‘Mortal Kombat: Legacy’ Director Wants to Make Gritty ‘Power Rangers’ Fan-Film

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Power Rangers Fan Film Mortal Kombat: Legacy Director Wants to Make Gritty Power Rangers Fan Film

In a recent interview with Screen Rant, Kevin Tancharoen – the director behind the wildly popular Mortal Kombat: Legacy web series and the upcoming Mortal Kombat feature film reboot – talked about his love for fan-films.

Tancharoen broke onto the scene with his own fan-film Mortal Kombat: Rebirth, and we’ve since seen the trend of fan-films rapidly gain traction – including multiple sleek productions featuring DC or Marvel superheroes. Well, Tancharoen is aware of how fan-films have grown, and is happy that other are finding similar routes to success through their own creativity and vision.

As he explained,

I see a lot of fan films and I just love that the Internet has allowed a lot of creators out there to just go and make something. Like, that Portal short was awesome. I recently saw some Dragon Ball Z short that was great. They made a Naruto short that was awesome. I mean, there’s so many things out there that people are making on their own, and I like to see their take on the franchise because it’s so different from what the studios are developing.

Tancharoen’s love of fan films is no surprise, given that his own horror-themed Mortal Kombat fan film (Mortal Kombat: Rebirth) is what gave him the opportunity to make Legacy. But one surprise that Tancharoen did share was the next classic franchise he wants to take on:  Power Rangers.

Tancharoen told us that he’s “always wanted to get the original cast of Power Rangers back together and do some sort of crazy dark tale of where they are now.” He went on to explain what the plot might look like.

Kevin Tancharoen: Zordon is dying and Red Ranger has to go find the Green Ranger, who’s now an MMA fighter, and the Yellow Ranger died in a car accident and they all have to reunite together. You know, just make it as dark as possible. I thought that would be really fun to do.

Screen Rant: That’s brilliant. I think you would set the Internet on fire.

KT: [Laughs] You open up with the Red Ranger doing MMA. I would want to go there and I think it would be a lot of fun.

Though Tancharoen was laughing, he wasn’t joking. Of course, whether the busy director will actually find time to bring his dark vision of Power Rangers to life remains to be seen.

Power Rangers Reboot Mortal Kombat: Legacy Director Wants to Make Gritty Power Rangers Fan Film

Sadly, getting the original cast back together would be impossible:

Of course, the Power Rangers brand has a long list of actors who have donned the colored suits and helmets, so there are ways to fill the gaps with some range of authenticity. Update: There is the small issue of a Power Rangers Fan Film already in the works – which also happens to center on Green/White Ranger Tommy. Then again these are fan films we’re talking about, so multiple interpretations are allowed. Maybe all forces should combine on this one?

With the second season of Mortal Kombat: Legacy kicking off next week and pre-production in full swing on the Mortal Kombat feature film, Tancharoen has a pretty full plate. That being said, maybe if enough people were excited about the idea, maybe they could convince him to find the time. That is, of course, if you think it’s a good idea.

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As stated, Mortal Kombat: Legacy II will debut online on September 26, 2013, only on Machinima.

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  1. That would be AMAZING!!! There’s some great concept art, I forget the artists name, of the Red Ranger and the Green Ranger all dark, gritty and war torn, looked awesome.


    - 26 yr old guy…still a big fan of mmpr :D

  3. Gritty?1? …. sure why not. It can use another nail in the coffin

    • Eh, Jason should be the main character and leader of the rangers. Always rubbed me the wrong way when Tommy took over. No wonder there was always an underlining comparison of who was better in the crossovers featuring both. Still, Jason did beat Tommy one on one.

  4. I thought this movie was called Pacific Rim?

    • I’m sorry but the Power Rangers/Pacific Rim comparisons really aren’t that great. The only thing they have in common was fighting giant monsters in a giant robot. And the whole show wasn’t only about that, not to mention the Megazord was made up of about five or so Zords.

      • Yes your right, the rest of the show was them complaining about homework.

      • @ AmazingFantasy#15

        Ok how about Power Rangers/Transformers comparison? I only compare Power Rangers to Pacific Rim and Transformers to say how other cartoonishly cheesy properties/ideas have been adapted well.

      • It’s also completely lazy. Power Rangers was the Japanese Super Sentai rebooted for Americans whereas Pacific Rim is an homage to Japanese Kaiju films and mecha anime. The only connection is the Japanese influence.

