New ‘Predators’ Images Reveal the Monsters

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Predators1 New Predators Images Reveal the Monsters

The battle between Predator and Man gets an upgrade this summer in 20th Century Fox’s Predators, the new sci-fi/action thriller that is being produced by potential Deadpool director Robert Rodriguez and helmed by Nimród Antal (Armored).

We now have an excellent photo gallery for Predators that includes several detailed pics of the alien hunters’ slightly improved (but still recognizable) design – not to mention images of the human characters looking understandably distressed about their current circumstances.

Here’s the official description of the film, for those not in the know:

A bold new chapter in the Predator universe, Predators was shot on location under Rodriguez’s creative auspices at the filmmaker’s Austin-based Troublemaker Studios, and is directed by Nimród Antal.

The film stars Adrien Brody as Royce, a mercenary who reluctantly leads a group of elite warriors who come to realize they’ve been brought together on an alien planet… as prey.  With the exception of a disgraced physician, they are all cold-blooded killers – mercenaries, Yakuza, convicts, death squad members – human “predators” that are now being systematically hunted and eliminated by a new breed of alien Predators.

In addition to Brody, the film stars Topher Grace, Alice Braga, and Laurence Fishburne. Co-starring are Walton Goggins, Danny Trejo, Oleg Taktarov and Mahershalalhashbaz Ali.

Predators Crew New Predators Images Reveal the Monsters

The second Predators trailer was big on the foreboding atmosphere and dark, grainy visual design of the film, which itself looks to be more of a white-knuckle thriller than a non-stop shoot ’em up.  These new movie stills offer an even better look at the flick’s top-notch production values and improved Predator design – enticing, to say the least.

You can check out the new Predators photo gallery below:

So what do you think?  Do the Predators look even more intimidating than before?  How about their new human “prey?”  Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Predators attacks theaters in the U.S. on July 9th, 2010.

Source: (via /Film)

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  1. These Predators must be some sorry hunters. The first movie had one Predator wiping out an elite team of soldiers. These guys don’t know each other thus couldn’t be equal to the team of the first movie. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

    • yea these Predators MUST be some sorry hunters…well…either that…OR you dont think outside the box.

      think youre the first to come up to the conclusion that it only took one pred to kill an elite team of soldiers? well….youre not. and you’d be surprised to see how the tables can turn in movies like this. Had Dutch’s team known it only took some mud to hide from it they would have all killed it with ease (Noland informs the group of this upon meeting them).

  2. Yeah but Kahless, Dutch’s team didn’t know what they were dealing with til most of them were dead. Dutch didn’t even know it was some kind of alien until he watched it decloak in the water. You could say they noticed the yellow blood but nobody was totally sure until its suit malfunctioned.

    This new team obviously knows they’re the prey or in a career ending film,,,;-)

    Look at Brody’s face! He’s thinking, “man this better not suck!”. 😉

  3. I hope in this film, someone in the group sets traps for a Predator, or Predators just as Dutch did in the original. And maybe someone uses the predator’s weapons against them Like Danny Glover did at the end of Predator 2. Reminds me i loved his reaction at the end when the other predator’s target him and appear infront of him when he drops the weapon and he asks– Ok, Who’s next? and two predators step forward,lol. Anyways, whether the two AVP movies are intended to be ignored, im gonna treat them as takin place between Predator 1-3 & Ridley Scott’s two-part Alien Prequel along with Alien 1-4 films in that order. I know people hated the films but i rather found them enjoyable to watch.

  4. @ WallyWest:

    not to spoil anything, but……………….i happen to know for a fact that there are traps set by the group of humans and also that alien weapons get into the hands of the prey as well. so you wont be disapointed with that…

    and its good that you enjoyed the AvP films, but the only reason they are being ignored is because there are some inconsistencies with the avp franchise that dont make sense in the Predator or Alien universe. there are contradictions of the originals in the 2 AVPs, and thats why they are calling them uncanon.

    • @ JD188

      What were the inconsistencies in the AvP films if i may ask? I hope that scene with the Predalien walkin past the infant nursery wasnt a reason people hated AVP-R as i been told by few people. Like Most people and despite the PG-13 rating, i liked AVP more than the 2nd film.

