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predators review Predators Review
Screen Rant’s Vic Holtreman reviews Predators

We’ve given a fair amount of coverage to the Robert Rodriguez-produced, Nimrod Antal-directed sequel, Predators. Most everything we’ve seen and heard about the sequel to the original 1987 movie has been good, and readers seem to agree. So the question is: Does the final product live up to expectations?

Pretty much, yeah.

Predators wastes no time whatsoever getting started – the first scene we get is of an unconscious Adrien Brody falling out of the sky. We’re right there with him as he wakes up groggy, and within seconds figures out his predicament and tries desperately to figure out where the ripcord is for his parachute. Nothing like a little adrenaline rush to start a movie.

A number of other people have been dropped the same way, and they’re not the friendly sort. They start firing at and fighting with each other, until they realize that maybe they’d better figure out just what the heck is going on. In the group we’ve got mercenaries, a bandit/thug, convict, special ops soldier, member of the Yakuza and incongruously, a doctor.

It doesn’t take long for them to realize that they’re no longer on Earth, but on a game preserve planet – and they’re the game. Of course the point of the movie is to watch them get picked off one by one – the only question is in what order and which of them might survive.

This time instead of one Predator, we have a number of them. This give us the opportunity to watch the humans take down one or two and get a couple of shots in instead of it happening only at the end. It was refreshing to watch an action movie these days that had no aspirations to be 3D, nor to use significant amounts of CGI. We get a lot of cool sequences in the film, including one that contains what can only be referred to as “dogs from Hell” and another where someone goes up against a Predator with nothing but a samurai sword (pretty cool, gotta say).

Unlike the original film, this one was pretty much devoid of humor – part of the appeal/fun of the original were the quirky characters and the occasional unexpected funny line. Of course some of the jokes in the film were beyond crass, but others were tongue in cheek and they all fit the characters. Here it’s pretty much all seriousness.

The story is VERY close to the original film, only it takes place on another world – and with multiple Predators. Personally, I didn’t mind – it’s a basic story but for what it is, it works. There were multiple nods to the original – in particular, as a big fan of Predator, I appreciated the music played during the closing credits.

But even within such a simple framework and for the sort of film it was, there were problems. In particular with the doctor, who while he didn’t fit in and I didn’t guess his purpose there – when it was finally revealed it seemed completely out of whack. And while I enjoyed seeing Laurence Fishburne in the film (who gave a great performance, by the way), he was kind of a non-sequiter and while how he came in was cool, what his character ends up doing is pretty stupid.

I also had a problem with the ending, with something obvious missed by Brody’s character, and a fight scene that should have been epic but was shot in such a way that I could hardly make out what was happening.

Overall, despite these issues, I enjoyed Predators a LOT, and that’s coming from someone who’s a big fan of the original, doesn’t even remember the first sequel, disliked Alien vs Predator and despised Aliens vs Predator: Requiem.

So take that for what it’s worth.

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3 out of 5

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  1. They give you a vista money shot 790, that and a few slight differences in fauna if you know what your looking at. The FX budget was definitely spent elsewhere in the movie but I think it was spent well. It could have been more impressive to be sure but for a third outing not so unexpected. Frankly I think if you took some people that never heard of these movies, my neighbor would be one, and showed them in this order 1,3,2 with a digital remastered #2, story wise they would have some difficulty telling if 3 was the real 2 or not. That’s how it feels to me. That doesn’t take anything away from number 2. Number two’s story just seems to be tonally and logically a third act. One thing that makes it feel that way to me is the whole alien abduction issue. After #1 I just think that an alien abduction theme works better. After all one of the super aliens gets beat in #1 so they take a few specimens to evaluate humans prey-ability better before going back to Earth to hunt again, because they want to go into a bigger more populated city. Scientifically when the results are unclear when performing an experiment a bigger sample and further tests in a controlled environment is indicated. I guess in some ways you could argue that the first Predator defeat is chalked up to a fluke and that the second got their attention to conduct further tests resulting in the abductions in the third. So I can see it both ways I guess.

