Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: September 2, 2012

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Possession tops the box office Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: September 2, 2012

The box office chart has taken another dip as the end of the summer season offers up another weak weekend. The top spot was taken by the Sam Raimi produced The Possession (read our review). The horror film looks set to bank a decent (if unspectacular) $17.7 million. The Ole Bornedal directed film is already on the road to profitability as it cost less than $20 million to produce. It will likely take a big hit next weekend, before it scores more cash on DVD.

Director John Hillcoat’s Lawless (read our review) will open second with a weekend take of $9.6 million. That would give the film a total of $11.8 million since its release last week. The film stars Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Guy Pearce, Jessica Chastain, and Alice In Wonderland star Mia Wasikowska – so a larger debut was expected. However, it has the potential to stabilize next week helping it achieve a solid final gross. That’s the plan anyway.

Lawless debuts at 2 Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: September 2, 2012

Action extravaganza The Expendables 2 dropped to third. The Stallone/Schwarzenegger/Willis/Statham film looks set to shoot-up $8.8 million for the weekend, seeing it raise its cume to $66 million. The film is still running behind the original 2010 film and it is unlikely to hit $100 million.

Another $7.2 million will see The Bourne Legacy raise its gross to over $96 million. The Jeremy Renner film will be the lowest grossing film in the Bourne franchise, hitting less than 2002’s The Bourne Identity.

Animated adventure ParaNorman should gross another $6.5 million, raising its cume to $38 million.

The Odd Life Of Timothy Green will bank another $6 million for a $35.9 million cumulative total.

Christopher Nolan’s Batman adventure, The Dark Knight Rises will bank an estimated $5.8 million, bringing its total to $431 million – about $100 million less than The Dark Knight’s final box office take.

The Campaign will see its gross swell to $73 million, following a weekend take to $5.4 million. It’s doing well.

2016 Obama’s America should bank $5.1 million over the three days for a $18 million total gross, while Meryl Streep’s Hope Springs rounded out the top ten, grossing $4.7 million for a $52 million total.

That’s it for now. See you at the movies.

Source: Box Office Mojo

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  1. how come you guys made a big deal about the avengers reaching 1 billion but say nothing about the dkr doing so?

    • agreed a few weeks ago the said we wouldn’t even break a billion, and how about no mention that it already beat the dark knights world wide gross and is still rolling in millions.

      • Its the highest grossing movie of the trilogyI understand though its the weekend. it Will get its article I’m sure

      • Seriously. It seemed the writer chose to highlight the fact that it made $100 million less than its predecessor, and failed to mention that it just bested it world-wide, making it into the $1 billion club. Granted, when you adjust the figures TDK still made a little more than TDKR, but still.

        • Lol. Yes. Quiet revealing of site, isn’t it.

          • Are you all share holders in Warner Bros or something ? Not sure what applauding TDKR for breaking a billion has to do with anything really. We all know Batman is a success franchise, this is not new news. Why does is matter how much box office it has done ? Bill Gates gets rich so he is hated, Warner Bros gets rich and they are applauded. Strange world we live in.

            • Because one billion is a huge milestone? Even for a successful franchise. I don’t care if it gets an article or not (maybe it has already), but it’s a bit odd that the writer didn’t mention it. Did The Avengers get an article for reaching 1,5 billion? I can’t remember, but if it didn’t then that would be very weird as well. Anyway, don’t get so worked up about them Deerang (= maybe they’re a bit over attached is all. :p

              • Well of course, why shouldn’t we. I love being over attached!

            • Bill Gates is hated for far more valid reasons or haven’t you run Microsoft Windoze?? And yes I do own Warner stock…

            • Oh come now Deerang. A bit silly don’t you think. We don’t need to be warmer employees to want to see the news stated. It’s a little strange to me the chose a negative perspective on TDKR. But that’s alright. He’s human too, I suppose, and allowed to have his bias.

      • the movies were both brilliant yes brilliant and they´ve made both more then enough money . i think the thema is out !

    • Probably because it’s the worst 1 billion dollar movie ever, barely besting Alice in Wonderland. Oh snap!!!!!

      • Billion dollar movies are not such a big deal any more. Its not really considered a milestone to reach a billion. A milestone would be grossing 3 billion. I pretty sure this harping about TDKR not being applauded by everyone for crossing a billion has something to do with the Avengers and nothing to do with TDKR itself. Something like five of the highest grossing movies where made within the last 2 years, that says a lot about milestones.

      • Lol, oh dear. Talk about a matter of opinion.

