‘Preacher’ Pilot Reportedly Ordered by AMC [UPDATED]

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Preacher Sheriff Custer Preacher Pilot Reportedly Ordered by AMC [UPDATED]

In the mid-1990s, no other comics imprint did alternative and mature-oriented books like Vertigo, a semi-autonomous offshoot of DC Comics. Publishing such titles as The Sandman, The Invisibles, Hellblazer, and Transmetropolitan, Vertigo put out so many now-classic runs of comic books that it’s somewhat astonishing.

Among all these greats, Preacher stood out not only for its aggressive profanity, gleeful blasphemy, and brutal violence, but also for its well-written characters and captivating storyline. Its enduring popularity has made the property a prime target for adaptation – a proposition that may at last come to fruition via AMC.

Badass Digest has announced that AMC has ordered a pilot for an ongoing television series based on Preacher. The property would be the second comic book adaptation for the network after the ultra-popular The Walking Dead.

Written by Garth Ennis and illustrated principally by Steve Dillon, Preacher concerned a beaten-down Texas pastor named Jesse Custer – a man whose priest’s garb hides a violent, lawless past. When Custer bonds with a cosmic entity known as Genesis (killing his entire congregation in the process), he decides to use his newfound powers to track down a God who has apparently abandoned His Creation. With his gun-for-hire girlfriend and a drunken Irish vampire in tow, Custer embarks on a journey that brings him face-to-face with sexual deviants, killer hillbillies, a powerful secret society, and a gunslinging divine enforcer known only as the Saint of Killers.

For well over a decade, multiple attempts have been made to produce a feature film or television series based on Preacher. No less a director than Sam Mendes (Skyfall) was prepping to helm a Preacher film at one time, dropping out due to conflicts and the realization that a single movie would not be able to do justice to Preacher‘s unruly sprawl. At another point, HBO expressed interest in creating a Preacher series, but soon passed on the opportunity.

Preacher Saint of Killers Preacher Pilot Reportedly Ordered by AMC [UPDATED]

Let’s get down to brass tacks: For the moment, we should treat the news of AMC’s acquisition of Preacher with kid gloves. With no source, production staff, or timeframe given, the initial report is exciting but tenuous. So many different such announcements about Preacher have been made over the years that the base reaction to them should be caution, if not outright skepticism.

This is not to say that an AMC-hosted television adaptation of Preacher would be unwelcome. Not only has the network made many good decisions regarding its acquisition of content, AMC has also shown that it is willing to push the limits of basic cable standards for sex, violence, and language with Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. That sort of leeway would be essential if the core voice of the Preacher comics is to be faithfully replicated for the small screen.

Of course, the source material’s copious use of the F-Bomb will have to be scaled back, to say the least.

For the moment, we at Screen Rant are waiting anxiously for some kind of official confirmation of whether or not AMC is really attempting to move forward with a serious Preacher series. If this turns out to be legitimate, we will be cheering quietly from the sidelines as the show moves into production. If not, it will merely be yet another case of a missed opportunity – to be filed away and remarked upon in passing during the next inevitable attempt to bring Preacher to life.

UPDATE: A fascinating new wrinkle has popped up in this now-accelerating saga – apparently, the main movers behind the Preacher pilot are none other than Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, lately of This Is the End. Last night, Rogen shared via his Twitter feed:

This cryptic message was followed by a far more explicit reference to some of Preacher‘s most memorable supporting characters:

This early in the game, it is yet unknown what full influence Goldberg and Rogen will have in the production of Preacher. It is currently thought that they will executive-produce an eventual series. The duo have worked extensively together in the past, including such projects as The Green Hornet and Pineapple Express.

Rogen’s messages lend an air of momentum to the project missing from earlier reports that lacked any specific details about the pilot. With such currently hot names behind the production, we’re gaining some optimism about the eventual fate of a Preacher adaptation.


For the moment, Preacher remains an unknown quantity. Keep watch on Screen Rant as more information comes over the horizon.

