5 Ways to Do the ‘Predator’ Sequel Right

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Predator Reboot Header 5 Ways to Do the Predator Sequel Right

Adaptations are the craze in Hollywood lately and if a studio isn’t developing a big budget comic book movie like The Avengers: Age of Ultron or Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, then they are looking for preexisting properties that are ripe for some reinvigoration. Just next year, we’ll get Jurassic World, Terminator: Genesis, and Star Wars: Episode VII trying to prove that the old can be new again.

Now, we can add another project to that ever-expanding list - since it has been announced that Iron Man 3 director Shane Black will helm a reboot of the classic sci-fi franchise Predator for Fox. The 1987 original starring Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of the biggest hits the year it came out and has earned its place among the most highly regarded action films of its era. So it shouldn’t come as a shock that some Predator fans are rolling their eyes at the prospect of another entry in the series – regardless of how much they love the world.

While we have to sympathize with the plight of these viewers, it’s important to keep in mind that not all modern sequels (and reboots) are awful. In some instances, they can provide rewarding cinematic experiences that can satisfy old fans and bring in new ones. In the hopes that the Predator reimagining can fit in that category, we have compiled a list of ways to do the Predator sequel “right.” As is the case with our Star Wars spinoffs game plan, this is all subjective, but most will probably agree that these steps could result in an entertaining movie.


Go for the Hard ‘R’

Predator Reboot Violence 5 Ways to Do the Predator Sequel Right

These days, studios look to tailor their major tentpoles for maximum profitability. This means that they wish to bring in the widest audience possible. Thanks to the invention of the PG-13 rating, executives now have a target that they look to hit whenever commissioning a summer film. It gives off the impression that the movie isn’t exactly family friendly (drawing in older teens) while ensuring the festivities aren’t too extreme for youngster’s eyes.

Unfortunately, the PG-13 revolution has led to a series of homogenized action films (think: the Total Recall remake) that leave moviegoers more frustrated than anything. One of the most appealing aspects of 1980s action movies – particularly Predator – was that most of them embraced the R rating to deliver fans a full-blown experience. Watching the original, it’s hard not to get swept up in the gruesome killings, ultra-violence, and foul language that helped carve a place for it in movie history. The belief that R-rated films don’t make money is a myth (look at the Jump Street movies for proof), and there’s a large portion of audiences that would flock to an adult-oriented action film.

As a cast member from the first film, Black should know what made it so appealing to viewers and look to give them something similar.


Get a Stellar Cast

ballers gets series order 5 Ways to Do the Predator Sequel Right

With action icons like Schwarzenegger and Carl Weathers at the front of the ensemble, the cast assembled by director John McTiernan for Predator was one of the film’s strongest points. Having their own personalities, each member of Dutch’s team stood out and all have a memorable scene – or characteristic. Whether it’s Hawkins (Black) telling jokes, Mac (Bill Duke) shaving a beard that isn’t there, or Blaine (Jesse Ventura) refusing to have time for bleeding, the actors involved tried to craft characters that felt like real people. This helped get the audience involved, as they became emotionally invested in the protagonists – and not just waiting for some creature action.

For the sequel to have any shot at being relevant for viewers, Black is going to have to put together one great collection of modern action stars (or at the very least diverse acting talent) as the main way of generating interest. It will be impossible to top Schwarzenegger’s Dutch, but we would sign up for a cast that’s headlined by The Rock, with fan-favorites such as Jason Statham, Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, and Chris Pratt (among others) flanking him. Part of what made Predator work was the presence of no-nonsense soldiers that oozed testosterone and masculinity, traits that our suggestions have all showcased before.


Keep It Simple

Predator vs. Arnold 5 Ways to Do the Predator Sequel Right

In the ‘70s and ‘80s, you could make a hit film with a relatively straightforward concept. Questions like “what if a shark attacked a beach,” “what if an alien was loose on a ship,” and “what if you could go to high school with your parents” are the basis for just a few of the most legendary films of that time period. There wasn’t any need for a convoluted back-story or countless subplots. Directors just sold audiences on an intriguing high concept and let viewers have fun.

