Fox May Announce New ‘Predator’ Project at Comic-Con 2013

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The predator from Predators Fox May Announce New Predator Project at Comic Con 2013

As the eternal hunt for blockbuster franchises continues, and as the board-game adaptation appears to be something of a bust (while toys and even internet memes appear to viable properties), some studios are looking at the past for inspiration. Prometheus, 2012′s non-prequel to Alien, proved divisive to critics and audiences, but it’s getting a sequel anyway. Now it appears the Predator franchise has traction as well.

An intriguing image has appeared on the Facebook page of 2010′s attempt to reinvigorate the series, Predators. Against a a bird’s-eye view of a cityscape, (rendered in that famous thermo-vision of the Predator) are the words “There’s something out there waiting for us, and it ain’t no man. We’re all gonna die.”  Beneath this, the phrase #HuntThePredator.

The line is a direct quote from the original 1987 Predator, and is spoken by the character Billy (Sonny Landham), and might just be a tease that the studio is developing a direct follow-up to director John McTiernan’s classic sci-fi actioner.

Now, none of this is official. Still, Fox will be hosting a panel at Comic-Con this weekend to showcase it’s upcoming event films, including X-Men: Days of Future Past, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes,  and The Wolverine. They’ve also promised a “surprise” of some kind (they always do), so coupled with this teasing message on the Predators Facebook page, we can assume it has something to do with this franchise.

1987 predator Fox May Announce New Predator Project at Comic Con 2013

Of course, it could also be a hint towards a new Predator video game. The hashtag phrase #HuntThePredator sure sounds like a neat bit of viral marketing (and it’s trending on Twitter), but it’s pretty slight to be connected with a new film. However, Predators producer Robert Rodriquez has said that he “owed the studio a call” about another film, but that was back in September of 2012 and the director is currently deep into his Sin City follow-up – this could be a stealth approach to a major announcement… or an underwhelming bit of news about a video game entry into a franchise few people seem excited about anymore.

Still, Prometheus has, for all it’s faults, managed to finally split the Alien Vs. Predator series apart, which is really a major benefit for humanity. Predators had its moments,  but was hardly a worthy follow-up to the original, which featured Arnold Schwarzenegger in one of his more hard-nosed performances, yet another former governor (Jesse Ventura), along with Iron Man 3 writer-director Shane Black as part of the cast (and apparently only there to fix the script every day with director McTiernan).

The world may not want another Predator, but some kind of new spin on this series might just be worth our attention. More details as they emerge.


20th Century Fox will be hosting their panel at Comic-Con 2013 on Saturday, July 20.

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  1. I love the Predator but I just don’t see what they could do for another movie. With a predator movie its basically a group of people getting picked one by one. They’ve done that three times already. Unless they do something crazy and have it be on the predator homeworld I don’t know what they could do.

    • What if something was hunting the Predator?

      • That would be awesome!! You could have the Predators and Humans teaming up maybe?!?! Brilliant mate idea mate! :)

        • Another stupid idea that maybe AvP a horrible movie.
          No thanks.

    • New predator movie:

      Years later we are still on the watch for any predators’ space ship entering our atmosphere.

      We notice one landing, we send in a special team to “hunt the hunter” – Dwane the rock Johnson would obviously be the main role here. This would be different because it would be showing the predator being defensive instead of offensive. Which would obviously switch half way into the movie when he brutally murders his entire team.

      That in a nutshell should be the next movie. I don’t even want credit, I just want to see it.

    • After the rock beats the last of the predator on earth, the team takes a look at there ship only to get trap and taken to the planet were Brody is they meet Brody and try to find a way back to earth

  2. I have no idea where else they can go with this. they have fought one predator, several on their planet and even had the predators fighting xenomorphs. While the last one was entertaining, it is hard to imagine them coming up with something new.

  3. Sounds good, but here’s the thing. Everything after the first movie was whack. Have a continuation from the first movie with The Rock :) The ship that made the fly-by comes back looking to pick up their guy, but he’s gone already. Earth is semi-prepared for this and manages to capture the alien spacecraft after an all out battle with with the hunters. Earth finds out about hundreds of other worlds out there and reverse engineers the alien technology to go on a campaign to form an intergalactic army to combat the aliens. Make it happen Hollywood.

    • yeah your plot does sounds good, but you pretty much just describe the Mass Effect plot.

    • Kinda sounds lIke Aliens…

  4. #HuntThePredator – a video game sounds fun…like the Most Dangerous Game has upped the ante with a Predator as the hunted.

    Actually, that may be an interesting movie. In the future, hunters captured Predators and now use them in their own big-game hunting games.

    • That’s what I was thinking.