    • If I remember correctly, SR had a separate article about Avengers crossing the $1 billion mark… I’m guessing they’ll do the same with TDKR and write up a separate article about the news later today maybe…

  2. FYI tdkr is the only 2d movie to make a billion since tdk in 2008

  3. Kudos to Christopher Nolan and co. The Dark Knight Rises is part of the billion dollar club. Great success that’s well deserved.

  4. would it be possible to add international sales as well ?

    i heard expendables 2 made around 50million across europe and around 20million in asia so that would bring the total above the budget… would be good to see actual stats though (instead of having to rely on word of mouth).

    • Expendables 2 is sitting at $132,659,000 world wide right now.
      Check out box office mojo for more details.

  5. i`ve read over your comments and i couldn`t understand everything you said.

    now why???? why is this incredible news???? even 2 billion dollars of grossing would show that quite a small part of the world saw batman. geese if it only makes that much than i won`t waste my time seeing any of those other films. yeah TDKR as i heard did cross being a billionare film so????? is it one of the top certain# of grossing films of all time???????? That doesn`t matter how much it makes doesn`t mean that the more the better because i haven`t seen any awesome or great films of all time.

    • I’m sure that there exists these “learn English” type courses on the internet. Just a friendly advice to if you want people to understand you :)
      Nah ok so let me get this straight. You don’t think that TDKR reaching a billion is a big deal; that not a lot of people saw the movie as it only reached 1 billion. Now I did some googling and found out that there were 1470 million admissions in the united states from 2006 to 2007. And let us say that an average moviegoer watches around 8/9 movies per year. That makes the total number of 173/172 million (might be a bit off). So 172 million people out of around 300 million? That’s pretty fair don’t you think? That was just in the US though. But judging from what you wrote you seem like a bit of a numbskull. If that is a word. Maybe it’s just your poor language that makes you seem less intelligent. And I have absolutely no idea why I spent 10 minutes finding out all of these facts and replying to you. I have no life :/

      • yes, but he tries his best to write it in the way he learned it. it´s not fair that you are spotting on him. there are millions of people which are unalphabets and there are people like me who can speak two languages perfect and did learned english at school,that´s something different to write or speak it with english-speaking people. maybe you should teach or show the right words to him instead of spotting him. i want to see your face beteen 5 germans which are speaking less english,i just say,you will go down.

        • From my knowledge, people usually write better than they speak in a language they have, or are learning. And I doubt you speak perfect English. I’m Norwegian, so English is not my mother tongue. I learned to write and pronounce fluently in school. Of course, school did only teach me to a certain degree. My understanding of the language comes from interacting with international people and the exposure of English music, films and TV. The first thing I said was meant as a joke, though it would not hurt. The last was probably a bit mean. But he does come off as rather negative and that was why I said what I did.

          But that last sentence of yours.. I can’t figure out whether you meant they will speak better than me in a showdown haha or that they will beat the crap out of me. If it’s the latter then that is very rude! You want me to end up in a hospital, yet you comment that what he wrote was not understandable as well! Oh and if it’s the first option, then no way in hell am I going down. :)

            • Of course I wouldn’t understand much. I would understand some as I had German in school for about 5 years. But German isn’t a global language. It’s not mandatory in school, English is. And the younger generations in most European countries are exposed to the English language a lot more than your generation. So they will most likely grow up being better than you in it. My point is, that it is necessary to learn English these days. Even if you’re just using the internet. I think that’s my point. I’m just gonna go with that. :)

    • Well to be fair, it doesn’t seem like ANYTHING EVER impresses you 😉

      $1 billion in the global box office is an incredible feat – especially for a 2D movie.
      You’re right, the BO numbers don’t show how good a film is, but a 87% freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes (with an average rating of 8 out of 10) and an IMDB rating of 8.9 out of 10, along with ScreenRant’s rating of 4 out of 5 should surely be SOME sort of indication that the film is good, if not great.

      Maybe instead of constantly complaining about it not being good enough, it might be more constructive for you to actually go see the movie yourself and decide whether you like it or not… just a thought :)

      • The DKR was good. Thats about it though, it was good. Now perhaps we can get away from the Nolan nonsense and actually portray Batman as a detective/viigilante. So tired of “superhero” tales of doubt and inner angst. Even Man of Steel is going down that route, Superman already battled his own demons in Superman 3, lets see him actually do, you know, some superhero stuff instead of whining for an hour and stepping up in the last 45 mins. Yes being a superhero is hard, i know that, what i don’t need is lots of self doubt that is all changed due to a sappy monologue from some Hollywood has been.

