Robert Rodriguez Confirms ‘Predators’ Sequel

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predators headshot logo Robert Rodriguez Confirms Predators Sequel

Robert Rodriguez is in attendance at this year’s Comic-Con to promote Machete, but he took a moment to address speculation about a sequel to Predators – and offered insight into what fans can expect from a follow-up.

Modestly-budgeted for a summer blockbuster, Predators quickly recouped its expenses and received mostly positive reviews. It should come as no surprise that 20th Century Fox is hungry to repeat that success. The ending of the film certainly hinted at the possibility of further installments and Rodriguez confirms that he’s been approached to get the ball rolling on a sequel.

Apparently Predators was the studio’s way of “testing the market” – and the scope of the film was deliberately modest. Rodriguez spoke with IGN asserting that, with a renewed interest in the franchise, we can expect bigger and better things from a Predators sequel:

“They really wanted it to be pretty contained, pretty scaled-back. They didn’t want to put too many of the ideas into it that we could save for a second one. So we could see what the appetite was, because the bigger movie would actually be what comes following that. That kind of sets up a new storyline, new location and world, and then you can really go crazy from there.”

Rodriguez goes on to say that while he’s got a few of his own ideas for the sequel, he’ll probably bring in other writers to pitch their take – and then choose the approach he likes best.

When asked about the possibility of stepping into the director’s chair for the next installment he brings up one potential obstacle:

“I don’t know… I think I have too many people wanting me to do Sin City 2 first!”

Personally, I only had two major complaints with Predators. The film never tried to flesh-out characters – beyond their one-dimensional archetypes. The second was the previously mentioned restrained scope and style. The alien jungle looked just like Earth’s jungles and, despite the fact that the planet was a game preserve, we  never saw any other creatures for the Predators to hunt. While these are relatively minor grievances, expanding on these details could have appeased fans who found Predators to be a little too similar to the original.

That said, it was still an entertaining ride and if it reinvigorated the studio’s faith in the Predator franchise – that’s a win in my book.

What do you think? What would you like to see in a Predators sequel?

Source: IGN

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  1. Finally I been waiting for predator all this years this time
    Try to use a snipper too I hope to see the same guys

  2. hi, I went to see a PREDATOR 4 and in the movie he comes back to earth to kill once more and they kill him off for good

  3. I want to see more insight into the way predators live. young predators, baby predators. How they make their weaponry. I also would like to see a pralien in action. More alien species.coming to light, maybe a possible prometheus tie in swell,

    • I would love to the see the clash between the two Predator clans. Like a war I guess, in the movie “Predators” the Super Predator Clan has a huge rivalry with the Jungle Hunter Clan. Not sure if those are the exact names..

  4. Picture this, four or five young predators “ala AVP” placed in third world jungles across the planet, the objective, first to identify and trophy their respective nation’s alpha or president wins. Throw in some superpower elite teams hoping capture and/or scavange with a possible NATO clash, maybe brit black ops v u.s. Large and bloddy mess in country neither is at war with threatens to disbann long held treaty all set up by odds on favorite predator who just sees two separate teams unbeknownst to each other on his scent. Pick em’ which preditor wins (and one does spectacularly) but in the end it’s China’s special ops team with greatest success actually catching one with impressive tech setting up must see sequel , why?… famous nuke last resort weapon is replaced by “Alien” bioweapon unleashed to wreak havoc and facilitate escape. P.S.quickly improvised ideas of construction worker with five or six other original film ideas.

  5. like to see Arnold back again but acting his age,and with a twist ,,,,,but he’s not the main guy on the movie he dies but a bad ass hero’s death ,someone else will be the hero at the end

  6. I have two great ideas.

    1. The predator that Arnold killed, is the prince of the race. The king comes back for revenge. Arnold worked his way up the ranks in the armed forces and controls all teams across the world. Arnold sends his men to hunt down the King before he finds him. The teams find the king and prepare for attack however, the king has bought back up. Killing the team one by one only the king and Arnold’s main man survives. He tells Arnold to prepare for a fight, and we finally have a show down that fans have waited for, for so many years.

    2. The worlds best fighters and assassins have been captured and thrown into a training camp. They have no idea why they are there or what they are training for. They are taught things like survival and combat. The government tells them that they have been contacted by a mysterious alien race, and must agree to take part in their game to keep earth safe. The game is similar to the original predators. Put on a game reserve and forced to survive whilst trying to kill the predators.