    Just prefer the idea of 1,3,2 making the Predators seem more competent on the whole but leaving the possibility for variable ability in hunts to give us the occasional victory which is the first touchstone to a re-watchable story. The hero must have some chance at winning the contest…

  2. LOL, Mr. Cranky actually has a point –

  3. Well just like us humans it’s pretty obvious everyone’s not Einstein, or Michael Jordan, or Kraven the hunter, the same could be said for the Predators.

    Have the Predators shrunk in our collective consciousness to accommodate a different view of the story? Has it been irretrievably reduced to kitsch? Simplified, stripped of its fearsome myths for the sake of consumption? The second time you see a jack in the box it’s not the same! If a movie named “Alice” brings a group of people together in a wilderness where they are systematically swept away, where we never see what’s doing the deeds. Where the tension, anxiety, and horror slowly ratchets upward to almost unbearable do we have a “Predator” movie or “The Wizard Of OZ?” :) I guess in the end it depends on what pops out of the box…

  4. IMO Predators could have done a little better with new weapons technology or surprises…the lack of the spear or the double arm wrist blades, net gun and or the disk threw me off a little…and why was the shoulder cannon so friggin inaccurate???? plus it seemed like the Preds had a really hard time with their thermal imageing (it was sooo much better in Pred 2) were they retarded or just not used to the weaponry? plus they were really sluggish…compared to kevin hall they were real fatties lol.

    Dont get me wrong…i havent went Jack the ripper…it was a wonderful movie and addition to the legacy. Its been a few days since i saw Predators and Im just now starting to really analyze some of the things i thought were a little wrong too me.

    • I’m in complete agreement with you on those things. Especially the innacuracy of the shoulder guns haha still enjoyed the film though. Thank you Larry Fishburne for being awesome!

      • Iceman, they were supposed to be bigger than the other Predators

  5. You forgot the sequel already? The second was very well written and the acting was top notch.
    It didn’t have Arnie but still entertaining to the max and much better then the AVP series. But that was the 80′s and early 90s where they “use” to make intelligent movies.

    • Are you serious? When was the last time you saw Predator 2? It’s one of the cheesiest movies ever made, lol.

      • finally!! something we agree on ken!!

      • I disagree Terminator was much cheesier….maybe you need to go watch the movie (Pred 2) again. You cant call a movie like Predator 2 cheesy when most action/ Sci-Fi movies dont even come close to it.

        • It was a movie about an alien that hunts humans… of course it’s gonna be a little cheesy, but that’s not a bad thing. I enjoyed Predator 2. I thought the new location, weapons, and more bad@$$ looking predator was very cool. I did however think that Predators was WAAAAAAAY better.

          • Predator 2, was a good movie. So was this one although it nhad flaws

  6. Finally saw it yesterday. I have to say I was a bit disappointed. I thought they could have done a lot more to make the planet look like a real alien world. Instead it looked like somebodies backyard. I thought Brody was auditioning for Nolan’s Batman. I didn’t like the whole gravely voice thing. I don’t think he pulled off the mercenary role very well. I found Fishburn’s character sort of groan inducing. I did like the design on the new predator. The final fight with Brody and the new Predator was pretty cool. I also wish they would have done more with the Hanzo fight scene. I found Predators to be better than AVP Requiem (not saying much there) but nowhere near the awesomeness that is the first Predator. Hopefully they can make some major improvements in the inevitable sequel.

    • his voice is alway gravely lol

  7. As a side note to my last comment. I wish somebody would do a movie about the Predators culture. On their planet. I have read several of the AvP novels. They actually put you in the head of the Predators. They’re not just mindless hunters. I would compare them to the Klingons. They seem to have a decent sense of honor. The first AvP movie, to me, actually came pretty close to how they’re portrayed in the novels. I’m not sure if any of the novels or comics would be considered canon or not. Oh well, just my two cents.

    • Joseph,

      Funny you mention Klingons – watching Predators it occurred to me that they are what true Klingons should be. :)


    • whole heartedly agree. yaujta cultue is facinating. wanna see a female in a film. supposedly larger than males. avp rough plot was actualy pretty good imho. would totally rework almost everything of final edit,especially the dialogue. witnessing more predator action would help. show just how intelligent they are. the elder guideing the unblooded ones in more detail. less time on the humans. ok,to drive the story on we need people but in AV, surely they should mostly be impaled and not heard.

