‘Mortal Kombat: Legacy’ Director Wants to Make Gritty ‘Power Rangers’ Fan-Film

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Power Rangers Fan Film Mortal Kombat: Legacy Director Wants to Make Gritty Power Rangers Fan Film

In a recent interview with Screen Rant, Kevin Tancharoen – the director behind the wildly popular Mortal Kombat: Legacy web series and the upcoming Mortal Kombat feature film reboot – talked about his love for fan-films.

Tancharoen broke onto the scene with his own fan-film Mortal Kombat: Rebirth, and we’ve since seen the trend of fan-films rapidly gain traction – including multiple sleek productions featuring DC or Marvel superheroes. Well, Tancharoen is aware of how fan-films have grown, and is happy that other are finding similar routes to success through their own creativity and vision.

As he explained,

I see a lot of fan films and I just love that the Internet has allowed a lot of creators out there to just go and make something. Like, that Portal short was awesome. I recently saw some Dragon Ball Z short that was great. They made a Naruto short that was awesome. I mean, there’s so many things out there that people are making on their own, and I like to see their take on the franchise because it’s so different from what the studios are developing.

Tancharoen’s love of fan films is no surprise, given that his own horror-themed Mortal Kombat fan film (Mortal Kombat: Rebirth) is what gave him the opportunity to make Legacy. But one surprise that Tancharoen did share was the next classic franchise he wants to take on:  Power Rangers.

Tancharoen told us that he’s “always wanted to get the original cast of Power Rangers back together and do some sort of crazy dark tale of where they are now.” He went on to explain what the plot might look like.

Kevin Tancharoen: Zordon is dying and Red Ranger has to go find the Green Ranger, who’s now an MMA fighter, and the Yellow Ranger died in a car accident and they all have to reunite together. You know, just make it as dark as possible. I thought that would be really fun to do.

Screen Rant: That’s brilliant. I think you would set the Internet on fire.

KT: [Laughs] You open up with the Red Ranger doing MMA. I would want to go there and I think it would be a lot of fun.

Though Tancharoen was laughing, he wasn’t joking. Of course, whether the busy director will actually find time to bring his dark vision of Power Rangers to life remains to be seen.

Power Rangers Reboot Mortal Kombat: Legacy Director Wants to Make Gritty Power Rangers Fan Film

Sadly, getting the original cast back together would be impossible:

Of course, the Power Rangers brand has a long list of actors who have donned the colored suits and helmets, so there are ways to fill the gaps with some range of authenticity. Update: There is the small issue of a Power Rangers Fan Film already in the works – which also happens to center on Green/White Ranger Tommy. Then again these are fan films we’re talking about, so multiple interpretations are allowed. Maybe all forces should combine on this one?

With the second season of Mortal Kombat: Legacy kicking off next week and pre-production in full swing on the Mortal Kombat feature film, Tancharoen has a pretty full plate. That being said, maybe if enough people were excited about the idea, maybe they could convince him to find the time. That is, of course, if you think it’s a good idea.

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As stated, Mortal Kombat: Legacy II will debut online on September 26, 2013, only on Machinima.

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  1. Must we make the Power Rangers gritty?
    Can’t we just have an unironic, unapologetic show/movie about a gang about a gang of multi-ethnic, supernaturally upbeat teenagers who turn into color-coordinated spandex heroes to beat up monsters?
    Are we so jaded that we can’t have that?

    • This. This sums up my thoughts completely on all these “grimdark” reboots

  2. I want Power rangers movie with original cast now

  3. Honestly, though… I’d rather have Johnny Yong Bosch (Adam) rather than the original black Ranger, Zack. I just felt that Adam was given more of a character than Zack ever was, I get that this was because Zack’s actor left, along with Thuy Trang and Austin St. John for monetary reasons, but I’m just saying… if anybody was to come back for a reunion or a special (Which, JYB did in Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive), people would be more excited to see Adam than Zack as the Black Ranger. Also, Austin St. John did the 10-year Anniversary special in “Wild Force” where he came back as Jason, because, let’s be honest… Rocky sucks. Most everybody disliked Rocky. Obviously, if this were to happen, Jason David Frank would HAVE to be a part of it (although, JDF is ALREADY doing the 20th Anniversary “Super Megaforce” thing).

