‘Power Rangers’ Live-Action Movie Reboot in the Works

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power rangers film reboot Power Rangers Live Action Movie Reboot in the Works

By now, most people who grew up in the 1980s and ’90s are probably used to hearing about pop cultural relics of their childhood being pulled off the shelf, dusted off, and given a makeover, in order to hook a new generation of young consumers on the same product. This summer, for example, the fourth of Michael Bay’s Transformers movies will hit theaters, along with a live-action reboot of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise that is produced by Bay – and now, we can officially add the Power Rangers franchise to that growing list of upcoming film reboots that have both feet dipped into the pool of nostalgia.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is an American children-oriented sci-fi/fantasy/action TV series, which premiered back in 1993 and went on to become a much larger cultural phenomenon than expected. The show blended original material with stock footage from the Japanese series Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger, to tell the tale of five ordinary teenagers who – via their wise leader Zordon – are given the necessary means to battle evil alien invaders, hell-bent on conquering Earth. That includes being equipped with the power to “morph” into super-warriors with incredible fighting abilities, as well as having the ability to summon (and pilot) giant robots called Zords (which can also be combined to form the “Megazord”).

Once the show ended its run in 1996, the franchise was rebranded simply Power Rangers; essentially every year since then, a different iteration of the series has been released, with each season covering a self-contained story arc under a new title and featuring other heroes and villains alike, as well as certain recurring characters and actors. The Power Rangers brand, in other words, has always been alive and thriving in some form over the past two decades, as a multi-platform intellectual property that has included toys, video games, books, and even live-action theatrical releases – with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie released in 1995, followed two years later by Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (the first being a moderate box office success, the latter a flat-out bomb).

mighty morphin power rangers movie reboot Power Rangers Live Action Movie Reboot in the Works

Lionsgate Chief Executive Officer Jon Feltheimer and Power Rangers co-creator Haim Saban have officially announced that their respective companies – Lionsgate and Saban Brands, respectively – are working together to produce and develop “an original live-action feature” based on the Power Rangers property. Here are the official statements by Feltheimer and Saban, explaining the reasoning behind their collaboration:

“Lionsgate is the perfect home for elevating our Power Rangers brand to the next level,” said Saban. “They have the vision, marketing prowess and incredible track record in launching breakthrough hits from ‘The Hunger Games’ to ‘Twilight’ and ‘Divergent.’ In partnership with the Lionsgate team, we’re confident that we will capture the world of the Power Rangers and translate it into a unique and memorable motion picture phenomenon with a legacy all its own.”

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Haim Saban and his team to maximize the potential of this immensely successful and universally recognized franchise,” said Feltheimer. “The Power Rangers stories and characters have been embraced by generations of audiences for more than 20 years, and today they are more powerful than ever. We have the ideal partner and the perfect brand with which to create a motion picture event that will resonate with moviegoers around the world for years to come.”

All things considered, from a filmmaking-as-business standpoint, relaunching the Power Rangers film brand sounds like a reasonable idea, on paper. Seeing how it’s a property steeped in nostalgia for consumers now in their 20s and 30s (as was mentioned before), a Power Rangers feature could be more of a box office titan in the current age of pop culture, especially now that geek entertainment is king. Likewise, the never-ending run of Power Rangers television programs is a testament to the ongoing popularity of this particular sci-fi/fantasy mythology, as far as the current generation of youngsters is concerned.