Source: Badass Digest

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  1. Sounds like a good idea to me I’m not really a big comic book fan but I like the plot behind it

    • Jon, I don’t usually write stuff like this but I implore you. Seek it out!
      The synopsis given at the start of this article simply cannot do the story justice. The mass of support characters, the labyrinthine plot and artwork need to be seen. And as the next comment says, there’s a character called Arseface who we need to see on the screen.

  2. God, I hope so.

    Preacher is one of the greatest comic book series of all time (right up there with Judge Dredd, Hellblazer, The Sandman and Grant Morrison’s run on Batman in my view) and very deserving of being brought to screens in some way or other.

    Please let this be true. The makeup and prosthetics on Arseface alone would be a thing of beauty.

    • Putting Morrison with those others is like saying the best foods are filet mignon, lobster, and ramen noodles(whereas Morrisons run is the Ramen)

  3. One of the greatest comics ever. HBO wimped out (another great decision. Soprano’s stayed on about three years too long, Deadwood was cancelled too early, True Blood is on life support). I can only hope that this can be brought to the small screen. And AMC better be ready for backlash, because this comic skewered quite a bit! GO AMC!!!

  4. Seth Rogen’s hinting on twitter that he’s linked to this.

    • If he is linked to it then as great as the comics are, I’m out already. Can’t stand Seth Rogen. He’s like one of those d-bag friends who thinks he’s hilarious and amazing when actually, he just isn’t.

      • UPDATE – Yeah, sorry but I won’t be watching unless a miracle happens and Rogen is supplanted from involvement.

        • Hopefully he’ll only be involved in a production capacity. Or at the very worst he’d be behind the arseface prosthetics- if indeed prosthetics were required. Amazing comic though, not really sure how AMC could do it justice, it doesn’t get much more extreme than Preacher.

          • Even if he played Arseface and had a ton of prosthetics, the fact that he was behind it all would still turn me off completely.

            • He is a very talented writer along with goldberg and is a fan of the series. Isnt that enough? Its not like he is going to be in it

              • Talented writer?

                If you say so. I don’t though. That’s like saying Miley Cyrus is a world class bodybuilder. I just don’t see it, sorry.

    • For goodness sakes! Stoked when I read “Preacher pilot reportedly ordered by AMC” and excitement turned to instant disappointment when reading Seth Rogen’s involvement.

    • If Rogen is linked to this as having any influence then I’m out. This needs to be done right and Rogens involvement will only mess things up. Ugh, I hope he is just a fan expressing his joy because the comics were just soo epic.

  5. Tell the Preacher I pray I can find something better than this to watch. Give it a pass, does not sound good.

  6. I just hope they can do it justice, this is one of the greatest comic series ive read, fingers crossed!

  7. as much as i love preacher seeing it turned into a tv show would be terrible. add the fact that Seth rogen would be involved and it has disaster written all over it. AMC has done a very mundane job bringing the walking dead to life, after the first few episodes, along with ruining great characters (so sorry, Andrea). preachers content would have to be modified at great cost, just to get it on a channel like amc. i hope this rumor stays just that.

  8. Well, this sounds interes “the main movers behind the Preacher pilot are none other than Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg”. Wait, what?

  9. How about extending some consideration to Mr. Rogen like you did to Mr. Affleck?

    • The difference is they come from different genres. If Rogen was involved in producing a comedy I wouldn’t mind but this is a whole new genre for him. Affleck at least knew the genres he either directed or produced because of his acting career so he got to experience what worked and what didn’t

      • Isn’t it obvious? Preacher may work as a pure drama in the comics, but it needs to be a tragi-comedy with gallows humor in order for it to work on television. Otherwise, you have just another Walking Dead. Say what you like about Rogen, but he and Goldberg get stalled projects completed in Hollywood. It’s not like he’s going to be Jesse Custer.

