New Posters: Saw VI, Extract, Gamer & Lots More

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poster header saw 6 extract gamer New Posters: Saw VI, Extract, Gamer & Lots More

Question: What do the movies Saw VI, Extract, Gamer, A Serious Man, Whiteout, The Hole, and Law Abiding Citizen have in common? They all have new posters that Screen Rant has for your viewing pleasure, that’s what!

First up is Saw VI, yet another installment in the surprisingly highly successful torture-porn horror franchise, Saw. Maybe it’s the fact that they kicked off this kind of horror movie trend, maybe it’s the marketing, who knows, but for some reason people keep going to see these movies. They lost any intellectual stimulation for the audience a few movies ago, and it’s now all really about how to cram as much gorey traps into the runtime as possible. Saw VI looks to be no different.

The posters show of a peculiar and sinister looking nurse with some sort of weird prosthetic half-face mask. Ever since the first movie, this “Blood Drive” ad campaign has been going on (you can check out some of the rest here, here and here), and this may just be the best example yet. Even if the sixth Saw turns out to be crap (as I suspect it will), I’ve gotta admit these posters are effectively creepy. Check them both out:

saw vi blood drive poster1 New Posters: Saw VI, Extract, Gamer & Lots More

saw vi blood drive poster2 New Posters: Saw VI, Extract, Gamer & Lots More

Saw VI hits theatres on October 23rd, 2009.

Click here to see the other new posters.

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  1. Kurt Wimmer? Does that mean we get to see Girard Butler do gun katas?? :-D

  2. Call me crazy but THE HOLE poster is pretty scary. Gives off Silent Hill 4 vibe.

    SAW is just sad at this point. Obviously going for “shock” then for actual substance.

  3. “SAW is just sad at this point. Obviously going for “shock” then for actual substance”

    Have they ever been anything more than that???

  4. KEN J

    Yeah, the first SAW was actually a great thriller. Very suspenseful and some scary movements. After the 2nd one I couldn’t watch any of them.


    Yes, “torture porn” is just a label. It is convenient and somewhat narrow minded to label these movies as torture porn. BUUUUT, it fits well with movies like SAW and HOSTEL. I completely support it because these movies think that gore is what makes a movie scary and a lot of times the plot, characters, etc. are put on the back burner. Recent horror movies, for the most part, have been dumbed down to shock value. True horror movies, the ones that stay with you, always focus more on the story, the characters, the suspense.

  5. ogb, you know, saw blades are typically made out of hardened steel while pipes are not. They could have simply sawed through the pipe… How do you think they installed plumbing before power tools?? ;-)

    That would have been hilarious.

    They wake up in the room, and the guy tries to play games with them. One guy starts to saw through the pipe, it takes a while, but eventually gets through, and then yanks the handcuff through the gap. Boy that would be disappointing for the guy that have been senselessly lying there motionless for the entire however many hours. I would have picked up the gun and shot the “body” to be sure it’s dead too, hey, why not? LMAO, that would have been a wrench in his master plan, HAHAHA. :-D

    The End, no more Saw movies… ;-)

  6. Aw, matt’s feelings are hurt, say you’re sorry ross, you’re such a meanie… :-P

  7. Everyone, welcome Matt to the auto-moderation list! 8)


  8. Cool posters.

    The Hole 3D, yeah I’ve already been there,,, 8-O

  9. We don’t want to hear that story 790, lol. :-D

  10. Heehee,,,

  11. when are they going to call SAW the title it needs like SAW 6 beating a dead horse

  12. Or SAW 6: Give Us More of Your Money

  13. I’m really looking forward to Extract… as a giant fan of Office Space, and Micheal Bluth(Jason Bateman), i’m looking forward to it!

  14. Um, is that Ben Affleck poster legit? Cause it looks like a photoshop. A bad photoshop.

  15. I’ve said it before–can’t wait to see Gerard Butler in Gamer…I didn’t know ‘Law Abiding Citizen’ was coming out already! That sounds good, hope it is. Damn! Three Gerard Butler flix in one year!! Yah!

    Leave poor Saw alone…ppl need their gore fix!

  16. I don’t think I need any lessons taught to me by horror movies. :-P

  17. I know, but why do we care if it’s not teaching the viewers anything? So ultimately the only thing you actually get out of them is the gore if you’re not getting any of the lessons… So if you look at the net result instead of the gross, calling it torture porn (although never the way I worded it) isn’t exactly inaccurate…

  18. I thought the first three Saw films were pretty good as a horror trilogy. After watching the fourth film I had enough,,, The story lost its steam when Jiggy started to control events from beyond the grave.

    I have to admit the poster with the nurse and the blood filled syringes looks pretty intense….

  19. Hehe, no need to get defensive Longshanks, I like plenty of stupid movies just because they’re entertaining in their own stupid way. You don’t have to try to make them out to be more than they are to justify why you like them…

  20. Longshanks–I agree with you 100% BUT at least these nay sayers have at least seen some of the films. Try having an intelligent discussion with the ppl who hate Twilight and everything connected with it who haven’t even picked up the book or seen the movie! It’s ridiculous!

    I don’t mind a good rousing heated discussion with someone who’s at least familiar with the subject they are most vehemently arguing against.

  21. By the way, I think she/he is wearing a skin mask in the Saw VI poster.

  22. Ya know, these SAW films get a lot of heat from people who call them torture-porn, stupid, mindless violence, etc… I have to disagree. Not all the films work, and there are flaws, but overall the franchise suffers more from being over-plotted, ponderous and filled with exposition, back-story. They’re not exactly dumb films with murder for murders sake.
    I think people in general hate what they perceive SAW to represent, rather than how the franchise fails on the merits of cinema storytelling.
    I’d rather watch something like SAW or HOSTEL, than some dumb American comedy with Adam Sandler trying to fool us into thinking everything’s OK.

  23. i haven’t seen saw…and don’t plan on seeing it.