Similarly, in a time where more and more people are willing to be vocal about the issue of equal representation in nerd culture with respect to ethnicity and gender – see the demands for more diversity in the casting of superhero movies, the upcoming Star Wars films, and so forth – Power Rangers wouldn’t require any significant changes to its usual lineup – which, traditionally, features two women and 3-4 men, of varying race – to keep up with the times, so to speak. Indeed, from the very beginning the series was designed to cast a wide net, in term of demographic appeal.

power rangers movie reboot cast Power Rangers Live Action Movie Reboot in the Works

With respect to how the Power Rangers brand will be re-imagined for a live-action feature releasing in the 21st century, many fans may be quick (and, to be fair, justified) to assume that Lionsgate and Saban will go “darker and grittier”. However, it is also possible (arguably, more likely) that the film reboot will be closer in tone and style to something like Pacific Rim (itself, no stranger to comparisons to Power Rangers) – cartoony, yet not openly aware of its own innate campiness, so as to avoid ostracizing the juice box crowd. In part, such matters will depend on who is ultimately recruited to write and/or direct the Power Rangers film reboot.

If nothing else, though, it’s probably safe to assume that the production values, fight choreography, and visual effects in this upcoming reboot are likely to be a tad bit better than those in the Power Rangers movie from the mid-90s:


We’ll keep you updated on development for the Power Rangers movie reboot.

Source: Lionsgate/Saban Brands

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  1. Since one of the Zords is a Mastodon they should just get the band Mastodon to do most of the soundtrack.

  2. I feel like this has Michael Bay written all over it…

    • I pray that Bay doesn’t touch this. I wouldn’t be able to cope with him destroying an important thing from my childhood

  3. Number one, please for the love of f*%k no Alphalpha Ayeyayaye!
    Number two, you do not do DBZ without doing the entire DragonBall story,
    or most of it first
    Number three, there are so many people on this thread
    that are afraid to admit they watched the show,
    (not a fan, my younger brother, ninja’s forced me watch it ect)

    • I get that DragonBall is close to fans hearts, but honestly I came in on Dragon Ball Z as a kid on TV and had no idea Dragon Ball existed until years after when American TV decided to show us where these people came from. Which is cool, but Goku’s story is too similar to Superman’s (alien sent by his father to save him from a dying planet and to live among/dominate the human race. Once here however, he loves humans! And he defends it with his life).
      Plus, you can argue that the most iconic characters from DragonBall mythology come from the Z saga/series: Vegeta, Frieza, The Androids (mostly Cell), and Buu.
      DragonBall to me only showed how the Z fighters were formed and showed that they weren’t obsolete and were actually considered the strongest beings on the planet…once upon a time before aliens and Androids existed and they became sidekicks.
      I’d argue to do DBZ, get casual fans and movie audiences who will recognize Vegeta and Frieza’s names or likeness into the movie seats. When they become fans, and if you make enough money doing the more popular version of the show, you can do a prequel explaining Goku’s orignins, do Oozaru right, show Krillin, Tien and Yamcha actually being bosses and what not. BOOM. And that’s if you do DragonBall at all

      • Y’know, I used to watch DB on USA Network (I think that was the channel). I was born in ’86 so you can imagine how young I was at the time. When I think of DB now, the only things I remember are a pig, Bulma’s “nude” bit, and Goku transforming into a giant ape…MAYBE that happened. There really isn’t anything that sticks out for me but it was a good show for it’s time compared to what else was out – And Akira was pretty much king of anime back then. A lot of other animes had cyborgs and an 80′s grit to them, but Akira is still the king nonetheless.

        That said, I’d be fine if DB was skipped altogether as far as live-action movies go. Piccolo’s introduction (DBZ) can be fast tracked in the first film since even casual moviegoers would be familiar with him from Evolution. Raditz is defeated around the halfway in the movie while Nappa & Vegeta’s arrival is hinted at earlier on, before they finally crash land and (maybe) fight military people (assuming this is set in modern Earth), then the Z warriors arrive.

        We know how that arc ends. The second movie deals with the warriors aiding Piccolo on Namek against the Ginyu Force, topped off with Frieza finally fighting Goku for the last 20 minutes – have him go through ALL transformations. Vegeta is reintroduced at some point, hinting at his role as anti-hero in future films.