    • Watch Predators……………………………… there’s your movie for option number 2.

  7. Lol at the ideas

    Please be quite

    • Please be ‘quite’?? You might want to learn to spell if you want to put down other peoples comments, otherwise you come off just looking like one of the many over-opinionated and under-educated people trolling the internet forums these days.

      If all you have to add is negativity and put-downs then please be ‘quite’ yourself…

  8. I like the idea that we could go back in history, predators appear to be coming to earth for a long time so we could set story in any era. were predators around duing vietnam? were predators around during ww1 , just how long have they being hunting here?
    an idea that might be far feteched but kinda cool would be to show in history the european hunters of big game wildlife in africa are what inspired Predators to adapt the hunting lifestyle?
    but whatever you do , I think you have Dwayne the rock Johnson in it.

  9. I would like to see the elder predator in the other clan off with the other elder predator

  10. I also would like to see one the predators use new traps instead of just invisible bear traps

  11. Personally I thought Predators was good enough for bluray and several viewings. It goes back to the original Predators scenario – the same one that made Alien such a great movie – a group of people hunted by something scary they don’t understand. Yeah the lack of budget showed in places and the characters were a little shallow, but I thought the casting and acting were solid enough and I actually liked Brody’s Royce character – quietly tough as opposed to Arnies brute strength. Fun to watch Lawrence Fishbone’s totally OTT acting as well!

    So another one with bigger budget would make me happy, *especially* if Shane Black is on board for script writing and some directorial duties!!!

  12. The settings, the actual homeworld of all predator species, with camps, fighting arena’ s, fortresses, flying vehicles and spaceships. Along with predator’ s in battle- training. Younglings, and Elders. Fully trained and armed species, new creatures, getting set for the different hunts which will happen in different cities on Earth. Introducing old and new human characters. I loved P1 and. P2, and the story of Predators, with famous actors. Maybe, more than one hunt going on, around our world. With the different army technologies that we have at present, we come across the predator’ s technolgy, and able to use it against them.

  13. Quite frankly I am disappointed in the level of creativity implemented in these predator films. The first Predators should have been a lot more eerie. Imagine the group of humans being stalked by vultures who know the routine on that planet. At the level of intelligence of the vultures they understand that complex life forms such as humans often die and become fodder for the vultures. Thus the vultures have developed a habit of stalking complex life forms knowing that they will soon die and become food. At the level of intelligence of the predators, the vultures serve as a warning sign of impending death. Simple idea but the implications can be frightening when you are walking around on a planet being hunted by predators and stalked by vultures who can’t wait for the predators to kill you so they can eat. Also, the Predator franchise is supposed to be an intergalactic thing correct? What about beasts from the celestial wild? Perfectly preserved ancient dinosaurs maybe. In the first Predators where they all jumped into the water after coming into contact with the predators, it would have been cool if there were prehistoric, Lake Placid size alligators in the water that the predators keep like pet tadpoles. Bring out some of Earths most vicious beasts to battle it out with the predators like lions and giant grizzle mothers that have a hate in their hearts because they have been robbed of their cubs on Earth. I could see if in the first Predators there was a violent Lion that never really got along with the main character man. It would have been cool to see in Predators 2 that the man and the lion have learned to work together to hunt predators like Tarzan and Symba all grown up.

  14. I would love to see some female predators along side of their male counterparts. Also like someone said before maybe a few youths. In AVP 2 it gave us a small glimpse of their world before the experienced predator came to earth to clean up the mess & vanquish the predalien. But to be able to see at least two female predators with two or three males would be the bomb movie!!!!

  15. What do you mean? “We never saw any other creatures for the Predators to hunt.” Did you watch the same Predators films I did? Of course there were other creatures! Don’t you remember that Skeleton Alien they shot and killed after the team was attacked by the Predator Hounds? And there were other humans (1 was killed because his parachute never opened and Noland-he was marooned on the planet for 8-10 years.) Hello!

