that would be appropriate. But regular people with guns gets boring after a while.
      This movie sucked becuase it almost mirrored the first movie with just people from different areas. The Big Fail for me was bringing in the doctor, which means they had to watch him a while to see if he belonged. thats where i raised the B/S flag

  29. I’m really looking forward to a Predators sequel, it was a really cool movie