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predators review Predators Review
Screen Rant’s Vic Holtreman reviews Predators

We’ve given a fair amount of coverage to the Robert Rodriguez-produced, Nimrod Antal-directed sequel, Predators. Most everything we’ve seen and heard about the sequel to the original 1987 movie has been good, and readers seem to agree. So the question is: Does the final product live up to expectations?

Pretty much, yeah.

Predators wastes no time whatsoever getting started – the first scene we get is of an unconscious Adrien Brody falling out of the sky. We’re right there with him as he wakes up groggy, and within seconds figures out his predicament and tries desperately to figure out where the ripcord is for his parachute. Nothing like a little adrenaline rush to start a movie.

A number of other people have been dropped the same way, and they’re not the friendly sort. They start firing at and fighting with each other, until they realize that maybe they’d better figure out just what the heck is going on. In the group we’ve got mercenaries, a bandit/thug, convict, special ops soldier, member of the Yakuza and incongruously, a doctor.

It doesn’t take long for them to realize that they’re no longer on Earth, but on a game preserve planet – and they’re the game. Of course the point of the movie is to watch them get picked off one by one – the only question is in what order and which of them might survive.

This time instead of one Predator, we have a number of them. This give us the opportunity to watch the humans take down one or two and get a couple of shots in instead of it happening only at the end. It was refreshing to watch an action movie these days that had no aspirations to be 3D, nor to use significant amounts of CGI. We get a lot of cool sequences in the film, including one that contains what can only be referred to as “dogs from Hell” and another where someone goes up against a Predator with nothing but a samurai sword (pretty cool, gotta say).

Unlike the original film, this one was pretty much devoid of humor – part of the appeal/fun of the original were the quirky characters and the occasional unexpected funny line. Of course some of the jokes in the film were beyond crass, but others were tongue in cheek and they all fit the characters. Here it’s pretty much all seriousness.

The story is VERY close to the original film, only it takes place on another world – and with multiple Predators. Personally, I didn’t mind – it’s a basic story but for what it is, it works. There were multiple nods to the original – in particular, as a big fan of Predator, I appreciated the music played during the closing credits.

But even within such a simple framework and for the sort of film it was, there were problems. In particular with the doctor, who while he didn’t fit in and I didn’t guess his purpose there – when it was finally revealed it seemed completely out of whack. And while I enjoyed seeing Laurence Fishburne in the film (who gave a great performance, by the way), he was kind of a non-sequiter and while how he came in was cool, what his character ends up doing is pretty stupid.

I also had a problem with the ending, with something obvious missed by Brody’s character, and a fight scene that should have been epic but was shot in such a way that I could hardly make out what was happening.

Overall, despite these issues, I enjoyed Predators a LOT, and that’s coming from someone who’s a big fan of the original, doesn’t even remember the first sequel, disliked Alien vs Predator and despised Aliens vs Predator: Requiem.

So take that for what it’s worth.

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Our Rating:

3 out of 5

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  1. I’ve been waiting for this review for a while now. I can’t WAIT to see this. Huge Predator fan here. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

  2. Yeahhhhhh! Really glad this didn’t tank! Nothing like a straight up ass-kicking flick in the summer. :)

  3. Brody is such a little girl I’m shocked he doesn’t spend most the film out cold.

    • Brody is not a little girl in this movie. Pulls off mercenary quite well.


      • I take it this only got 3.5 stars because Brody does not use his nose to beak a predator to death, cuz that would be funny. :P j/k

        • i can not express in any amount of words how much that amuses me

        • That’s so wrong… yet is so right at the same time… lol. :-D

        • Or if a Predator spares his life because his eyebrows make him look so sad that they feel sorry for him or decide he’s not worth the effort, lol.

          • Don’t make me PIANIST you, Predator!!

    • Except for The Piano, the roles Ive seen him in arent pacifist or weak. Not a great fan of his, but he’s certainly diverse. He just looks weird.

