Shane Black’s ‘Predator’ Film is An ‘Inventive Sequel’

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predator movie shane black Shane Blacks Predator Film is An Inventive Sequel

Probably just about nobody believed that 2010′s Predators would be the last time that we’d see the eponymous extraterrestrial hunters on the big screen, but yesterday brought the unexpected news that Shane Black (Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, Iron Man 3) has been recruited to direct a Predator reboot. Whether you were excited by the prospect of Black putting his unique spin on the 1980s property or infuriated by the idea of the original cherished 1987 film (an action/sci-fi/horror hybrid) getting re-imagined and/or remade, we have an update on the situation that you ought to take note of.

The original reports specifically stated that Black and screenwriter Fred Dekker (who previously collaborated on Monster Squad) are working on a Predator reboot together, which everyone took to mean that the sci-fi/action franchise will be starting completely over, with this new installment. Not so, though, as Black has informed Collider that his currently-untitled Predator movie is, in fact, a sequel – an “inventive sequel” at that – which shall not simply discard the pre-established Predator mythos.

Here’s the quote that Black gave to Collider, regarding his and Dekker’s Predator film:

“[It's not a reboot] as far as Fred and I are concerned anyway. Why start over, when you’ve all this rich mythology yet to mine? [However, I can] really get behind inventive sequels [and] the idea of expanding and exploring the existing Predator mythology, rather than hitting the restart button.”

Question is, what exactly do Black and Dekker count as part of the “existing Predator mythology”? It could be that the plan is to be selective and draw inspiration from certain key elements in previous Predator movies – be they the first two straight-forward installments, the Alien vs. Predator franchise crossovers, and/or the Predators film - without creating blatant story contradictions. If so, then Black’s Predators movie may be comparable to the upcoming Jurassic World, which doesn’t break continuity with previous Jurassic Park installments – yet, has been pitched as something of an “inventive sequel” itself.

shane black iron man 3 predator Shane Blacks Predator Film is An Inventive Sequel

RDJ and Shane Black filming ‘Iron Man 3′

Black and Dekker got their start in Hollywood in the 1980s and ’90s (Black wrote the original Lethal Weapon, Dekker scripted RoboCop 3, and so forth) – something that sets them apart from the folk who’re developing other “inventive sequels” to decades-old series (see: Jurassic World and next year’s Terminator “re-imagining”). In his recent films, Black has tended to recycle the tropes that he often relied upon during the early stages of his career (see: buddy duos, snappy dialogue, etc.), in combination with elements more common-place in modern films.

Using that same approach may allow his Predator film to stand out better, in a crowd of reheated leftovers and/or track remixes. Matter of fact, we’ve even drawn up 5 suggestions for Black, with regard to how he can achieve that goal with his Predator movie. We’ll just have to wait and see if he winds up traveling in the same direction that we might prefer him to take.


We’ll keep you updated on development of Shane Black’s Predator movie.

Source: Collider

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  1. I wonder that means Arnold will make some sort of appearance.

    • Yeah, during the last 3rd of the movie, the Predator will pull off his own head and it’ll turn out to be just Arnold in a mask the whole time.

      • um ok

  2. Shane Black really romanced the pooch’s posterior with the Iron Man 3 movie. However, if he can pull off a Predator sequel and a Doc Savage movie and do them both good, I might let him live (albeit wearing sackcloth and ashes).

  3. I am very happy and relieved at this news. Like most fans, i was annoyed at the announcement of a Predator ‘reboot’. While that news was softened by the fact that Shane Black was involved, (I am a big ole Shane Black mark) i was still bullshot over the Reboot term that we so often hear these days.

    THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER. I have total faith in Mr. Black to push this project in a fresh and exciting direction without abandoning the rich film mythos of the Predator.

    I do hope there is a real Badass human in this movie though. I like Brody in PRedators. He pulled off Badass eventually in the film but id prefer a more……Traditional Hero.

    • I like Jason Momoa, although I haven’t seen him act, he’s got the badass part down.

      • Would be pretty cool if Momoa played someone who was related in some way to Billy from the original and didn’t buy his KIA status once the incident in the first film was over and went digging for the truth.