      • @ WallyWest:

        there were just simple inconsistencies such as:
        the idea of using Earth as the place to hunt aliens for a manhood ritual.
        the first two Preds did not have the scar marking on their forehead, and neither did Wolf from AvPR, who was supposed to be a veteran Pred.
        the aliens also werent supposed to develop as fast as avp suggested.
        the Predator heat vision was different as well.
        its believed that a Predator wouldnt team up with a human just cuz she gave his gun to him when he could have simply taken it himself (plus Alexa has absolutely no combat experience watsoever).
        The alien acid only seemed to effect the Predator armor/blades when it was convenient.
        the Predators in avp had a whole honor system, much like the samarai, whereas the original Predator franchise just has some simple guidelines for the hunt. (none of that Yautja crap)
        the Predators in avp had smaller heads and a more heroic stature, unlike the originals.
        the whole pyramid in antarctica built at the begining of human civilization made no sense, because if it was where human civilization originally began, other pyramids would have hyroglyphics that resembled the Predators.
        why was the first pyramid made out of stone? why not metal? it was powered by Predator tech….
        in AvPR, the predator’s plasma gun gets intercepted by the government, but weapons in the alien franchise did not shoot plasma. what was the point in getting Pred technology if they didnt use it for what it was: a weapon..
        there was no point for the ship in AvPR to turn around and go back to Earth. it made no sense at all. and they sent just one predator to clean up the mess.
        in the background of the scene where Wolf puts a 2nd shouldergun on his pack inside the crashed ship, you see skinned dead predators hanging upside down behind him. the Predalien did this, and it makes no sense. Predators skin their fallen prey because its a hunting ritual, not because of animalistic instinct.
        Wolf’s superpunch through the sewer was sooo dumb…

        there are probably more things that i forgot to mention, but…you get the idea…

        • @ JD188

          Using the Earth is one good place as another. Especially when like Raul says, they were using humans like cattle. And i been told theres more than one clan of Predators, Especially what ones we’ll see in Predators. The Predator was seen reluctant to let Lex help him at first when he started walkin off. But he seen what she did with the Alien with the Spear and thought if she could handle a Alien herself, he might find he useful, good thing he did because when they had to go up that hole before the bomb went off, it looked like she had to enter a code. If she didnt help, or was killed of-course, the predator probly would of got killed and the Alien Queen would break onto the surface etc. At the end of AVP when the Predator leader or whatever gave Lex that Spear i heard from people it say its more considered as a warrior’s token? It wouldnt be the first time because a predator leader gave Danny Glover’s character’s a gun from the 1700’s. Even though it was a small sequence, when the shown the Predator’s homeworld, I didnt notice alot of metal pyamids or buildings. Stone as much i could see but with High tech stuff installed in them of-course. They might off encourage humans to build pyramids outta stone. LOL plus i doubt the tribal people are the high tech kind of people. As for the plasma guns Ms. Yutani seizes, well i been watching the Alien films as closely as i can and only way we would see that kind of weapon be mentioned by how it was developed or even used if they make a Alien sequel that takes place in the two-part prequel of Alien which is doubtful. However…. I did pick up on Bill Paxton mentioning about a Plasma gun or rifle while talkin to Ripley about what weapons they have in the movie Aliens but of-course nothing is shown about them. I rewinded the scene three times when he ethier said Plasma gun or rifle to Ripley. Whether its the same plasma weapon developed by the Predator’s gun is anyone’s guess or opinion after watching the scene. I thought they would cover that issue if they made a 3rd AVP movie since they talked about the 3rd film possibly taken place in space. I dont think the Predator ship went back to Earth, it went off-course after the Predalien/Predator attack aboard the ship and the predator was firing at the predalien and missed and shot at one of the controls that made the ship crash land back to Earth. As for the Wolf being the only one sent, like you said he wast vet Predator and the weapons he carried were resistant to acid, like his whip & blades. He did a pretty good job handling the Aliens single handedly then compared to the ones in the first film when he was outnumbered. I didnt notice a dead predator hanging in the background in the ship that was skinned, gotta watch the scene. I guess the Predalien did it because it was his predator half nature, even though he seems to be more Alien species then Predator but still both. As for the superpunch, i couldnt tell because of the dark scene like picture, but didnt Wold put some device on his hand before he punched through the street?

            • @ JD188

              Spinoffs, as takin place in the universe? Or Spinoffs as in the AVP films by themselves entirely?

