‘Police Academy’ Reboot Needs New Recruits

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police academy reboot Police Academy Reboot Needs New Recruits

New Line is planning a Police Academy reboot and is looking for some new recruits to fill out the cast and crew. Original producer Paul Maslansky is back to get this reboot in session, although he has yet to find a writer, director, or cast. The project was outsourced to New Line by its sister studio, Warner Bros.

It’s hard to believe that there’s anybody who doesn’t know about Police Academy – but then again, young people these days…

The original franchise (there were seven movies and two TV shows) dealt with a city whose police department was in such dire straights that it threw open its doors to any and everyone willing to become an officer. The real cops in the department were forced to endure a bunch of goof-off wannabes, who (in proper movie style) ultimately ended up saving the city or America time and time again.

Actors who made appearances in the franchise (at one point or another) include Steve Guttenberg, Kim Cattrall, Bobcat Goldthwait, Julie Brown, Sharon Stone, Claire Forlani, Ron Pearlman and Christopher Lee. Although they probably don’t want you to remember that. The franchise was also famous thanks to the character of Larvell Jones (Michael Winslow), the guy who made all those crazy sound effects with his mouth. Check out this video below:

Larvell Jones… Good Times…

Here’s what Maslansky had to say about the Police Academy reboot:

“It’s going to be very worthwhile to the people who remember it and to those who saw it on TV…It’s going to be a new class. We hope to discover new talent and season it with great comedians. It’ll be anything but another movie with a numeral next to it. And we’ll most probably retain the wonderful musical theme.”

Keeping the theme song is good news – I’ll believe the rest when I see it.

Is a new Police Academy needed? Probably not. But then was the original Police Academy really ever “needed?” Depending on which actors/comedians they get for this reboot it could be funny. However it’ll be hard to replace Michael Winslow (maybe hip-hop beat box phenomenon Rahzel?)

More on the Police Academy reboot as we hear it. In the meantime: which actors or comedians would your recommend for for roles?

Source: THR

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  1. hmmmm…. Wasn't the 27 movies they made enough? Do we really need to start over? lol

  2. Thats a tough one…depends do you wanna go with well established comedians. or young fresh faces? So many to choose from though. Terry crews as hightower.

  3. I know they weren't “Masterpiece Theater” movies or anything, but I still feel they sort of have that “untouchable” nostalgia to them. I think they were great for what they were at the time and love them for what that. I know the 80's were a good time for movies, but to try to go back and recreate that is not the way to do that. They were great because they were original thoughts for the most part. Try doing THAT, Hollywood.

  4. I'd go with lesser known actors and actresses with a few exceptions. Patrick Warburton as Tackleberry. Dennis Farina as Lt. Harris. Leslie Nielsen as Commandant Lassard. Busy Philipps as Sgt. Callahan. Jay Harrington as Mahoney. Jay Baruchel as Doug Fackler. I'm not sure who would be a good Jones or Hightower, but I'd like to see Craig Robinson as a character. I'd like to see Kevin Corrigan and Tyler Labine as Lt. Harris' goons. Danny McBride should be a criminal turned cop ala Zed (Bobcat Goldthwait). Throw in Paul Rudd, Jack Black, Andy Samberg, Jonah Hill, Bill Hader, and Jason Segel as some other side characters (cameos) and you have a hit.

  5. I like where you're going with that. Leslie for Lassard is perfect. As for Hightower…. I know he is a TERRIBLE actor…. but You could use Shaq. lol. Or Michael Clark Duncan, just make him appear to be tall again like they did in “Green Mile” I don't know about Jones either…. but I'm sure the name Chris Tucker will get thrown in there.

  6. Anyone from ROAR Theatre would rule in it. Its gonna take strong folks to breathe some life into this.

  7. That's right continue to kill my childhood Hollywood!

  8. i agree on that. terry crews as hightower wud be cool!
    aand.. i wudnt mind more movies.. i mean they were funny and all and they still will be, even if this/these new movies are good or not.

  9. Carey Mahoney (sarcastic, witty guy) – Paul Rudd
    Moses Hightower (big african american guy) – Tommy Lister (Big guy on Next Friday)
    Eugene Tackleberry (gun happy guy) – Woody Harelson
    Carl Sweetchuck (Nerdy Guy) – Michael Cera
    Zed – (crazy criminal turned cop) – Danny McBride

  10. I had to google Terry Crews. After doing that, I'll agree with the posts from above that he would make a good Hightower. Plus, he is hilarious.