        Could be anyone really but I say Momoa because you brought him up and I thikn that guy’s star is on the rise, plus more people could buy him as a badass hero more than Adrien Brody, who still felt out of place (almost like when Ben Stiller beefed up to play Tug Speedman in Tropic Thunder).

        • I really like the concept of Momoa or whoever plays the lead being somehow related to one of the characters from the orignal. Cool concept Dazz.

          I Do think that Stiller nailed it in Tropic Thunder though man.
          “I am a rooster illusion”

          • True, Stiller nailed it, it’s just that compared to his previous work, seeing his bulging biceps just looks weird, man.

            • Agreed. When i first saw it i kept trying to figure out if it was like CG or a body double or something. I should never think Ben Stiller can kick my ass just from looking at him.

              • Being ripped does not mean u can fight buddy.

                • Dear Kal el,
                  It was a joke.
                  Be smarter.

                  • Maybe that was a bit aggressive.

              • you guys never saw Dodgeball or Heavyweights???? Ben stiller has always been ripped.

        • If they are going to expand the mythology the only logical place to go is the predator planet. Have a human living amongst them. Adapt the predator comics where a female human (I would change it to a male though) earns her place in a clan and have them struggling to fit in to this race of hunters. set it in the far future. perfect way to start a new trilogy. or have humans successfully recreate the predator technology. and we go to war with them.

          • Or if its a sequel to predators have adrien brodys character do that. live amongst them.

            • I dunno, I kinda feel like setting it on their planet is a cop-out for that whole “fish out of water” reason you stated. Predator works better when it’s them on our world because it plays into our fear of something that shouldn’t be sharing our space violating it and we don’t know why.

          • Um… Wasn’t ‘Predators’ set on their home planet….. ? If they were to make a sequel to Predators, then yes this could work. Bring back Brody too.

            • No, it wasn’t their home planet. It was an isolated planet the Predators setup as a “Hunting Reserve”. I actually thought that was a cool idea.

              • Finally, some one that actually watched the movie.

      • I. Love. Momoa. He would kill it but honestly i think this movie could use a BA with a tiny bit more star power than Momoa. Granted he is on the rise and if he is ACTUALLY Aquaman, then he’ll only get bigger. Just seems unlikely to me. Maybe just because it sounds too awesome. Fantastic and intelligent suggestion though Evan. That guy more than meets the requirements for a BadAss.

        • I don’t get cable so I’ve never seen Game of Thrones, so I don’t know if he’s got the acting chops. And I can’t believe I forgot about Billy, he was my favorite character in the first Predator, so good call Dazz. (I was going with my intuition.) Of course, there is an ethnic similarity. I wish I could just pick up the phone and call Shane Black and give him my casting suggestions. Wait a second, I could look up his phone number via the secret database (I’m a P.I.), but I’d get in trouble.

          • You don’t really need to see Game Of Thrones for his acting, he was just basically this huge, mostly silent guy that occasionally spoke his own language and was revered by the rest of his tribe. His acting was on par with Dolph Lundgren as Ivan Drago in that sense where he’s just this massive presence that has others speaking for him.

          • cooolll… toot that horn buddy… lmao

    • Shane Black, after Iron Man 3, I dont know. I can see him making a predotor movie with either no predators in it or the predators are the victims and they’ll be soft and lame and need saving

  4. Arnold and the rock. just do it and stuff the money in your pocket.

    • True.

    • Arnold and the Rock. Just do it and make another forgettable Rock movie like Snitch, GI Joe 2, Pain and Gain, Faster, Walking Tall, Doom, and Empire State.

      • Walking Tall was actually pretty good
        Pain and Gain was Hilarious but that was more of a Marky Mark Movie than a rock
        Faster was definitely meh
        Doom… Well… HAHA
        GI Joe 2 warranted a 3rd movie (why?)
        Snitch was pretty bad

        But dont forget Tooth Fairy!

  5. So the AVP crossover films are still canon? Because Promeathous wasn’t a prequel to Alien. Way I heard it is Predators was Predator 3.

  6. It’s gonna have an amazing trailer but when you actually see the movie and the inventive twist, it’ll be another piece of crap like iron man 3

    • I’m going to start counting the number of times this joke gets made. It’s not new, it’s not original, it’s not even creative.