        The Android/Cell saga has a lot going on, but I feel it can be condensed by taking the meatier portions/fights involving the androids while also showing Cell’s rampage after a while, culminating in the big fight in the end. The tricky part is dealing with Krillin’s attraction (and future relationship) to an android…UGH…this is one of those times where I’d say screw source material and instead of androids, make them humans with various degrees of cyborg enhancements. If anyone in this day and age married an android, they’d be considered a weirdo. We may have rolled with this when we were kids, but come on, we can change this to make it less “weird sht from Japan” and more acceptable.

        And you know what else? If Harry Potter, Star Trek & such can go for 8+ movies, why not DBZ? – Not EXACTLY 8 movies, but I mean more than just a trilogy. I’d bring in Dabura + Majin/Supe/Kid Buu for the 4th or 5th movie depending on whether I wanted Broly to go before him (probably not, since Broly spans more than one saga and he’d have better momentum being in the 5th & 6th movies, even though most view Majin Buu as stronger than Broly), with Uub debuting in the next film (don’t have him fight much, or at least not until the end). From there you could flesh out the sequels with less popular villains such as Cooler (I’d surprise everyone with a King Cold family resurrection/team up halfway through, because Cooler alone can’t carry a film through all 3 acts, and it’s better to bring back Frieza’s actor for a full film rather than a brief cameo where future Trunks slices him up), Beerus, Syn Shenron, and even give Janemba a cameo during one of the hell/afterlife scenes. Garlic Jr. was cool but I don’t think he’s as strong of a threat as the others, so no point in billing him as a main baddie – in fact I wouldn’t include him at all.

        • I remember some of those nude type bits. The need to redo DB and make it what it should be.

        • Yeah, I’d love to see Broly on the big screen, and if done right this could be a mega franchise, not just a trilogy.

          Our ideas for the first three films are very similar, except, I’d be willing to kill Krillin and Goku (with Gohan taking his place as Goku’s replacement) at the end of the films, but I was thinking trilogy not 4-8 movie franchise, which isn’t a bad idea. I do support the idea of the Androids being cyborgs instead. That’s smart and actually makes us care about the villains more.

          And although I’m honestly not interested in seeing any other villains, save for Broly and a revamped Janemba doesn’t mean the movies still wouldn’t be cool.

          • Actually, the Androids are cyborgs. When Funimation dubbed that saga, they chose to call them androids for some reason. In japan their called C17 and C18.

  4. I loved the power rangers growing up. I hope for this movie that make it more tword adult then kids. Make it difrent from the tv seires. It went down hill after PR IN space. Then went to rinse and repeat.

    • please don’t say that :(! I mean some people don’t like to watch their childhood role models doing “adult stuff” we all know what that means… if he wants to make a few seasons into those kind of movies, fine. But if he lays one finger on SPD, he is going to have one less fan all over again! Meaning I was a huge fan of transformers until what happened to Ironhide. I still gave it a chance until (spoiler alert) Ratchet died :’( that just did it for me. If he ever touches Shadow ranger or Doggie himself, I am totally going to lose it!

  5. As long as Michael Bay stays far away, there’s a chance it could work. I’d get behind it, but the TPTB need to be actual fans of the 90s show. Otherwise, it could turn into Ronny Yu territory.

  6. Michael Bay + Power rangers = Balls on the Megazord

  7. As someone who watched the original MMPR as a kid, that’s absolutely what this film needs to be! To show what the Power Rangers truly, and will forever be; we need Dinozord power, Mega Dragonzord power, and Ultra Zord power up!

  8. Dark and gritty oh please oh please be dark and gritty. I heard Taylor lautner is the green Ranger I swear I’ll shoot myself if he is in this movie as anyone other than a putty. Somebody needs to make it known to lions gate WE DON’T WANT TAYLOR LAUTNER LORD PLEEEEEAAASSEEE NO!

  9. mastadon sucks..

  10. It’s Morphin Time!!!

  11. I need a green ranger suit