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predators review Predators Review
Screen Rant’s Vic Holtreman reviews Predators

We’ve given a fair amount of coverage to the Robert Rodriguez-produced, Nimrod Antal-directed sequel, Predators. Most everything we’ve seen and heard about the sequel to the original 1987 movie has been good, and readers seem to agree. So the question is: Does the final product live up to expectations?

Pretty much, yeah.

Predators wastes no time whatsoever getting started – the first scene we get is of an unconscious Adrien Brody falling out of the sky. We’re right there with him as he wakes up groggy, and within seconds figures out his predicament and tries desperately to figure out where the ripcord is for his parachute. Nothing like a little adrenaline rush to start a movie.

A number of other people have been dropped the same way, and they’re not the friendly sort. They start firing at and fighting with each other, until they realize that maybe they’d better figure out just what the heck is going on. In the group we’ve got mercenaries, a bandit/thug, convict, special ops soldier, member of the Yakuza and incongruously, a doctor.

It doesn’t take long for them to realize that they’re no longer on Earth, but on a game preserve planet – and they’re the game. Of course the point of the movie is to watch them get picked off one by one – the only question is in what order and which of them might survive.

This time instead of one Predator, we have a number of them. This give us the opportunity to watch the humans take down one or two and get a couple of shots in instead of it happening only at the end. It was refreshing to watch an action movie these days that had no aspirations to be 3D, nor to use significant amounts of CGI. We get a lot of cool sequences in the film, including one that contains what can only be referred to as “dogs from Hell” and another where someone goes up against a Predator with nothing but a samurai sword (pretty cool, gotta say).

Unlike the original film, this one was pretty much devoid of humor – part of the appeal/fun of the original were the quirky characters and the occasional unexpected funny line. Of course some of the jokes in the film were beyond crass, but others were tongue in cheek and they all fit the characters. Here it’s pretty much all seriousness.

The story is VERY close to the original film, only it takes place on another world – and with multiple Predators. Personally, I didn’t mind – it’s a basic story but for what it is, it works. There were multiple nods to the original – in particular, as a big fan of Predator, I appreciated the music played during the closing credits.

But even within such a simple framework and for the sort of film it was, there were problems. In particular with the doctor, who while he didn’t fit in and I didn’t guess his purpose there – when it was finally revealed it seemed completely out of whack. And while I enjoyed seeing Laurence Fishburne in the film (who gave a great performance, by the way), he was kind of a non-sequiter and while how he came in was cool, what his character ends up doing is pretty stupid.

I also had a problem with the ending, with something obvious missed by Brody’s character, and a fight scene that should have been epic but was shot in such a way that I could hardly make out what was happening.

Overall, despite these issues, I enjoyed Predators a LOT, and that’s coming from someone who’s a big fan of the original, doesn’t even remember the first sequel, disliked Alien vs Predator and despised Aliens vs Predator: Requiem.

So take that for what it’s worth.

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Predators trailer:

Our Rating:

3 out of 5

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  1. The sequel, WRONG. Predator 2 was the sequel to Predator. It starred Danny Glover and a host of other actors. This film should be Predator 3: Predators. C’mon Vic get it together.

    • why are you attacking vic with regards to a movies title lol

  2. Paul77,

    Dude, relax. I said “the sequel we’ve been waiting for” – as in this one is actually GOOD. I mentioned Predator 2 at the end of the review, Mr. Righteous Indignation.


    • Predator 2 WAS good!
      i think you need to watch it again seeing that you admit not remembering it.

    • nice review, accurate to the movie itself. What I liked about the movie most is that Nimrod and Rodriguez left much to be answered, therefore making a sequel plausible and necessary. I enjoyed the the mystery aspects of some scenes kept me guessing and it was fun to talk about afterwards. Can’t wait for the next one. Keep up the good work.

  3. how come every review of predators that ive read calls predator 2 ‘forgetable’ or ‘hopeless’? and why is predators suddenly the sequel that the fans deserved.

    this movie offers nothing new from pedator 2 and avps. love them or hate them, the bottom line is theres nothing new to learn about the predators.

    the movie is called predators, so how actually featuring the predator in the movie rather than having a 45 minute build up of jungle and bad dialog? we already know what is out there hunting them so obviously the tension and surprise isnt going to work like the first movie.

    this is why i think predator 2 is a much better film than this new one. predator 2 is action from start to finish and we learn heaps of new stuff.

    edit: okay i guess the flying surveillance thing was cool and the heart beat sensor was also new.

    cringe factor on the ‘the enemy of my enemy..’ avp quote…YIKES! what were they thinking?