      Shane Black has a history of writing phenomenal screenplays. He’s one of the smartest writers in hollywood. Don’t get caught up on one twist you didn’t agree with as if that’s somehow his signature move.

      It just sounds so… butthurt.

      • I agree with what 5aucy said. Besides, that twist shows what a great and creative writer Black is because lets be honest, we all saw the toys and assumed Mandarin would need a tank or robot suit to fight Stark hand to hand and most of the responses to that idea were negative yet he gives us a cool twist and suddenly, it’s the crutch of the complainers to hang onto until the next thing they didn’t like or understand comes along.

        I have a feeling if these people were around for other films with cool, unexpected twists, they’d complain about those too (“Norman Bates dressed as his mother to kill people? Laaame.”….”Bruce Willis was dead all along? Total cop out, this film sucks.”….”Wait, he’s Luke’s FATHER?! I’m guessing Lucas ran out of good ideas then”.)

        • I liked the twist, but wasn’t a huge fan of the whole buddy cop vibe of the movie. I love Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, but I don’t think Iron Man or Predator should be like that.

    • If people were honest with themselves they would realize that the Mandarin fake-out is probably one of the most memorable thing to happen in the Iron Man mythology in the comics or on film in the history of the character. The fact people are still talking about it means it got into people’s heads.

  7. “Black and Dekker” made me laugh.

  8. Am i the only person on SR who actually liked Iron Man 3. After Cap 2 and Avengers it is easily my favorite of the marvel films. I think it was a quality movie with a cool twist. Feels like i am the minority for sure on SR at least.

    • I believe in Shane Black.

    • @ Mike H

      No you’re not. I enjoyed IM3 myself.

    • I still think IM3 is the best Marvel Studios film so far.

      • you’re only saying that to get somebody to bite back! It was boring – Iron Man has gotten more boring with every appearance he’s made. I can just about still watch the second installment but the third outing just plain bored me senseless.

      • I 100% agree with you there. It’s one small notch ahead of the Winter Soldier for me. Thor: The Dark World is a far inferior movie in my opinion. Iron Man 3 is consistantly entertaining with great direction, a witty and exciting script and awesome action throughout. But we’re all entitled to our opinions I guess. I think not enjoying the twist is a pretty thin reason to hate the whole movie. I’m very excited about the new predator.

      • Same. +1

    • I loved IM3

    • It was ok. I enjoyed it, but it has some issues. I am fully behind the Mandarin twist, though. My other issues were mostly post Avengers growing pains for Marvel, I think.

    • I loved Iron Man 3, it’s only butthurt fanboys that hated it all because their precious Mandarin wasn’t what they thought it was, they couldn’t predict it was a hoax of a character, and they cried themselves to sleep over it.

      • Actually, I hated IM3 because I found it to be a bad movie…the mediocre twist was the least of its problems. For many reasons I and others have already discussed at length, IM3 was CRAP.

        That said, I know Shane Black has done good work in the past, so I’m hoping that intelligent creativity returns to him for this Predator film, as I enjoy the established universe and do wish to revisit it. I look forward to seeing what he can do with the ultimate hunter…

        • That might be the most intelligent analysis of Shane Black I’ve seen since this news hit. Thank you for not defining his career by the polarizing Mandarin twist.

          • Ditto

        • You know what ppl that really hate things do?? NOT WASTE TIME TALKING ABOUT IT!!! The movie is how old and u r still crying about it?? Shane made his money, u have no creative control, (for good reason)and that is just how it is, so jus quit whining like a girl already!

          • …and yet YOU are here, too.


  9. First IM3 was bad.. really bad the worst of the current marvel Superhero films,it wasn’t Iron Man 3 it was Tony Stark 1. I mean how long was Downey actually IN the Iron Man suit in the 2 hours+ film? maybe 15 minutes tops!
    Ok on to Predator 4,how about a story where the predators aren’t the hunter(s) but the hunted,perhaps a film with no Humans in it at all?
    A predator ship crashes on a VERY hostile world and this time they’re at a disadvantage.
    And to 20th Century Fox or anyone that reads our comments PLEASE don’t reboot the franchise,carry on the films that have been established already.