  4. I figured Rodriguez would do something good with this franchise. I’m looking forward to it. This summer has been pretty blah so far

  5. Now that was just mean :)

    Nice Review Vic. Can’t wait to see this movie. I do own both Predators and both AVP’s. I definitely like the Predators way more than the Aliens but i thought it was cool to see them fight. (Not enough for any more though). Good to see Predators killing people again!

  6. I was hoping laurence lived. man why did you give it away.

    • Martin,

      That wasn’t my intention. I thought I was being vague in my use of “in” and “out,” but I’ve adjusted my phrasing so it’s not spoilerish.

      Sorry about that.


      • So he does die? Awh Man

        • Shocker The Only Black Guy Doesn’t Make It.SMH.

  7. Not trying to be mean Vic but I can’t grasp how anyone can take Brody seriously in this role. Ok no matter how much he has worked out he’s still small however that wouldn’t be a problem if this was your run of the mil action film. This is Predators though and these are suppose to be the baddest of the bad.

    Size aside though the biggest issue is his face. Brody has got to be one of the least toughest looking guys i’ve seen in my life. He makes Toby Maguire look like a bad ass. He could throw on 40 more pounds of muscle and I still wouldn’t be intemidated. Some guys cam pull off not being large because they just look tough guys like Bruce Willis or Clint Eastwood. Brody couldn’t look tough if he was getting paid to because they are paying him to and he doesn’t. Watching trailers and seeing his pictured trying to be a bad ass just makes me laugh.

    • Dude I mean this in all honesty.You complain and rant about stuff way too much.Like everyonr deserves an opinion,thats why I love this site bc the writers have valuable opinions.However you hate everything and act like you know everything.Adrian Brody as a merc is something new rather than the cliche “AHHHHnuld” or Clint Eastwood tough guy appeal.Its called thinking out the box.I really wanna see this movie and I plan on it,as should everyone else.As for you,I hope you find another site bc u seriously complain too much.If anything,you would be “the little girl crying out in the cold.” Great review Vic,can’t wait to see this one and inception…

    • Don’t judge Brody’s performance before you’ve seen the movie.

      • What do you call a woodpecker without a beak?

        Well I’ll say one thing about Brodie’s character. He’s a tainted hero, and not as likable as Arnold’s character was. Perhaps that somewhat balances the scales. Their is also some new story that I think helps temper the whole Predator series.

        One thing I realized after Predator 2 was that the whole idea is a one trick wonder. The reveal of the alien, the truth behind it all. You can’t stuff that trick back in the box and really everyone is looking for that. The next best acceptable thing seems to be to adhere to the formula in such a way that the little twists and they most likely will always have to remain little, become the entertainment you look forward to. In number two it was the fight in the steel jungle and this one the twist is the preserve. Answer; A head banger…

    • @vic

      bout the banter between the characters, i think the thing to realize, is that these people are NOT friends. this is the first time they have met by being thrown into this situation together. They have no rapport and no history with each other like a group of special forces soldiers in vietnam. Which is what the other film kept at the forefront.

      • it wasnt in vietnam!

        • I think he means that Dutch & Dillon served together in Vietnam so they had a history.

  8. don’t you know the black guy never lives in these kinds of movies except if he is the main ass kicking hero lol,yeah thats the way it works.thats also maybe why predator 2 failed among many people(they wanted to see you know who get killed),i liked predator 2,i thought it was a good follow up to change the setting like i wouldnt want to see the same s*** over again with a buncha people stuck in a jungle.

  9. The only real problem was the structure of the story. Direction, casting and premise were great it just seemed a little too much like the original.
    Contrary to what Rodriguez hoped for this movie wasn’t quite what aliens was to alien. I would have liked to learn a little bit more about the predators.
    The creators of these movies should give fans a bit more credit and allow the sotry to expand in interesting directions, but I guess that’s hard when you get all these fans despising the later two alien sequels (I mean 3 & 4 not AVP) which are highly under rated.

