‘Point Break’ Remake In The Works

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point break movie remake Point Break Remake In The Works

Warner Bros. and Alcon Entertainment have decided it’s time to remake yet another famous action movie – namely, Point Break, Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow’s highest-grossing film to date. That’s not to mention, the flick responsible for the much-parodied image of a screaming Keanu Reeves firing his gun off into the air and one of the greatest cheese lines ever (“I am an F, B, I, Agent!”).

Bigelow’s Point Break hit theaters back in 1991 and featured such big names (at the time) as Reeves, Patrick Swayze (Dirty Dancing), Gary Busey (Lethal Weapon), Lori Petty (Booker), and John C McGinley (Born on the Fourth of July), among others [Side note - as you may have noticed, half of those late 80s/early 90s titles are now being remade].

No director has been set yet for the Point Break remake, but Kurt Wimmer (who is also scripting the upcoming Total Recall remake) will be both producing and writing the flick. The film has been fast-tracked for development, so a helmer should be hired on soon enough.

Here is lowdown on the Point Break re-fashioning, from the official press release:

The new version is set in the world of international extreme sports, and like the original involves an undercover FBI agent infiltrating a criminal ring, but plot points beyond that have not been revealed by the filmmakers.

Wimmer’s screenplay for the Point Break remake also supposedly “infuses the [original] story and characters with new twists and settings.” Take all that as you will.

point break remake keanu reeves Point Break Remake In The Works

Johnny Utah (Reeves) and Bodhi (Swayze) in 'Point Break'

Point Break is one of those classic ridiculous ’90s action flicks that boasts many an incredulous, yet entertaining action set piece – including the aforementioned “shooting your gun in the air” bit and a hilarious physics-defying sequence where not-so-secret agent Johnny Utah (Reeves) and adrenaline junkie/criminal Bodhi (Swayze) fight one another while skydiving out of an airplane, with a single parachute between them (watch that NSFW scene HERE).

Many a film buff has long complained that the original Fast and the Furious was basically a semi-remake (or, if you prefer, ripoff) of Point Break, based on the resemblances between the two – in terms of plot points, characters, and the extreme activities featured in each respective film. Likewise, Point Break caught on with a whole generation of action movie fans for the same reason that Fast Five hit it big just this past summer – because it’s essentially meant to serve as a pure adrenaline rush, in cinematic form.

So, all in all, it’s possible the younger generation of moviegoers who never saw the original Point Break will end up assuming the remake is just a ripoff of the Fast and the Furious franchise. How’s that for things coming (bizarrely) full circle?

fast five review Point Break Remake In The Works

Paul Walker and Vin Diesel in 'Fast Five'

Wimmer has been responsible for scripting high-octane thrillers that vary from good enough (Salt) to mixed (Equilibrium) – and sometimes just flat-out unimpressive (Ultraviolet, Law Abiding Citizen). Therefore, those reading this – who are not against a remake of Point Break solely on principle – should probably wait and see who signs on as director – before giving any more thought as to how good or bad this flick will end up being.

We will keep you posted on the status of the Point Break remake as more information is released.

Source: Alcon Entertainment/Warner Bros.

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  1. Sigh…..

  2. I have to agree with all comments saying what a stupid exercise this is.

    Point Break is quite simply a classic, and just like BladeRunner, it wasn’t a huge box office success upon it’s release, but now it’s a film that’s become more revered over the years.

    It’s quite a unique action film too. It has all the testosterone, pretty faced actors, and rock soundtrack that you’d associate from an 80s film. But the action sequences are staged so well that they would still hold up to current movies today. The foot chase between and Bodhi and Utah remains one of the best scenes. For me what also sets it apart are the surfing sequences that have a real awe and mysticsm about them.

    There will be a time when studios will eventually run out of films to remake and then hopefully we can see more original work.

  3. ‘Fear causes hesitation, and hesitation will cause your worst fears to come true. So it’s simple, project strength to avoid conflict’

    Just thought I throw one of the best quotes in there….

  4. Wasn’t that the plot for XXX? This makes me angry. Why bother? If you are updating it and changing it why not name it something else? Why bother tainting the original and the new one at the same time? I can’t believe that they havent figured this out. I was pretty mad when they did this to Arthur and with such a generic plot that movie could have been called anything else, I bet a different title would have made it more appealing to people and helped at the box office. Are they going to remake Jurassic Park? Are they going to remake Reservoir Dogs? 2001? The Shining? Clockwork? They better stay away from Clockwork.