  8. Im going to see it soon guys;.)

  9. I saw this movie the other day because someone wanted to see The Last Airbender, but thankfully nobody else wanted to see it so we saw Predators instead. Well, it was OK… The original was better by far. What didn’t really work for me was first and foremost the main character. The whole movie he seemed like he was trying really hard to talk with a deep voice. I caught myself laughing at it a few times. And he just didn’t seem believable as a military/mercenary man. Isabelle was actually more believable as a military trained person. She obviously did a little research to know how to do things like how to stand with a weapon, how to walk with a weapon, etc. etc. While Adrian Brody did all of those things completely wrong, so it seems he didn’t really bother to do any research into any of those things. So for me, he portrayed to me someone who knew nothing about weapons and military tactics walking around pretending to know. Also, like Vic said, he wasn’t likeable at all like Dutch was in the original. So I actually cared for Isabelle’s life, but not Royce’s. Personally I liked the big Russian dude more, and would have liked him to be the main protagonist instead.


    There were a few specific plot points or parts in the movie that I didn’t really like. One of them was how they all came together so quickly and conveniently in the beginning. It seemed kind of preplanned instead of them just finding each other… But that was a very minor thing, it didn’t linger in my mind for the whole movie or anything… Topher Grace’s character was a bit predictable. I knew that scalpel would come into play later the second he used it to get the nectar from the plant. I also knew they wouldn’t have just a good doctor there for no reason. Then when the Russian went back to help him, I knew one of them was going to die and I knew it was going to be the Russian because they haven’t “revealed” the reason for the doctor yet. Also, he’s a medical doctor, not a plant biologist, not to mention, they were not on earth but on another planet, how did he possibly know so much about that plant that the nectar paralyzes but does not kill and that the victim can feel everything, etc. etc.??

    And when they found Danny Trejo in the field, why was it that only the “bad ass” Royce was able to tell it was a trap? The second the situation was revealed I whispered to my gf “it’s obviously a trap” and it was REALLY REALLY obvious. I’m surprised the Predators cannot do better, and even more surprised all of them weren’t like “it’s obviously a trap” the second they saw it…

    And I agree with Vic that what Lawrence Fishburne’s character does was pretty dumb for someone who survived there for 10 seasons…

    And lastly, the Russian had a freakin’ mini-gun. How was he able to spray into a forest with Royce and Danny Trejo’s character and not hit either one of them, or how was he able to spray into that camp with the 3 Predators and not hit any of them??? Impossible! That weapon fires rounds so quickly that if you sweep from one side to the other, if you’re within that sweep, there’s 0% chance you won’t get hit. The rounds will be so close together you’ll be hit for sure… I don’t know, it just seemed like the most efficient weapon in the movie was completely inefficient…

    ***END SPOILERS***

    Overall, despite these things I didn’t like, I still thought it was alright, I would give it like a 6 or 6.5 out of 10. We snuck into The Last Airbender after that and watched the first 30 minutes, and WOW, it was terrible. The dialog was cheesy, the acting was horrible, just wow…

    Anyway, rant over. :-P

    • @ Ken J

      Medical Doctor can still be broad enough to include doctor who studies different forms of anesthics to include studying different plants to derive an anesthetic. Also he only only spoke of the toxin and associated it to something he had seen before in his training or in the field before, jsut like a plant biologist is also a broad field. It made sense that he would know something about the plant toxin, not necessarily the plant itself. Besides, the plant had wicked thorns on it, and most of those are usually poisonous to begin with.

      Also Fishburne’s character was pretty much like the cook character from Pandorum. Some times when all you know is how to survive alone you tend to stick with that, plus I assume he was going to use them for meet since he also said he ate whatever he could get his hands on.

      • Didn’t really get my point, of course seeing a plant with thorns and a liquid would lead you to deduce that it’s some kind of toxin, but how he knew it wasn’t lethal and how the victim retains all of his/her senses (he told her she’ll still feel everything), and all of those really specific things. For all he knew, it could have killed her on first contact, or it would put her in a coma, or it would paralyze and numb her senses, etc. etc. The possibilities are endless, but he knew what it would do as if he’s studied it specifically. It just seemed way too convenient. And like I said, it was just so predictable, I knew that scalpel will play a major role at the end of the movie, it was TOO predictable… But it’s not a huge deal. There were other reasons why I wasn’t as pleased with this movie as some others were. Didn’t hate it though…

        • @ Ken J

          I’m pretty sure that the neurotoxin he injects in Isabelle near the end is not the stuff from the plant. When he sees the plant at the start of the film, he tells the Russian guy that the plant is poisonous and “one scratch” is enough to kill someone.