  5. Put The Rock in It!!!

    • The Rock makes everything better

    • Attention, everyone: put your Rocks in something else. He is OK, but he is not the best actor I have ever seen. Too expensive for what we probably would get.
      I would like to see another Predator movie (if well-done), but this probably refers more top a video-game.

      • The Rock really is the modern day Schwarzenegger (not as iconic, but the same thing). Ok acting, but he has a lot of charisma and is fun to watch. And like Schwarzenegger in his prime, he is HUGE and can really kick@$$! Best actor? Of course not, just really entertaining.

  6. PLEASE be a new film. There is so much potential for this franchise, it needs to be explored with a big budget, great script, and big stars. I’ll be pretty disappointed if the announcement is anything other than a new film.

  7. I actually just got done rewatching the original Predator, Predators…. and, uh Alien vs. Predator (boy was that film even dumber on second viewing, seriously, whats with the footballer predators that sound like lions?).

    I really enjoy Predator and Predators. I thought Predators is up there with the original. I would like to see a sequel to that. Maybe with Adrien Brody returning. or a sequel to the original with Arnie would be cool. or BOTH. Have the Predators capture Arnie and drop him off on the planet with Adrien Brody.

    Have Adrien and the girl being tracked by a predator, and right before it gets them, its head gets blown off, with arnie standing behind them saying, “I’m back!”

    • Boy, here would be a mess for the humans to battle their way out of: Predators, Aliens, and Things (as in John Carpenter’s) all loose on Earth in a slobberknocker supreme! That would be almost as good as vampires, zombies, and pod-people! Talk about a Royal Rumble or King Of The Ring, sci-fi style!

  8. We already have two solid Predator movies (The original and Predators). Just make another AVP, set it in space, and actually base it off the comics. Please, we NEED a GOOD AVP movie!

    • I agree. Why they never used the Dark Horse AVP storyline is beyond me. It had everything: action, suspense, great action scenes, compelling characters and a fantastic ending. And not an underground ice temple in sight! lol

  9. I like Predator 2. Guess I’m alone on that one.

    • I thought it was ok. Better than Alien vs Predator.

      I still havent seen AVP:R yet. does anyone think its worth it for me to check out?

      • Its better then the first.. IMO

        • @dj vader, are you talking about AVP:R or Predator 2?

      • I bought all the DVDs for everything related top Alien and predator and their various incarnations and spin-offs. All worth watching, some MUCH better than others, which were not that great. But ya just kinda owe it to whatevertheheck to watch ‘em all.

        • @ Goldilocks

          Same here. I like to think the AVP films were canon as they were for awhile before Prometheus. Before that film, I thought they could still be spin-offs since the events of those films are never mentioned in Predators just as the events of Predator 2 which Predators follows.

      • I thought AVP:R was terrible. The first AVP was pretty bad, but it at least had some good action sequences. But AVP:R doesn’t even have that. The Pred-alien hybrid is kind of cool, but is really wasted in the movie. The first AVP was stupid, but AVP:R raped both the Alien and Predator franchise’s.

      • @ Draagyn

        AVP-R has more action in which some scenes were too dark to see the action. With no follow-up it ends like on a cliffhanger imo & the cast was poor with bad characters you don’t care about really with bad lines through out. You get to see the Predator homeworld. Imo, AVP was better but it’s a ok follow-up.

    • It was Ok, I bought the DVD.

    • Yes you are the movie totally sucked! The best in the series is Predator and Predators. I’d like to see something happen on the Predators home world.

    • @ thedave

      Nope, you’re not. I thought Predator 2 was a nice attempt to be different.

  10. I’m more convinced this is an official announcement with demo footage of their 3D Blu-ray conversion of the original film rather than another sequel.

    • @ dj vader

      I read that was a proposed idea for the 2nd AVP sequel.

  11. I disagree with the article when it says “The world may not want another Predator”. I, for one, would love to see another Predator movie. The original is a bonafide classic. I re-watched Predator 2 recently and it struck me that everything from the framing of certain shots, to the dialogue, is like watching a live action comic book. Don’t believe me? Watch it again, but think “comic book” not “Predator movie”. It really works (especially with certain aspects bearing remarkable similarities to the Batman vs Predator comic).

    Predators was a very good addition to the franchise, adding fresh spin on the story and adding something new to the mythology. I think that the hardest thing about another movie would be keeping the Predators compelling without going into too much detail about where they come from/why they do what they do. These unanswered questions are what makes the Predators so interesting to watch.

    I’m glad they’re not considering anymore AVP movies as they were awful. Why they didn’t base the movie on the Dark Horse storyline i’ll never know.

    • They never used the Dark Horse story because it would mean Hollywood writers would have to get off their high horse and admit other people can write better than them.