    David Yost left because people on set were mocking him for being gay. That was almost 20 years ago. He’d better be over it. Gays are widely accepted in today’s world. Hell, they’re not only accepted, they’re celebrated. So either he let it go, or he stay immature. His call.

    • A more darker? Lower case I for the first person. Please, you may be an aspiring writer, but please aspire to be grammatically correct when writing. Otherwise, good luck with your script.

  4. Can we just let Michale Bay make a power rangers movie?

    Generic white protagonist
    Attractive girl in skin tight clothing
    Something explodes every time some one strikes a pose
    The good guys destroy the entire city trying to save it.


      • He’ll be perfect for a Luke Cage movie then :P

  5. Anyone have any favorite MMPR episodes?

    • Green With Evil part 1

  6. PR was so lame with those talking mascots

    • If you think Power Rangers is so lame, why waste your time commenting about them here?

  7. I want a rated R DBZ movie more than I want a gritty MMPR movie.

  8. In the words of the great Ralph”Not like this, not from you they don’t”

  9. I voted for bring it on. Bat in the Sun productions is coming out with a White Ranger vs. Scorpion short next month which I’m looking forward to. If Kevin were to do it might be a small chance he could get David Yost back as the Blue Ranger because despite the differences he still is active on doing cons. Austin not so sure about. Just saw a recent picture of him and he is really out of shape now and wouldn’t look right in the Red Ranger suit now anyway lol. Walter and Amy Jo still look to be in good shape and could do it if they want. JDF would be there in a heartbeat know that for sure lol. He stays really active and is going to be in Power Rangers again next year as part of the Legend War and is also trying to get the green light on a Green Ranger movie.

  10. Giving ideas like this one the time of day is a mistake.

  11. Question. What’s everyone’s opinion on who was the baddest Power Ranger villain from any season.

  12. When I say baddest, I mean their favorite.

  13. heres a though how about Zack (or adam) rocky Kat and Aisha should be in it i mean change the color roster up alil

  14. I have an idea about a new Mighty Morphin Power Ranger movie. The ideas have been coming together for piece by piece. I’d love for the movie to be based on the early second season starting with some introductions of The Mutiny episodes. I would like to see an intro story first start on just as the original movie version did before the beginning of The Mutiny. I’d like to keep the original actors to play the Power Rangers. I want some new people to wear the movie costumes, based on the previous movie. Plus I want a Green Ranger movie costume created. The morphing grid can be based like Season 3, but with the helmets appearing after the teens call out their prehistoric creature. There can be new actors to play the voice of Zordon, using the exact same lines plus new ones. I’d like some of the original voice actors to still play involvement in this project. I’d love to use new actors to portray the villains, but still use the original voice actors/actresses. I would love to the new actors play these characters: Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, Goldar, Scorpina, and many others. I’d definitely would love to start a story with all of the rangers are turned into children. The story line can be based on the Island of Illusions when they meet Quagmire. I’d also love for Dulcea to be mentioned as Quagmire’s queen. Together, Quagmire and Dulcea would come together to help each Power Ranger find powers to restore them back to their original state and return to save Angel Grove. Then, they will fight the Pirantishead monster together in the Mega-Dragonzord. Whenever a celebration of the Power Rangers as based on the episode, Doomsday. I wish I could explain so much, but contact me and I’ll be glad to share my ideas on how I want this movie to start.

  15. Chris fan you like movies power Rangers Dino carrge yes the power rangers
    movies new one two power rangers energy chasers gamil. You
    my video you tube time up pick tickets soon show
    him movie like you