First Look At ‘Predators’ Script

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predator2  First Look At Predators Script

Our friends over at Latino Review were able to read through a draft of the Predators script. In short, they say it’s “awesome!

I’m so pumped over this news that I can’t think of anything quirky, snarky or anything ending with a “y” to say. So, let’s just get on to the script.

minor spoilers below

We meet our main protagonist, Royce, who’s described as “a Steve McQueen type” chasing a man onto a rooftop. An altercation ensues and Royce ends up killing the individual. All the while, Royce is being observed by a nearby Predator who, after watching Royce kill his opposition, captures him and returns to the Predator home world.

As Royce lands in the jungle that is the Predators’ home world, he soon meets seven other humans, from around the world, who have all been similarly captured.

Here’s a rundown of the seven other humans who will make up our main cast for the film:

Cuchillo: “A Mexican enforcer from Los Zeta drug cartel with twin uzies strapped to his back.” (Danny Trejo has reportedly signed on to play this role.)

Nikolai: “A frightening bear of a Russian armed with a four barreled gas powered rotary machine gun.”

Isabelle: “A tough-as-nails woman armed with a sniper rifle who speaks French.”

Stans: “A prisoner from San Quentin with a shaved head and a scorpion tattoo on his neck armed with a prison made knife.”

Mombasa: “An African member of the Sierra Leone squad.”

Hanzo: “A ‘bad ass’ Japanese Yakuza enforcer.”

Edwin: “A small, unassuming man formerly on the FBI’s most wanted.”

The main plot of the film focuses on this rag-tag group of individuals, deemed to be the greatest adversaries of Earth, being hunted by the Predators.

I’m not going to give away everything. Maybe you’d like to find out; Is there another human on the island? What is “Black Super Predator?” & Who have they written in the script for an “awesome” cameo?

Check out the video below to find out.

I don’t know about you, but the combination of this news and the recent interview with Harold Berger regarding the Predator character design has pushed Predators into the “must-see” category for me. Sure, the whole “Predator dog” & “Predator falcon” has me perplexed, but I’m willing to go with it.

While the version of the script they read was dated July 12, 2009, it’s highly unlikely that any major revisions were made to the story. Especially with filming expected to start soon. Even though nothing has been filmed yet, if they stay anywhere close to this script… I’ll be happy.

predators  First Look At Predators Script

What do you think? Has this changed you mind on what to expect from Predators? Are you happy? (Yes!) Angry? (No!)

Do tell!

Predators is set to be release on July 7, 2010.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. Fox has been taking things seriously.

    first Ridley scott doing prequel to alien.
    David cronenberg remaking his own The fly.
    Some projects with Steven Spielberg.
    Some solid filmmakers like Joe Carahan doing A-Team, James mangold on Witchita.

    I hope things work out for this once great studio.

    For now they are s*****. Though I am glad they gave james cameron the money for AVATAR and hopefully that is good movie. fingers crossed

  2. Black super predator??? ahaha sounds liked they ripped stalone on his Super man wolf thing. or vice versa

    honestly if they can put up a good fight, this could be worth watching though

  3. go get to da choppa !!!

    hahaha this is going to be F***ing awesome!!!!!
    it sounds crazy, but i think they did (or are going to ) over do it with the predator dogs/falcon things.
    the super predators sound awesome not to mention that they capture a bunch of crazy humans and dump them in unfamiliar land so that they can have fun killing them hehehe hope it gets a MA15+ or R rating

  4. Don

    I agree, it would be great if they took things seriously but I just don’t see Fox doing that in the long run. It’s get the script done and get the movie to the screen.

    I hope they take it seriously and put forth a great effort.

  5. The soldiers in Predator were complete badasses and were still taken out by just one Predator. How are these guys supposed to fight off a group of predators or a Black Super Predator? lol

  6. unless there are some crazy turn of events in the plot, then to me it sounds like any other retread of “the most dangerous game” which even van damme did – die hard is likened to it as is any other type of “die hard” movie with a similar story – i think even lethal weapon had elements to it. other than that – i will still see it. once a fan, always a fan.