        • But if you change what made the comics great then what’s the point. TWD, for all it’s issues at least stays true in the Point A to Point B portion. The way they get to those points might be different but they didn’t change the concept of what the comics was about. By changing The Preacher into a tragi-comedy with gallows humor changes the entire structure of the source material. If Rogen and Goldberg wanted to work on a project that was similar to a Zombieland then I would say they are a great choice but here they are the worst choice I can think of

    • @Joost

      Maybe because Affleck has proven himself as a talented actor and director and Rogen is just the talentless d-bag everyone has in their circle of friends that somehow is popular despite being the one guy everyone wants to punch in the face for being so annoying and up his own butt.

      I haven’t seen anything he’s written, produced or starred in where I’ve thought “you know what? He’s pretty talented”. Not a single thing.

      • Me either. I understand if he was dealing with a comedy project but this is a different genre. He is just not the right choice

      • That’s the way I feel about Affleck. How he got an Oscar for Directing before Paul Thomas Anderson is a crime. Again, extend the courtesy to Rogen. Until you see the finished product, you can’t judge. Try not being a hypocrite, Dazz.

  10. I can’t help but feel like you’re all being a tad judgemental and unforgiving. I don’t say this a huge fan of Seth Rogen, becuase in not… But I did enjoy Pineapple Express and This Is The End. You have to think outside of the box with these kinds of things… I didn’t know what to think when the Russo brothers, who directed You Me And Dupree were announced as directors for The Winter Soldier… Despite being a huge fan of Community. Anyone who has seen the aforementioned Goldberg and Rogen films, knows that they know how to push the boundaries with language, ludicrous behaviour and completely off the wall creatures which seems to play into the source material of Preached well. Obviously their work has been predominantly comedy but even the tone of those films is fairly gritty and visceral. All they’d need to do is hold back on the comedic approach. I’m not saying I want Rogen in it but as producers or at least directors of the pilot, I think they could do well at setting the tone.

    • +1

    • My problem is that I haven’t found Seth Rogen funny in anything he’s been in. I watch his movies and tend to switch off within 30 minutes because he’s just so damn annoying.

      He’s this generation’s version of Adam Sandler. An unfunny hack who is somehow the go-to guy for comedy that isn’t actually funny or clever and resorts to immature toilet humour as a crutch because he’s not intelligent enough to do something that doesn’t involve sex, drugs or whatever else he passes off as humour.

      • You’re really James Franco aren’t you? This must be some sort Art project isn’t it? Well done sir. I applaud you (clap, clap, clap)

      • I agree. Rogen is like Sandler in which he plays the same character(the stoner geek that has some funny jokes but is rather annoying). Even a film like The Green Hornet, he managed to play the same character. This is the End was okay as far as a comedy but when you break it down as far as storytelling/plot/visual effects, it’s about as good as a B movie at best. I give Pineapple Express/This is the End it’s due from the comedy aspect but if we are talking overall ratings then it’s just average movies at best(and I love them both).

      • But the fact of how unfunny Seth Rogen can be, has absolutely nothing to do with it… So what is your point?

  11. If AMC’s TWD is an example of what this may turn into then I’ll skip it all together. Hordes of poser groupies jumping on the Hype Machine Band Wagon while it drags out two days worth of content into entire seasons. No thank you AMC. -HBO would have rocked this project.

    • You, as well as the people hating on Rogen when this wouldn’t be happening, are exactly what’s wrong with comic fans. The fact that you DON’T want an am a!azingly important social commentary to be shared and gain more fane tella me you’re not a fan at all.

      Also, I’m still laughing at the guy who compared Rogen to a hack like Sandler. You probably hate Kevin Smith too. Smh.

      • Please excuse the terrible spell-fails. I’m on a tablet.

  12. Hmmm, have to see how this one plays out. Preacher got into some pretty deep territory so I don’t know how they will handle some of the content on television.

    • This is my biggest concern. Rogen is a good thing as it’s been shown time and time again that fans of a particular IP usually do them more justice.

  13. Rumour has it that English actor Joseph Gilgun is lined-up for the part of Cassidy in this proposed TV series of ‘Preacher’