Poltergeist Remake Gets A Release Date

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poltergeist header Poltergeist Remake Gets A Release Date

Shock Till You Drop is reporting that the remake of Tobe Hooper’s classic 1982 ghost film, Poltergeist, has been set a release date of November 24th, 2010 (Thanksgiving weekend in the U.S.). We’re still in the dark as far as a cast or production start date, but now we know when MGM is planning to release the remake.

The original Poltergeist was directed by Hooper and co-written, produced and overseen by Steven Spielberg. The film is about a family who were haunted in their house (which was built on an Indian burial ground) by ghosts that end up “kidnapping” the young daughter of the family. As stated, there’s not many details on the remake, including how close it will follow the original’s story. My guess is that in the vein of, for example, the horrible Amityville Horror remake, the story won’t change that drastically.

Vadim Perelman (House of Sand and Fog) has already been tapped to direct the remake, with Juliet Snowden and Stiles White (Boogeyman, Knowing) reportedly on-board to write the screenplay. Although Perelman garnered some critical acclaim with House of Sand and Fog (it got three Oscar nominations), that’s not exactly in the same genre as a Poltergeist movie. And the writing duo (although they wrote the enjoyable enough  Knowing) doesn’t exactly inspire much confidence, especially because they did Boogeyman – I will despair if this Poltergeist remake is as bad as that movie. The pair’s writing credits also include the remake of another horror classic, The Birds.

When will it end?…

Like many, I had hoped that doing a Poltergeist remake was just an idea – a property the studio had acquired as an option but wouldn’t actually do anything with. No such luck. This is just one of many unnecessary horror remakes that have been made and are still in the works. Every so often a decent one comes along (The Ring personally comes to mind), but those are very few and far between (it would take a while to list off all of the bad ones).

Until some inspiring details get released about Poltergeist, I’m going to expect it to suck. There’s little that has taught me to think any differently.

Are you looking forward to this Poltergeist remake?

As stated, it is set for a November 24th, 2010 release.

Sources: ShockTillYouDrop via /Film

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  1. Yes! Poltergeist is a classic its nice to know its getting remade…

  2. What’s the point remaking this?

  3. The original is still a great movie…I like remakes, but this one is not needed. Nope, not looking forward to it in the least.

  4. @790

    I agree. The original was groundbreaking for its time and this is one movie they should leave alone. What is the deal with all the horror remakes? When I think of the time and money that goes into these films, when they could utilize those resources and (dare I say it?) create something original… I know, they use the brand, the familiar title to guarantee a certain box office. Like that , UGGHHH, last Friday the 13th remake, lord that was awful.

    I’d rather see a scary back story of Oscar the grouch. See that filmmakers? That was an original idea (albeit foolish) , see how easy that was?

    I have to go, Carol Ann’s trapped in my freakin’ Ipod again!!

  5. I wish people would stop supporting these remakes.

    Do you really need to see (support) Halloween 2, to find out if its good or bad. Doesn’t matter by seeing the film you have already voted (with your dollar) that its good.
    I was looking in the horror section the other day and there are so many remakes of Friday the 13th and Halloween that I couldn’t tell where the f, the originals started out.
    The even more retarded aspect of this is that the films are all the same !!! 8-O

  6. Poltergiest is fine the way it is. Unless they do it right and reimage it with taste I will not support this.

  7. Theres nothing to complain about when it comes to remakes. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Its not gonna effect the original in anyway at all.

  8. @Matt Keith

    Actually every crappy remake that gets greenlighted takes money away from some other film that could have been made in its place.


  9. @Matt Keith

    And the kids will automatically think of the remake whenever the original gets brought up. Sure, the older generation really won’t be affected by it, but given enough time, and enough remakes, it seems like every movie made before 1990 will be quickly forgotten.

  10. Vic,

    So? “Crappy” films are made everyday, hell 90% of the stuff that comes out of Hollywood is unoriginal crap.

  11. @Matt

    OK, whatever. Based on a few of the replies around the site lately I think I’m going to start contributing to the conversation less. Seems like a waste of time.

  12. No, no Vic, I totally agree with your point. I was typing the same thing when before you posted yours.

    Matt, your opinion sucks on this, noting personal but remakes are one thing attempting anything original is better everytime even if some of it sucks…
    Go ahead and disagree but your point doesn’t hold up to reality.

  13. You know fine b**** about remakes all you want.

    My opinion that remakes don’t hurt the original sucks? Really? Ooookay. Let me guess you are completley “right” in your opinion?

    If someone hasn’t seen the original Poltergeist by now I’m pretty sure they won’t. Besides the original film sucked anyway a remake is the best thing that could happen to it.

  14. And cut,,,, that’s a wrap!!!

    Great job Matt.

  15. Hey Matt,

    No, your point about remakes not affecting the original is absolutely correct – no argument there.

    My point is that if there is only enough money, time and resources available to make say, 10 movies – and 7 of those are going to be remakes, what movies based on great novels, original screenplays, etc. are we missing out on because the studio is trying to go for the “sure thing”?


  16. @Matt

    Sure, not ALL remakes are awful – some are good. But most of my most memorable movie going experiences were based on original films, not remakes.


  17. That clown under the bed was terrifying.

  18. The saddest thing about a “remake” of Poltergeist, is that it will not have the brilliant Jerry Goldsmith’s soundtrack to go with it.

    The music in that film added so much to the entire mood: the awe, the terror, the innocence.

    I can’t imagine Poltergeist without Carol-Anne’s Theme.
    And the music of the ghosts coming down the stairs? So much tenderness, sadness and mystery.

    If it’s like the StarTrek reboot, it will be a flat and 2-dimensional soundtrack.

    Film-wise, I don’t mind a remake of this film. It removes nothing from the original. It will always be the masterpiece it was then. Who knows, maybe a remake can bring some new element, some new point of view, to the story.

    And hey, if it’s crap? Who cares! We just won’t buy the DVD when it’s released!