  7. Isabelle? A woman?
    I thought that Predators had a “honour” clausule, “Never kill a woman, old or sick prey.” Only Aliens did it.

  8. If the film winds up being even 50% like that described above?

    I’m there

    Yes, it does have echoes of Most Dangerous Game, but so did the 1987 film.
    As for the honor clause Preiaden mentions, given the descriptions of the characters above, it sounds to me as if the Preds want to give these “warriors” a chance at redeeming “lost honor”. It should also be noted that they don’t attack the unarmed (changed for AvP)

  9. Hell yeah sounds good,,, simple yet effective plot. Reminds me of a “Get Smart” episode,,, hmmm,,, giant magnet,,, hmmm

    The cameo has gotta be Rambo! but I’ll take Arnold as a plan B. Lol,,, sounds real cool can’t wait to see the Pred homeworld.

  10. i just found out the woman i love is having another guys baby and after this news im not so sad .not sure predators need to be super..will see.

  11. alsO adding an fbi wanted tickley monster freddy kruger pre house fire style is brilliant.k hope they all get skinned and i feel ive juswatched an epic snuff film by the end…CAST JACKIE EARLE RORSHACK KRUGER TO BE THE LITTLE GUY

  12. Why oh why oh why would a Predator, who is the ultimate (well) Predator need to use dogs or falcons to track prey on their homeworld? That’s just dumb. Can’t wait to see the movie though and even if the dogs/hawks are in it I’ll just blank them out like they never existed.

    @Anthony Ocasio

    oozies = Uzis (or is this an Arnie reference?)
    roll = role
    Not many non-Africans in a Sierra Leone death squad is there?…
    “adversaries of earth”? – what, they don’t like dirt? Or do you mean Earth with a capital E…

    No offence meant, just thought you might have missed them.

  13. hopefully they get danny trejo and a great action cast like the expendables. This is going to be amazing if all goes well.

  14. Grr screen rant. You took my avatar for the top of your article. I guess you can borrow it…. for now. lol

  15. Sounds promising to me.

  16. @Jordi

    Haha… I have corrected such errors.

    For the African/Sierra Leon note, you’ll have to get ahold of the writers of “Predators” for that one.

  17. So how is this a reboot and not a sequel??

    I do admit it sounds pretty damn good from the bit we got here. It sounds like it’s getting back to the Predators basics: hunting and killing. Predators is nothing more than that and it SHOULDN’T be.

  18. The Edwin character sounds like something perfect for Steve Buscemi! Reprise his similar role to the same one he made in Con Air.

  19. @SK-47

    Great idea on Buscemi.

  20. I feel like singing “westside story” now after hearing this… I knew i woke up feeling pretty today! Hopefully the cameo is arnold but i loved predator 2 just as much so it would be almost equally as awesome if glover was in it with the weapon that the predator left him in the end of that movie. Just outta the mist a shot to the back of a predators head and when he goes down glovers behind him… Just pure awesomness. To semi quote Paul Young in his opinion about Panda Express… “This movie is going to be the bombs yo”…lol.

  21. Have to a agree with Jordi on that one. They are diverging from the basic rules associated with the Predator. My advice: Stick with the basics of the Predator and leave out the dogs/hawks sh*t cuz he don’t need em’.

  22. i can’t belive i read the whole article thinking that it was real news about a new predator movie, just to find out that it was a discription of the first movie minus the intro which sounded prety interesting. it perfect for april fools though.

  23. @luis

    Zing to you, Sir.

  24. Can’t wait for it!

    I’m a huge fan of the first Predator movie. The first sequel wasn’t good, and the most recent ones (even though they were really good) didn’t have the same effect.