  12. And, yes, put The Rock in it. The Rock makes everything better!

    • the rock would be able to have a stare down with a predator like no other! Im thinking like the scene from fast five where he has the stare down with vin diesel. that was pretty intense. i would not want the rock to be after me.

    • Ah no, so far all his movies suck! He just needs to wrestle!

  13. Predator bounty hunter/police task force comes and gets Dutch, Glover, Brody and anyone else who “killed” a Pred and they go after a team of Renegade/Homicidal Super Preds. The task force Preds have a cleaner art style to their weapons and gear and arm their human partners appropriately. Even have female Preds. That would be my concept.

  14. Now this is just silly so here’s my suggestion;

    a one shot two part movie Batman vs Predator and Superman VS Aliens to be released in 2025…

  15. I heard from Ryan Turek (shocktillyoudrop) that it could potentially be an announcement for a 3D conversion of the original Predator movie.
    That may be why they released the Predator related poster.
    So that could mean, it may be something else entirely. A surprise has me thinking more inline with maybe- the X-Force movie.

  16. Id like to see a Predator film where, Predators hunt humans= other alien species hunt one or both clans of Predators. At the end of Predator 2, we seen what kind of aliens they’ve hunted by the skulls in the trophy wall. Take cue from that scene.

  17. The first and original Predator movie was still better than the last one. That’s why I’m really not all that excited for this. I have yet to see any Predator-related movie that matches up to the horror and terrifying atmosphere of the original.

  18. At the end of Predator 2, the main baddie hands Danny Glover a gun. It was obviously from a time from when the Wild West dominated.

    Whoever owned that gun must’ve been a tough cookie. Show a back story, from the Wild West, showcasing that guy, and possibly incorporate your story of “Hunting the Predator”. Maybe he got stuck here or something.

    Also, the comic book series has a TON of great stories in it, that they could adapt easily.

    Make it happen!

    • @ Skye

      I think the year on the gun was 1715 if I remember right.

  19. Nothin is gonna beat the original or equal to it imo so I wouldn’t expect them to make a film that comes that close. Even the classic Predator in Predators didn’t look as great as the one in the original film. It was close enough. Outta all the people who played out the role of a Predator, Kevin Peter Hall was the best- R.I.P.

  20. Another Predator? Yes please and put the Rock in it with Del Toro directing

  21. Maybe its me but I actually liked the last Predator movie with Brody in it. I wouldnt mind another one with him and that chick.

  22. I say yes another predator movie! But we need answers to questions or at least answers that ggive us more questions (prometheus) it would be hard to explain without humans being in it because of dialogue but I think maybe a predator sequel but with aliens in it… not being a AvP movie specifically but like the end of the avp game for xbox have it show where the predators first found the xenos. I think it would be awesome to see the predators just being explorers at first then coming across some race that they dive into warrior mode to defend and ultimately wipe out the other race. I would even explore the female predator mythology, in the same way women fought for equal rights in the work force have an uproar on the predator homeworld then they select one female to join a tribe for a most dangerous hunt back to the first planet where they encountered the xenos as a trial to see if they are worthy to hunt. Now since prometheus somewhat established that xenos are engineered we can assume that there were prototypes, now running with that on the first xeno homewrold which would be more like a huge science lab for the xeno project and development we find something and introduce the first and only alien king… this is just an idea but I think would give a whole new spin on things

  23. Predator had the best lines from everyone in the cast. Arnold, Jesse,Carl,Shane,Sonny, everyone.

    Dutch: If it bleeds, we can kill it.
    Poncho: You’re hit. You’re bleeding man.
    Blaine: I got no time to bleed.
    Poncho: Oh. Got time to duck?
    Mac: Time to let old Painless outta the bag.
    Dillon: You really think this boyscout crap is gonna work?
    Dutch: It could see the trip wires, maybe it can’t see this. Instead of complaining,maybe you should help.

  24. I remember once seeing a PREDATOR novel in a book store with a plot similar to PREDATOR 2 except the main character was supposed to be Dutch’s younger brother. When he and his fellow detectives begin looking into the Predator’s killings, he remembers the drunken stories Dutch told him about what happened to him in PREDATOR. Perhaps they can re-work that basic premise into a new movie.

  25. I would love to see another Predator. AvP was pretty bad. Predator 2 had a good premise. I hope it is a movie announcement that sounds awesome!

  26. I loved the first Predator, and Predator’s of 2010. This is a franchise that I want to see some strong storylines. I would like to forget the horrible AVP, yes seeing the head trophy of an Alien was awesome at the end of Predator 2 but we all saw how that went down. The Predator and the Terminator 1,and 2 need to finally have a “GOOD,” storyline that captures what the originals had.