    • I havent seen the movie yet, but after reading most of the comments here Im in agreement with you on the notion that exploring the predator would be a more interesting way to go.

  10. Sweet, was hoping this would actually be good. Think I’ll actually go see this this weekend.

    I actually liked the first Alien v Predator, quite alot, but the second one was all kinds of terrible.

  11. YES!!! Vic , ur so right (even tho i uld have given 4 stars)

    just came out of my screening and i fully enjoyed it!

    only problems i had:

    Brody is ok but a Gerald Butler would have done better in my eyes.
    Some CGI was bad and with some im talkin about one explosion ^^.

    The rest was just very good. I especialy love the way the movie pays an optic tribute to the oiginal in every act.
    This is truly the sequel I was hoping for. It had the classic themed score, it was deep jungle, badass cast (incluing topper grace ^^) the Predators looked very good and im just so damn happy it didn’t suck.

    thank you robert r. xD

    • are you kiddin me the score was used over and over, its probably what ruined the mpvie for me, the fact that they where so keen on pleasing the fans that they had to include old school music for a modern remake.
      they should have made a new more intense score for this PoS instead of remixing the original abit.

      • the predator score is the predator score. stop complaining, thats how it is.

      • hell no, the score is incredible and works!
        i totaly want those references to the old classic movie!

  12. Huge fan of the 1st and loved the premise of the 2nd Predator but it seems like it was’nt executed right and the casting sucked but the whole Idea that the alien ventured in the big city was a plus!

  13. OK, so I take it Brody’s character is a doctor and not a “Bad ass” military guy? Alright, it’s SLIGHTLY more acceptable…

    I’m not someone who thinks that the “Yakuza” are cool or looks up to the whole Japanese “Death before Dishonor” Samurai way, Ninjas, or whatever like others do. I’m not a fan of Adrian Brody, I’m not a huge fan of Robert Rodriguez’s previous films, and I’m neutral about Lawrence Fishburn, so there’s very little that draws me into this movie, I think I’m going to either wait for the rental, or if someone drags me to see this movie, but I’m not very motivated to see it…

    • Lol get with it

  14. You can make fun of Brody as much as you want. He’s making boat loads of money… and you’re not. :)

  15. Wow Truth did I slap your mother or something?if you don’t like what I have to say ignore me instead of talking crap about me or try to start a disscusion instead of jumping straight to personal insults. Do you treat everyone you disagree with like crap when they were not even talking to you?

    My point is you can call it out of the box all you want the point Is that he isn’t even remotely believable in this role it’s impossible to look at him with out laughing at the absudity of him.

    If you disagree fine but don’t be an ass about it and insult me.

  16. *cricket*cricket*….

  17. My son shot his first moose this year, at ten years old. When we butchered it, I pulled out the heart and told him to give me the Predator scream. He hoisted that sucker over his head, and wailed as loud as he could. Then, I put some blood on my finger, and marked his forehead. Got it all on video. Frickin’ sweet!

    Yeah, we’ll be there for sure.

    • not sure how that relates to anything here lol but thats just me

  18. Foopher I’m not judging Brodys performance I find him to be a good actor hell he was my top pick for the Joker. I’m judging his physical features. His size , his build, and his Pansy looking face.

    • lol@his pansy face

  19. i give this a 2.5/5
    there was hardly any detail towards the characters, short and garbage action scenes and garbage dialogue (the ones that weren’t ripped right out of the original).

    also was it just me or was the convict a wasted character ? and what about the yakuza who just dies without us even seeing how (i doubt the slash across the back would’ve killed him). then you have the ‘help the predator help us’ BS they had in the 1st AVP.

    imo this was another garbage remake/reboot, which tried really hard to be the original… just like the elm street remake/reboot.
    seriously almost everyone in the cinema was like wtf at the last half hour of the movie (when topher reveals himself)…

    P.S the only pro’s of the movie where fishburgh and the mentioning of dutch.