          I presume the neurotoxin he uses on Isabelle is something he brought with him from Earth and was used in the murders he committed.

          I imagine that he was the sort of doctor who would sedate his victim, then do nasty things with his scalpel whilst they were still conscious and able to feel the pain, but unable to move.

          • Oh, and I think the Russian guy did hit a few Predator with his mini-gun whilst in the Predator camp.

          • Actually, no, he tells the Russian that one scratch will paralyze him. And he didn’t “inject” her with anything, he took out that same scalpel and simply cut her with it.

            And I don’t think the Russian hits a single one in the camp, I was paying attention to that, no green blood, no sign of any impact… Later when the Russian goes back to rescue Dr. Eric Foreman, he shoots his handgun at one of the Predators and you clearly see how it looks when they get hit because they have bright glowing green blood… Apparently not only can they become invisible but they can have bullets pass through them…

    • you mean exactly like what happen when the “sexual tyranasaurus” shot his mini-gun in the original. :) strange how flaws are notiiced when we look for them. were you watching the original with such a critical attitude.g? glass is half full man. many fine points tho.

      • Uh… first of all, in the original, it was only 1 Predator and he was probably around 20 meters away and was also running away at the time. AND secondly, he was hit, they found his blood. “If it bleeds, we can kill it.” Remember?

        In this one, it was 3 predators in close proximity to each other, that stood their ground around 10 meters away, and none of them were hit…

        Yah, exactly the same… You showed me! lol :-D

        • Oh, and to be more accurate, while it was Jesse Ventura’s character that used the minigun the most, in that scene it was the bald black dude that used it.

          And the predator was about 20-25 meters away when he first engaged it with his M60, the Predator started retreating, and by the time he picked up the minigun, the Predator was long gone. That’s why he didn’t kill it with the minigun. The predator didn’t just stand there in front of him while he opened up on him like the 3 predators did in this movie at half the distance…

        • :) he did spray the ground alot in the camp. yeah mr technical strikes again. i shall bow on this but do fell i should point out,yipee kay ay mother f#@ker. :) if in doubt ramble an try make no sense!

    • oh yeah one last thing. too convenient and preplaned,almost like something put them all there with a common goal of some sort! wait a minute…

  10. PREDATORS was a solid SciFi performer that delivered and did so without over the top CGI or similar gimmick. Every movie has some flaw if you nitpick it enough. PREDATORS proves that you can still put out a very watchable film without a lot of the flash that so many SUMMER tent pole releases feature.

    Did you know they made PREDATORS for just 38 Million? That’s amazing in this day and age of big budget films. For what it cost to make KNIGHT and DAY, Rodriguez and Nimrod could put out an entire Predators Trilogy. The movie and the Producer & Director as well as the cast deserve big judos for providing a very entertaining film for a very modest budget in a day and age were many films produced at more than twice that amount turn out to be crap.

    When you compare PREDATORS to the rest of the Summers anticipated releases so far, PREDATORS not only stacks up well but does so for a lot less. If more movies were like PREDATORS we’d have a lot less flops to gripe about and many more favorites to review. Ask yourself this, would you rather have Hollywood continue to risk each Summer on a few possibly good big budget tent poles or would you rather see them downgrade to doing many more PREDATORS like films where the budgets are more realistic (under the 50 million mark) and rely less on pizazz and CGI flare or some big name to sell viewers on seeing it?

    • BlueCollarCritic,

      Well said. However as often happens, when a sequel is made a lot more money is thrown at it to make it “bigger and better” than the first film.


      • rodriguez always makes inexpensive films, yet delivers bigtime on the special effects, the guy just knows how to get things done

        • Rodriguez actually said that they held back so they could make a sequel even bigger.

  11. never been on this site before, anyway i just want some peoples input on how the people got dropped on the predator planet. did the predators pluck them from earth?

    • Yup, apparently – plucked off of Earth.