        • +1 to Imateria for knowing the difference

  5. I’m gonna wait to see the finished Mortal Kombat movie that he’s directing, but I think he’s got the right vision to adapt properties like this and Dragon Ball Z (of which I really want a rated R version) and make them viable film options. A lot of these properties are seen as too cheesy or what have you but the premisses aren’t. There’s potential in many of them to become really awesome films. Look at Pacific Rim. Monsters vs. robots? Del Torro made it work. Wasn’t the greatest film ever but visually it was very cool and the story was actually engaging. With the right script, I think a Power Rangers movie or DBZ would really work with this guy behind the camera.

  6. This is seriously already being done..here’s the link to their facebook page


    I’m actually surprised Screen Rant wasn’t on top of this

    • It may already be on kickstarter and stuff but they don’t have real studio backing. Fan films are fun and all but they’re never actually good. That DBZ one he’s talking about is pretty low budget and almost laughable. Granted, so was the studio backed one but I have yet to see any fan films that were anything I’d want to buy on DVD/Bluray.

      • There are a lot of fan-films for just about any popular property – all the same, we’ve added mention of the one you linked to (with a link to it in the article).


  7. Hell yeah!

    …funny thing is the fan film would probably have just as much if not better quality than the show.

  8. yesssssssssss! do the whole green ranger saga..and have the green ranger jumpnin their megazord and hit the yellow ranger in the head again classic episode imdie crying everytime

  9. Can’t believe I’m not the only one who wants to see a badass power rangers.

    Only thing I don’t like is the whole ‘after the events of the original show’. I say rework it from the ground up, new cast, stronger characters.

  10. He could use the Power Rangers cast from the movie, they are live and kickin. about David Yost..a good sum of money will patch things up?
    A new fresh start with new faces might do it as well. BUT LEAVE AMY JO JOHNSON AS THE PINK RANGER DUDE!

    • totally agree Amy as Pink ranger still very foxy. Loved here in Flashpoint

  11. Hell. Yea. Thank you, Chris Nolan!

    • What does that even mean?

      • I was just pointing out that he popularized the whole gritty tone when it comes to rebooting classics with the dark knight trilogy. Did he invent it? No. But he certainly made it popular.

        • I’ve really gotta disagree there. Anything after George Clooney seems gritty but TDK trilogy was just gloomy and what Batman would be like if he was real in our world. It was tame compared to many of the comics.

          • The comics are NOT gritty. There was a story a few years ago where Batman travelled back in time and became a pirate. Also, Batman had a 10 year old son who was supergenius and helped him build a flying car. I won’t even get into the crossover with Mr. Toad from Wind in the Willows.

            • The only time I could think of Batman being gritty is when he crossed over with 2000AD and we had Judge Dredd punching out Batman while the two tracked down The Joker and Judge Death in Mega City One.

              • So I guess Dazz and Thracian missed the fact that Joker cut off his own face. In another comic he skins a man alive at a strip club, pushes him out on stage, and then sticks a dollar to his butt. In the same comic he rapes a woman because her ex boyfriend lied to him about something minor. You’re telling me that The Dark Knight Returns isn’t gritty? Where do you think Nolan got all his ideas from? Batman Year One and TDKR. I guess Robin getting beaten to death with a crowbar isn’t gritty either. Or Joker shooting Barbra Gordon and then undressing her and taking pictures while he does it. Batman was gritty and dark before Nolan. Nolan’s Joker wasn’t even shown killing anyone. They always cut away or just show the dead body. Nolan got his inspiration for a gritty Batman FROM THE COMICS. Give credit where credit is due.

                • I think we have a different definition of what “gritty” means. By gritty I mean relatively grounded and realistic. Stuff like having Joker cut off his own face might be dark or gruesome but it’s too absurd to be gritty.

                  “I guess Robin getting beaten to death with a crowbar isn’t gritty either.”

                  Didn’t he get retconned back to life by Earth Prime Superboy or The Anti-Monitor or something? That’s kind of my point. The inherent silliness of the DC Universe almost makes it impossible to consistently sustain a grounded, Nolan-style interpretation of Batman.

          • well that’s true. i used the term gritty because I’m really sick of the term “realism” and “grounded”. But yes, of course…there are certainly grittier incarnations of batman but TDK trilogy certainly made the *sigh* realism mainstream. Which is what I would assume this incarnation of power rangers would be going for to some extent.

  12. Rob, Austin could get a physical trainer.

    • Haha yeah he definitely needs one now. I think the T-Rex zord would tip over if he got in it. He really let himself go after he was on that one episode of Dino Thunder a few years ago.

