Martin Scorsese’s latest film (and fourth time working with Leonardo DiCaprio) is Shutter Island, a mystery thriller set in a mental institution. The first trailer for it was atmospheric and creepy, although it showed far too much (I’m pretty sure it gives away one of the key twists). The posters we’ve seen so far have failed to impress, with them using the tired and ineffective “floating heads” thing (I understand it shows off the star, DiCaprio, but it looks cheap and ruins the poster).

Today we have a Japanese poster for Shutter Island, which doesn’t employ the floating heads thing and is a helluva a lot better off for it. It shows the titular Island itself, although it looks to be stuck together from various different places, like some sort of scrapbook entry. Take a look:


Man, I wish that poster could be used to advertise the film over here.

Shutter Island opens on October 2nd in the US, and on October 9th in the UK, both in 2009.


Next up we have a teaser poster for the upcoming Spanish-language horror sequel, [REC] 2. If you haven’t seen the first [REC], I highly recommend you giving it a watch. When I saw it for the first time in theaters, it was the single scariest horror film experience I’d had since The Descent. Admittedly, it’s lost a bit of its edge in subsequent viewings, but it still stands up as a brilliant piece of modern horror filmmaking.

The sequel takes place straight after the last one ended which is the very definition of throwing us into the horror deep end (if you’ve seen the first one you’ll know exactly what I mean by that). This poster is basically just a teaser, in the same vein as the one they released for the first movie. I like that they’re keeping it low-key and consistent like that. Take a look:

BTW, the Spanish text translates to: “You dare to return?”

[REC] 2 is playing at the Toronto Film Festival next month, and opens in its home country of Spain in early October. There’s currently no date set for a U.S. or UK release.

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