        • I understand the way you feel about this Batman franchise, but don’t phrase it like that. The “Nolan nonsense” is your opinion. He was portrayed as a vigilante and he was portrayed (badly) as a detective. I would love to see a more comic book batman like the batman rocksteady studios have in their games, but I still love Nolans take on the batman universe.

          I hope, with Snyder at the helm and Goyer writing, that Superman will do a lot of superhero stuff. However, people from the younger generation who haven’t seen them or are not a fan of the original movies, would probably like a bit of origin story. And as it is first of a trilogy (most likely), a little background info is only good.

          • Even if you only know 1% about Superman his origin story will be in that 1%. They pretty much covered his origin already multiple times. Even Superman Returns touched upon his origin to some degree, that is still quite fresh in peoples memories. I wouldn’t mind origin stories so much if hollywood did not keep rebooting franchises with yet another origin story every 3 movies, it’s getting stale. I find myself watching these origin flicks and wondering when i will actually see the character i paid to see.

          • batman was not nolanized,the batman of nolan was in many batman comics or graphic novells drawn in that way how bale have portrayed both wayne/batman. back in time , as i did watched -batman begins- i said to my friends that this is the batman i have been waiting for since the -batman 89-, it was an explosive acting and a thrill ride to watch the movie.

      • Man, we shouldn’t waste time on commenters like this! I see you looked up some facts as well :p

    • sorry my english-grammar is bad,but yours is how can i describe-non-understandable- my friend,don´t get me wrong : ) : )

      • this message goes to -62-.

  6. LOL

    The OP highlights how much less money TDKR made than TDK, but doesn’t mention it hit 1 billion in the previous days and ONLY WITHOUT THE USELESS 3D.

    Quite revealing website I must say.

  7. surprised tdkr even made a billion with all the s*** that happened with it (the shooting, it only being in 2d)

  8. It’s not that TDKR’s success is not being acknowledged or recognised, it’s just that we are in a cinematic climate now where its now the norm to have at least 2-3 event films a year to reach the billion mark.

    In the last five or so years one film would hit a billion and be some distance clear of the competition. Now we have films that are met with mixed to poor critical reception , underperforming in the US when compared to their predecessors and still managing to find a way to the billion milestone. More and more each year, it’s just not as big achievement as it used to be.

    Even going back further to the golden age of the 80s and early 90s, the highest grossing movies of the year would not only dominate the summer, but also define the year, as a whole. Think 1984 and instantly Temple Of Doom, Gremlins, Ghostbusters, Karate Kid, Beverly Hills Cop etc. These were movies that a whole generation grew up to love. Now you think what was so memorable about 2004 or 2006 for example.

    And of course, all of TDKR’s achievement has been overshadowed by the $1.5 billion and counting gross of The Avengers, which like it or not is the true movie event of 2012. Add to that the success of Hunger Games and the upcoming anticipation of The Hobbit, which will likely be at the 2nd highest grossing film of the year. It just meant TDKR didn’t stand out as much as an exceptional movie event in the same way TDK did back in 2008, where we had to endure the crushing disappointment of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull.

    • Did any films reach a billion last year?

      • To answer your question: Transformers 3 and the last Harry Potter did… I’m not sure if there were any other movies that reached that milestone though – but those two definitely did.

        …Still, IMO 1 billion IS a milestone and it should be considered news-worthy.
        I have to say I’m a little disappointed that ScreenRant hasn’t done an article about TDKR’s success in reaching that mark.

  9. I agree 100% with those of you commenting DKR is not receiving it’s just due for a great box office run that is still churning each day. I have commented here and other boards that have no given this movie the proper box-office credit it deserves especially after what happened opening night!

    I want to commend DKR on its gutty box office performance the past 6-7 weeks! Given the shooting that occurred opening night which cost this film MILLIONS it will never recover it is still rises (no pun intended)!

    The media should be ashamed of themselves for blowing the shooting out of proportion and making it a sensationalized filled circus (what they’re best at). They didn’t have facts and the made the killer famous while they were at it. Then as expected, the sheep general public (and there are millions & millions of them) choose not to see this movie because they allow the media to dictate how they live their lives. However, I’m not here for a discussion on the shooting, media, sheep, etc. I’m here to commend this movie & its box office performance.

  10. So TDKR has crossed the 1 billion landmark in spite only being a 2D movie ! That’s great feat…And it’s still not over yet because it’s still only one week since it was released in Italy and Switzerland.