    • I concur my good man. I went to see it last night and was SORELY disappointed. So much potential, went to waste, and the majority of the film was a complete bore. Vic downplayed some of the issues of the film which is unfair, because they were actually HUGE issues that help make this film pretty damn bad. I think his bias towards the Predator franchise got the best of him with this film because he is right on point with his reviews 97.93 percent of the time. lol.

      In short,
      Predators sucked.

      • Barzini,

        It seems most people don’t agree:

        For what it was I thought it was good.


        • Haha. I could argue the invalidity of those ratings pretty well I think, but like i already said, I think your reviews are SPOT ON 97.93% of the time so I’m not even going to bother. Plus it’s pretty obvious by the majority of the comments that I won’t get anywhere. lol. I will admit that i said “it sucked” a little hastily, but I’m sticking to my feeling that it was a letdown and wasted ample opportunity to be an unforgettable action flick versus just being “meh.”

          • why cant people just go to a movie these days and enjoy it? i mean if people go see a movie and find its not what its cracked up to be, just get up and leave, get a refund. simple peoaple have different tastes. i liked this movie a lot, went in just wanting to see a good popcorn action flick, to me thats exactly what I got out of it. by the way predadtor 2 sucked compared to this one

  4. For me Predator 2 was an amazing movie and sequel…we got to see the Predators hunting in more than one type of terrain. We got to see the different adaptations they use to hunt in those locations and we got to see how they differed in hunting techniques (as most hunters do).

    It can be safe to say that Predator 2 took what we already knew about Predators and expanded on the history…plus who dident love Gary Busey as a crazy Predator hunting black ops operator. To me Predator 2 was almost perfect…

    I believe Predators could still be expanded on with Prequels that show all the wonderful things are fearless chrome dome hunters love to hunt.

    Surely Humans arent the hardest prey to hunt (as suggested from the trophy mantle at the end of Predator 2)

    How about a fun tribal trip to LV 76. to hunt queen aliens….you know at this point i would settle for a well done adult cartoon series (in the same vein as Spawn)

    My point is theirs so much left that we dont know about the Predator culture…the Predator is not a one dimensional creature either….with that being said why must they be restricted to the jungle? and oh yeah bring on the female Predators because we know they exist from the comics.

  5. I got so geeked when i saw a few seconds of the end of the trailer…then i saw the trailer and although it did automatically remind me of the 1st undeniable classic, i was still anticipating that i’d learn more of their culture, but after dissecting reviews from TRUE fans & regular folk, it seems like this might be a misser for me. It’s gr8 if they kept / remixed the original score. That was a big part of Predator. the score.

    Guess i’m airbending w/ my son this weekend…..

    “You’re one Ugly muther…..” – Dutch (if i recall)

  6. Predator 2 wasn’t awful but wasn’t a great movie either, I am looking forward to seeing this movie

  7. i really didnt care for the second one, it was mediocre at best.

    • its kinda hard to follow up on Arnie covered in mud and blood and Jessie Ventura mowing down trees left and right with a mini gun. Just saying.

      • touche. you’ve got a good point

  8. i also dont think this will propel Brody head first into the action genre, but he isnt the reason im seeing this to begin with lol

    • Well, despite my dislike of Brody, I actually seen 2 of his movies already this month alone, and I tried to remain open-minded for both of them, and in this one, he definitely doesn’t have that action movie hero vibe to him. The whole movie he just seemed like he was trying real hard to act tough and was doing this really fake wannabe deep voice that was so bad… I like it more if the “badass” is badass by his actions and not because he’s trying real hard to appear like it… That’s why the Die Hard character John McClane works so well for me, he never tries to act like a tough guy, never tries to talk with a raspy deep voice, but when someone’s shooting at him or trying to beat his ass, he delivers. Royce in this movie, for the entire thing, he’s acting like “yah, I’m badass, you better follow me, I do what I want and you don’t slow me down, listen to how slow and deep I talk, yah, I’m cool.” It was completely unbelievable for me while I was watching it…

