Poster for Saw II unacceptable?

Published 10 years ago by , Updated August 6th, 2012 at 5:06 pm,

Here’s something you don’t see every day. Apparently the MPAA not only regulates movies and trailers, but also the posters for them. According to E! Online, the poster for Saw II has been deemed unacceptable because it shows severed fingers to indicate the roman numeral two. I actually agree with the MPAA’s decision on this, primarily because movie posters are plastered up everywhere, and young children will be able to see them. If you want to make a nasty, violent, depraved movie, go right ahead. As soon as the appropriate audience plunks down the admission price and goes in the theater, pander away. But for a poster, which is something that people of all ages will be able to see, I’m afraid I have to side with those who prefer discretion over shock value.

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  1. Whoops! I wasn’t paying attention to what I wrote.

    Although it is kind of funny.

    I meant- ‘tie the two films’ together.

  2. I remember several concepts for the original Saw poster, including a severed hand and a severed foot. However, I don’t recall those being used for the official movie poster. The one that was ultimately used had a girl wearing some sort of device on her head. As I understand it, the difference with Saw II is that the “severed fingers” poster was meant to be the official poster for the movie, which is what caused the MPAA to object.


  3. I remember seeing the severed hand as the ad in my local paper, though.

  4. In that case, you make a valid point. Why would the MPAA approve one ad, but not the other? Perhaps a severed hand is less offensive to the MPAA than a severed finger…? After reading the article that Jg mentioned, it sounds like a close-up of the severed fingers should do the trick. Oh yes, that will be so much less traumatic for children. And people wonder why the MPAA is never taken seriously…


  5. Gotta agree with Brian. It’s one thing to run creepy commercials late at night but to put a poster like that right next to one for “Madagascar” is ridiculous.