    • The aliens in Close Encounters Of The Third Kind only showed up for the final 20 minutes of the film.

      Darth Vader only had 12 minutes screen time in the first Star Wars movie. The Wicked Witch in The Wizard Of Oz also only had 12 minutes on screen. Thor had 25 minutes in his first movie. In his appearances in the Star Wars trilogy, Boba Fett gained a massive cult following from only 18 minutes of screen time. Hannibal Lecter in Silence Of The Lambs had 16 minutes total while The Joker in TDK appeared for only 33 minutes.

      The shark only had a few minutes of screen time in Jaws and we had 16 minutes of dinosaurs in Jurassic Park.

      My point? You’re whining about nothing. Iron Man has been more about Tony Stark than the suit, an established fact since the late 70s.

      As for your Predator 4 idea, it sounds terrible and a complete rehash of those awful Aliens Vs Predator movies.

      • I agree with you completely about the screen time issues but Iron Man 2 then 3 just became boring because his character seems to slipping for me. It almost feels like Downey is getting bored with it all and just doesn’t wanders through the script. I reckon he may leave before long just as Chris Evans is and he also admitted his need to leave.

    • Randy you are correct that iron man 3 Was bad, even rolling stone readers poll called it
      one of the biggest time-wasters of 2013. It was shane black’s lame attempt to copy
      M night shyamalan. If they ever bring the real mandarin onto the screen, neither
      Black,pearce or favreau need to be involved. If marvel has guts to bring a talking racoon,
      A talking tree and a telepathic dog named cosmo then we need to see the asian mandarin
      With the ten alien rings got at it with iron man.

    • So a predator or predators, the most badass aliens around, so much so they r called PREDATORS, and can trow down with Aliens, another one of the most badass aliens around, but they r going to be hunted and running scared huh?? What r u doing here again?? Came just to whine about some ones creative choice jus to pitch ur own steaming pile?? Well done sir.

  10. ““[It's not a reboot] as far as Fred and I are concerned anyway. Why start over, when you’ve all this rich mythology yet to mine? [However, I can] really get behind inventive sequels [and] the idea of expanding and exploring the existing Predator mythology, rather than hitting the restart button.””


  11. Randy listen to Dazz bc you are everything that’s wrong with movies today and why the studio heads dumb down movies, for people like you who have no idea what plot development and actual character growth are (proven by your absolutely terrible idea for predator, oh wait I mean alien vs predator 1 or 2). I am sure you hated Godzilla to then bc the giant lizard wasn’t on screen the entire movie. Jaws is by far the best example for what dazz is saying, the entire movie is about a shark you barely see and bc of that fact are more terrified waiting to see the GOODS. If you had Christmas morning everyday then it wouldn’t be special or memorable anymore. Randy for your sake I hope your a child who just inst capable of understanding what makes a great story but I highly doubt any child would call themselves randy on a post, just sounds like an old man.

    • I’m just trying to see Randy’s point of view. And thinking about it in a way he IS right although I also agree with you and Dazz. Close Encounters and Jaws aren’t actually about the aliens or the shark but in actual fact about the human characters and how they are affected by them which is why you only see them for a small portion of the films. Spielberg is pretty much always about the human elements of his films and your shark and aliens are, for want of a better term, your MacGuffins in character driven stories. So, in Randy’s defence, why shouldn’t the new Predator film be just about the Predator? I’m not saying I like it, but why not? Personally I just wouldn’t bother making a new one because, even with the best intentions for it, it will still be the same as the previous installments. Actually it would probably need to be subtitled too as they don’t natively speak English, they only copied Arnie in the first one. So a whole film about the alien would be plain boring.

      • The thing is, whenever a film is about an object, a person or a creature, the best stories usually barely have that one thing feature and it’s down to well-rounded characters to take us on that journey.

        That’s the same way you have to look at the two Predator films of the late 80s and early 90s. The Predator was the main focus but you had special forces and cops running around wondering what they were dealing with and it’s those characters that kept you hooked, especially since the alien they were chasing spent most of the time invisible to the naked eye. You need a character you can relate to and situations where you wonder what you’d do in their shoes and I honestly don’t think you could get that if you put the main protagonist as an alien or a creature of some kind, either physical or supernatural.