            • I couldnt care less what producers actors or hollyweird claim regarding aliens and predators on screen together. The idea is cool and could be very entertaining. No movie is without inconsistencies. The Dark Knight enthusiasts overlook the fact that the CIA and FBI would never allow a vigilante to run amok with high tech gadgets. It would be overwhelmingly obvious that batman was a billionaire and how many of them are there in Gotham. Even so I enjoyed the batman reboots. My point is stop over anal-yzing these flicks…puhleeeeze!

              • Thank You Bane. Im glad to see another person on the same subject as me. You do raise a valid point. Even though Ridley Scott’s Alien Prequels are coming, id like to consider the AvP films still serve as a bridge between the Predator & Alien franchises. Depending on the outcome of Predators, for all we know Avp movies could still take place afterwards. They have more of a connection to the Alien franchise maybe because we seen Carles Bishop Weyland and his CO. in the first AvP film & at the end of AvP-R we seen a appearance Ms. Yutani. AS for the Predators, like i said i been told and read on the internet by movie makers theres more than one clan of Predators. Makes sense due to what the ones look like in AvP & the upcoming Predators film, not to mention how that film we’ll see Predator dog-like creatures helping track down the prey? Plus takin Humans off Earth on putting them on the Predator’s own turf? Seems like somthing the Predators would after what happend at the end of AvP-R when the predator’s gun ended up in Ms. Yutani’s hands doesnt it? I still see no point why the films all cant be connect, even alittle bit.

  5. I’m shocked any of you actually liked AVP both of those were terrible films i mean just awful. Predator wad ok Predator 2 was tollerable and while I didn’t like the Alien franchise I understand it’s appeal and wouldn’t call it a bad film just one I didn’t like. AVP was awful though.

    • Avp rocked…get a grip

  6. i cant say i like the look of the helmets or the face,
    i think the overall head just looks too big, and i loved the original design of the helmet and faces! something about these helmets just make it look not nearly as scary or tough looking..
    but i like how they have an actual mask and not have it CGI.

  7. You guys place way to much thinking into this farnchise..HEADACHE..OOL Just Enjoy it what is..a action flick..i enjoyed them all..especially with strong female characters.. it gives the films edge besides we are not all softies loli am looking forward to this film great support cast ..

  8. what ui want to kno i s why do they have such big heads in predators and where did the new predator breed come from

  9. Well the avp concept has been around since the first predators and aliens movies were made existing in video games and in comic books. secondly riply finds the aliens species aboard an alien spaceship that has been wrecked on the planet were alien and aliens take place alluding to the fact that some non human species had been in contact with the aliens species long b4 humans aka predators, which would infer that predators and aliens do belong to together on screen. Then if u follow the movies happening in this order predator, predator2, avp, avpr, alien,aliens,alien3, then alien 4 they all fit together. as for the inconsistencies with wolf it is easy to make the inference that that hunting the alien species as a manhood right was replaced by hunting humans as humans technology grew more advanced since both predators movies talk about predators hunting humans for hundreds of years and that maybe due to predator politics or some ritual they decided to start up the alien killing ritual again. then in both franchises u see links to the other movies all be it in aliens were the aliens are first discovered aboard an wreck non-human spacecraft and in predator 2 were u find the head of a alien on the wall of the predator space ship. As due to the size of the predators in the movies and the size of the aliens u do have to realize these two franchises started back as far as the 8late 70s with alien, so there will be some differences in artistic representations and large technology advances in graphics plus they are just movies that have been directed by several directors over almost 4 decades so there will be minute differences but in general the movies do fit together quite well and have interlocked plotlines with predators showing up in alien films and visa versa.

  10. i for one think that it’s disgraceful putting people on a predator planet. they should just stick with the original stories. And they deffineantly should not change they armor or the faces.

  11. I know im gonna get bashed for this but this is my opinion that its disrespectful imo that RR & co. would want their Predators be intended to ignore the AVP films. Why the bother when their film could happen after the events of AVP-R no problem. Especially as someone said in here that a Alien skull could be seen in the Predator campsite in Predators. Why show that if gonna ignore the AVP films? Reason i bring it up is because the events of AVP films weren’t referanced just as Predator 2’s events weren’t so they could be considered loose spin-offs in connection with both Predator/Alien franchises. But thats just me.