  13. I think i’ll pass.

  14. Gritty? In those costumes? Naw–kiddy-karate. Good for the youngsters, but not my cup of tea, sorry. Better stuff to interest me to watch.

  15. The fact that the Red Ranger is not in pristine, TV shape means nothing. The guy seems to still be fairly strong and also, he’s a fire-fighter, therefore badass. The Blue one might have had problems before but as a fan film he might like to push in other direction, taking into account that this would be really different in tone.

    I’d really like to see it specially if they let the actors personalities merge with the Rangers personas.

  16. I always wanted to do a power rangers adaptation. I’d take out everything that sucked about the original and update it to a fast-paced action-adventure film. The story would be very epic and serious in tone. The team of the power rangers wouldn’t get along. Sort of like in The Avengers, they’d have to become a team as the film goes on. At the end, during an epic battle, when they combine into that giant robot it (subtly)signifies the team uniting. I’m just rambling about my ideas now, so I’ll stop here.

  17. yes! do it. YES

  18. Well, I heard the cast hated each other so that’d be a hard sell.

    I just mentioned this news to someone I know who is a die hard Power Rangers fan and she really doesn’t see the point in trying to bring it back.

  19. Uugh… no thanks.
    In fact, without trying to compare between Power Rangers or its original Japanese counterpart, some of the original series has always had gritty and dark vibe already. Sadly it was omitted when it’s adapted into PR.

    On a side note, it would nice to reunite the original MMPR cast again, in fact… Saban needs to take note, that the original Japanese cast (of the show that it’s based on: Zyuranger) is already in plan for reuniting later this year.

    • That’s why I sat there as a 10 year old in 1994 thinking “Well, the zoids fighting the giant monsters is cool but man, this moral message and attempts at comedy in between is just terrible”.

      I cringed every time I heard that dumb Bulk and Skull theme music. I hated the PSA message style scenes at the end of every episode (“Remember kids, be nice to everyone, even if they do act a little different”…..blech).

      I liked my kid’s shows to be fun, not boring, lame and preachy.

  20. its like making the smurfs gritty

  21. It’s kinda funny how when Hollywood talks about doing a gritty reboot of a kids’ franchise people complain about the lack of originality in cinema today, but when it’s some indie guy the fans come out in droves.

    For all of Hollywood’s flaws, you can’t say they’re not trying to give you what you want.

    • Well at least I’m consistent then.

      I don’t like this guy’s attempts with the MK franchise and considering PR was never high on my list of fave shows as a kid, I don’t mind if this never gets made.

      In fact, the only Saban show I liked that was shamelessly stolen from Japan with additional scenes featuring Western actors was VR Troopers but purely for the music in the opening credits.

  22. Man i just remember watching the japanese version back in the late 70′s when channel 47 in new york would go from spanish channel to channel nippon after 9pm and loving the original mature superhero / superspy take and loving it ! PLEASE do something like that and show people the real version of these awsome caractures and not the dumbed down american versions :) !

  23. He’ll yeah!!!!!!!

  24. why must the Asian have to die in a car crash? Racist bastard lmfao. Probably not intended that way but ironic

    • Becayse Thuy Trang, the actress who played the yelow Ranger DID die in a car crash. That’s a real thing that actually happened.
      No racism here….

      • Yeah. But I have to ask, is there some sort of racial stereotype about Asians and car wrecks? Or would it just not be okay to kill an Asian character?

        On a lighter note, I guess an angry note, I found it extremely annoying when the Red/Yellow/Black Rangers’ characters were replaced from the original lineup. Even as a younger kid back then, I was sure that it was nothing but a total cop-out.

        • The stereotype is that Asians are bad drivers.

          If you think that was bad, midway through Turbo Zordon just replaced four members of the team for no reason, including a few who had been around for a few seasons. No “they went to a peace conference” or anything, Zordon just up and decides they can’t be Power Rangers anymore. Total BS.

  25. I would say, “Get a new cast for this fan-film.” There is no way that the Mortal Kombat Legacy Director will get them for this. Unless, he pays them highly than what Saban’s paying them. I wouldn’t say that Austin St. John is out, but he is hard to get to be in Power Rangers. Anyways, I would like to see a darker part of Power Rangers!

  26. What harm could it really do. I seriously want to see this so Yes please please please make this happen

  27. the super sentai series had more interesting stories in my opinion. the dragon ranger (green) and tyranno ranger (red) are brothers in the sentai series.