  9. First, let me say that I have yet to see a Predator movie that I didn’t enjoy, and that’s including the two AVP films, to go along with the first two Predator Films. I thought the different kind of stars from the first two was interesting to say the least. OK, I admitt, I enjoyed Arnold’s portrayal of Dutch more than Danny Glovers role, but that’s not taking anything away from Danny Glover, he was great as the Cop, and Gary Bussey’s role as the Black Opt CIA agent in charge of hunting down this new oportunity for America to obtain futuristic weaponry in order to reverse-engineer the weapons for our own purposes was top notch. And, what can I say about King Willie? Great Mon, truly Great! Now, this new film from Producer Robert Rodriguez is the perfect follow-up that adds on to the Predator legacy in a whole new level. The Dogs, incredible(wish I owned a couple myself), and the inclusion of one of my favorite actors, as in Laurence Fishburne and the White Trash trailor park Walter Goggins, well, I was sitting watching this feeling that who ever did the casting of these characters should get a raise, and be in charge of all future casting of Predator movies. Although, from what I understand, the next film will start filming right after Arnold leaves public office, personally, I think his return to this franchise is longggg overdue. I can hardly wait until I see him stepping off a Blackhawk, lighting up a Cuban, and start killing everything in sight. Anyway, getting back to this film, the only thing I didn’t care for was Topher Grace(I’m sorry, everytime I look at him, it reminds me of the 70′s show), and the muscled up Adrian Brody, now don’t get me wrong I like Adrian Brody as an actor, I just can’t see him with sixpack abbs, I had to laugh a little at that. But, other than those little petpevs, I really enjoyed this film, pure Saturday afternoon popcorn at it’s best!

    • its Walton, not for arnie returning to films, or action, dont hold your breath my friend

  10. Just got back from Predators and I may be biased but it was almost everything i wanted…my only beef was the predators used the same technology from the first movie and that was it…plus where were the Pred from the first movie look a likes buddies…they clearly told us they travel in three’s. I dident really get Topher Grace either…he clearly wasnt a threat to anyone accept the girl…nice touch with her being IDF though…made it a little more believable she was special ops.

    Overall i loved the movie for what it was…it was an action movie. A little low on the Sci Fi factor but thats really forgivable. I did enjoy the ending but i think it was slightly lacking. I will see it once more before it leaves theatres and thats a promise.

    • he was the comic relief in my opinion….with out him, this film would have been much darker with everyone grunting and yelling all the time :-P

  11. Predators undeniably belongs right beside the other two predator movies…was it better than Pred 2 (Not in my opinion) but it was a great guilty pleasure…much better than the AvP franchise.

  12. Just saw it, and it is good, the story is coherent and paces itself pretty well, there’s a good dose of suspense (although I never really felt surprised by anything) this feels more like a revisiting or homage to the original than a new take on the franchise, in other words it almost feels like it could have been made twenty years ago, it feels a bit dated and redundant. There’s never really a moment when you feel like you’re being reintroduced to the Predators again, of course we know what they are and what they look like (most of us anyway) but I mean you just don’t feel that real suspense of being introduced to them again on THEIR terms this time. You can tell that’s what the filmmaker was reaching for and fell just a little short. I’d give it a 3 out of 5, if you’re a fan of the original and the franchise in general you’ll either enjoy this homage or it’ll just feel like retread, if you’re not, it’s a good suspense sci fi action flick if not anything you’ll remember too long after the credits roll.

  13. The soundtrack was consistent with the first film throughout, which made the movie that much more enjoyable. I especially liked all the nods to the original, although I felt it was a little forced at the end. Great sequel.


  14. I just got back from the movie.

    I thought the plot was decent not too bloated or over complicated. Just enough to keep the plot moving and set up the sequel (which needs to be made). Yes Topher Grace’s big reveal was really underwhelming, but his one liners were reason enough to have him in this movie. And I have to say that I am now an even bigger fan of Adrien Brody, he really upped his game for this film.

    The action was superb, and the sword fight between the predator and the yakuza guy is going right up there on my favorite film moments. That goes also for how the death row guy dies (hey its a predator movie, everyone dies in the end but the leading man). There are acouple lines in this movie that I’m probably gonna remember for a long time.

    The new predators are SCARY….seriously its about time that I felt some sense of dread again with them in a movie. And the description about why Mr. Black and gang are different from the original predators is plausible enough to not take you out of the movie and creatively adds to the film universe instead of rehashing the same stuff from previous films.

