First Official ‘New Moon’ Poster

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The first official teaser poster for highly anticipated Twilight sequel The Twilight Saga: New Moon is now online. There were a bunch of fan-made New Moon posters that Screen Rant posted earlier this month, but you can trust us that this poster is the real deal.

The posterĀ  prominently features the three main stars of New Moon, with heartthrob Robert Pattinson taking precedent over the other two. It doesn’t give us much about the movie other than the central Bella/Edward/Jacob love triangle (playing to those rabid female fans out there…), but at least it’s a start.

Check it out:

new moon teaser poster First Official New Moon Poster
First official New Moon poster
(Click for larger version)

If you want more than a poster for the film (although that huge version of it should be enough for now…) be sure to tune into the 2009 MTV Movie Awards on May 31st. Stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will appear live and in-person at the ceremony to present never-before-seen footage from New Moon.

New Moon is gearing up to be just as much, if not more of a hit than Twilight was last year. But remember just because there is a sizeable and, frankly, rabid fan base for the Twilight Saga books (mainly consisting of teenage girls), it takes more than that to make a film financially successful at the box office. Lucky for the filmmakers and the loyal fans, Twilight struck a cord with the general movie going public and made over $500 million worldwide, including DVD sales.

I fully admit that I really liked the first Twilight movie, and am not ashamed to admit I am looking forward to New Moon.

Though, maybe just a little more of the vampire mythology this time, eh guys?…

What are your thoughts on the first teaser poster for the Twilight sequel? Were you a fan of the first film and are you looking forward to this sequel?

The Twilight Saga: New Moon is scheduled to be released on November 20th in the US, and November 27th in the UK this year.

Source: MTV

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  1. wow first comment eh

    here goes

    i was a huge fanof the books, and i have to say twilight was a bit dissapointing, i found the editing to fast at some points, and some of the scens from the bookes that i thought were good wernt included in the film, overall it was to fast paced for me, but im hoping the director being different, makes the new one much better,
    p.s bella is gorgeous :P

  2. The first time I saw Kristen Stewart I knew she was gonna be famous and I was right. Now that shes 18 I can also say I think shes hot, in a weird way but still in a hot way. So I ended up liking Twilight my wife kinda didn’t that much I guess its not friggin exactly word for word like the book but I didn’t care since I never read it and don’t plan too lol.

    I decided I needed another KS fix so I saw Adventureland the other day and I loved that too, again my wife didnt lol, so I am kinda looking forward to this mostly because of KS and the werewolves lol.

  3. I admit, I really ended up liking Twilight too. I am a fan of the books, I loved the book and at first didn’t care much for the film, until I gave it a second chance. Then I really enjoyed it for what it was.

  4. i can’t this being any good but I’ll give it a shot.

  5. Wow. This movie is going to be such a big disappointment.

  6. I saw the movie before I read the books. I thought the movie was pretty decent… enough to go see it a 2nd time. After seeing it the 2nd time I went out and bought the book. They are well written… not as good as JKR but totally different author and totally different style of writing. Anyway, I just kept getting each book after each one. I’m totally hooked now and can’t wait for Nov 20th to come around. I’ll be at the theatre probably opening day. =D

  7. Must be honest. Haven’t really seen Twilight yet, it didn’t “grabbed” me to theaters. So am I missing much?

  8. you have to go seee it Iron Knight it is a great movie series and the stars are very goodlooking and you Have to read the books they are great and they in enhance vocabulary plus who doesnt love forbidden love and unrequited feelings. im 13 and i have to say twilight has made me smarter.

  9. Oh man, I can’t stand around and let this happen…

    Twilight is a horrible movie, and I’ll extend these attributes to the source material. It’s a terrible piece of literature and it doesn’t succeed on any level; not as an imaginative love story, a creditable piece of vampire-lore, or even as an excusable reason to get teens to read.

    Not only is the narrative poorly constructed, the plot points are forced and the themes (under all the superfluous character descriptions) suggest a controversial example of “love”–I’m referring to the numerous Wuthering Heights references.

    Even if I suspend my logic to believe Bella truly loves Edward, why is she so quick to fall for Jacob once Edward is out of the picture?

  10. I love the poster kinda makes sense if you read the book..i was very dissapointed with twilight..i mean second time i watched it i agree i was ok with it for what it was. but i am hoping with the new director for new moon is WAY better and does an amazing job…i love these. books..honest to goodness fan. and i want what stephanie meyer gave me in the book put on screen. Not some directors “vision”.

    annnd p.s. im sure she wasnt dissapointed it wasnt word for word..she was dissapointed they cut out and changed really important and good scenes from the movie.

    im excited for new moon. [=

  11. p.s. if you pay attention to twilight..kristen stewart. has her mouth open in about EVERY SINGLE SCENE….

