‘Preacher’ TV Series Confirmed at AMC

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preacher1 Preacher TV Series Confirmed at AMC

AMC was once known primarily for its frequent airings of past films, but in recent years, the network formerly known as American Movie Classics has made headlines for acclaimed drama series Breaking Bad and Mad Men.

Moreover, AMC has proven itself a haven for geek-friendly material like The Walking Dead, its companion talk show Talking Dead and filmmaker Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Men. Buzz has swirled for a while that the network was looking to add another comic-book based property to its schedule, and now – at long last – it’s official.

AMC and Sony Television have confirmed that the network will air a series based on the Vertigo comic book Preacher. Created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, the series centers on Reverend Jesse Custer, a disillusioned Texas preacher who discovers that God has abandoned Heaven and takes it upon himself to set things right. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg – the writing/directing duo behind last year’s This Is the End – will write the pilot and serve as executive producers on the series. Breaking Bad producer Sam Catlin will be the showrunner.

Preacher Saint of Killers Preacher TV Series Confirmed at AMC

The news probably doesn’t come as much of a shock for fans, as it was rumored (though never confirmed) late last year. Preacher has been in development for quite some time, with the initial plan to bring Custer and company to the big screen. Director DJ Caruso (Disturbia) was even attached to the project at one time.

However, Ennis had the following to say about the decision to take the story to television:

“Steve Dillon and I are very happy to see Preacher being developed for TV, which seems a much more natural home for the story than a 2-hour movie. Between them, Sony TV and AMC have brought viewers two of my favorite shows with Breaking Bad and Mad Men, and it’s exactly that kind of creative commitment and courage that Preacher needs. Obviously it’s taken a while, but Ken Levin along with Neal Moritz and his team refused to give up, long after the point when I myself grew skeptical, and their unrelenting enthusiasm for the project has gotten us where we need to be. I’m particularly impressed that Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and Sam Catlin understand Preacher fully — meaning they get it for what it is, not some vague approximation. All in all, it looks like Preacher can now be brought to TV in a way that I’d previously not have thought possible, and I very much appreciate that Steve and I have been included in the conversation in the way that we have.”

While Rogen and Goldberg’s involvement may be surprising, it’s reassuring that one of the comic book’s co-creators vouches for their understanding of the material, which meshes together supernatural action with a sharp, satirical edge. The serialized format of comics does naturally lend itself towards television, as AMC has proven with The Walking Dead, and the fact that the network isn’t relying solely on spin-offs like upcoming Breaking Bad offshoot Better Call Saul is certainly a good sign

There’s little doubt that – with the right team – the network can create a compelling hour of television out of Ennis and Dillon’s work. The bigger question is who the network will get to play Preacher‘s titular lead character as well as Custer’s nemesis, the Saint of Killers.

Are you excited that Preacher is coming to AMC, or were you hoping that the story would find its way to theaters eventually? Sound off in the comments section with your thoughts.


Stay tuned to Screen Rant for the latest updates on the Preacher TV series as this story develops.

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  1. Now this is the show that going to kick the walking dead into obscurity.

  2. Rogan? Some dude? April Fool’s?

    • I can’t believe Rogen has a career in Hollywood. If he is involved in this at all, I hope it is only very minimal.

      • He’s an insider. He’s getting high-paying jobs because of who he’s friends with, not based on any ability to do anything well.

        Hollywood, for all of its talk of being starved for talent, is as far from a meritocracy as it gets.

  3. I am very excited for this! but one question…

    Did they confirm a series or just a pilot?

    • Possibly a pilot episode. Some shows ordered pilot episodes rather than the entire one season.

  4. Bryan Cranston can be Saint of killers

  5. This is something I’ve been wanting since the comics came out. I’m a bit skeptical with AMC being the ones to air it. There is so much over the top sex, violence, and language I wonder how well that will translate to basic cable. It’s such a great comic that I’d hate to see it as a pg13 cable show. Amc does a lot right so I’m hopeful.

    • AMC is cable why do they need to keep it PG13? Or am I wrong under that assumption?

      • Yeah, the brilliant Low Winter Sun remake was on AMC in the US I think (it was on Fox here) and they showed a hooker being shot in the head and the blood spatter so yeah, it’ll be fine.

        • There are all kinds of restrictions, even of they are self imposed. The taming of R rated material is a very real concern. Just because you may point to a few instances of violence that wouldn’t be on NbC doesn’t mean they can even approach the level of adult content in the source material. That said, only a pay channel like HBO etc would be a less restrictive home, and I think AMC will manage reasonably well. They won’t match the brutality, nudity or language of the original though. Not by a long shot, unless they have been pulling their pinches up until now. Preacher makes Walking Dead look like Downton Abbey. Not to dis those shows, it’s just hard R, unlike everything else on the channel.

        • Sorry but I tried to watch it and found it eerily unwatchable. I wasn’t the only one given the horrible ratings.

  6. As soon as they said Seth Rogan would be involved, I’m out.

  7. oh my god… its amc, this is gonna fail so hard. amc cant even have a consistent budget with the walking dead.