    I have to say the gore in this movie is on a level that would make the Saw movies blush. And its a good thing! Directors and studios these days are so worried about politically correct and reaching the largest audience possible that they sacrifice substance for the pg-13 rating.

    Thats all, goodnight.

  15. Let me guess- the black guys get killed first?

    • actually its the mexican that gets killed first in this film by the preditor i think. i cant remember if thats before or after they run into the traps set by the dead american special forces

  16. Well TECHNICALLY this IS THE SEQUEL because this movie was originally STARTEd 15 years ago BEFORE predator 2 so that means Predator 2 is actually Predator 3…

    • Wrong, the type of weapons they had puts after Predator 2. this movie was Predator 3. jsut because they chose to not mention Predator 2 because of haters who of been t-bagged in real life by Danny Glover, doesn’t mean this happened right after Arnold’s Movie. In Predator 2 they even had a linker that was pretty much the same spill given in this movie to the original. THIS IS PART 3 a sequel AFTER 2.

  17. Just saw the film. I thought it was great! Being a huge fan of the first one made it that much more enjoyable. And also the fact that the script was originally written in 1988 by Rodriguez and slated to be the original sequel to the first made sense. Tell me if I’m wrong, but the “dogs” looked a hell of a lot like the skull on the left side of the trophy case in the ship in Predator 2. Finally I get to see what one of those things looks like. All the holes in the face of the skull are where the horns would come out. Check it out and let me know what you guys think.

  18. This movie was decent. I know I’m in the minority when I say this, but I like Predator 2 just a lil bit better. Still this is the tone and pace of movie that should have been in the crap ass AVP series. Maybe Nimrod should direct the next one, and hopefully it will be futuristic, Im tired of this modern day crap with the AVP series. Will there be a spoilers discussion going up for PREDATORS?

    • No i agree with you Sin187um Predator 2 was much better to me also. Plus i loved the different weapons (which im guessing dident make it into this movie because they were more suited to urban terrain????)

      Plus no one could move like Kevin Hall…Something the predators were missing in this new movie was to me a lack of energy lol. They dident move fast at all. Kevin Hall had his predator sprinting and jumping trees and buildings. Which to me was so much more scarier…shyt if i can outrun you then thats not scary lol.

      I agree the next one should go back to the city…maybe a prequel where we see Predators hunting in Mafia run New york or Chicago lol…ok ok i know thats a terrible idea but i really am hungry to know about the Predators past exploits.

  19. I saw the film on friday. I know this a lot, it is I just love the whole concept and story behind the Predator franchise.
    The movie was pleasant. I like the first two films.I agree, this one fits right into it. I have to admit that the beginning takes you in immediately. Absolutely loved that.
    You feel as if you are in Adrian Brody’s mind “like what the hell is going on and OH S–t!!!!”. A true way to bring you into this world.
    The pacing worked well. Even though the situation called for urgency and frenzy, through out most of the film the story never seems to be rushed and forced upon you.
    I say most of the film because like most films( in my opinion) the ending starts to lose pace. Many movies starts to speed up too fast or taper off too slow. Understandable, timing issues and such.
    The casting was chosen well. Adrian Brody, made his role extremely believable in my eyes. He has one of the dynamic looks, he can play a nerd,someone who is special, and I feel because of the seriousness in his eyes, he can play a tough guy mercernary and other serious roles.
    Now, I am no fan of comic relief but I do understand the importance of it and how it adds a much needed change to the emotion of the story so I did not mind Topher Grace’s envolvement in the film.
    The action was exciting and precise, I thought the kills could have been a little more inventive and gory(I’m gore hound).
    Now for my cons, I feel that the Predators are looking too vunerable these days. Easily being bested by their hunts. Some feel that this is cool. I feel that it takes away from that crowning sense of accomplishment of the last man standing. You know that David verse Goliath tale.
    Next the story is not evolving at all. This felt like a rehash( not a bad thing since the source material is superb). The movie is called “Predators” it is what they do, they hunt. Even in a different enviroment it felt the same. Jungle, humans, and hunt.
    That is the one the things about the AVP movies that I did appreciate. Having the Aliens actually apart of the hunt and as one of the main characters in the film switch the dynamic of the story a little more.
    I do not know how they can add to the story of the Predators through film. I would love to know more about their culture, their world. What drives them to want to be the absolute best hunters and fighters in the all the galaxies.
    It does not seem that they have a sense of world domination over other planets, it seems they could do that with ease. If indeed that is what their are doing, who have they done this to.
    I know this is truly impossible for film. Dare I say it? A Predator protagonist, their point of view of things.This has been some what attempted in AVP and others( the whole an enemy, of my enemy thing..)but something gets lost in its translation when it even attempted in film(even though I have defended these actions to friends). I guess that something the comics cover( note to self: start getting into them now).
    All in all, it was good average sci-fi action film. Check it out.

