NBC Cancels ‘Playboy Club’, Orders Full Seasons of ‘Whitney’ & ‘Up All Night’

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playboy club canceled white up all night full season NBC Cancels Playboy Club, Orders Full Seasons of Whitney & Up All Night

NBC continues to take hits, while remaining unable to launch one (zing!). The peacock network’s big fall period drama, The Playboy Club has been canceled, after failing to lure in viewers. Who would’ve thought that The Playboy Club would ever have a hard time attracting people? (Double zing!)

This news comes as little surprise (and likely even less regret amongst viewers) as our own TV Anthony Ocasio predicted way back in his Fall TV Preview that the series’ flawed writing and controversial setting would make it a difficult sell to the primetime masses.

The Playboy Club attempted to cash in on the success of AMC’s award-winning period drama Mad Men by offering viewers the same bygone era nostalgia and drama. Unfortunately, whereas Mad Men‘s great strength has been its quality writing, as well as intriguing and rich characters, Playboy Club settled for a cliched mystery/drama formula, with a thinly-drawn (read: uninteresting) collection of pretty faces, all set within the network TV-restricted world of Playboy.

The shoddy construction and lack of intrigue was noticed by audiences: Playboy Club premiered to a mild 5.1 million viewers and steadily declined in its three-week run, with this week’s episode snagging just 3.4 million viewers. The ratings in the show’s coveted 18-49 demographic fared even worse, hovering around the 1.2-1.6 ratings bracket. Given the cost of producing the show, cancellation was a no-brainer.

For the few fans of the program reading this: sorry, you won’t get to spend anymore time inside the Club before it vanishes from the airwaves. NBC will reportedly rerun episodes of its new cop procedural Prime Suspect in Playboy Club‘s Monday night time slot, in an attempt to boost the former’s ratings. In my opinion, a move to Monday would be good for Prime Suspect, and better competition for CBS’ Hawaii Five-O and ABC’s Castle, both of which are cop procedurals.


Whitney & Up All Night Full Season Pickups

Whitney Up All Night Full season orders NBC Cancels Playboy Club, Orders Full Seasons of Whitney & Up All Night

It’s not all bad news for NBC, however: the network has seen fit to pickup freshman comedies Up All Night (starring Will Arnett and Christina Applegate) and Whitney (starring stand-up comedian Whitney Cummings) for full season orders.

Both shows have done OK so far at attracting overall viewers (around 5 million, respectively), but are probably getting a longer lease on life since they are far less costly to produce than Playboy Club. It also bodes well that both comedies are faring considerably well in their target demographic, with Up All Night earning a 2.7 rating among adults 18-49, while Whitney has earned a 2.9 rating – the highest average of NBC’s freshman comedies.

As was the case with other NBC comedies like The Office, Community, Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock, the network is hoping that Whitney and/or Up All Night will slowly but surely gain a loyal following. I see that possibly happening for Whitney (the comedian does have a growing fanbase) – though even my Magic 8-Ball tells me that the future of Up All Night is uncertain at this time. Stay tuned (literally).

Are you happy that The Playboy Club is closed for business? Happy that Whitney and/or Up All Night are still going strong? Do you even watch ANY of these shows?

You can catch Up All Night Wednesdays @ 8/7c on NBC

You can catch Whitney Thursdays @ 9:30/8:30c on NBC

You can catch The Playboy Club in your dreams – or, you know, when Hugh Hefner invites to the actual Playboy Club.


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  1. Liked the premiere of Up All Night, but the last 2 episodes have been meh. Not much focus on the baby or home life and way too much of Maya Rudolph, whom I don’t find funny. Get more of Will Arnett in there or I’ll be dumping this show.

  2. Whitney getting a full season just killed a little bit of my faith in humanity.

  3. While I did expect this, I was hoping NBC would be nice and put all of the already taped episodes on Hulu like the networks usually do with cancelled shows these days. Admittedly the reporter from the last episode was damn near transparent, but I still loved the show none-the-less. Such is life. I expect Pan Am to be cancelled as well

    • Why are you expecting Pan Am to get cancelled? That show’s been doing pretty well, ratings wise. And I hope it doesn’t get canned, I’m actually enjoying it.

      • Honestly I like it, but I don’t expect it to last for very long. And with the way people bicker over its authenticness, I’m damn near ready to say eff it and stick to watching Mad Men for my sixties fix.

        Personally, as far as the Playboy Club, I would have loved to have seen Brenda’s plot line expanded, but it was like the only two black people on the show were just there. Naturi Naughton was what got me to watch the show, and they barely used her. Do I have to wait for a show about black people in the sixties to see a black person have a good story line in a period piece that isn’t about slavery?

        In any case, I think it was an interesting concept and they should try again when Heff is dead, and with better actors and writers.

        One Last Thing: How long before the parody: That Sixties Show?

        • Well I hope it doesn’t get cancelled. It has a lot of potential.