  8. I would have preferred HBO or Starz, but AMC is a good place for this, but I hope they stick with it more than one season, etc.

    • Yeah… Because today’s TV’s problem is that they cancel promising shows too early…

      They actually keep crappy shows nobody watches on the air forever. That’s why there so many crappy shows on right now!

  9. whats with all the Rogen hate ??

    • Me personally, I find him to be a terrible actor and not funny in the slightest. He’s also incredibly annoying, not just on screen but in real life too.

    • Dazz and I rarely agree, but on this, we do, and believe me, that says A LOT about Rogen, if he is equally disliked by two normally conflicting perspectives.

    • He’s a terrible actor. He produces awful movies and doesn’t have the slightest ounce of talent. He’s a male Lena Dunham: all Hollywood contacts, no talent.

  10. This is my all time favorite comic. I’m sad that I’m not able to be a fly in the wall in the writers room. This can be done quite well if the cards are played right. I have faith. I have been waiting for this since I was 12 and “Until the End of the World” story line came out. When and if the episode starts with a young Jesse watching his dad with a gun to his head held by Jody who’s saying “we go your paw here boy”, I will be happy. WHO THE HECK IS GONNA PLAY JODY? I hope they fully realize the plot for at least one season and tell it in the broken up fashion of the comic, but in their own way, not in the same order that the comic did it. That would be best. I’m seriously loosing my mind over this. I have been waiting over seventeen years for this news, not that they planned a movie or tv show way back then when I read the comic as a kid.

  11. AMC does not shy away from violence, but some of Preachers other religious overtones might be censored to appease certain interests. It could be good if done correctly, but considering AMC’s habit of penny pinching the worse thing that could happen is that the show becomes popular and then they try and water it down so they can oversell it.

  12. Thrilled with this news. My favourite comic series ever. As long as AMC doesn’t swat down the swearing and violence and RogBerg don’t try to force THEIR brand of comedy on it this could be amazing.

  13. I was hoping it would go to HBO… A lot of the material is R rated… Oh well hope it works.

  14. Over the years, Affleck was proposed as a viable Jesse Custer, and a hip young heartthrob was in line to get handed the Saint of Killers role by a director buddy of his. The Ben thing came up so long ago that he wasn’t even considered for Daredevil yet, much less Batman. At the time the idea sounded horrible, but now, as with Batman, I am not really sure it is a bad fit. Maybe they will pick another movie star, but an unknown would be appealing too…

    The casting suggestion of the young man (Dane something? Taylor kitsch?) for SofK was obscene. Whooping Goldberg would be a more appropriate choice. In the graphic novel, S of K is based loosely on the character that Clint Eastwood played in Unforgiven. (His best film, IMHO). But whereas the mean SOB that Clint played had only suffered one lifetime of grizzled, seething bitterness and (intermittent) murderous rage, the Saint had served as a portion of god’s wrath for many lifetimes. Who better to play him than a handsome twenty something that had the gall to ask his director buddy if he could do it? I’m sure they won’t be approaching the level of grizzled ancientness that the comic or even Eastwood portrayed, but a stab in that direction would at least be bare minimum.

    Casting could potentially make or break this, and any shift in tone will be very disappointing.

    Favorite quotes:

    “Not enough gun.”


  15. Would love to see Michael C. Hall in the lead.

  16. As exciting news as this is…I am a little worried how they are going to pull this one off on AMC. The subject matter is way to heavy and intense for AMC. HBO would have been a better home for this show. Look at Game of Thrones VS Breaking Bad. Both are amazing shows…but Game of Thrones shows and deals with more intense subject matter(violence, nudity). Although,in my opinion Breaking Bad is a better show…Beside the point. Another thing is the religious people are going to protest!!! Remember the reactions to Kevin Smiths Dogma?? They can tone done somethings but Jessie’s origin and Saint of All Killers…the die hard religious people are going to flip out! It is going to be interesting to see how this works out.

    As for Seth Rogen being involved…Seriously??? This guy has no talent and is the least bit funny at all. Maybe he does get the material but it is still questionable. I guess if Garth Ennis has given the seal of approval, then there is some hope for Rogen.

  17. I love the comics and love that it’s heading to TV but Seth Rogen is involved and makes me question how serious this series is going to be. The guy is okay as an actor but as a producer or having a hand in some form of fashion in the development is rather frightening. It would be like Adam Sandler being a producer for Batman vs Superman. It just doesn’t mix well. Also there is a lot of heavy adult content and wonder how AMC will deal with that. If they tone it down then it will feel a little out of place. Hopefully it all works out but right now I doubt it will

    • You’re nicer than I about Seth Rogen (I also dislike him as an actor) but your are right. He’s a joke as a producer.

      Once again Hollywood has picked cronyism over talent…

  18. While I’m excited for this to finally come to the screen, all be it the small screen, I definitely have my reservations. My biggest fear is the storyline. How in the hell is AMC going to show the bloodline of Christ storyline without offending a ton of people. There is a character in here called Arseface bc, you guessed it, his face looks like an ass. There’s even a storyline were and old man is having sex with a giant meat puppet! How this can translate to television is something I’m curious to see.

