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predators review Predators Review
Screen Rant’s Vic Holtreman reviews Predators

We’ve given a fair amount of coverage to the Robert Rodriguez-produced, Nimrod Antal-directed sequel, Predators. Most everything we’ve seen and heard about the sequel to the original 1987 movie has been good, and readers seem to agree. So the question is: Does the final product live up to expectations?

Pretty much, yeah.

Predators wastes no time whatsoever getting started – the first scene we get is of an unconscious Adrien Brody falling out of the sky. We’re right there with him as he wakes up groggy, and within seconds figures out his predicament and tries desperately to figure out where the ripcord is for his parachute. Nothing like a little adrenaline rush to start a movie.

A number of other people have been dropped the same way, and they’re not the friendly sort. They start firing at and fighting with each other, until they realize that maybe they’d better figure out just what the heck is going on. In the group we’ve got mercenaries, a bandit/thug, convict, special ops soldier, member of the Yakuza and incongruously, a doctor.

It doesn’t take long for them to realize that they’re no longer on Earth, but on a game preserve planet – and they’re the game. Of course the point of the movie is to watch them get picked off one by one – the only question is in what order and which of them might survive.

This time instead of one Predator, we have a number of them. This give us the opportunity to watch the humans take down one or two and get a couple of shots in instead of it happening only at the end. It was refreshing to watch an action movie these days that had no aspirations to be 3D, nor to use significant amounts of CGI. We get a lot of cool sequences in the film, including one that contains what can only be referred to as “dogs from Hell” and another where someone goes up against a Predator with nothing but a samurai sword (pretty cool, gotta say).

Unlike the original film, this one was pretty much devoid of humor – part of the appeal/fun of the original were the quirky characters and the occasional unexpected funny line. Of course some of the jokes in the film were beyond crass, but others were tongue in cheek and they all fit the characters. Here it’s pretty much all seriousness.

The story is VERY close to the original film, only it takes place on another world – and with multiple Predators. Personally, I didn’t mind – it’s a basic story but for what it is, it works. There were multiple nods to the original – in particular, as a big fan of Predator, I appreciated the music played during the closing credits.

But even within such a simple framework and for the sort of film it was, there were problems. In particular with the doctor, who while he didn’t fit in and I didn’t guess his purpose there – when it was finally revealed it seemed completely out of whack. And while I enjoyed seeing Laurence Fishburne in the film (who gave a great performance, by the way), he was kind of a non-sequiter and while how he came in was cool, what his character ends up doing is pretty stupid.

I also had a problem with the ending, with something obvious missed by Brody’s character, and a fight scene that should have been epic but was shot in such a way that I could hardly make out what was happening.

Overall, despite these issues, I enjoyed Predators a LOT, and that’s coming from someone who’s a big fan of the original, doesn’t even remember the first sequel, disliked Alien vs Predator and despised Aliens vs Predator: Requiem.

So take that for what it’s worth.

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3 out of 5

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  1. So I saw this movie a couple of days ago. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t really good either. With the “new” predators, I would have liked to see more of this supposed blood feud. Maybe even seen how they worked together or communicated. Being that it was a Predator movie, I can’t say I was disappointed.
    But when did Adrian Brody become an action star, after King Kong? I have a hard time buying him as a bad-ass. Not because of his acting, but just his build. I guess you can call him “wiry.”

  2. This movie makes me curious, I think I should rent this movie and see what is this “new” predator looks like.

  3. “Predators” – hah. How can they be so lousy fighters. They have all the high tech weapons and technology and power and still bunch of gyus from earth kills them easily. I had a lot of expectation but what a stupid movie. Bad dialogue, bad casting, bad storyline and stupid end. Feels that they really underestimate the audience.

  4. The movie was ok, but there was to much missing.


    First of all, to many predators for me. One hunter and one captured strung on a pole would have been enough. One pred is a big enough challange for us humans and enough to see the rivalry between the 2 preds. And the captured pred helping brody was way to AvP… thats not good…

    I did like Topher’ character, but it was not necessary in this movie. It is a movie about hunting preds not dubbelcrosses and crazy psychos. His character was good, but played out wrong…

    The biggest problem was i did not feel the danger. In the first (and even the second) movie, when they walk trough the jungle/streets you feel the predator, you feel the danger. In this one, even at the basecamp of the preds, i did not feel any danger, there was no evil lurking around the corner. They only managed to bring that feeling at the destroyed facility when Topher was cut of the group.


    • Well the Predator helping Brody was just showing (as it was in AVP) that this breed is not just a bunch of mindless killers. They hunt for sport and have a code of honor. That’s why they hunt on earth and not on a game reserve planet.

      The three big ones however are more on the mindless killer side. the still “hunt”, but they cheat a little.

  5. Bad acting, a ninja in the movie, and no where near as good as predator with Arnold.

    • Bad acting? …………………… what?

  6. i wanna watch this :) cant wait

  7. I really enjoyed as a one-time watch. Absolutely no desire to watch it again, but it was an entertaining and intense action movie with fine characters and Brody pawning in the role.

  8. there are many sci/fi action movies that i can just simply watch at all times. predator is one of them. this movie to me is like james lipton meeting paul newman, pacino and brando all in one sitting. i gotta say – i love it. now, when you take the simple, but intimidating concept like the predator why would you set it up so greatly just to ruin it by horrid FX, dull dialogue, and sub-par acting. i went to the theatres so thrilled. so hyped. i seriously had confidence that it would worth seeing. mostly, if not all from rodgriguez being linked to it… but no i totally forgot my faith was in the the guy who invented “spy-kids.” The beginning – good. intriguing, cool characters, youre curious to know more…

    but im sorry – we have our crazed doctor who knows poison flowers on a predator rock hunting preseve not of the earth, crazed larry fishburne who helps them only to NOT help them. i must say i should have walked out of the theatre as soon as i saw the larry’s CGI ass evaporate. WHAT. WAS. THAT. people ive seen all predator movies to date. avp, avp requiem and i have not seen such a cheat, such a cop out death like that in any of them. predators savor their kills. yes i understand they have updated their technology in this one, but i would have settled for a good beefy cauterized whole on larry’s body than what they chose, which was nothing but a cop out. moreover, the CGI predator blood that literally looked liked the sci fi channel effects. when i thought at least one scene would be worth watching – yakuza vs. predator and they did it again – set it up only to be ruined. yakuza is left behind, tall grass, wind, some cool aerial shots of two figures in the grass. what could have been such an epic battle was deemed so uneventful. i just dont know how they ended up making it so dull! it looked like they tried to pay homage to probably an old samurai movie (this was probably highly influenced by tarintino to rodriguez) and just failed in the process. also – adrien brody? adrien brody as a hitman/mercenary? a hitman/mercenary with feelings? a hitman/mercenary who magically has his revelation of “oh yes! he CAN care about people other than myself!” all while fighting off predators and trying to save his fellow other mercenaries? its a bit much huh? now, ive obviously ranted all i over the place with this and dont know how to end. peace.