  11. In my opinion, they should get all new characters. The exceptions being, Mahoney, Hightower and all the other 'actual' cops. Bring in fresh ideas. It will be better in the long run because people won't criticize it as much. When a movie is rebooted, everyone expects it to be EXACTLY like the classic. But that will never happen. The whole point of remaking a movie to me, is to make it different and have somebody put there take on it.

    I think that Terry Crews would be good for Hightower or even Larvell Jones. I kno he is a lot bigger than the character but I see him in that part. and get giovanni Rabisi for Zed if they are going o bring him back

  12. I'm for mostly new characters with maybe cameo's of the best of old school to spice things up a little. Throw Kevin James in there. His character could be the only one that washes out. Call him big Bart. We need a couple of students that are always trying to sabotage one another but most of the time they just get someone else into hot water. Call them Bullock and Finnegan. Of course we need the the gals too. How about one that suffers from dry eye that has intermittent contact lens problems and is a little self conscious about her looks even though she looks great. And no she's not a good candidate for corrective eye surgery. I see great gag potential there that will drive just enough of the audience nuts. How about instead of someone that always make sound effects get someone to be a speed talker that's high strung.
    A cadet that has a competent father who's a Captain or some influential officer in the force but can't see that his son is a narcoleptic and totally unsuited for the job. He gets by because of sheer luck and his dads timely intervention. Then of course you have to have one couple that are as normal as it gets and want to hook up. this has to be against regulations of course, for whatever reason…

  13. Today's audience will call it a RENO911! ripoff. Police Academy is a generational thing. It's best left untouched.

  14. I like jonah hill, will ferrel would be great, kevin james, Paul rudd, WOuld love to get leslie neilson or Chevy chase in their. Terry Crewes, Andy Samburg. romany malco, seth rogan…yeah this would be a hilarious movie. Maybe Robin Williams as the uptight lt. we've seen him do serious and funny i think he could pull it off. Hell i would even throw in Charlie Murphy or Eddie Murphies name into the mix…Eddie is still hilarious, he just needs to be able to showcase.

  15. I like jonah hill, will ferrel would be great, kevin james, Paul rudd, WOuld love to get leslie neilson or Chevy chase in their. Terry Crewes, Andy Samburg. romany malco, seth rogan…yeah this would be a hilarious movie. Maybe Robin Williams as the uptight lt. we've seen him do serious and funny i think he could pull it off. Hell i would even throw in Charlie Murphy or Eddie Murphies name into the mix…Eddie is still hilarious, he just needs to be able to showcase.

  16. I loved Police Academy! It wasn’t until the fifth movie that it started getting lame. They really need to cast this right and have some cameos. Mahoney could be the new Comandant. That would be both cool and funny.

  17. I think you should have the old cast running the academy,
    and training a new team that want to be cops, it would
    not be the same without the old cast, and Mohoney Steve
    Cuttenberg should be the knew comondard. And the guy that
    played Tuckal Berry who passed away, such a shame great
    actor, maybe a relative could play his part, in memory
    of him, that would be a nice touch. well that’s what
    I think I was born 1970 I saw or the Movies at the Cinema’s
    and sorry you got the first Movie year wrong, it came out 1979
    I have them all on Video and Dvd So I do know, but that’s ok
    a Mina mistake. Can’t wait to see the new movie. hurry up,
    it will be so funny all over again.

  18. Dwayne the rock Johnson as Hightower and return g w Bailey as captain Harris but as commanding Harris

  19. Dwayne the rock Johnson as hightower and return g w baily as harris

  20. Randy Quaid as the commandant. Andy Sandburg Ryan Reynolds, or Paul Rudd could play a Steve Gutenberg type, then just throw in a bunch of random funny people. Will Farrell, Hannibal Burris, Jay Barachel, Abby Elliott, Chris Elliott, Sean william Scott, Stephen Colbert, Dyawne “the Rock” Johnson, and Will Forte. Don’t forget some sexy, funny gals like Denise Richards, Emma Stone, Pamela Anderson, and Anna Farris. Then someone cool like Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, or John Malcovitch as the bad guy.
    It could be cool if it was not just a remake but all new characters.