New ‘G.I. Joe’ & ‘Monsters vs. Aliens’ Posters

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Today we have a pile of new posters for your viewing pleasure for two big movies coming out later this year.

The first batch we have, thanks to Ain’t It Cool News, is five G.I. Joe character posters that give us absolutely nothing new – It’s just more of the same good looking people wearing black armor and holding guns. I get it. I’ve already seen all these characters in similar poses sporting the exact same equipment – In fact that’s all we’ve ever seen for this movie.

I’d say they really need to show us something new and some actual footage but we already know they’re going to on Sunday with their first ever teaser trailer during the Super Bowl, so hopefully that will generate some excitement as these posters don’t.

Take a look and see what you think:

gi joe 11 New G.I. Joe & Monsters vs. Aliens Posters

gi joe 21 New G.I. Joe & Monsters vs. Aliens Posters

gi joe 31 New G.I. Joe & Monsters vs. Aliens Posters

gi joe 4 New G.I. Joe & Monsters vs. Aliens Posters

gi joe 5 New G.I. Joe & Monsters vs. Aliens Posters

storm shadow New G.I. Joe & Monsters vs. Aliens Posters

Next we have some retro-styled character posters for Monsters vs. Aliens. Similar to the G.I. Joe posters, these aren’t that spectacular or special. However, since we’ve already seen multiple trailers for this movie, the characters in this case, are able to sell themselves - especially to the younger audience who are already in love with some of the characters (notably B.O.B. played by Seth Rogen).

Similar to G.I. Joe, this movie is making a big marketing splash during the Super Bowl with their highly anticipated 3-D full length trailer, where they distributed millions upon million pairs of 3-D glasses all over the states.

Here are the posters:

monsters 1 New G.I. Joe & Monsters vs. Aliens Posters

monsters 2 New G.I. Joe & Monsters vs. Aliens Posters

monsters 3 New G.I. Joe & Monsters vs. Aliens Posters

monsters 4 New G.I. Joe & Monsters vs. Aliens Posters

I look forward to these trailers so I’ll treat these images as a teaser for Sunday. What do you think of the posters?

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra hits theaters August 7, 2009 and Monsters vs. Aliens debuts March 27, 2009.

Sources: JoBlo, Ain’t It Cool News

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  1. I love the Monster Vs ALiens posters as they harken back to the 50′s cinematic feel especially with the characters that are featured..Dare I say they are classic.. :)

    The GI Joe posters …WTH…I think all they are trying to sell from those posters are breasts and butts and maybe the guys crotches..geez how shallow are the characters in this movie going to be if the posters are just selling physicality and nothing else..I mean you va’t even really see the actors faces…not imressed at all…

  2. Not that I’m stalking you, greenknight333, but I seem to feel the urge to post on similar topics that you do. :-)

    Anyway, I think the Monsters vs Aliens posters are nice, but not great. Less color and simpler design would’ve brought MUCH more 50s feeling to the menue.

    About GI Joe … I don’t get it. That’s all I can say.
    Christopher Eccleston’s in it, so I will probably give it a shot … but not in cinemas.

  3. Re. GI Joe posters

    I really don’t get it. What’s the point in cutting off half the head?

  4. I guess they just REALLY want to show off their bodies Joshi.

    Either way, giving us basically the same posters over and over again over a year’s span is hurting them I think.

    Why not show us the vehicles? the bad guys? or some action shots or anything different. I’m very curious about this upcoming trailer.

  5. @ David Hasselbach

    “Less color and simpler design would’ve brought MUCH more 50s feeling to the menue.”

    I agree but I guess the target audience goes for the bling of the colour and that sucks them into the poster … my six year old loved the Missing Link poster(aquamarine(more Matrix green I guess is what I’m really going for) with lots of seaweed like CFBL would work to give it a more 50′s nostalgia feel ) but from the trailer he really like the BOB..anyway BOB had all the best lines in the trailer I watched…I look forward to this..