        That’s also why we get animated movies with creatures or objects given human personality traits, otherwise, we can’t relate to any number of Disney and Pixar characters since 1939. Basically, it’s storytelling 101. If you can’t relate to it, try and give it human characteristics or personality traits and if you can’t do that without compromising the character, scrap it and find a new idea.

  12. Dekker wrote the script for Robocop 3? Oh that fills me with confidence. You know, I’m not sure that writing the script for Robocop 3 would be something I’d be proud to have on my resume, to be completely honest.

  13. Shane Black would need to hand this over a more qualified director.
    I mean after what Rodriguez did with that Predators s***, theres a chance the Predator franchise will be OVERLY DOOMED with this guy.

    • So the guy who directed Lethal Weapon, Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang and Iron Man 3 to name just three movies he also helped write plus starred in the original Predator movie is somehow “not qualified” to direct a Predator film?

      Are you taking your medication? If not, why not?

      • You are so lucky SR doesnt give a sh*t about banning sh*ts like you pal.
        However I can rest knowing you are Annoying to a lot of SR readers.

        • How dare you think for even one second that your BS comments are any better or worse than Dazz’s or any one else. I enjoy Dazz’s comments and think what you said is over biased lazy nonsense but you don’t see me telling you i think you should be banned from the site.

          To each his own brother. Lets not get personal. we all have differing opinions and those will often clash and sometimes our passion about the topic may get the best of but lets try no to directly hurt someone.

          And more importantly don’t ever try to speak for someone else. You don’t know Jack about the feelings of the SR readers pal. You only know how you feel.

          • You say lets but make it personal to others, yet Dazz here is the first to throw out the insults.

            • Everyhting is fine until one “offended” fan takes it too personal and starts throwing senseless garbage.

        • And u r so cute for thinking your a critic with an opinion that has any validity. However, I can rest knowing your a whiney little b*tch. And Dazz is dead on pal.

          • I think I do pal. I mean everyone here has a valid opinion.
            Even the trolls (on this page).. unfortunately.

    • What was wrong with Predators?

      • What wasnt? I mean.. did you enjoy that?
        It was a mess.

        • It was better than Predator 2, AvP, and AvPR.

          • Wha?? I dont think so dude. maybe AvPR.

    • So a guy who has a history of directing hits is not good enough for you? Boy, what high standards do you have?

      • Im just scared he might be going for the unpredictable twist… a la iron Man 3.

        • Do you judge every director by One thing they did in One Movie? Seriously? Are there other Shane Black projects that you don’t approve of? I’m not trying to be a D here or anything. Honestly wondering. If you just don’t like any of Black’s work than i can not fault you for him being in charge of a character that you care about. I just think Shane black is a smart guy who knows how to script a good flick.

          • I might have seen movies I did like that were directed by this dude.
            Like I said previously I wouldnt desire any weird twists in the predator series like he did with IM3. nor going down the path of Predators.
            Predator series is a very simple plot really. doesnt need that much extra elements.

        • Good god, u keep saying how bad predators was/is but yet, u never offer a reason. So what u r saying is u want predictable twists, because u can only validate ur self through being right about movie predictions?? That is wat im getting. Get off the band wagon and form some of your own opinions along with some indisputable (not opinions!) evidence as to why a movie is bad. Your one of those ppl I cant stand that think they can win a debate with opinions. Jus put sum cream on ur sore butt and go to bed.

          • If you liked it then go for it.
            I didnt like it. why? because it was SO DIFFERENT from Predator 1 and 2 (Alien v Predator was good).. thats why.

            For me, the reboot would need to stick to the same essence of Predator 1, 2 and even Alien v Predator.

  14. as long as they do not hire jai courtney and don’t make it for all audience, there’s hope…but since violent 80′s movies are rebooted into crappy “family entertainment” nowadays… (i still cry thinking of robocop reboot)

  15. Black and Dekker are they not making tools ?
    I am sure my father used them in the house to repair stuff !
    So it should work out fine !