  20. Definitely a 3.5 star movie, four if your a hardcore “predator” fan. Honestly didn’t miss the humor much, got too involved in the story. It closely models the original. Amazed how much Walton Goggins came off like Bill Paxton. Almost thought it was him at the very beginning before I got a good look at his face.

  21. i am only guessing but I’m assuming the twist thats out of whack with the “doctor” character that topher grace plays is that he’s Jack the Ripper…which means that time travel is at play..but then i could be totally wrong as well..but what a cool twist that can be..

  22. Administrator: My comments arent showing in this thread. Maybe Im caught in a spam filter?

    • FYI: I was using IE and it was acting very slow, so I switched to Chrome a few minutes ago and posts are showing up, things are flying quickly.

      • Chrome is pretty fast, but I’m a bit wary of Google, don’t want to give them the chance of being able to track everything I do on the internet, lol. j/k :-P

  23. At least Michelle Rodriguez isnt in this playing her usual character.

    • use firefox for your internet issues, its way more stable

      • Not from my experiences, screenrant was freezing every 10 minutes or so when I was using Firefox about a week ago… No problems with IE so far, except the other day kept getting “Cannot open socket” errors, but they have mysteriously disappeared… Think Vic fixed the issue…

  24. Predator was gold, Predator 2 silver and this a definately bronze! It was ok, but something was missing! Fun but nowhere near as good as 1, and hey 2 was actually a great film with a slightly tacky ending! I’m a little dissapointed with Predators, but it did entertain, but it wont become a classic! Maybe re-watch part 2!

  25. standout character fpr me was the yakuza!
    the moment he graps the sword and realizes waht that is (old, maybe huge quality)…you can totaly see how he innerly freaks out. he even talks at that point. I realy liked this.

    Another drawback i didnt mention earlier is that u realy could see how clumsy it prolly is to move with such a huge suit. I guess u realy cant bring anything agile and big on screen without cgi. On the contrary im very happy it barly had any CG!

    @jwalka: i cant possibly say how happy i am that they reused the original score. that paired with the slow jungle shots just made half of the movie for me! that what i even would calll a true sequel feeling.

    The introduction of several predator tribes even gave mnore depth to this whole franchise in a good way.

    It is true it didnt beat the first one by far (that is not possible….to iconic). But it didnt dissapoint me and is a true additn unliky the AvP garbage

    • I think the suite problem has to do with the fact that they really couldn’t find anyone as tall and agile as Kevin Peter Hall (the Original Predator in 1 and 2, and Harry from Harry and the hendersons) for the up close shots, and also I believe they used an orangutan for the tree shots in the first Predator. But I’m glad it’s not CGI Predators

  26. I like Adrian Brody and Walton Goggins won me over in “Justified” and I think this movie sounds like a great summer flick.

    Is it a problem that I haven’t seen the original “Predators?” I’ve always been too much of an “Alien/Aliens” fan to branch into “Predator” territory. Should I see the first “Predators” before I see this remake/sequel?

    • what the hell is wrong with you, you havent seen the predator yet???

      • See above post.

  27. Oh I just love the mixed reviews on this post! Makes me wanna see it more!
    And WAW! No more Captha thingy. That’s the way :-)

  28. really disappointed with this new movie … nice idea – but nothing extraordinarily good to me . I guess i just expected to much – don’t know .

  29. How does Predators fit in with the continuity of the rest of the films? Does it ignore the events of Predator 2 and the Alien vs Predator films like it was rumoured to?

    • GoldSpire,

      It takes place present-day, 20+ years after the original. It ignores all the other movies.


      • i woldnt say it ignores the other movies, lets just say predators doesnt make references to them and it doesnt really need to being set on a different planet anyways. i just assumee that chick who references arnie didnt know about the events that occured in predator 2 and the avp movies.