    Hope they come with a great script and an amazing cast, like in the first one

  25. danny just tweeted that he’s film’in it.

    THEREALDANNYTREJO : In hawaii filming predators …jungle…

  26. This is insanity. The Alien and Predator series is being destroyed by plots that are just flat out ridiculous. This plot is like ‘The Running Man’ or ‘Death Race'(which i thought was crap) with the Predators as the antagonists. Why can’t anyone, especially the people who green light these scripts and the actors/directors/PRODUCERS who sign on smell crap when they are holding it in their hands? It’s like the thousands or so people who try out for American Idol and totally bomb. Don’t they have friends who care enough to say, “Bro, you need to practice some more before you do this on national television.”? This absurd idea about human “warriors”…oh, yeah, a gangbanger with two Uzi submachine guns strapped to his back is how I heard it. Hmmm…I’m on an alien planet with two firearms that empty a magazine in less than 2 seconds…how long is that going to last? Same ammunition problem for the frenchie and the Russian. BTW, a minigun by itself weighs in at 60 lbs, a 1500 round can of ammo weighs 130 lbs…unless you’d rather carry 3000 or 4500. Oh and 1500 rounds is 30 seconds worth of bang. Don’t forget the 28Vdc battery that powers it, you need 400 amps to get the barrels turning, then 40 to keep them turning. My major gripe with the original predator/Blaine’s character. A convict armed with a sharpened spoon vs. a Predator…a 5 year old could tell you how that’d turn out. I’m sure that the mind of a white collar closet serial killer is a formidable match for a being that can pull a spine out of a person with it’s bare hands not to mention invisible to the human eye. Lastly, the idea that a “Super” Predator would send a lesser predator to capture something dangerous to hunt is like any Special Operations unit (Green Berets, SEALs, KSK, GSG-9, SAS, etc) asking a regular infantry unit full of 19 year olds fresh out of basic training to go to A-stan or Iraq and bring them the baddest most dangerous Jihadi back for them to let loose in their shoot house so they can “hunt” him. STUPID! Either 1: do the story from the Predator’s perspective and portray it as an intelligent being(make us care about it for a reason aside from the fact that we think it’s cool) and put it in a tight spot where it really has to rely on it’s ability to finesse it’s way to a kill, 2: pull ideas from the graphic novels from the ’90s, or 3: leave it alone. Oh, and without violence…the kind that makes you f#$%^in’ scared of what you’re seeing, not an action sequence based on a WWF wrestling match, you might as well cut the Predator’s nuts off, if it has them, of course.

  27. This is crap . . . the script sounds like crap . . . the casting is crap. Everything about this pisses me off. Brody as the lead, seriously, topher grace? So venom is going to try to face off against a predator. This movie is gonna suck and I am so dissapointed about it. The original at least casted a line of bad asses, Arnie, Ventura and Weathers. This new cast wont be able to hold true to the original. And im so sick of these “new scripts” like for the avp's and this movie. Pull from the comics. If these directors did their research they would pull from the race war series or big game series, concrete jungle, cold war ect. This is one movie that they should have never even thought about rebooting or making a similar sequel to because even if this movie is just “good” its still going to be horrible compared to the original.

    Predator dogs and falcons, wtf. That alone is going to turn this movie into a joke, i compare this to when Ripley was resurrected only to be “half human, half alien” yeah in other words the writers ran out of decent ideas so they filled the cracks with CRAP.

  28. I guess this sets up Predator6 nicely, where the re-engineered weapons (found at the end of Predator4 “Requiem” ) are used by an army of humans against the predator homeworld inhabitants! I wonder if we will see a clue at the end of Predator5, perhaps a tracking beacon implanted in one of the skulls? I hope so, as i love this series of films (my favorite being the original Predator1 ).

  29. Yeah but imagine a woman so badass that even the predators are like “holy cow thats something you don't see everyday I don't think she falls under the category of a woman anymore.”