Adrien Brody Talks ‘Predators’ Sequel & Being an Action Hero

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Adrien Brody Adrien Brody Talks Predators Sequel & Being an Action Hero

At the 2010 New York Comic-Con I had a chance to speak with Oscar-winning actor Adrien Brody about his role in Predators, the reboot of the sci-fi/horror series made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger and director John McTiernan back in 1987.

The Predators DVD/Blu-ray is scheduled to hit stores next week, and Brody talked freely about the chances of his coming back for the already-planned Predators sequel, as well as how he’s dealt with the cold reception from those who don’t think he can play an action star.

If you don’t know, in Predators Brody played Royce, a longtime black-ops soldier turned mercenary who is taken hostage along with a group of elite killers to serve as “game” for a trio of Predators who are doing some leisurely hunting on a far away planet. Over the course of the film Royce goes from being a cold, calculating loner, to a killer who slightly cares about helping those around him survive. Quite an arch.

All joking aside, here’s what Brody had to say about his Predators experience:

Screen Rant: Are you contracted for a Predators sequel?

Adrien Brody: I would have to do one, essentially – I mean I’d obviously have some creative input in it if it… But I would want to do one, the point of doing this (when I signed up to do this) was to help be an asset in the film so that it was successful enough to be worthy of a sequel and potentially several sequels and to reprise that role and let it evolve. So that was the initial goal. I have no news if they will do another one but obviously the ending of the film sets up room a sequel. So that would be the goal, anyway.

predators adrien brody Adrien Brody Talks Predators Sequel & Being an Action Hero

SR: What would you character Royce be like in this next film, based on where Predators left him?

AB: “Well he’s proven that he can be savage – now he’s bent from that whole experience. What I wanted to portray was to go beyond Hollywood’s conventional depiction of strength – purely physically imposing men annihilating the enemy. I think there’s something fun and exciting about that but it’s limited, and what I wanted to do was create a complex, tragic, flawed villain, essentially, who is your hero in this story. A guy who is not necessarily a likeable person and in spite of his less admirable qualities you still have to root for him and rely on him over anybody else to save you.

In my research and in considering a lot about what this character would be like I kept thinking about the level of loneliness that a man like that would experience, living in isolation, putting his  survival above anyone else’s. So he’s somewhat broken and in the end there is this spark of humanity…a realization in this distilled hunting zone…dealing with a nemesis that is more vicious and more by the book than he is kind of gives him new perspective so that he can evolve.

predators review Adrien Brody Talks Predators Sequel & Being an Action Hero

So it will be interesting – I’m not the writer on it – but it’d be interesting to see how they take that evolution. It’s exciting to play a character like that, and also I think my goal was to play a solider that young men and women today who are intimate with soldiers – who have either had  to serve or had family members who have served – will see that character and see elements that are truthful and that are complex and that they can relate to. Not just a chance for me to annihilate everything sight and have some one-liners… I think the goal was do something a bit more but also to keep it playful; Predator had a huge effect on me as a teenager, I love that film.”

SR: Is there anything the Predators DVD/Blu-Ray that you were particularly proud of that got cut from the theatrical version?

AB: I don’t know if there are deleted scenes – I just got it last night and I looked at it quickly. I think what’s cool is the commentary…that’s a big bonus you get with a DVD. What I like about a DVD is that you have it on deck and if there’s a scene that you really like or wanted to check out it’s right there for you a second away that’s pretty fun. I think the behind the scenes stuff is great, seeing the making of bits.

SR: How has the transition into an action star been?

People were kind of shocked at me doing this role – they dismissed it and there was a lot of talk about ‘Why would they hire me for it?’ What’s important for me is that the people that employ me do not have the perception that I’m limited in my capacity to play a character that’s dissimilar from anything else that I’ve played, truthfully. And also, for myself, I love to push the boundaries – it’s the point of being an actor.

Predators 5 Adrien Brody Talks Predators Sequel & Being an Action Hero

I’m basically the fan who was in the audience who took [Predators] very seriously and pursued it and petitioned for the opportunity to play this role and then was finally granted that opportunity (against all odds) and then killed myself to get into a place where not only would I be physically believable as someone who could endure the obstacles of combat, but did the work to create something to not only pay homage to McTiernan’s Predator and Schwarzenegger’s work…but then bring my game [to it].

That was very exciting and kind of a dream come true for me, and so what was shocking to me initially was all this kind of talk by fans; but they kind of didn’t realize I represent them – I represent them more they can imagine.


I for one wasn’t mad at Brody for his portrayal of Royce in Predators. I think the guy adds interesting to dimensions to any role he plays, truth be told, but that’s just me. In any event, would you like to see Adrien Brody return for a Predators sequel?

You can pick up the DVD/Blu-ray release of Predators on October 19th.

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  1. A very enjoyable reboot. I liked it a lot but recognized the flaws too. The cast made up for those flaws.

    I know they were testing the water to see if there’s an audience for Predators and I think the answer is yes. That means a bigger budget for the next film and they can expand on some of their ideas.

