‘Point Break’ Remake In The Works

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point break movie remake Point Break Remake In The Works

Warner Bros. and Alcon Entertainment have decided it’s time to remake yet another famous action movie – namely, Point Break, Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow’s highest-grossing film to date. That’s not to mention, the flick responsible for the much-parodied image of a screaming Keanu Reeves firing his gun off into the air and one of the greatest cheese lines ever (“I am an F, B, I, Agent!”).

Bigelow’s Point Break hit theaters back in 1991 and featured such big names (at the time) as Reeves, Patrick Swayze (Dirty Dancing), Gary Busey (Lethal Weapon), Lori Petty (Booker), and John C McGinley (Born on the Fourth of July), among others [Side note - as you may have noticed, half of those late 80s/early 90s titles are now being remade].

No director has been set yet for the Point Break remake, but Kurt Wimmer (who is also scripting the upcoming Total Recall remake) will be both producing and writing the flick. The film has been fast-tracked for development, so a helmer should be hired on soon enough.

Here is lowdown on the Point Break re-fashioning, from the official press release:

The new version is set in the world of international extreme sports, and like the original involves an undercover FBI agent infiltrating a criminal ring, but plot points beyond that have not been revealed by the filmmakers.

Wimmer’s screenplay for the Point Break remake also supposedly “infuses the [original] story and characters with new twists and settings.” Take all that as you will.

point break remake keanu reeves Point Break Remake In The Works

Johnny Utah (Reeves) and Bodhi (Swayze) in 'Point Break'

Point Break is one of those classic ridiculous ’90s action flicks that boasts many an incredulous, yet entertaining action set piece – including the aforementioned “shooting your gun in the air” bit and a hilarious physics-defying sequence where not-so-secret agent Johnny Utah (Reeves) and adrenaline junkie/criminal Bodhi (Swayze) fight one another while skydiving out of an airplane, with a single parachute between them (watch that NSFW scene HERE).

Many a film buff has long complained that the original Fast and the Furious was basically a semi-remake (or, if you prefer, ripoff) of Point Break, based on the resemblances between the two – in terms of plot points, characters, and the extreme activities featured in each respective film. Likewise, Point Break caught on with a whole generation of action movie fans for the same reason that Fast Five hit it big just this past summer – because it’s essentially meant to serve as a pure adrenaline rush, in cinematic form.

So, all in all, it’s possible the younger generation of moviegoers who never saw the original Point Break will end up assuming the remake is just a ripoff of the Fast and the Furious franchise. How’s that for things coming (bizarrely) full circle?

fast five review Point Break Remake In The Works

Paul Walker and Vin Diesel in 'Fast Five'

Wimmer has been responsible for scripting high-octane thrillers that vary from good enough (Salt) to mixed (Equilibrium) – and sometimes just flat-out unimpressive (Ultraviolet, Law Abiding Citizen). Therefore, those reading this – who are not against a remake of Point Break┬ásolely on principle – should probably wait and see who signs on as director – before giving any more thought as to how good or bad this flick will end up being.

We will keep you posted on the status of the Point Break remake as more information is released.

Source: Alcon Entertainment/Warner Bros.

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  1. sigh

  2. Little do the studio knows that Rob Cohen beat them to it with The Fast and The Furious :P

  3. sooooo many remakes…….. Let’s get some more new stuff.

  4. Here is a twist…instead of Johnny Utah make it Shane Falco. Also, why so many remakes? What is next? The Last Boy Scout with Damon Wayans Jr?

  5. Dammit. Really a fun movie that doesn’t need to be remade.

    tsk, tsk, tsk, hollywood.

  6. hey hollywood, YOU SUCK

  7. Seriously I get sick of remakes. It feels like anytime a movie comes out and its always a remake. I hate it espically when I go see a movie, think its original, like it, then find out its a remake.

  8. Yeah, remakes have officially dug themselves a grave. WHO CARES ABOUT POINT BREAK, or especially about making that same movie again?


    /holds head and runs screaming off into the darkness……

  10. Dnt see d need of a remake,fast five was awesome in a andrenalin sort of way,hollywood is getting boring

  11. oh come on..hollywood is picking movies at random to remake..are there no original scripts being developed..?? give the audiences some credit..they will pay to see somthing original…i despair,i realy do.theres no need for a remake..its going to get to the stage where the entire top 10 box office will be a dude remake…remakes happening a couple of years later…superman etc..what next? avatar remake in summer 2020??

  12. Is anything sacred and beyond these lazy talentless film makers!! Use some imagination and come up with something else rather than ruin a 30 somethings memories of such a good film. Why dont they re-make Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future etc? Already a Conan remake was poor, I am sure the Robocop remake will be worse and now this!! Really, what will be next…….

  13. Terrible, lazy idea.

    That is all.

