‘Point Break’ Remake Details; Cast Adds Ray Winstone

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point break remake cast Point Break Remake Details; Cast Adds Ray Winstone

It’s not just the 1980s that are coming back (see: recent news of a Goonies sequel and Gremlins remake), the 1990s may be following after them. Case in point, a new Jurassic Park movie, Jurassic World, is releasing in 2015, where it looks to be joined by the remake of Kathryn Bigelow’s 1991 cult action/thriller Point Break.

Bigelow’s film stars a young Keanu Reeves and the late Patrick Swayze as, respectively, a federal agent and the adrenaline-junkie surfer who is under investigation for his possible ties to a band of bank-robbers called the Ex-Presidents, whose calling card are their rubber masks of U.S. political figures like Richard Nixon and Ronal Reagan. Swayze’s original role will be played by Gerard Butler (Olympus Has Fallen) in the new millennium’s take on Point Break. Meanwhile, the lesser-known Luke Bracey (Cobra Commander in G.I. Joe: Retaliation) is up to follow in Reeves’ footsteps, with a potential break-out role.

Variety is reporting that tough-guy character actor Ray Winstone – who can currently be seen on the big screen in Darren Aronofsky’s Noah – is negotiating to join the cast of the Point Break remake, where he would play the role that Gary Busey tackled in Bigelow’s original movie. Second unit filming is already underway on the project ahead of principal photography getting started this June, which means that additional casting announcements should be right around the corner (as well as possibly news of an official 2015 release date being set).

Noah Movie Russell Crowe Ray Winstone Point Break Remake Details; Cast Adds Ray Winstone

Russell Crowe opposite Ray Winstone in ‘Noah’

In the past the Point Break remake producers – as well as Alcon Entertainment heads – Broderick Johnson and Andrew A. Kosove have claimed that the screenplay by Kurt Wimmer, who also penned the Thomas Crown Affair and Total Recall remakes as well as action genre offerings like Salt, is not a “literal remake” of its predecessor, unlike such vintage movie title “updates” as Craig Brewer’s Footloose (or, more recently, Spike Lee’s Oldboy “re-imagining”). The producers stuck with that stance during an interview with Collider, when they answered the question of whether the remake’s script “follows the original film”:

Not at all. The script only shares in common with the original the characters and the nature of the character dynamic between Utah and Bodhi and their relationship.  Everything else about the movie is different.  The narrative of the movie is different.  While we do have surfing in the film, it is only a subset of the extreme sports that we deal with, including free-climbing, motocross, wing-suiting and so forth…What we found fascinating about the original film, and is preserved in this, is the character work and the relationship between Bodhi and Utah, who are these two gentleman on opposite of the law, but yet, at the same time, share a common bond.  That’s the one element that the two movies share.

Beyond that, the only real confirmed plot detail is that the 21st century version of Point Break takes into account changes in the world of extreme sporting over the past two decades and incorporates such popular activities as snowboarding into the mix – which accounts for why the film is shooting in international locations – as well as the improvements in camera technology that allow for capturing extreme sports athletes in motion:

We’ve shot some extraordinary footage with our surfers.  And we were in the Italian Alps with the greatest extreme snow boarders in the world, shooting footage.  We’ve actually been in photography on the film, beginning our stunt work with our real athletes.  This is a movie with a lot of stunts and no stunt people in it because the stunts are way too dangerous for people who are stunt people.  We have real athletes who do this, like Jeb Corliss, who’s the greatest wing-suiter in the world.  His team will be doing work for us, over the summer, in Switzerland with motocross…

The new Point Break will be released, but not shot, in the 3D and IMAX 3D formats, in order to bring the larger-than-life geography and HD footage of athletes facing down nature’s more dangerous elements to proper life on the big screen. So really, worst cast scenario is that this remake turns out as thematically hollow and/or as uninspired as the worst re-done movies in recent memory, but with a very shiny surface and outer coating on top. Now it’s up to director Ericson Core (Invincible) to exceed that expectation.


We’ll keep you updated on Point Break as development continues.

Source: Variety, Collider

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  1. Of all the remakes in the works this one bothers me the most for some reason. Not really sure why, Point Break was a very good movie, but a classic?

