Shane Black’s ‘Predator’ Film is An ‘Inventive Sequel’

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predator movie shane black Shane Blacks Predator Film is An Inventive Sequel

Probably just about nobody believed that 2010’s Predators would be the last time that we’d see the eponymous extraterrestrial hunters on the big screen, but yesterday brought the unexpected news that Shane Black (Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, Iron Man 3) has been recruited to direct a Predator reboot. Whether you were excited by the prospect of Black putting his unique spin on the 1980s property or infuriated by the idea of the original cherished 1987 film (an action/sci-fi/horror hybrid) getting re-imagined and/or remade, we have an update on the situation that you ought to take note of.

The original reports specifically stated that Black and screenwriter Fred Dekker (who previously collaborated on Monster Squad) are working on a Predator reboot together, which everyone took to mean that the sci-fi/action franchise will be starting completely over, with this new installment. Not so, though, as Black has informed Collider that his currently-untitled Predator movie is, in fact, a sequel – an “inventive sequel” at that – which shall not simply discard the pre-established Predator mythos.

Here’s the quote that Black gave to Collider, regarding his and Dekker’s Predator film:

“[It’s not a reboot] as far as Fred and I are concerned anyway. Why start over, when you’ve all this rich mythology yet to mine? [However, I can] really get behind inventive sequels [and] the idea of expanding and exploring the existing Predator mythology, rather than hitting the restart button.”

Question is, what exactly do Black and Dekker count as part of the “existing Predator mythology”? It could be that the plan is to be selective and draw inspiration from certain key elements in previous Predator movies – be they the first two straight-forward installments, the Alien vs. Predator franchise crossovers, and/or the Predators film – without creating blatant story contradictions. If so, then Black’s Predators movie may be comparable to the upcoming Jurassic World, which doesn’t break continuity with previous Jurassic Park installments – yet, has been pitched as something of an “inventive sequel” itself.

shane black iron man 3 predator Shane Blacks Predator Film is An Inventive Sequel

RDJ and Shane Black filming ‘Iron Man 3′

Black and Dekker got their start in Hollywood in the 1980s and ’90s (Black wrote the original Lethal Weapon, Dekker scripted RoboCop 3, and so forth) – something that sets them apart from the folk who’re developing other “inventive sequels” to decades-old series (see: Jurassic World and next year’s Terminator “re-imagining”). In his recent films, Black has tended to recycle the tropes that he often relied upon during the early stages of his career (see: buddy duos, snappy dialogue, etc.), in combination with elements more common-place in modern films.

Using that same approach may allow his Predator film to stand out better, in a crowd of reheated leftovers and/or track remixes. Matter of fact, we’ve even drawn up 5 suggestions for Black, with regard to how he can achieve that goal with his Predator movie. We’ll just have to wait and see if he winds up traveling in the same direction that we might prefer him to take.


We’ll keep you updated on development of Shane Black’s Predator movie.

Source: Collider

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  1. I want to see them make a new movie, not a rehash of “People being hunted” maybe have a group of humans who are hunting a predator?

    • They were sort of hunting the Predator in the second movie, lot of good that did Busey….

  2. to dazz and kyle your both childish to attack someone;s opinion. you want some facts on your statements..
    1)Jaws – The shark malfunctioned non stop during production the fact we didn’t see more of it was because it didn’t work as needed,and did we see more of the shark in the sequels? YES
    2)Close Encounters,the film was about the people not the aliens they were not the focal point of the movie.
    3)Jurassic Park – it was in CGI infancy in 1993 and Stan Winston’s life size models were used to help fill the CGI areas.. and did we MORE Dinosaurs in the sequels YES!
    and to debate your point further all three of those movies were the first ones right? not sequels excluding CEOTTK
    dazz since your using Speilberg as your director example you seemed to have forgotten a couple other movies of his.
    how about ET.. was he limited to a mere few moments to build suspense and tension after seeing him?? no seems like he got plenty of screentime after we were introduced to him
    and please explain this one.. How about Raiders of the Lost Ark.. OMG you must have hated that movie we got to actually see INDY in action and from the very start of the movie too!,I guess if you had made the film like IM3 we would of had say 1:45+ mins of Dr. Jones lecturing a class room for character development and Indy in the movie a mere 10 mins right.
    and your Star Wars Darth Vader statement.. ok the original trilogy was focused on Luke NOT Vader.. as was Anakin in the prequels so we didn’t see the Emperor that much did we, and by the way I think Vader got lots more screentime in each following film correct.
    and Boba Fett ok here’s your version of the movie Boba takes off his outfit and moans and groans about everything like Tony Stark did in IM3.So your idea of a movie is the suited up Boba actually gets in some screentime say 15 mins of a 2 hour movie.that sounds good doesn’t it.Fans will hate it like they did Iron Man 3

    Do you actually think people would want to go see a new Predator film if they knew in advance the Predator would actually be (in action) a mere 15 mins of a movie?
    and how many people actually liked Rocky 5 the best? it’s the one Rocky didn’t fight in (Zzzz)and look what Character development did to Spiderman 3.. less Spiderman and more Peter Parker dancing in a blues club with an Adolph Hitler hair style,that was what I paid to see!!
    a show of hands?
    and to Kyle.. simply grow up
    my final Statement to the 2 of you is IM3 was a stinker the fans and reviews agree,The Mandarin was a let down the best part of the movie the 13 passengers falling skydive sequence was a let down,wow Tony wasn’t even in the suit(typical) and did it have duct tape holding it together?? I mean come on,if it was held together so solid with no one in it,why did the truck collision send it in to a 100 pieces!! I mean Thor tossed him thru a forest and it held to together fine in The Avengers
    IM3 was crap

    • All im here to say is DIFFERENT SUIT FROM AVENGERS TO IM3,or did u not notice that? the IM3 suit was comprised of a bunch individual pieces (so he could will them to him) this was a live action version of the extremis armor. The avengers suit is like 6 pieces that all move and fit together… Might wana re-watch the films and check that out. And also, that was not the mandarin, that has been established, the real mandarin is out there and mad that that little weasel (albeit funny) of a man used his name. If u r guna rant and type some massive diatribe, have your facts straight first.