          I’m sure that if the show were given more time it would get into their stories. I don’t watch the show, so I don’t really know. *shrug*

  4. Son of a… They did it to me again… I thought The Playboy Club was great… Up All Night and Whitney sucked… Horrible.

  5. Seriously? Whitney, the worst new show of the seaon got a full season pick-up?

    And I doubt moving Prime Suspect to mondays will help it, considering Hawaii Five 0 and Castle have stronger ratings. If anything Prime suspect will lose more viewers which I think will be a shame, I’m enjoying it.

  6. Too bad about Playboy Club.

  7. Shocking!*

    *please note sarcasm.

  8. Why nbc? Why? Yes, I like Whitney, but seriously? First FlashForward, then Outsourced, THEN The Event, now Playboy Club. you know, move it to thursday nights or USA. that’s where it would get more viewers. idiots. now Im pissed. You have officially lost all my faith in your channel. After the last season of chuck, I’m done. Never again. The only hope you have is Grimm. Haven’t seen it yet, but cancel it, and I’ll be your worst nightmare. these execs better back off.
    And btw, I don’t really like Pan Am that much.

    • To be fair, I believe that the people working behind Chuck wanted to end it this way. Right? But yeah, NBC sucks and can’t be trusted.

      I think you need to watch the second episode of Pan Am to get a better feel for it. The first episode is kind of eh; the plot jumps al around the place and the characters don’t get a lot of time to shine. The second one is definitely better.

  9. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!……………..Naaaaooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. My girlfriend liked Whitney and I don’t mind it as much as watching the Real Housewives or whatever so im fine with it staying. Besides, no show can ruin Thursday nights as long as I get to watch the office and community

  11. Up All Night’s alright, I love me some Christina Applegate and Will Arnett, although the show on the whole is a bit meh. Whitney getting a full season is somewhat upsetting.

  12. How is it not all bad news? How is them picking the terrible Up all night and Whitney not bad news? Especially Whitney as if most sitcoms were not bad enough that just maybe the worst of the decade.

    Playboy club wasn’t perfect but I enjoyed it so not the best news but also not a shock. Sorry to see it go still. I’m just happy Person Of Interest on CBS is a hit and there is no threat of it ending

  13. They should’ve waited until they released the unrated DVD , I think that would’ve given them a more accurate number of people who watched the show haha.

  14. NBC should’ve put the great Playboy Club starring the beautiful Amber Heard on Sunday nights instead of Mondays. That was a weekend guilty pleasure show in the making, NBC pulled the plug too soon.

  15. Well,it’s official.I’ll never invest in another show that NBC develops.

    Looks like the only show that I’ll ever watch on that network is 30 Rock,until then,they can kiss my @$$

    Whitney is horribly lame.Up All Night is weak.I like Prime Suspect,but why keep watching it?

    I’m willing to bet Free Agents is next on the chopping block,and that show is pretty decent.

    I’m going to start doing what a buddy of mine does.Wait until a show is at least three seasons deep,then get into it.Seems to be the only way to watch good shows nowadays if you don’t have a Nielsen box.

  16. another show cancelled by crappy nbc..

  17. I think what bothers me about Whitney is that Whitney Cummings totally sold out her gender. The show relies upon societal stereotypes that aren’t true. Like, oh, of course the boyfriend wants the silent treatment! No guy wants to talk to their girlfriend, they just want them to shut up! Or how Whitney got in that suit in the first episode and was basically shaking her ass at the audience for several minute; not because it was natural, but because it was forced, and was an obvious attempt to keep people interested. There’s an article that explains my sentiments about the show, mostly, very well, here: http://globalcomment.com/2011/how-nbc-sold-out-its-female-viewers-with-whitney/

    But what’s most upsetting about the show is that people are actually watching it. It got a full season order. :/

  18. Up All Night is alright but, I don’t see it going anywhere. All of these sitcoms look alike right now. Couples living in these Barbie dream homes doing goofy crap, the country just really is not in that mindset right now.

    Whitney is just offensive because of how unfunny it is. After the first few minutes of the first show I really couldn’t figure out if the show was being purposely ironic or if it was just bad. It’s just bad. What passes for the jokes on the show are just flat and the actors seem like they are doing a junior high school play. This show being picked up is just one of those things that defy logic. Oh well at least I have 30 minutes to catch up on local news or do dishes before It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia comes on.

  19. Whitney is not the best comedy ever but i dont see anything wrong with the show. Its funny? yes, so as a comedy it works. the first time i watched community i didnt like it and now I’m a big fan. 3 episodes and already criticizing? really?
    the playboy club would only work on AMC…

    • The show is incredibly sexist. That’s what’s wrong with it. In addition to not being funny. There’s nothing redeeming about it.

      Yeah, probably.

  20. I loved The Playboy Club and will miss seeing what happened next! The actress Laura Benanti was wonderful and the chemistry between her and Eddie Cibrian plus the style with which they made the characters of that era come to life on screen was amazing! NBC should have given it more time. I would rather see the Playboy Club than stupid re-runs or Whitney.I hope another maybe smaller network picks up the show and airs it.

  21. They put the show on to compete with monday night football. Their target audience was distracted. Besides, all NBC was hoping for was a show that could borrow some of the viewers from Mad Men and they failed just like Pam An and all the other new “we’re in the 60s too” shows.

  22. Helen Keller heads writing staff. Little uncredited fact.