  19. Once again, untalented but highly connected Seth Rogen will get to make another bad show. Look for a quick death in the ratings.

  20. America is not ready for this show. This is story in which the hero denounces God as a psycho-path. This is s tory in which God is a coward and the angels are mostly drug addicted whore-whoremongers.

    This story is the most un-flattering portrayal of Christians that I have ever read. Its going to cause riots. I don’t think AMC understands what they are getting into.

    • That’s probably their plan: Ride the promotional wave caused by the “Scandalous” content and wrap themselves smugly in the First Amendment (while safely avoiding even mentioning anything about the people who’d chop their heads off if they did 1/100th about their religion).

      It’s gonna be Hollywood hypocrisy at its finest… Maybe it IS the perfect show for a talentless Hollywood insider like Seth Rogen after all…

  21. Been waiting years for this! I hope it gets past the pilot but don’t know how AMC is going to portray characters like Jesus De Sade and Herr Starr on what should be HBO based television. Notwithstanding, I’m very excited and wish them the best of luck with a truly awesome comic series.

  22. I own every issue of the preacher series and wondered if it would make it to the big or small screen. Garth Ennis is a brilliant writer and if he gives his stamp of approval for the team to produce a series on AMC, I am all for it. If it is a big success, what’s next for an Ennis historical series? Hitman? I am all on board for that.

  23. I’ve been reading through different articles about this tv adaptation of preacher and I have to say…I am still not sure if it belongs on AMC.
    One of the articles I have read said something about goldberg wanting to do a “walking dead” type style for the series and that made me cringe…People have been saying that the walking dead is tanking and well, if that is the case then I don’t think it would be such a good idea if preacher the tv series was made into this type of style.

    And of course you have the whole tv network thing. Don’t get me wrong, AMC produced breaking bad and that was one of the greatest tv shows ever but imagine if it were TV-MA…My point is this: Preacher, the graphic novel series, is controversial as hell in terms of themes (Starr getting raped because of Hoover’s decision making, Angels fighting each other because of God…the list goes on) but in terms of violence, it almost seems that that aspect would fit perfectly in a mature-rated setting.

    Basically, this show would be better if it were on cinemax since we already have two mature rated shows on there or showtime, which has plenty of mature rated shows as well (I do love me some “shameless”). I just can’t see this as a TV-14 rated show because of all the mature content that the series contains. But of course, since it will be on AMC, the writers/directors/producers will most likely cut things out that would make the TV series “mature rated”, thus obtaining the TV-14 rating…

    I guess the only thing left to do now is to enjoy the ride and hopefully they won’t screw up the series but most likely, they will because of Seth Rogen and his terrible ideas, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I love Sam Caitlin after breaking bad and I will admit, this is the end was funny as hell but Seth Rogen…Yeah he ruined the Green Hornet for me and I liked that damn thing….

    • I agree with you. Seth Rogen exemplifies everything that is wrong about today’s Hollywood: People with no talent and big connections being paid millions to make badly made flops and then being worshiped as if they were geniuses…

  24. @Rena, are you more talented? While he is not the most talented guy in the business he hardly the worst. Plus him coming on board a project like this means it will probably get more serious Hollywood insiders interested. Plus he could have a chat to his mate James Franco – who would probably make an interesting Jesse Custer.

    • @Tom: I assumed it was a given I am untalented, insane and, apparently, also not quite real because I dared posit that CW had bad ratings on another site (I know – crazy, right?!!), all things that will be said about you if you dare call into question Hollywood’s vast wisdom and the unassailable quality of its tentpole hits and the geniuses who make them….

      Sorry, for the rant, I actually appreciate the friendly tone of your comment. :) Hope you got a smile out of it.

      Seriously, I guess my problem is not that Seth Rogen would bring “more serious Hollywood insiders”, but it’s that he’s considered one of them and Hollywood actually thinks the guy knows what he’s doing.

      Not sure if that answers youtr question but there it is. :)

  25. Let’s hope they drastically change the series then. The first few arcs were pretty decent and showed some promise, until Ennis just lost himself in his own ego and started taking the series all over the place, making it a meandering mess with no real direction. Overall, it is not a good sign when I can read 1/6 of the issues and predict – exactly – how the series is going to end, just based on Garth Ennis’ predictability and giant head. Preacher has to be one of the most overrated conmics of the last few decades.

    His later works show that he is best at writing over-the-top pastische where he can indulge himself in his pet issues without making you roll your eyes every third page.

  26. I believe this is a great series tot ake on especially with AMC at the helm… and since you guys are doing this, I believe a great candidate for the job would be Jon Bernthal(Shane from the walking dead) to play the lead. I believe he would fit the the character well.

  27. Well….. as long as they stick to the source material on this one (and I usually don’t harp on that), it should be ok. Language will be a problem though. But I think AMC should just take the cuffs off language for this anyway. I mean it is cable tv anyway, not network, so let them make it the way it should be made. And Rogen may be useless mostly these days, but he has the story already written, just stick to it. And as a huge fan, which he is of this story, I hope he feels the need to do just that.