    Maybe it is because the original was just really well made from top to bottom. Oh well, at least they are trying to get Ray Winstone, he’s a talent for sure.

    • “Good”? I dunno. It’s iconic but for reasons that are mostly campy. When I worked for RiffTrax, this was one of Mike’s first obvious choices for riffing.

      This is one of those movies that was unintentionally cliche-campy, therefore memorable. For this reason I agree with you — why remake this movie??

  2. I have an idea! Let’s take the movie Point Break, and remake it. Except, lets take everything out of it that made Point Break the movie it is, but let’s still call it Point Break.

    • So you would prefer a 1:1 remake or a sequel?

      To me this re-make sounds like a great idea. Just be sure to film in Imax.

      • Doesn’t have to be a 1:1 remake, but the name POINT BREAK specifically references surfing culture, and is a direct reference to the plot of the original film. If you take away the focus on the surfing sub culture, and broaden it to include all matter of extreme sports, then the name Point Break means absolutely nothing and is actually idiotic. What you have left is a cookie cutter “undercover cop befriends bad guy he is trying to take down” movie in (insert sub culture here). Pretty much Fast and Furious with extreme sports instead of fast cars. Point Break is about SURFER bank robbers. Any other sub culture and it ceases to be Point Break.

        • I understand your point. My counter-point is that the crew were surfers/rush junkies. I think what you are forgetting is that movies are both longer and after paced today than when Point Break first came out. My guess is that it will still be about surfer/rush junkies who steal to pay for their adventures. So this movie will be different, but it will be similar.

      • I don’t prefer a 1:1 remake, but the name Point Break is a very specific reference to surfing, and directly tied to the plot of the movie. Taking the focus away from the surfing sub culture that made Point Break the movie it was, and keeping the name Point Break is just silly. It’s not Point Break if it’s not about surfers robbing banks.

    • Even if this turns out to be a sour movie, you still have the original.. why whine?

  3. Wait… Wasn’t The Fast & the Furious a remake of Point Break already? I mean, if you take out the surfing and replace it with cars, the whole premise basically remains the same: the relationship between the undercover cop and the charismatic leader of the investigated gang, the girl in the middle, the cop seized by a passion for the gang’s activities…
    Do we need more of the same?

    • Now now there’s no room for that kind of logic. :) Seriously though since Point Break is a surfing term, removing the surfing but keeping the name is just plum dumb.

  4. I, personally, would like to see Brody’s crew still robbing banks and still called “The Ex-Presidents.” I think it would be cool to see a GWB mask along with a Clinton one too. Plus I really liked the imagery of the masks alongside strong-arm robberies.

    I also agree that this feels like an unnecessary remake. Not much “updating” to do really.

    Keanue should get a brief cameo as a nomadic surfer encountered completely randomly during the journey. That would be cool.

    • The re-make being set today as opposed to 1990 offers an entirely different world. In 1990 the internet was virtually unknown. There were no x-games. No one was base jumping in a wing suit, the Bodhi charecter would all over that. There wasn’t even a Pentium II chip yet. The world today isn’t the Jetsons compared to 1990, but there have been some major changes.


      No Keanu.

      The masks and ex-presidents seems hard not to include in some way even the exact same way. But, robbing a bank is much more difficult now. I would think that it would be easier to steal an atm machine.

      • It’s not actually being shot in IMAX, so that’s not really worth mentioning.

        But if you want to go fool yourself into thinking you’re actually getting an IMAX experience then instead of just an upscale that doesn’t really fit the screen, I guess that’s your choice.

        I would imagine if all the other cinemas have tiny screens that might be worth it, but any “main” screen in a cinema showing this would probably be just as good.

  5. Stupid.

  6. Another pointless 3D post-convert. Would it be that hard to actually shoot it in 3D? If I see this at all I’ll make sure to see it in 2D.

  7. As long as whoever is playing Johnny Utah, who played QB at Ohio State, is cast as Shane Falco in the Replacements remake, who also played QB at Ohio State, I’m good. And he has to say, “Brodie, I’m an FBI agent!” just like Keanu or it won’t work for me.

    • I…am an F…B…I AGENT!

  8. Change the title! Scarface was a remake from little Cesar! Don’t try to gane fame of the name and make a s*** movie.