  12. David the 80 is not known for it’s intellegent films. The 80 has the most dumbed down films of any decade

  13. I know what you mean Ken Mcclain comes off as a bad ass even when he’s getting beat up lol. He could probably start crying emotionally and I’d still think “what a bad ass” lol he doesn’t even have to try it’s just a vibe he gives off. I’m larger than Bruce I have alot more muscle mass than him and I’ve been trained in martial arts if I met him in a dark ally I’d probaly run. He doesn’t look tough physically but he doesn’t need to because he has the vibe and his face just screams don’t f*ck with me.

    Bruce Willis would look tough with a deity drink in one hand a baby in the other with a massive beer gut and in dress. Lol obviously a joke.

  14. Loved Predator 2!!!
    Old Man, when it comes to seeing this film as a in between (P /P2), that might work however I’m going see it on dvd. ^ :-)

    The alien planet they have been taken too looks too much like Earth. (Unless that’s a spoiler) That’s pretty lame.

    Also this story while it may be what some fans are craving after the last film, (its understandable) could have been better.

    Spend 5mil more and give me a real alien planet background

    Rod, if your going to employ a basic plot at least give me some eye candy.

    “Do you want some eye candy?”

    Yes,,, 8-)

  15. I don’t get all the complaints about the planet. I mean what’s another planet suppose to look like? Do they all have to be strange and weird? Is it hard to imagine that at least one planet might look similar to ours? Or do they all have to look like mars? As far as them spending more money to show us a real alien planet I think I might need some one to explain to me what a REAL alien planet might look like.

    • I don’t really care about the planet either. It seems they prefer hot climates. In the original, the female character (Ana?) says these type of killings always happened when the summers were hot, and that movie was a tropical forest. Predator two was in a hot, “concrete jungle.”
      I had no problem with the planet.

  16. Pitch Black / Chronicles of Riddick pulled off amazing alien worlds within relatively low budgets.

    The Predators have always stalked they’re prey on location. Having then corral a hunt seems a tad lame!

    Like I said, unless this is a spoiler, the premise is cheesy as the plot to “Balls Of Fury”.

    If at the end of “Predators” the characters realise they never left Earth then ok, but if not. I call that cheese!!!
    Melted Cheese, with Cheese on top.

    With maybe some bacon bits.

    • test your enemy. devise a strategy by observing. intelligent if you ask me.

  17. Damn well now I’m hungry…. Bacon chedder. Fries here I come

  18. “Do you want some eye candy?” Yes,,,”

    You crack me up 790…
    LOL, he does that to me too sometimes Daniel.
    It’s theorized that with so many star systems out there that Their is another Earth out there exactly like this one with someone that looks exactly like you living on it! Maybe that should be the story line for the next Star Trek movie, OH Wait!!! ;)

  19. what about the ending ??, did anyone read the original plot from rodriguez ?? it had one alternate ending, going to watch the movie next week and I do not care about reading the ending as I know the 2 possible endings that Rodriguez did for this movie… hopefully the alternate ending is included at the dvd or bluray =D


    • I was just thinking about the ending. I would have had her die right there and Brody basically taking over Fishburne’s place with him sitting there in the giant drill alone in the room as the next set of parachutes start to fall.

      I’d like to see the alternate ending. This one ended too quick and convenient.

  21. I hated it. So many things were off. Laurence Fishburne’s character served no purpose. The entire section of the movie with him accomplished nothing story-wise. They gained nothing from meeting him.

    SPOILER ALERT (since there’s no spoilers discussion)

    The ending doesn’t resolve anything. They’re still in the same predicament they were at the beginning. And Topher Grace’s reason for wanting to stay on the planet made no sense. So what if they are also “hunters”? They’re still going to kill you!

  22. Just curious for anyone who knows a lot about astronomy. In that scene where they realize they are not on earth, where they see the other planets in the sky, is it just me or are all of the planets WAAAAYYY too close to each other to really work in real life considering orbits, gravity, etc??

    • it was a moon orbiting a gas giant. the other “planets” were in fact,also moons. yes this is very possible. jupiter for example has moons where life is theorised. the images are obviously exaggerated slightly

      • Thanks for replying. I actually did come to the conclusion that they must have been on a moon and some of those others were also moons, but even then I still think they look way too clustered together. But I guess they probably just exaggerated it for effect…

    • Maybe they’re just that GIANT! Or they’re orbitting so fast that they can be that close together. I don’t know. I’ve never studied in depth the Predator homeword and it’s surrounding planets (or moons).