Nowadays, just about every summer blockbuster (mainly those in the sci-fi and superhero genres) has increasingly higher and higher stakes. If the fate of the entire universe doesn’t depend on the hero getting the job done, it’s not worth green lighting in the eyes of many executives. However, this has led to many movies regurgitating similar ideas - with viewers experiencing déjà vu all over again each time they visit the multiplex. There’s something alluring about an action movie that’s a tad scaled back and intimate, where the only things at risk are the lives of the main characters. Since it’s not the norm anymore, films that do this feel fresher and stand out more than yet another apocalyptic offering.

Black should keep the proceedings as simple as possible. Drop a cast of the best action stars in the middle of an isolated locale and have them go to war with a monster. Not only will this be in the spirit of the original, the single setting should make the adventure more claustrophobic and immediate.


Embrace Other Genres

Predator Reboot Arnold Mud 5 Ways to Do the Predator Sequel Right

Most modern action movies take the “action” label to heart and go balls-to-the-wall non-stop for two hours or more. The new technologies available to filmmakers have allowed them to create visually-impressive sequences, but the endless barrage of CGI and special effects can wear thin on some viewers – and is one of the most common complaints about big films today. Contrast that with the blockbusters of yesteryear, where the limitations were used to the filmmaker’s advantage in crafting different kinds of thrills.

Where something like Alien vs. Predator: Requiem was all violence with little-to-no build-up, classics such as Jaws, Alien, Jurassic Park, and – yes – Predator succeeded due to the fact that they blended elements of horror into the proceedings and built up anticipation within the audience. Scenes like “raptors in the kitchen” and Ripley’s showdown in the shuttle are more memorable than a majority of the action sequences today (despite decades of evolution) thanks to their use of practical effects and slow-burn techniques.

Even though Predator is largely a macho action film, it is a little deeper than most give it credit for. Using the team of soldiers as a springboard, McTiernan tackled themes such as honor among warriors and loyalty to comrades – aspects you would expect in an Oscar-winning war drama, not a Schwarzenegger romp. It would be wise if the reboot’s script tried to accomplish this as well, so it could offer moviegoers something with a little more thought.


Don’t Recreate Classic Imagery

Predator Reboot Handshake 5 Ways to Do the Predator Sequel Right

Dutch and Dillon’s handshake. “If it bleeds, we can kill it.” “GET TO DA CHOPPA!” Dutch’s primal battle cry before the finale. The original Predator is full of iconic images and moments that have gone on to become part of cinema history. A fear of many is that this sequel is a shameless, cynical cash grab, so to combat this, Black would be wise to stray away from the little things that made the first film so special.

Nobody will accomplish anything by trying to rehash the parts in the above paragraph and repackage them for a new generation. Since this is a sequel, the filmmakers should try to create something new that stands on its own merits and doesn’t rely fully on nostalgia to get by. Small callbacks or little Easter eggs would be in good faith, but Black should have a firm grasp on how beloved Predator is and understand he has nothing to gain from remaking the film scene-for-scene, beat-for-beat. He’s got to justify its existence by taking an old brand and giving us something fresh – not something we’ve already seen.



Predator Reboot Shane Black 5 Ways to Do the Predator Sequel Right

Of course, these are just the steps we would take to ensure the new Predator film can be as good as humanly possible. Our list is not meant to be all-inclusive. Be sure to let us know what you would do if you were in charge of guiding the follow-up to the big screen (besides canceling the project).


The Predator sequel is currently in development and does not have a release date.

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  1. Agreed with all of these points.

    It’s also where the Robocop remake fell down completely and seemed little more than a parody of the original, made by people who had probably only seen the original once after being chosen to remake it. No heart, no soul, just a bunch of things grabbed from the original and morphed into a bastardised version that has no place existing in any dimension.

    They could go with the Predator 2 direction by mentioning an incident happening previously but otherwise acting as if this film is a continuation that doesn’t need to retread where the original went.

    Make it like the Rambo franchise where each entry follows on from the previous film but also has its own distinct feel and aesthetic. Hell, maybe even take elements of the Skinwalker Ranch anecdotes as inspiration, just keep the setting away from the jungle or urban areas.

  2. We don’t NEED a sequel or reboot to Predator. However, if someone makes one I would definitely buy the DVD for the collection, since I have all the other Predator flicks, Alien flicks, and their spin-offs. Black has alot on his plate right now, and I would rather see him concentrate on getting a GOOD Doc Savage RIGHT, and worry about other flicks, be it predator stuff or other films, later on down the line.