  14. somewhere in a room in hollywood,there is a movie exec working on an idea for series of movies about a young rookie cop called harry callaghan,portrayed by robert pattison!!!!..failing that,theyll simply edit the scrip and do a john mcclane-the early years….prequels..now dont get me started…i am legend…or, i will be legend etc..hollywood is deliberatly throwing away the collective goodwill felt by audiences…what next indeed..godfather? where eagles dare? jaws? i too am holding head and running away..

  15. Makes perfect sense, after the smashing success of Conan and Fright Night remakes. Please, please, please, make it in 3D, so it’s even biggerer and betterer!

    • LMAO!!!!

  16. WHY?

  17. Studios should be punished beyond us virtually waving our fingers at them, i think we should freaking boycott this garbage. When is enough Enough?

  18. Remake = stupid. BUT they could use the characters to some extent in a new way. Which it sounds like thats what he was saying. However the generic description sounds already done like XXX and The Fast and the Furious. Which in turn is similar to the Original Point Break. I mean EVERYONE always cries out to be “original”. Well Im sorry to say people but not everything can be original. We are humans after all. There are only so many stories, so many twists you can do on any number of subjects which have already been done to death and still remain interesting. Unless you want to see an adrenaline movie based on Pro Chess players,lmao. Or any other inane idea that doesnt make any sense. The “unoriginal” formulas are used because THEY WORK not because they do not. Unless you hit the Sci-Fi genre. That always has room to expand because it does not need to stay grounded in reality.

    • I think when we say be original. We mean stop recycling characters and titles. Every plot nowadays can be traced back to a classic film which in turn can be traced back to classic literature. They take these old plots and add modern day backdrops, but there is no need to use the same character names or titles. That is just laziness.

  19. I think there should be some RULES to remaking movies.

    Rule #1 – The original movie must no longer be considered a classic/ masterpiece/ epic etc…

    Rule #2 – The original movie shall be no less that 30 years old.

    Rule #3 – The remake has to strive to be better than the original in every possible way.


    • Rule #4 Reboot is just another word for remake

  20. This is an east one to do. Just bring in Johnny Utah to hunt Walker and Diesel in Fast 6. You could even involve some back story on how Utah trained Walker and thats how he was able to get so far in with Diesel. Just saying it would make sense(as far as remakes go).

  21. If they aren’t going to do a basic remake of the plot with new actors – then why even call it Point Break? Are they so bereft for good ideas and marketing that they can’t simply take the general plot devices and fashion a new story?

    Besides, this movie does NOT need a remake. It isn’t even dated.

  22. NO NO NO!

    • You forgot to add *while firing your gun into the air* NO!

  23. Point Break is the greatest action film ever created. Please tell me Paul Walker is going to play Johnny Utah and Keanu (!!!) is going to play Bodhi!

    Utah, get me 2!

  24. Point Break is the greatest action film ever created. Please tell me Paul Walker is going to play Johnny Utah and Keanu (!!!) is going to play Bodhi! Utah, get me 2!

    • Why would you want paul walker? He is a terrible actor. He’s the same person in every movie hes in

      • Implying Keanu doesn’t do the same thing..

  25. Ran into an unclaimed piece of meat in Baja, guess Rosie picked a knife fight with some one better.

  26. IAN

    Thats actually a decent idea to incorporate Johnny Utah into that storyline.

  27. WHAT THE HELL! LIKE COME ON ARE YOU SERIOUS! Hey while we are on the discussion of remakes how about we remake Gone with the Wind, On the Waterfront, The Godfather, Taxi Driver etc. Like are you kidding me?!? WTF is up with the movie buisness. Remake this and Remake that. Screw this whole justification for why there are some many remakes; so that they can be introduced for a new generation. Why? Does this “new” generation have visual learning problems? I read things that where written during the time of Socrates and Plato (and I’m only a freshmen in college), and I can understand the ideas behind their logic. Even if I didn’t understand their writing, it doesnt give someone the authorization to “remake” or rewrite Plato’s apology so that my generation and I can understand it better. Our minds have the capability of learning things of old, we just have to be taught it.

    Oh and p.s.
    Kurt Wimmer, please, do not spend your time writing scripts for movies that are remakes, especially ones that are memorable. I’m sure you have a lot of creativity and could easily create a new idea for a movie.

  28. here’s a question, why would 20th century fox sell the rights to WB? It was one of their most famous movies. Trust me, WB is one of the most respected companies out there, but this is really starting to pi$$ me off. No more remakes. Either be original, or get the hell out of the game.

    • Right freakin on man!

    • Honestly couldn’t agree more. It’s only 2011, and there have been so many remakes in the last 5 years. It’s getting pretty ridiculous.

  29. I really cannot comment on this without using a slew of F-bombs…..