‘Poltergeist’ Reboot to be Co-Funded & Distributed by MGM and Fox 2000

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An evil clown in Poltergeist Poltergeist Reboot to be Co Funded & Distributed by MGM and Fox 2000

Right now it’s a little unclear as to whether the Poltergeist reboot being produced by Sam Raimi is a remake of the original film or a sequel to it. The latter currently seems more likely, as recent plot and character details revealed that while a lot of the thematic elements and the basic plot are the same, the upcoming Poltergeist film will feature a different family and some brand new characters enlisted to help investigate the paranormal happenings.

For a while it seemed as though the reboot might have been carrying a curse of its own (admittedly, the same curse that thousands of movies before it have suffered without need of any supernatural interference), as production was delayed for several years, passing the original release date of November 2010 by some time and leaving the entire concept seemingly floating in the aether. It wasn’t until Raimi signed on as producer that Poltergeist was properly boosted back into development.

If you were fearing (or even hoping) that the ground might still fall out from under Poltergeist‘s feet, then rest assured that the film is ready and raring to go, with money and a distribution deal behind it.  MGM has signed a deal with its regular partner Fox 2000 Pictures to co-finance the film, and has already organized worldwide distribution.

Zelda Rubinstein in Poltergeist Poltergeist Reboot to be Co Funded & Distributed by MGM and Fox 2000

Monster House director Gil Kenan was brought onboard to helm the reboot earlier this year, and he’ll be working from a script written by David Lindsay-Abaire (Oz the Great and Powerful). The “new” story is about a man called Eric Bowen who moves his family to new town, hoping for a fresh start that goes horribly wrong when his daughter, Madeleine, is kidnapped under mysterious circumstances. Who knows what horrors they’ll find lurking in the foundations this time?

Poltergeist will be marketed and distributed worldwide by Twentieth Century Fox, with the exception of international television distribution and theatrical distribution in certain international territories, which will be handled by MGM. All domestic TV distribution and home entertainment will be handled by Fox. A deal like this more or less guarantees Poltergeist safety from a return to development hell, and production is now securely scheduled to begin this fall.

Based on the last remake that Raimi produced, of his own original claim to cult fame The Evil Dead, do you have high hopes for Poltergeist, or do you think it should have been left to rest in peace?


Poltergeist is expected to release in late 2014/early 2015.

Source: MGM & Fox 2000

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  1. Thanks for posting the fricken clown picture at the top. Bad enough that friggin thing haunted me as a child. It’s still freaking freaky. blah

    • “Bozo Circus is on the scare! Er, on the air!”

    • You are simply reacting to a fear rooted deep in the general human consciousness…clowns appear as they do because they were originally representations of Death.

  2. Keep posting those clowns Hannah!

    Yeah, I hope the reboot/remake/retread manages to get off the ground because having never seen the original until last year, it looked cheesy as hell to my modern eyes and wasn’t as scary or creepy as I’d been led to believe most of my life. In fact, it was pretty laughable.

  3. This will be interesting

  4. This’ll be pretty bad. Horror movie remakes never live up to the hype. Evil Dead was decent but couldn’t hold water to the originals.

  5. R.I.P MGM
    They’re now in the remaking business
    That’s all they can afford anyway
    Up next : the amityville horror remake

  6. Loved the first one, but doubt they can top it. Probably don’t need reboot, but I will watch it if they do one.

  7. ENOUGH ALREADY WITH THE REMAKES!! has it really come to this in Hollywood that they have to remake the good, the great and the classic from the past, rather than employing new writers/directors to come up with new concepts, ideas and stories? Are they so afraid of originality? Is this just a reaction to falling cinema attendance that they think offering up new versions of something that worked in the past will put bums on seats? That might work in the motoring industry, redesigning new versions of classic motor cars and maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if they remade a movie that wasn’t good or loved in the first place. I’m trying to think of a recent remake that is anyway near as good as the original movie (and can’t really think of one except for Dawn of the Dead).

    • There are a lot of remakes and reboots, but there is plenty of original stuff too. It’s just that remakes usually make a bit of money from people interested to see an update of something they once enjoyed…Hell most of them are terrible horror remakes(Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, the 4 or so remakes of Texas Chainsaw Massacre) and they still make a bit of money in theaters and DVD sales.

    • Speaking of which, Ford should re-issue the 1972 Maverick Grabber (my first car!). It was just a good mid-sized basic transportation vehicle, with the only fancy thing a radio! And cool detailing. I would buy one again today, with the double-torpedo-scoop hood and fancy detail package that made it look like the race-car it wasn’t.

    • Ah, now Dawn of the Dead…there was about the best zombie movie I ever saw. Very entertaining despite the cheezy make-up. Having worked in a shopping mall or two, I could appreciate the fill-your-pants thrills a battle against zombies (and even bikers) in the ultimate Hades-world of a zombie apocalypse could bring! Survival of the fittest (or luckiest) at it’s finest! I enjoyed Dawn better than even the original Night of the Living Dead. Watching the movie, you would relate to people you worked with (“Say, isn’t that Ed from Sporting Goods, or Sue from Women’s Clothing?”). In fact, one day at my job at Wal-Mart, when another guy I worked with and I had time on a lunch-break to waste, we got talking about Dawn of the Dead, and what fun it would be (in a heart-in-your-throat way) to have our store sealed shut, with just our employees and some customers inside, and have it over-run by zillions of zombies, and how we could defend ourselves and our co-workers and customers from an overwhelming force of zombies. Of course, there were those moments of back-stabbing….(“Hey, bosses, remember that time you wrote me up when I did not deserve it? Now we’ll throw you to the zombies!”). I even went home and dreamed about our conversation. Likewise, because we have a number of people working there with physical disabilities who walk gimpy or have weirdly-distorted arms, feet, etc., we practiced walking like them (yeah, I know that is the ultimate in warpiness!! You never did anything weird, rude, kinky, or immaturely-goofy-brained??), as if they were zombies ala Dawn of the Dead-style, all the while humming and singing the music from Dawn of the Dead! It was actually pretty sickly-funny! So before you say, “That’s really psychotic”, I say, “C’mon, you never wanted to do something totally mental deep down inside?!” If you say no, “Liar, Liar, pants On Fire!”

  8. Something about this has Bad Idea written all over it…

  9. Ooh there hasn’t been a haunted house movie out for a while…………. Oh wait……there’s a million of them!

  10. Dear Screen Rant
    Why would you do this to me? Why???
    I’m a loyal reader, I don’t troll, I’m not rude to other Ranters and I often praise the site when talking about my favorite Movie/TV website.
    I can get over the fact that every time there’s an article about Insidious you show a picture of the scary woman. All I do is close my eyes and say it’s not real, and I think of puppy’s and kitens.
    But this is going to far!!!
    It’s taken me many years to get over that damn clown from Poltergeist and now here it is smiling at me again. So I’ll ask again, why would you do such a thing?
    Do you enjoy frightening people? If so you’re sick, sick people and I’m going to tell my Mom. That’s right, I’m going straight to the top because you’ve gone that far and I have no other choice.
    You pushed me to this!!!
    Shame on you!!!

    • But there isn’t a picture of a clown in this article. How strange.

      Perhaps the clown was standing behind you, and you just saw him reflected in your computer screen.


  11. I really wish Hollywood would understand that their are some classics that should be left alone.

  12. I heard this is suppose to be a remake/sequel. Which one part doesn’t make sense. A new family moves into the same house from the first one? Um hello? The house was sucked into a glowing light last time I remembered. So your telling me all of a sudden after 30 years it appears back on the street and no one notice?