  20. Yeah I opt we go back to the city for the next movie…maybe they could hunt in Rio aka “The City of God”. Or some other war zone. Guys like RR only chose the jungle because its familar to them…but we know from Comics that the Preds hunt in every type of terrain imaginable.

    So these are my ideal locations for the next Predator movies:

    We move the Predators back to Earth but this time they’re hunting in the “city of God” aka Rio Di Jinero or some other war/combat zone.

    Another thought what if we move the battle to the Predators home planet.

    and lastly:
    We finish off the whole AVP mess with one solid movie…we send a Predator Hunting party to LV76 along the way they encounter colonial marines…all hell breaks loose.

    • “We finish off the whole AVP mess with one solid movie…we send a Predator Hunting party to LV76 along the way they encounter colonial marines…all hell breaks loose.”..I am digging that.
      That way you can add how human technology and weapons have advanced and make a great fight. Although, if human technology has advanced, so has Predators.They should give them suits that give the Predators the ability to actually teleport(lol).

      • iceman09,
        actually, they really have to stop with alien vs predators vs marines bulls**t. If you remember Batmen returns, everytime too many characters get introduced into a film with limited screen time, focus always wanders around. I really hope not just film makers but some of audiences who desperately wanted AVP movies learned that with two formidable foes like aliens and predators, focus will be gone and storyline will be thin. Naturally, I sincerely hope that not many nerdie ( or whatever is called ) audiences start asking the movie studio to include any other addition to this seeminigly revived franchise any more.

      • “We finish off the whole AVP mess with one solid movie…we send a Predator Hunting party to LV76 along the way they encounter colonial marines…all hell breaks loose.”..I am digging that.

        He, he… OK I’ll play this game it seems fun. The Marines are traveling through space and they run into a predator craft that Brody and company stole to get off Pred-club-med or whatever it was called. Only thing is they were being pursued by a Predator ship on its way to LV76. So it grabs them all and continues on to LV76. There, Brodie’s crew “The hard cases” find they missed Earth but traveling through space-time came forward and discover they can’t get back to their time.

        cast: Dwayne Johnson, Stephen Lang, Laz Alonso, John Cena, Manu Bennett, Frank Carlopio, Adrien Brody and Alice Braga of course and Giovanni Ribisi taking Paul Reiser job as the newest “Company” slime. Any suggestions to expand the fantasy story or for Brodie’s “Hard cases” plus a few good men to fill out the platoon?

        • lol…..

  21. There is a bit of debate on if this is better than 1990′s Predator 2 or not. To each his own. I didn’t mind Predator 2, but the new sequel is much more satisfying. I have little respect for some of the early spoilers from the ‘net, but even with this information, I still liked the film a lot. When Vic says “this was the sequel we waited for” that’s spot on.

    One of the biggest- and best surprises was the new “faction” of “less honorable” Predators, and the way some characters go out. Some folks are pointing the finger at Grace for being annoying. Even though, thanks to the spolierage internet, I knew why he was there in the first place (and thus his talking falicy confession unimpressive) but the bottom line on Grace is this: I found that early on his character provided some comic relief, It also gives hint that, given time, he could become “the next Nolan” so to speak. That was my take, so I gave him a pass.

    Alice Braga.
    Future Wonder Woman.
    Future Mrs. Seel- hey, don’t break my heart lol!

  22. Remember when the Native American guy from the original Predator takes out his knife at the end and you don’t get to see him fight the Predator because it just kills him? Well, this time you actually get to see one of the humans fight the Predator with a samurai sword in an open field. It’s one of the most satisfying portions of the film.