  16. The last predator Movie i Enjoyed was Alien Vs Predator. It was well made and so was the story. Wish they could have picked things from there for both the extra terrestrial beings. AVP 2 was just a mess and utter non sense in any kinda story. Same for Predators. It could have been far better movie. I thought it was the last nail in the Predators coffin. But am happy to hear there is gonna be another predator Movie. Hope Black can make it far better movie.

  17. what about a predator origin story? i mean theres been what 5 predator movies including the original? no one knows where they come from and why they have such bad blood towards the aliens and humans. so why not do like a group of space explorers or astronoauts of some sort who get adrift in space and come upon the planet of the predators…the predators take them prisoner upon arrival but they offer there help to help them fight there war that there in as long as they let them go in return…then one of the humans betrays them for riches from the enemy and its what ignites thr hatred for the human race

    • Why do you think there’s any “bad blood” involved? My interpretation of “Predator” is that it was just a new version of the “hunter becoming the hunted” story line. Here are a bunch of tough Marines (or whatever they were), getting slaughtered like Bambi during deer season. Later, the whole “Alien” connection was the sci-fi version of humans creating game preserves, but with some extra, old-fashioned, tribal sacrifice / rites-of-passage elements added to it. The “game preserve” idea was extended further with “Predators”. I don’t feel like – up to this point, anyway – there’s any indication that Predators have any specific “origin”. They’re just hunters for sport.

  18. Dang ! I just can’t get out of my head the predator that stalked Arnie and vice versa. That being the case, I just can’t get my head around a new predator movie doing better than that whopper of an action film. Dang ! Hope they try though.

  19. Good Shane. That was exactly my thought the other day: no need for a reboot or a remake. Just good sequels (finally and hopefully) will do.

    After AVP 2, they need to do something really good, because that movie was a big low for the Predator outings…

  20. Here it comes, the next fad is here! Terminator Genesis, Jurassic World, Predator…the reboot is dead, and the age of “inventive sequels” is now upon us.

  21. Depends how much is to be cannon I suppose. First two predator movies would be enough imo. Predators introduced the super-predators or an evolutionary offshoot which was odd. Also will this invlude aliens mythology as well? Engineers? Noe that would start getting interesting it they want to expand the “mythology”. Engineers at war with preds.. Create aliens as bio weapons, eventually backfires, predators make them their tools to hunt them etc.

  22. I don’t think AVP was bad the plot that predators created aliens to be perfect prey was pretty cool what let them down was the setting The Games were cool and they had the setting right it should have been set in space and it should have involved the colonial marines Using the motion detector to try find the predator was cool sometimes I think Game studios are better at listening to fans than movie studios I think prometheus was crap I honestly do not know were they are going with that film

    • Batman vs Predator would be pretty good

  23. So if Shane Black is directing this expect a child side kick, and story to take place during Christmas time?

  24. For Starters, You have to find the right guy to play predator.

    You cant do what they almost did in the Originial withJean Claude Van Dam and have cast members taller or Bigger than the Predator. They definitely dodged a bullet with that one, good thing he complained so much about his face not being shown.

    He has to Large, like Keven Peter Hall who was actually 7 ft tall (RIP), maybe use the guy that played the Engineer in Prometheus. He was Huge.

    Then use a cast where all the characters fit, unlike in the movie Predators where they had Tpher Grace’s character, that didnt belong or the Alice Braga character, who was ready to put a bullet in her ownhead at the site of a predator dog.

    And they have to come up with a different story, I would like to see Predator: South China Sea, i thought that was a great story.

    • That was the whole point of Topher Grace’s character in that movie…no one thought he belonged there. No one expected the dude to be a serial killer.

  25. He better do a better job with Predator than he did with Iron Man. How can you make an Iron Man with no Iron Man in it? At this point it’s kinda hard to imagine a sequel for Predator that wont disappoint. The last one was the best since Predator 2 but it could have been better. They should really bring Brody back and continue from the end of the last movie.

  26. @Dru – I agree!! He made an Iron Man movie that was mostly about Regular Man!!

  27. It’d be cool to see Predator civilization with their young and old. Since their culture is about warriors going to hunt on other worlds maybe we could see some young predator child training to fight.

    Maybe we see that young predator come to earth and befriends an earth child?

    Sorry if that premise sounds lame.

    Either way we could see Predator culture, predator home world geography, etc.