  23. movie was awful

  24. I know posts like these always attract hateful remarks from people but I just want to leave my opinion.

    I think all of us can agree that Predator (#1) was a masterpiece. All I mean ALL of the other predator sequels have been crap. All of the producer/directors missed the artistic approach which was taken the first time. Predator (and Alien for that matter) was very dependant on it’s soundtrack. Allen Silverstri (music genius, look him up) worked very hard to cater the music to the scenes. This movie just used a tape recorder and in some scenes had some sort of rock heavy metal version (cheap! cheap! cheap!). This alone created most of the spookiness in Predator.

    Also Predator is not a monster movie. AVN – Monster movie(s). I have to give it to Predators because it was smart enough to not be a monster movie. But plot, screen play, casting, character development….all crap. The movie was too fast.

    Rule of thumb….if you can take any aspect of a movie (in this case the Predators themselves) and remove it and you still have a really good movie, then you have a great movie. The original Predator with the predators removed was a really great conspiracy, jungle, war movie. It had mature character development (we loved every character) and casting was great (all but two actors went on to have good careers and were good actors).

    Predators from this point of view was/is poop!

    • I never thought of Predator as spooky…

  25. “Rule of thumb….if you can take any aspect of a movie (in this case the Predators themselves) and remove it and you still have a really good movie, then you have a great movie”

    Well story wise, in the original that’s not true because it went no where. It was just a fancy box for Dorothy, I mean Err… the Predator to jump out of. If they would’ve had an Alien, maybe an immature queen, jump out at us with about 18% of this movie left, it might have been considered by most/some to be just as good as the original. Humans would have been considered a little spice for the real hunt…

  26. Finally saw it today. Wow! I can honestly say I had a blast watching this movie!

    I loved all the references to the first movie. (lines, music, etc.)

    Does anyone else think it would’ve been cool to have instead of Lawrence Fishburne, Danny Glover should’ve showed up? Haha.

  27. Having seen Predators a couple of days ago, I have now had time to digest it and give it time to sink in. Like many people (apart from those without any sense) I have chosen to completely disregard the AVP movies (I only watched the first one. It was so bad that i never went back to the franchise). Predators does have it’s merits; the premise is definitely interesting. However while I have huge amounts of respect for Rodriguez, i suspect he may have gotten a little bogged down in paying homage to the original film, having one too many references (the mini-gun, the “i’m not gonna run, i’m gonna stand and fight topless” scene, the score etc). That being said though, I still thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I never once got bored or had any cringe moments because of bad dialogue.

    Adrien Brody (beefed up as he was) can always be relied upon for a good performance, even if he did seem to be doing a voice that was part Clint Eastwood, part Chrisitan Bale’s Batman.

    Laurence Fishburne’s credited cameo was entertaining, although I think his character would have had more of an impact on the movie if it was cast with an actor much less well known.

    I still have trouble taking Topher Grace seriously (he’s still Eric from that 70s show to me), but in this, he did manage to pull off the quietly creepy doctor bit quite well.

    All-in-all, as an homage to the original movie, Predators is fun and entertaining if lacking in some originality or creativity. A hell of a lot better than the crappy AVP movies (for a good AVP story, read the original Dark Horse comic 4 part miniseries that came out in 1989/1990), and better than Predator 2. Although, on a slight sidebar, Predator 2 works as a movie if you imagine it as a comic book. The dialogue, editing, action and everything else works so much better if you approach it as a live action comic book rather than a movie sequel.

  28. My friend and I went to see Predators. It wasn’t good. By the time the black guy trapped the team in that metal sanctuary and set it on fire, we were hoping that they would all burn to death and the credits would roll. And what’s with the clown mask for that main predator. He looked rediculous. Sucky, sucky movie.

  29. For anyone who is still confused about what exactly Topher Grace did to the girl at the end…

    He cut that flower with his scalpul (or however you spell it) but never cleaned it off. It still had the venom on it. He then cut her with the venomous blade. The venom wasn’t fresh though so she was still able to move a little and get her big @$$ gun.