    Brody did great.

  2. I think it would be a big mistake if brody’s charactor was left out of the sequel even though there was alot of negative comments about him in Predators I think he pulled off being an action hero very well but everyone has their own opinion

  3. take him to space alien ressurection style but with predators

  4. it wasn’t a reboot. They mentioned schwarzenegger and what he did. So in fact it takes places after the 1st one

    • Ok, “remake”. Happy?

    • I agree. When I think “reboot” I think “remake”. But I guess it is like booting up the franchise again.

      Anyway, Predators was a fantastic “sequel” to the first 2 predator films. Can’t wait for another one

  5. I wasn’t a huge fan of him doing a Christian Bale impression. Royce wasn’t that interesting of a character IMHO. But he did a solid job I guess. If they’re going to bring him back for a sequel, pair him up with someone more interesting to play off.

    • it was HIS character that shoulda been killed off not Trejos

      • Ex-Military Merc > Los Zeta Hitman

        • It all depends. Los Zeta is watching……..

          • the fact that Trejo’s character had to ask Royce how he knew there was only 1 shooter at the start of the movie shows that the one with the better combat experience by far, is Royce.

    • I really didn’t get a Christian Bale vibe from him. I just heard a bad @$$. IMO

  6. I think Brody did a great job and he showed that you could make a profitable scifi-action flick on a reasonable budget and without having to populate the cast with big thugs. In PREDATORS, another chapter in the Predator story and nota remake or a reboot, we see a more realistic (if thats even possible) portrayal of what kind of person(s) would be cpatured for the hunt by a Predator like alien race. While Arnolds character wasn’t brain dead he certainly made it mainly on his strength and Brodys character had to make it on his endurance and strength combined with his wits.

    I wouldn’t want all action flicks to be like this but it is a nice change.

  7. Why does he look green in that pic?lol

  8. The movie is great and so was very actor in it, I would love to see a sequel

  9. I think he did a great job and would love to see him in the sequel.

  10. Of course we all want to see the sequel.Hope they bring Royce back into the preserve.

  11. I found the film itself (Predators) dull and predictable.

    Would I see a sequel?
    You bet your ass, I would.

    It wasn’t the Predator film I was hoping for, way too low-key, and its low budget really showed. I felt cheated by it.

    Now here’s hoping that the studio decides to put their full force faith behind a sequel.

    As for Brody? Well, he was OK. He was believable… or at least, as much as this type of clichéd character can be. I didn’t find his performance captivating in a any way, but he wasn’t exactly given anything really captivating to DO, was he.

    Given the right material, I’m sure we could see him flex acting chops we KNOW he has along with his all-new bulging pecs.

  12. Definately bring Royce back for the sequel, Brody was excellent portraying him imho.

    I remember telling my gf about this movie (like she really cared) way back when the cast was announced and when i told her Brody was the lead her reaction was: “Wat? the guy from King Kong? Isnt he more of a drama type guy?” and being the optimist (and huge Predator fan) that i am, i defended the choice of Brody, thinking he could pull it off. He didnt disappoint. Within the first 10 minutes of the movie my gf leaned over and whispered to me “Okay- Brody: officially bad ass…”

    The sequel should have a bigger budget and more awesome characters (maybe even a guy to rival Brody’s character).

  13. Awesome movie, the cast was perfect, Adrien Brody was perfect, so yeah I want a sequel, and by the way I watched the movie seven times with different people each time (what can I say? I love Predator since I was 5 years old)

  14. by all means, gimmie another Preds.
    With Brody and Braga!

  15. Just don’t call it ‘predator 6′,or even ‘predators 2′. Alien v predator does NOT count as a franchise entry!(i did nt bother to see the second A v P.)I’ve actually read Predators being refered to as ‘Predator 5′.

  16. Absolutely!

  17. A sequal would be awesome i just watched the movie for the first time and it was great some old skool cheesy moments but in all i am impressed. defo sequal bring it on i would liketo see this franchise continue for many many years to come there is so much that can be done with it

  18. I have to say predators is an awesome film, some people I know think the alien franchise is better (which is quite good if you haven’t looked into it) but the thing about the predator franchise is that the possibilities for plot, scenery and weaponry are endless. I hope that many more films follow this one.

  19. I loved the movie although, I too noticed the Bale-esque batman voice that he put on and found it a little irritating initially. Admittedly though, it did not diminish my enjoyment of the movie (not even on the fifth viewing!).

    When Brody was announced as the lead I, like most people, was surprised; however I also was pleased and excited. People were concered that Matt Damon could not pull off an action role with the Bourne Identity but he did and thats why I was excited. Granted, the charachters, scenario and movie type are indeed very different which is why I can say in confidence that Brody is no Bourne. Still, how much can you really develop a charachter and ‘flex your acting chops’ in this kind of movie? Well, Laurence “CSI” Fishburne managed to surprise me (he was my one concern) so maybe Brody can bring the real gold for the sequel, providing the script is better?