  3. Will Robert Rodriguez be involved?


    • Uuuummm… go back and read dude…

  5. Sorry, but Iron Man 3 should have got this fellow fired. Period. But this is Hollywood/Pentagon/CIA. It’s not what you know and do. It’s who you know and what you do for them.

  6. I knew he was not the Real Mandarin thats why I said it was a letdown

  7. I can’t believe the article (or any comments unless I overlooked it) doesn’t mention that Shane Black was actually in the original Predator film.

    Full disclosure – I thoroughly enjoyed Iron Man 3, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Lethal Weapon. One of my favorite movie quotes is when Danny Glover’s character mentions that at least Riggs (Mel Gibson) hasn’t killed any body today and Gibson responds, “Day ain’t over yet.”

    So rock on Shane Black. Bring on Predator. :)

    • I read this article assuming they’d mention the exact thing. Black has a pedigree with this series.
      Also, the Black and Decker thing is amusing.

      Good that it’s not a reboot.

    • How about from Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang “You think that’s funny? You’re in big trouble, I’m gay and he’s from New York.”

  8. here is my idea for a storyline i thought up about a year ago.

  9. i liked predator 1,2 as well as avp 1.I did not like avp 2,then predaters it was ok but to me it was like a bad reboot.I think even as bad as avp 2 was thay could have did a avp 3 make it real good by doing it in the future like the time line arund riplys time of some time after her death and befor hear clone.then after that thay could end them both and do a reboot(s).

  10. Black and Dekker…now that’s funny!!!

  11. I wish them well. I try not to be too critical of sci-fi movies…as I know what it takes to make them. I also know that many of them are highly influenced by a committee of suits who have no clue about the genre or characters. There are occasions where a director and screen writer have complete autonomy, however. My concern is that one of them was responsible for the Robocop 3 script…
    As for Iron Man 3…eh I enjoyed it despite its shortfalls. It did make more than a billion world wide.

    I am a fan of the predator franchise…with the exception of AVP: Requiem. I certainly hope they do this right!

  12. mrce

    • Fan? Fans? You are all here just talking about criticism of quite unique films here, that is all. I am a truly fan of Predator, and all I can say is, that everyone here still do not know much about predator itself. Predator 1 is such a brilliant movie itself, not even mentioned that even Arnold make it good by its own present in it. Predator 2 is also much more important than everybody here truly think, its because the Predator 2 give a whole Predator mythology more content, a bunch of new things and even more Predator characters that can be shown in another later, future movies, because all of them have a specific name and unique design, and of course they are all still living, and they live for more than 100 years. Predators as another Predator movie is also very good looking movie. Not everyone knows that Predators directly follow the so called BAD BLOOD mythology that already appeared in the comics itself. This is another reason why people hate the Predators movie, its because non of those haters know absolutely nothing about BAD BLOOD story. BAD BLOOD follows the storyline of one BAD Predator that already brake the code of honor. Those Predators that somehow brake this code of honor are separated from their origin culture and even from their own clan itself. By some time those BAD Predators form a some kind of different rouge clan that hunt other classic Predators just like in the Predators movie. Jesus Christ none of you here know truly nothing about this storyline and that is really stupid. If you are trying to hate some movie, you may be a looser or a person that truly dont know much about it. I have some favourite movies too, and of course even I by myself hate some other movies, but still, you need to have solid reson for it, not to be just a stupid ignorant. I truly believe that Shane Black make another Predator movie good, what is more important than success for me is, that if it continue from the Predators BAD BLOOD storyline, or if its gonna be something totally new. Today’s people are the biggest ignorant of all times, i truly cry when i read such a comment that follows that kind of stupidity like this. When you something dont like it, its still do not mean that it is s***. When you something dont like it, ghive that a chance because it is still some kind of solid art, solid design and solid work by some hard workink people.

  13. Predator is one of my favorite movies.Definitely in my top 10 of all times.Arnold did such a fantastic job with this movie,all the action scenes were just amazing.Do this one right,make it just as good as the original.

  14. Arnold needs to be back as Dutch. Period. it started Arnold and it should end it with Arnold. Bring him back as a grizzled veteran who knows what to do about the creature.

  15. Family friendly, Christmas Predator sequel :).
    Predator twist :).

  16. whats the latest updates on a Predator sequel..?

  17. He should make a Predator Concrete Jungle movie

  18. how about predator hunting other aliens not seen before without humans in the movie

    • Then it would probably have to be in the predator’s point of view (Not his vision the whole time, but the movie focuses on ikt for the majority of the time) which isn’t bad, but would be the only way to make it good in my opinion.

  19. Would like to see a great ensemble cast and chief amongst that I think The Rock – Dwayne Johnson would be EXCELLENT as the next arbitrary Dutch-like character. Plus ecleticcast members whom are perfectly selected to round out the new war party of humans if that is the course they are going to take…

  20. You guys realise that Shane Black actually starred in the first Predator film, don’t you?