  3. My first step would be to find a new director. I know there are a lot of people who loved Iron Man 3, and that’s OK, but Black didn’t really impress me enough for me to back any movie he’s attached to.

    • He directed Iron Man 3, Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang and Lethal Weapon. That’s three films I found brilliant and definitely worth being impressed about, enough to have faith in him to do this one right.

      • Dazz, you have officially derailed after calling Iron Man 3 brilliant.

        • Oh please. There were many people who thought iron man 3 was brilliant. If you didn’t like the movie, then that’s your opinion. But many others thought it was awesome.

          • nobody thinks Iron Man 3 was “brilliant.”

            “Brilliant” films and Iron Man 3 should never be mentioned in the same sentence.

      • No, he did not direct any of the Lethal Weapon films. He wrote the first two and got credited for the characters in 3 and 4. I agree with the original poster, I am not super excited about Shane Black directing.

      • Richard Donner directed Lethal Weapon. Black wrote it.

    • I don’t really care for Shane Black as the director, I prefer someone else. I thought Robert Rodríguez did a decent job with Predators and I hate his movies.

      BTW was Predators a remake or a sequel (Predator 3?)

      • It was technically a sequel, trying to be the Aliens for the Predator franchise.

      • Robert Rodriguez wrote the original script and prodcued that Predator movie, but Nimród Antal directed it. Which i personally think it was let down. Rodriguez is a decent writer but i think an awesome director. A Shane Black script directed by Rodriguez would work in my opinion

        • Oh really? I thought he directed it

  4. dont care for the R rating… seriously, i dont even thing its a big deal anymroe. i want the predators to be predators hunting. i want at least 15 minutes of a predator homeworld just to see how that species behaves. heck, bring the humans to the predator world to hunt… and maybe some backstory to the predators instead of the usual they like to hunt to become men…

    and maybe a new predator species.

  5. “It will be impossible to top Schwarzenegger’s Dutch, but we would sign up for a cast that’s headlined by The Rock, with fan-favorites such as Jason Statham, Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, and Chris Pratt (among others) flanking him.”

    The Rock? Absolutely not! I want to see a Predator movie, not another Rock flick.

    Jason Statham? Maybe but preferably no.

    Idris Elba? Possibly.

    Tom Hardy? OK

    Chris Pratt? No.

    • Agreed on the rock. He has decent stage presence based on his size but as far as being a great action star, he isn’t fit to hold Schwarzeneggers jockstrap let alone be the replacement in one of his most iconic movies. Not sure who I would have as the lead but I definitely don’t want it to be him

      • If the Rock gets cast I would root for him, but I wouldn’t really be excited for it. He is a great charismatic actor but I feel like his presence is just a cliche at this point in movies. GI Joe, Hercules, Snitch, Pain and Gain, Walking Tall, Faster, Doom, The Rundown, and Journey 2 all are (or look) like totally forgettable films.
        I may be in the minority, but I’d rather see someone like Benicio Del Toro or Joel Edgerton or Tom Hardy or a normal sized guy take on a Predator rather than a Rock or Vin Diesel type.

        • How about brad Pitt? Lol jk but I like your cast choices also seeing a Christian Bale as a sycophantic character running around stabbing everything in site would be fun to see in my opinion. Also seeing Clint Eastwood as some kind of general would be cool

        • Love that idea…Go for awesome actors over Musclebound heroes…If your gonna do drama in Predator then go big or go home. IDK if your familiar with real Spec ops or seals or Delta operators but the Spec ops guys have always looked more like mark wahlburg and ben foster in lone survivor.

    • Raises the point its best with Hardy and some decent, but lesser known talent, to keep this from looking like the expendables too much.

  6. I remember exactly where I was when I saw the first and best Predator in 1987 (a hot, sweaty run down theatre in Brooklyn), and to me Predator is the Holy Grail of SciFi/Action movies. I’m thrilled at any rebooting of the franchise. And Shane Black is a decent director, but an even a better screenwriter. However, any mention of adding The Rock to the cast will doom this movie to crapdom.

  7. When will writers realize that a reboot or a remake ISN’T a sequel??

    • Example of a remake/reboot that writers call a sequel?

