Gerard Butler in Talks to Join ‘Point Break’ Remake Cast

Published 1 year ago by , Updated January 9th, 2014 at 12:37 pm,

point break remake gerard butler Gerard Butler in Talks to Join Point Break Remake Cast

The Point Break remake has been turning its wheels steadily but slowly, following Alcon Entertainment’s initial announcement that the 1991 thriller would be getting a proper makeover (technically, The Fast and the Furious doesn’t count as a remake). When last we reported on the project, it was slated to begin filming before 2013 drew to a close; that didn’t happen, but right now it’s looking pretty likely that principal photography will get underway within the next six months or so.

Point Break – starring the late Patrick Swayze, a pre-Speed (but post-Bill & Ted) Keanu Reeves, and directed by a pre-Oscars glory Kathleen Bigelow – follows “F! B! I! Agent!” Utah (Reeves) as he goes undercover and infiltrates a gang of bank robbers, led by Bodhi (Swayze) – an adrenaline junkie with a penchant for surfing. The remake will expand (and update) the premise to encompass other extreme sports, though producer Andrew Kosove has offered assurances that surfing will still be “very prominent in the story.”

THR is reporting that Gerard Butler has entered talks to play the role of Bodhi. If the 300 actor strikes a deal, then Point Break 2.0 will be one of three projects he works on this year, following Alex Proyas’ mythological tentpole Gods of Egypt and prior to the start of production on the Olympus Has Fallen sequel, London Has Fallen.

Butler played a surfer (real-life wave catcher Frosty Hesson) in the film Chasing Mavericks, though his character there was more of a paternal and wizened figure – not so much the anti-establishment, well, maverick that is Bodhi.

point break movie remake Gerard Butler in Talks to Join Point Break Remake Cast

Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze in ‘Point Break’ (1991)

Directing responsibilities on the Point Break remake have been assigned to Ericson Core, who served as the cinematographer on The Fast and the Furious and Daredevil as well as the true-story based football drama Invincible (which Core also directed).

While he’s a natural fit for the project, one has to wonder how well Core’s high-octante filmmaking technique will stack up compared against Bigelow’s – seeing how that is the Oscar-winning Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty director’s area of expertise. It shall be a challenge for Core to match or exceed the intensity of Bigelow’s action choreography (for example, see this sequence), though that’ll primarily be an issue for longtime Point Break fans; not so much newcomers, who’ve never seen the 1991 original.

Story-wise, the script by Kurt Wimmer (who also penned the remakes of The Thomas Crown Affair and Total Recall) has a lower bar to clear, as the original Point Break got by less on narrative quality, more on Bigelow’s direction and the combination of Swayze’s charisma with Reeves’ charming stiffness. For that reason, it’ll be… interesting to see who is recruited for the Utah role opposite Butler as Bodhi.


We’ll keep you updated on the Point Break remake as more information is made available.

Source: Deadline

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  1. A Point Break remake? This falls into the same realm as a ‘This Is A Wonderful Life’ sequel/re-make, and so many words come to mind, unnecessary.., unwanted.., but the one that really cuts to the heart of the matter: IDIOCY.

    • Amen.

    • Nothing against Butler but nobody can play that role the way Swayze did.

      • I agree Swayze and Reeves were the BEST and can’t be done any better also nothing against Gerard he is great but this movie needs to be left alone.

  2. It’s funny how one of the main actors from the original is still quite a recognizable face in Hollywood and still making movies (and also doesn’t look THAT much different), since usually remakes are done when the previous main actor is really old or has died (not counting Swayze of course). Maybe people will want to see the original instead after they hear about this one.

    Generally, remakes also bring the premise forward to a more modern one, or can create a much more realistic fantasy world, but neither of those need to be done with Point Break since I don’t remember it being particularly dated or having bad effects that need to be updated.

    • ^^This^^

  3. Why not Chris Hemsworth for Point Break? Seems like a perfect replacement for Patrick Swayze

  4. They are really doing this? Why? We already had a Point Break remake recently. It’s called The Fast & the Furious and substituted cars for surfboards.

    • While I agree that a Point Break remake is completely unnecessary, what you just said is quite possibly the dumbest thing I’ve heard this week.

      • actually alot of sites and blogs compare fast and furious to point break. It does line up pretty close if you really think about it.

        • Having parallels in a story does not make something a remake.

          • I heard one of the first signs for dementia is people being oblivious to sarcasm. You might wanna get yourself checked. 😀

      • The story of Point Break is that a young cop tries to infiltrate a tightly-knit group of surfing criminals who rob banks, while falling in love with the girl of the gang’s leader? Yeah, you’re right. That’s completely and entirely different from a young cop trying to infiltrate a tightly-knit group of street racing criminals who rob transports, while falling in love with the sister of the gang’s leader.

        Next time you should think for a second before you insult people. If you are capable to do so, that is.

  5. Why, oh why.

    Use the concept….. undercover goes native slightly, has moral conflict, comes through it, fine.

    But straight up remake after remake after remake. Are they’re any writers working in Hollywood at the moment?

    Is there another guild strike that no one knows about…. no wonder it’s all about franchises and sequels at the moment, no bugger can have an original thought

  6. Just cast Keanu Reeves back. I don’t think he has changed in 22 years. He still looks the same to me.

    • Right,they should if anything just make it a sequel where this time Bodhi had a son who is doing the same thing his father was doing but maybe on a larger scale.Utah finds out that it’s Bodhi’s son and tries to stop him before the law brings him down or possibly some other enemies he might have who want to kill him.This has the potential to go where the Fast & Furious movies have went the last couple years it just depends on what studios wanna do.But they should definitely bring back Keanu.

  7. Most unnecessary remake ever, ever, ever.

  8. What a waste, POINT BREAK was(is) a great little self contained movie that needed no remake. Same feelings I had for the CARRIE remake apply here: just leave it alone. Just my opinion. What next Hollywood, an E.T. remake?

  9. I am surprisingly ok with this. Both the remake and this casting choice.

  10. I thought they put a stop to this already. When will studios realise that these remakes are actually making less money than the originals did and costing a lot more money.

    Hopefully when this and Robocop flops later this year that it may force more original projects to be released.

  11. The very idea of a “Point Break” remake is blasphemous. The very definition of “Gawd-awful idea because the industry doesn’t have the talent to come up with anything new.”

  12. No No No No No No No No Just No

  13. Hollywood apparently have no original ideas for movies.

  14. People need to stop commenting on why the remake is ridiculous because you all saying the same thing. Be original like a lot of others on this page. Just had to say that first. Any fan of the original knows that fast and the furious used the same concept as stated above by “thelostwinchester.” I firmly agree with just letting Point Break rest in its glory. Buuut if they insist on making a second then it better be an incredible cast and yes I think Reeves should be involved somehow. Obviously the plot better be similar but with an incredible flare. In closing, my BIGGEST question is with all these skeptics that post all this negative stuff, how many of you are NOT going to go see it?? I think that is what is going to make this movie the most money. Everyone is going to have to see for themselves and give their own opinion!

  15. They are filming on maui had nice waves at jaws today 1/22/2014