  6. Hey Rob they did show one bad girl..naughty, naughty Sienna Miller as the Baroness..I normally don’t find her attractive but there is something about her in that black outfit with her dark hairdo…I think she is box office poison…It still won’t get me into the theater to see this..I think she is box office poison…I might have gone if they had gotten Mark Wahlberg to play Duke like was rumored at one point…As it is right now I will wait to rent it…

  7. Geez I’m like the Rainman sometimes with my posts… bad very bad

  8. @Rob

    Vehicles … action … MILITARY stuff … yeah, that could help.
    Doesn’t change the fact that I don’t GET the whole G.I. Joe “thing” at all, but if they desperately want to do a movie about cheesy patriotic action figures … they should at least resemble them.
    And thus far … they don’t.


    The actors are ashamed to be in the flick, that’s all. :-)


    I am all for this movie; the trailer was more than enjoyable, but the need to tend more to the “hip” side instead of doing a complete 50s schlock-alien-movie-spoof WILL take away a bit of the punch in the end.

    Not that it matters though. I’m not even sure if I WANT an all out spoof. :-)

  9. @ greenknight

    *drops lots of matches*

    Have fun and get back to me later. :-P

  10. Your E-V-I-L…any way I’m busy now :)

    Damn matches!!

  11. @ David Hasselbach

    Speaking of all out spoof…I laughed my arse off at Walk Hard especially the extended director’s cut…I don’t know if what they were doing in that just appealed to my sense of humour but I laughed often and hard( my wife too) especially the song “Let’s Duet”

    a little off topic but a great spoof especially considering some of the tripe that has been offered the last few years..

  12. that’s true Green Knight – what I meant was more like Cobra related stuff, y’know?

    The cast is massive and is the one thing going for it I think – pending this trailer not being horrid, I’ll definitely be seeing it on the big screen.

  13. was not Christopher Eccleston replaced?

  14. @ Johnny-K

    Not to my knowledge.
    And it’s a little late for a recast, isn’t it?

    And who would they recast him with?
    David Tennant?


  15. Christopher Eccleston is still in GI Joe(Destro) and it is in post production now so..a little late would be apropos..

  16. Just from a design standpoint, I’d wished the Monsters vs. Aliens posters took the 50′s B movie poster idea and pushed it further. They look more like a rough draft of concept poster art rather than the finished product.

    The posters they aim to be inspired by were deliberately over the top and sensational. These look like they were slapped together by someone who’s just been introduced to Photoshop.

    And to take a tangent off of what green said, I don’t think it’s because it’s marketing towards kids, it’s just rather amateurish stuff. Of course, I’m one of those guys who’s never happy with his own art unless it’s something I can be proud of and can defend. I hate mediocrity, even in poster design.

    Personally, I think they should have done without using stills of the characters as presented in the film entirely, and instead used stylized and abstracted versions of the characters much in the same way the credit sequence of the Incredibles did, which was inspired by the same time period as this film seems to be.

  17. @ jerseycajun,

    you’re hitting my thoughts exactly about the MvA posters.

  18. What do I think? I think I wish I looked as awesome as the guy in the second poster (don’t know the name, sorry >.<), but I don’t. Oh, and I think I too would really like to see some footage.

  19. Okay…regarding the whole G.I. Joe dealio-

    There are obviously some producers out there that weren’t even ALIVE when the original “acton” figures were first released back in the 60′s!
    (Note the absence of the “Kung fu grip” in any of these shots…lol)

    Heck, the Sears catalog even listed them as “dolls” fer cripes sake!

    With the exception of the fairly cool “Frogman” G.I. Joe, none of the originals wore anything remotely resembeling these neuvo “X-men” getups.

    Most confusing, I must say…

    Oh wait! There was a cartoon series?
    My bad. I must have been outside chucking my G.I. Joe doll off of the garge roof with a handkerchief as a parachute…

    As far as Monsters versus Aliens, Been there done that!

    I have Inlaws. :)

  20. Vic updated the post to also include Storm Shadow.

  21. I especially like the GI Joe poster with the triggerless handgun that chick is holding while showing off her butt. Triggers on guns are for pansies, she shakes her gun hoping the round will go off. That’s the GI Joe way! :-D

  22. Oh, and Ginormica is hot. :-P

  23. lol Ken