  8. Definitely don’t agree on the second point. Action movies are action movies because of the action, not because you put action stars in them. This doesn’t need to be an Expendables style ensemble movie and it certainly doesn’t need to jump on the rock bandwagon. Damn you for even putting that thought in my head.

    • I agree with the action stars point. After all, Bruce Willis wasn’t a big action star until after ‘Die Hard.’

      I put that slide in here as more of a way for the studio to generate interest with the general public. A new ‘Predator’ film has a negative reaction from fans right now, but putting a likable guy with a large following in the Schwarzenegger role at least would probably make some take notice. Like – the project is strong enough that it attracted so-and-so who has been in all these good movies the last few years. If that happens, then it could lead to higher box office grosses, and in a way make it “right.”

      • I’m getting really tired of Bruce Willis. Looper was awesome. YES. Yes it was.

      • That makes a lot more sense. Having a bigger name attached to it will obviously get it attention. Just not the rock, hopefully. But that’s not the same as shoving a bunch of action stars into the cast.

    • Yes but people have been raising the point, it doesn’t top the practical effects and “slow burn ” tension and action build ups,of the masterpieces of days past,and only in a few cases today do big effects films, still achieve this. so the problem is action movies today, really are too much about action while managing to fall short in many if not most cases, and the point also being, the poster is right, people got invested emotionally in the characters and themes of the film, the actors made them memorable and distinct,with quirks and strengths, it was the actors mainly that sold it, then the action via practical effects.

  9. you wanna knock our socks off……

    Expendables vs. Predator with mass bloodshed coming down to sly and arnie.

    (don’t laugh, you know you would love to see this)

    • Stupid idea, keep your terrible ideas to yourself.

      • @Theron Sarcasm – look it up

  10. I could rewrite this entire article in 5 seconds:

    “I’m gonna wish in one hand and crap in the other”, by Chris Agar

    • lmao

  11. A prequel based in an earlier century would be the exciting way to go. Maybe featuring a certain gun gifted to a certain Danny Glover….

    • Not bad, not bad. Something to think about. There’s no reason that a rebooted Predator series couldn’t be as big as an Iron Man, Spiderman, Batman, etc. with lots of different storylines to follow. But a PG-13 rating will water down the action and intensity.

      • That gun idea isn’t such a bad idea indeed, I mean the predators do come back to earth over and over again so they find humans a challenge.
        Telling that story or something along those lines would be awesome.

    • As much as I would love to see that movie, I just don’t think it would make much money. Look at what happened to Cowboys and Aliens.

      Either way PLEASE no Reboot. We need a sequel/prequel.

      • That’s funny you mentioned Cowboy & Aliens, I’m watching this movie right now as we speak. I never saw it the theatre, and now I know why. It’s crap. (Even funnier, I went to college with the guy who wrote and produced it. He was a weirdo and I can’t believe he has a career in Hollywood and I’m posting on a blog).

    • a gun gifted to danny glover? What are you talking about?

      • Predator 2 at the end of the movie. The Predator gives Danny Glover an 18th century flintlock pistol the creature took off a human victim. If I remember correctly, the inscription on the pistol was in Italian and dated @1786 or something like that. You must not be a fan.

    • It was done in the comics from Dark Horse.


      • It would be cool to touch upon that story for sure. And maybe what happens to that predator sword that gets left behind!

  12. I agree with almost all of this. 2 things I do not. The movie, IMO, should not be the same ” group of people being hunted” give us something fresh. Maybe have a team trying to capture a predator who is on the hunt, flip that script.
    And if Black is at the helm he NEEDS to write himself a cameo where he tells a very off color p@#$y joke. That and only that should be the “homage”.

    • Funny. I know a couple good jokes he could use. But didn’t we see a Predator getting hunted in Predator 2. So, that’s not exactly fresh. If I remember my Predator history, wasn’t the studio at one time thinking of doing a Predator invasion of Earth. Or maybe, I’m thinking of Alien.

      • I guess they kind of did the “hunting a predator” in 2, but it didnt work, I want to see a team that knows what to do and is up to the challenge. Not a group of suits who only know 1/2 of what they need to know.

    • Then they would just throw in some “hunters become the hunted” tagline and the Predators would just go right back to hunting them. In the end Predators have to be hunting someone. It’s kind of what they do.

  13. 6. Hope that the old Shane Black shows up and not the guy who did Iron Man 3.