  16. Well i liked the idea of living it open how to escape the planet the 2 survivors Royce and Isabelle, so they will try to steal an alien ship and try to go back to earth.
    It would be exciting to see some other alien species, fauna of the planet,while the topography can change a bit to a swamp for a variety, Royce and Isabelle can team up with the new arrivals and finally make it back to earth, however a small fleet from predators can be after them and when they are back to earth to have a small predator invasion.
    Expert seals from different countries can be gathered to face the threat.
    Arnold can be the leader of the team. Adrien Brody, Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman, Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson could act well on these roles.
    Well all this of course could be in 2 movies.
    I liked all of the predator movies, the first and the last one had some similarities but still the idea being transferred on an alien planet was great, even the moment when they realized it was one of the highlights, still they could have done some comments about it to give more emphasis to the moment.
    I am looking forward for predators 2.

  17. yes I want to see a predators movie in which the original predator kicks some major butt, justice is needed for the predator after the last couple of movies, the first alien versus predator was terrible and predators was ok but they should have let the original predator live and kill the stupid hybrid and leave the humans on the planet. just my opinion. love predator all the way he needs some movie justice. mr rodriguez please do it right if you make another one.

  18. Humans, aliens, 5 good and bad predators and it comes down to last man standing.

  19. There was one scene that had another species they
    Were hunting

  20. Predators was an amazing film I enjoyed it a lot I found it to be a good trilogy movie however I have a few ideas for the next one like the producer Rodriguez said the planet was a game preserve yet you did not see the predators hunt anything else now in the movie the one man said he’s alive and he’s been here for 10 seasons also that the bigger predators hunt the smaller ones well that right there would be an aproach that me as a fan would feel like many other fans would love you take these weaker smaller predators drop them on the planet with the newer advanced ones and have the man and woman who lived from the most recent ones cloak themselves in the predators outfit have them watch the fight for half the movie and focus on how they have been surviving also focus on the predators fighting each other throwing in some amazing fight scenes and about half way through the movie the two humans get into this Great War among tribes working together killing off predators one by one watching as they kill each other off one by one and at the end they fly home but instead of them reaching earth alone they brought a live hostage that is a predator I have a lot of ideas for this next movie

    • ey thats a pretty nice idea actually, would also love to see something similar to tht :]

  21. An amazing n fresh idea would be if u guys finally introduced us to their homeworld, rituals, their culture in general…now THT would be mind blowing to see. Also female predators…god im dying of curiosity to see how they’d be like.

    And i…guess im 1 of the few fans that actually liked a LOT the idea of predators co-operating with humans at certain points huh…welp jus my personal fav but i’d luv to see tht idea incorporated in 1 of their movies again :3 Like with Noguchi from AvP War

  22. WhY DON’T make a predator movie where the predator fights navy seals in Alaska or the predators fights other predators in Anartica where they have no heat Vinson

  23. I’d like to see many many more sequels from the franchise.
    A contingency of predators maybe with the next season game hunt of the will be not humans but all sorts of different aliens creatures having both original characters still in survival.
    Also we do need some more separate sequel on the predator franchise with an in depth story of origins into both clans of the predators. Definitely …
    Please don’t let fans wait. We successful trilogy sequels like the aliens movie franchise sagas. Or like the Lord of the rings. Please please please. .. love your work Rodriguez .make more predator movies.

  24. cant wait for a sequal to predators.really enjoyed the franchise so far.

  25. I’d like to see Royce back again. I wouldn’t also mind seeing the predators go up against a super heavy. Though I think the Strauss brothers probably killed the concept of Alien vs Predator I still think there is room to maybe include atleast a drone in the film. It wouldn’t be bad to put some identities to some of the trophy skulls of the ship in Predator 2. I’d really like to see maybe some incite into Yautja civilisation, perhaps a reason for why they do what they do. Perhaps to aspire to some god or great hero like Kaelez of the Klingons.

  26. love the predator movies the first 2 were brilliant, the AVP’s weren’t that good due to the first where they killed the first 2 yautja in the space of 5 minutes and the second movie was in my opinion just terrible due to various reasons on which I coup ramble on for days and the predators movie I thought was good but left far more questions without hardly any explanation but my main disappointed with the films (excluding the first and second movies) was the choice in actors for the main characters they all just felt wrong to me they just weren’t right for the roles at all

  27. I’d like to see them try to bring the AVP books to life. I’d love an adaptation of the book series in a sweet trilogy! Do it please!

  28. I want to see… Predators invasion.. All out war on earth.. And maybe an appearance from Arnold or danny Glover

1 8 9 10