    They need to make a movie about a satanic cult that decides to resurrect Kubrick from the dead after hearing that hollywood was remaking Clockwork. Then theres blood. They can call it Friday the 13th, the for real updated reboot version.

  5. Hey everybody! I’m lovin all the negativity towards this project! Maybe the studios or someone will get the hint! I don’t want this project to proceed. And to add on to what I said in my earlier rant, if patrick swayze saw this, I feel like he might come back with his revolver and ronald reagan masks and kick somebodys ass.

  6. Hollywood’s favorite words: “Remake” & “Reboot”


  8. THERE’S NO REASON TO REMAKE POINT BREAK! You don’t see Dirty Harry movies being remade?? If I was K. Bigelow, I would be steaming mad. Give at least 30 years before attempting to remake a movie.

  9. How lame – find it absolutely absurd Hollywood movie writers can’t find something original and leave classics alone – two thumbs down

  10. Uninteresting.

  11. lame… Point break doesn’t need a remake it was a good movie holywood just wants moneyh

  12. Odd, I just watched this last week. It still pretty good, I forgot how dark an undertone the movie had. Does it need a remake? I don’t think so. To any Hollywood hacks reading these posts, leave the damn thing alone.

    • In this one the presidents masks will all be CGI to make them look realistic!

  13. I wonder what happens 20 years from now, a remake on all the original films from this generation ?

    • What original films??

      Just joking.. Frankly I’m greatly surprised they didn’t get around to this one much sooner…

      • Twenty years from now “Batman Begins…Again”


  15. this game we both lose. ugh!

  16. Leslie Nielsen,s
    AIR PLANE! remake

    sam raimi diector

    liam neeson as:
    Dr. Rumack

    artist concept of one version of the blended wing body aircraft it is white and red

  17. *sighs* Sometimes the remakes are that bad… Footloose was good as was Sparkle, I kind of enjoyed Red Dawn but it hardly had any of the fire that was the original.

    But this? This!? It is because of this movie that I fell in love with Keanu Reeves, well exaggerating but still.

  18. What are they possibly going to improve on by doing a remake? Nothing about the film is dated, save perhaps for the soundtrack, though I think it’s pretty diverse and still holds up well personally. What made that movie so great is that virtually nothing (perhaps nothing at ALL) was green screened or done with digital special effects. The stunt and action sequences are some of the best. I’m sure it inspired countless viewers to take up surfing or try their first jump (including myself).

    I’m a Pro-rated skydiver with many hundreds of jumps, and I received my pro instruction and rating from a legend in the skydiving community, who also happens to be the skydiving stunt coordinator and trainer for Point Break (Jim Wallace out in Perris, CA.). He also did some of the skydiving stunts himself, including the jump into Lake Powell. From my point of view the skydiving stunts in the movie hold up rather well, with a few exceptions. Notably the conversations in freefall (big deal), Johnny’s ability to fly his body like a champ with zero instruction on his first jump (as a skydiver this irritates me but someone who hasn’t jumped wouldn’t know any better), and the absurd freefall time/rate of descent in both jump sequences (sequences are rarely handled in real-time in movies so who cares). IMO those aren’t particularly important and don’t spoil anything.

    I’ll probably watch the remake IF and WHEN they make it, but I highly suspect it’ll be an absurdly over-the-top CGI green screen orgy fest, precisely like the ridiculous Fast n Furious movies, but probably even worse. If they want to impress me, make the movie the old fashioned way with REAL stunts in the REAL world, rather than filming the whole thing in a green studio and putting it together with a computer. Personally I think it’s a mistake.

  19. Hope they have Warchild in the sequel! Legendary scenes ! Can’t wait for point break two !

  20. Casting for this remake is easy. No “movie stars” required. The “right” actors with the “right” looks are what is needed to make this remake-worthy legendary film truly fly. Big names won’t do it. These characters are personifications of real-life people in an action-only world. They need to connect as the character – not the established “star” known worldwide. Hopefully, the big screen remake of “Miami Vice” will act as a warning sign. Choose the right actor… not the biggest star. With that, I have cast the movie…

    Johnny Utah – Jensen Ackels (Supernatural)
    Bode – Dax Shepard (Parenthood)
    Tyler – Grace Park (Hawaii 5-0)
    Pappas – Clarke Peters (The Wire)

    Work in Ben Foster as part of Bode’s crew. These actors, that script and that legendary action/drama name will rock. Hopefully, square pegs will not be forced into round holes in a desperation move. This idea is pure $.. if handled correctly.

  21. joke!!!!!!!!!!!!