    Incidently, people pan the avp movies; I enjoyed them for what they were. Granted, they should have been about a million times better (perhaps if the had followed the PC game versions of AVP they might have worked better) but compared to Alien 3 and Alien: Ressurection, they are awsome imo.

  20. Brody came truogh with out a doubt. It would be really really cool if we could se their home world (the predators home oc) I was glad that it was not f*cking vin diesel or The Rock plying roce. Clishé deluxe!! In the sequel we as fans need more interaction, more spite. So bring in an old army officer played by B.Willis or why not Peter Stormare probably cheeper. (but just as good)

    • Edit.
      I mean Royce and not roce.

  21. As a massive fan of the first 2 predator movies, I was a tad anxious when I heard that predators had the green light,especially after the complete mess of AVP,AVP2.But I have to say all fears were blown away by a energy projectile grade a weapon,In short between Rodriguez and Brody,they have lifted the spirits of all predator fans,and injected new life into a franchise that brings us all back to a time when such movies were made for the audience and not just for the money.Hopefully the studio,s don’t mess too much with the next part,with Rodriguez and Brody they have a winning formula.On behalf of all predator fans we salute you.

  22. I was certainly skeptical when his name came up but I enjoyed Predators a hell of a lot more than Predator 2. I’d like to see another sequel with him in it, but Predator was built off an unrealistically badass group of soldiers and needs a muscle man to compliment Brody in it. And not some one-off that dies quickly, either. Unfortunately, Hollywood is really lacking in this sort of thing today (unless you want old dudes), the only guy I can think of that would work perfectly is Terry Crews. Bob Sapp would be an interesting choice as well.

  23. i believe that there could not have been a better charctor picked to play royce than brody, as he ads dimension to the movie, he playes the charictor perfectly and the voice suited the movie better than was needed. i am a massive fan of any and all movies predator is in so i believe i have a fair idea on what im talking about. if it were up to me i would have brody stay as royce in the film,he is a perfect charictor in the film and i believe it was he who added deapt and dimension to the would be a great benifit to the film if they added a bit more different spicies to the film as there was only 1 scene where it was not a predator trying to kill a human, i do not want them to add any aliens as that would change it from predators 2, to aliens vs predators 3(which i hope will be made AFTER predators 2) in predators 2 i have strong hopes that with the arivel of more predators there will be a predator king/emperor ariving as 1 of the 3 predators.

  24. The only thing I need to say is that if a they do Predators sequel without Adrien Brody is going to suck. He is my favorite in Predators, I just don’t think that they should do a sequel if he is not going to be Royce.

  25. I am sure the sequel will be quite good however, did you know there was an alternate scene that was suppose to have Arnold’s cameo. In the ending of the script, he was supposed to walk out with the Predators from a de-cloaked ship scene and says “Not bad kid, Not bad. Then end scene black pitch fade. However it never happened. Something i read elsewhere and it was a confirmed script but was taken out completely because Arnold couldn’t do the film. In fact it could HAD been him in this one but never happened. At least we’ll see how he can do in Expendables 2. I am looking forward more to seeing Predator films. We need origin films too like they’re doing with Alien by Riley Scott. We need PREDTAOR origins!

  26. I would like to see more of the governator in the next movie along with sigourney weaver(royces parents in the movie)I think its about time for a predator like no other….US! Humans have now evolved with our own new sweet weapons, travel ships, uniforms, armor, cloaking devices, and training tactics. We should invade their planet!

  27. Loved this movie and thought Brody did an excellent job playing a flawed hero/villain character. Would love to see a sequel with Brody and Braga.

  28. I really thought adrien Brody was really cool in the Predators movie. Roll on a sequel

  29. well i loved it… witch was not a surprise to me i loved all the predator movies even the AVP series well not requiem but the first avp was awsome and had a really cool back story. as for brody i have been waiting for him to stop doing lame girly movies hes a grate actor i was just waiting for him to do a movie that i would enjoy lol and he did not disapoint and as for the batman voice lol well let me see u run through a jungle for a few days lack of food and water and being chased by the best hunters in the universe getting your butt kicked and not have a raspy voice by the end lol…. suggestion for predators 4 with is what the next film would be this wasnt a remake !! the first to movies deffinetly happend so we can put that comment to rest but for predators 4 or what ever u wanna call it i think there should be a ultimit showdown the best predators V.S our best arnold glover and brody and the chick can stay to she was pretty cool the ultamit show down to show who really is the most badass mo fo’s in the universe of corse leave room for more grate films but lets be honest arnold and glover dont have much time left on this erath with us so lets enjoy them while they are still able to do the movie i would feel cheated and maby betrayed if at the vary least arnold and brody wernt in the next one if they arnt i may protest by not watching the movie.. i mean its not fair to the true hardcore fans that we in lack of a better term fall in love with these characters and them some hot shot producer or directer wants to make a few more bucks and toss’s who ever is the box office action hero of the moment give the fans back our heros even if its for only one more time… fell fre to comment i love the feed back and a good convo :) thanx for reading