  14. Agreed. I want to see Female Predators for the first time and just a great story one that really makes you think even after you leave the theatre. Also just read Shane says it will be a sequel not a reboot.

    • Yeah! female predators! Just like when we saw female wookies for the first time in the christmas special… oh no wait!!

    • Female predators?? That’s just the funniest way you could think of to expand the universe.

  15. How will this work for the Predator/AVP connected Universe that has already been established in the current films?

    Don’t go voiding that… I am a huge fan.

    • The AVP films didn’t connect the original franchises – they were spinoffs (and pretty bad ones). It’s not like Freddy vs Jason is canon to the Nightmare on Elmstreet or Friday the 13th lore.

  16. why are my comments being blocked and marked as SPAM?

  17. Will Khan be in this?

  18. Is this supposed to be a sequel as in following Predators (the 3rd) or is this supposed to be a reboot as in a new Predator 1?

    • It’s a sequel. The question is will they consider the 3rd one cannon.

      • Why wouldn’t/couldn’t/shouldn’t they?

        • Well its not they couldn’t credit it or shouldn’t. It just depends if one they fill it adds more to the franchise or if it just added unless arcs to the story and 2 if they fill the actual loyal fan base overall like it. I personally thought it was a decent addition but at the same time it isn’t a necessity to include it if they choose not to

  19. Alan Silvestri MUST compose the soundtrack! A predator film without the original soundtrack is not predator film!

  20. Go for the Hard ‘R’ should be the motto for every action movie.

    • Adding blood guts and gore doesn’t always make for a good film. A good story is needed there and the Predator story has dried up.

  21. Maybe they could feature the movie in afghanistan (too soon?) this time or Africa…insert a team of CIA operatives or Seals (Seal Team 6) amongst raging african warlords…maybe in the congo????

    • Why?

  22. Predators ticked a lot of these boxes already for me. I liked it. Adrien Brody was a neat choice for the lead too.For me that film is Predator 3.

  23. Predator like the original Alien owes a lot to the horror genre and the whole idea of humans being stalked like prey by a more dangerous organism. The surprise factor is gone at this point as far as the creature reveal, but they can use a bit more deception in the way the plot plays out. The advances in special effects has made film makers more inclined to show everything upfront and often, which is against what made the original films impactful.

  24. This is utterly pointless. I really don’t see how they can make this film any different to what we’ve already seen. We’ve had the brawny soldiers of Arnie and co in the jungle. We’ve had Danny Glover the hard boiled cop in the city. We’ve had Sanaa Lathan the intrepid explorer go to Antarctica and team up to go against the Xenomorph. We’ve had Adrian Brody and fodder go to the Predators home planet. I guess we can get the Rock and have an underwater tussle – we’ve not been there before if Black wants to ‘expand’ the universe. All these sequels are just a middle finger to the original which is a classic.

    • Predators wasn’t set on the predator home world…it was just a random planet a few of them were using as a hunting ground.

  25. I know a perfect twist on the story. Get all you guys that think a sequel/prequel is a great idea stick you all in the jungle with the Predator who will sniff you all out because you’ve wet your pants with excitement that this film is happening and get him to bump you all off because he’s sick and tired of being mocked by all these woeful films he keeps having to make.

  26. “headlined by The Rock, with fan-favorites such as Jason Statham, Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, and Chris Pratt (among others) flanking him.” – It would be such a shame if they go down this route. Such a letdown. My first thought was Sharlto Copley as the ‘Dutch’ of the team. Idris Elba… hmm, maybe and Chris Pratt would have been good if he wasn’t in pretty much everything else at the moment. But The Rock or Jason Statham in a Predator movie? That would almost be an insult to the original.

  27. i dont think it should have to be like an expendables cast but id say atleast 2 or 3 big name actors, especially The Rock, with shane black succes on Iron Man 3 you can bet the rock would be interested…all in all i loved the original but id say make it be like a group of navy seals on a mission in the jungle somehwere and there mission is interrupted by the predator and then there mission becomes to strictly survive…my cast would be the rock as Dutch, Michael b Jordan as Dillon, Terry Crews as Mac, and maybe michael pena or ramon rodriguez as poncho

  28. A sequel ? I thought they are make a reboot instead. I am confused.

  29. It has since been announced that the new film will not be a reboot.

    • Ahh. thanks.