    The lack of CGI is also extremely refreshing. The only thing I disliked about it was Topher Grace at the end. Kind of random what he does.

  23. “Hunting is not a sport. In a sport, both sides know they are in the game.”

    Paul Rodriguez

    ……unless you are Hollywood and making a Predator film, in which case the rule of thumb is…… NEVER have the monster just hunt the character he MUST always stop in the middle of said hunt and pose for the victim. This is, of course, necessary to add suspense you do not already have while watching a seven foot tall alien with advanced weaponry whom hides behind a light-bending cloak field chasing his prey down with harrowing speed in the jungle. Did the producer actually see the first film?

    That question you will be asking yourself as you leave the theater disappointed yet again. As if AVP wasn’t enough, the nine dollar and fifty cent movie ticket street shank, the GOD please give more of that dialogue-I-have-heard-a-dozen-times like, ” That’s’ not a knife, this is a knife” or perhaps the seriously failed attempt to tie this script to the first movie. I simply MUST say that again, YOU BLEW THE STORY WITH A COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY BACKGROUNDER. In this miserable adaptation of Dark Horse legacy you will find just about every action-movie cliché’ and just for fun a few scenes stolen from recent memory- see Pandorum. The production studio added its’ own artistic additions to the Predator story increasing the lameness-factor with a two-tiered alien society and Jurassic Park dogs- Yippie. How unoriginal can you get? Apparently unlike the folks at DH, you can get very unoriginal, even to the point of boring. Did anyone else who follows MMA think that Oleg would get a drawn-out, boxing-take-it-to-the-ground and die trying to pin the alien moment? Psst, Troublemaker……he was that guy in UFC who would take horrendous pain and while bloody-from-battle, still win.

    Movie-making of this caliber is more science than art, see Webster’s;

    Main Entry: pick•pock•et
    Function: noun
    Date: 1591
    :a thief who picks pockets

    I just wish someone at Troublemaker Studios would have told me that I was buying a ticket to the carny-ride before I ended up in the morgue.

    Hollywood GFY

  24. I’m hoping we’ll get a spoiler discussion section for this. There’s some things I wanted to get others’ opinions on.

    Good review, by the way. I gave it 7/10, which is essentially the same rating you guys gave it. It wasn’t quite as good as Predator 2, but it did a lot to repair the damage done to the franchise. I hope they do a sequel or two. The movie is a pretty good setup for potentially better sequels.

  25. Not always that easy Anthony alot of theaters won’t give you a refund simply because you didn’t enjoy it. Believe me I’ve tried lol. I have 5 theaters in a 50 mile area of me and not one of them would give me a refund because I didn’t like the film. If there was a technical problem or some jerks ruining my experience sure but not for simply not enjoying it.

    • Hey Daniel f,

      Your comment got through. :)


      • oh i know daniel lol.

  26. i went to see this film and thought it was a good insight to part if the predator culture. i still want to know how they conceived the alien part of it. were humans not that great a challenge, or did they manufacture that after the fact? the one thing i really want to know is why there was no advertising at all about this film? we only knew about it when we saw the A team. some other moviegoers were wondering the same thing. if there is a sequel, i hope it’s done with the same attention to detail as this one.

  27. Are they supposed to be on an alien world? Or is that answer a spoiler?

    If they are on an alien world that’s pretty low budget for an alien world.

    I’ve seen some alien worlds and they don’t look like Montana.

    • one too many abductions 790? lol J/K!!! maybe they chose the predator world because they thought it was time to use a world that the predators would have the advantage of knowing the terrain, but thats just my opinion

  28. the 2nd movie is good…people just crap on it because its fashionable to do so….this new film is a worthy addition to the original 2 films

    • lol mat, im not voicing my dislike for predator 2 to be “fashionable” i generally didnt like it.i know im one of the few here that didnt either but ask me if i care?

  29. Saw it today. Thought it was ehh just ok, was just a mere extension of the first one without grabbing my interest. I got up about 4 times to use the restroom and smoke.

    It didnt suck, it might just be my own mood for wanting better stories.

    I find myself getting Asian films lately, cant seem to find any new movies here in the US that are doin it for me. Just a phase probably.

    • redeem your dissapointment by watching the killer and hardboiled tonight IntelliQ lol (even if you have seen them)

      • A few John Woo flicks, and chased down with Crank. :-p

        • LOL very nice man