  12. I can’t believe this is it! I’m really excited….can’t wait to see what this new director makes of it.. anything with more body of the story would be better, hope he doesn’t disappoint.

  13. I am 36, my 13 yr old read all the Books..than I decided to read them before seeing the movie as I learned when I was young…the Movies are usually not as good as the Book/s.

    I love Twilight Saga, I did not however care for Catherine Hardwicke’s Direction of Twighlight(while I did love the cast..and that is why I bought the DVD.)

    I am really hoping the newest Director can pull off New Moon.

    *Oh and in my opinion..the reason Bella gets so close to Jacob after Edward leaves(not falls for)is due to the Bond they have, the close friendship they feel for each other. Bella is hurting and needs something(or someone)to help her from falling totally apart. However she did have another reason in the beginning for going to Jacob. Did you read the Books? If not you should..the Movie is def. not going to be able to explain everything.

    The books may not be everyone’s cup of Tea, but I found them to be a wonderful getaway. Who doesn’t enjoy a love story every so often.

  14. I would like to say that this New Moon poster is awesome.

    I started with the movie then read the books. I was NOT going to watch the movie or read the books just thought there was way to much hype about it really. Needless to say I did. The movie really interested me the second time I watched it. I bought every book after that and I LOVE THEM. I think that New Moon is going to be way better then Twilight because the book was better then Twilight. I cannot wait until the movie comes out. It seems as if the books got better and better, like you wanted the story to never end. Anyways love the Series and cannot wait until all the movies are out.

  15. I am pretty darn excited for New Moon to come out… I’m re-reading through the books and loving it. Come on November 20…come faster, please. I do have to say I agree I thought Twilight the movie could have been better- it was very fast paced and some of the little details, like Edwards black sofa in his room could have been picked up on, and Bella did not wear chucks to the prom, she wore one stiletto…little things like that really bothered me along with the other details that could have made the movie so much more real and true to the book. However, I love the movie all the same and am over excited about it coming out in November.

  16. I got the 4 books as a Christmas present and I read them all.
    you need to read the books to understand a little be more the movies.

    I can’t wait to see the movie!!!!

  17. Kim, what makes you say this movie will be disappointing.
    I mean besides the fact that The lead roles are ment for 2 other Better actors, New Moon is and will always be better, i put every ounce of trust into the director. With Taylor Lautner in here, this should be good, he’s been acting since he was little, voiced characters for animated t.v. shows, he is the savior of Twilight.

    I would regret the day if i ever thought to get a new actor for jacob when i have Taylor Lautner

  18. Theresa, you are so right about reading the books to understand the movie. I’ve repeatedly told people that, they go watch the movie, and come back and say “i didn’t get it”.

  19. Nicole that is true the littlest things could have made that big a diffrence to the Twilighters reactions.

  20. I cant wait to see this movie!!

  21. i love New Moon don’t you people

  22. Whoa…Jacob looks so different with short hair, I nearly did not recognized him. I can not wait until it comes out, I am defiantly going to see it. I loved the first movie. I thought Edward looked well hot! I bought the book the other week, I am going to read it before the film comes out too.

  23. i cant wait for the new moon, hopefully this time as better as the first one. love you robert (edward), love you kristen (bella). love you forever my vampires…………

  24. omg i cant wait for new moon!! there’s 151 days as of 6/21!! OMG OMG OMG. TEAM EDWARD ALL THE WAYY!

  25. WHOA! Jacob is looking great with his short hair, but of course still Edward is still hot. Im so excited to watch the movie since i already read the 4 books of twilight..

  26. The way this poster looks, it looks like they are trying to advertise/portray “New Moon” as a love triangle and I don’t get that at all. “New Moon” is not a love triangle. It’s about Bella being comforted by Jacob while Edward is gone, yet Bella never forgets her love for Edward.

    I don’t get how they can portray it as a love triangle when it is not that at all. If they wanted to portray any of the books as a love triangle, they should do it with “Eclipse” not this one.

  27. omg!!!!!! this is fab can’t wait to see the movie!!!! i must have watched twilight about a hundred times now!!!!! it’ll be the same for new moon since i prefer the new moon book than the twilight one!!!!

  28. omg cant wait for new moon!
    it wuz my fav book of the series
    and finally jacob is going to be around more
    he is so much hotter than edward
    go team jacob!!!!

  29. i cannot wait till new moon comes out. i’m uber excited. I loved all the books actually read all 4 in about a week recently when i moved and didn’t know anyone yet. and i will admit at 21 i am a huge twilight fan.