‘The Incredible Hulk’ Sequel in the Works for After ‘The Avengers 2′?

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Hulk in The Avengers The Incredible Hulk Sequel in the Works for After The Avengers 2?

Marvel’s The Avengers broke all kinds of box office records when it released in 2012, becoming the third highest-grossing film of all time behind James Cameron’s Titanic and Avatar, but it also managed to reintroduce one of comics’ most iconic superheroes. After two films – Hulk and The Incredible Hulk – with two different stars – Eric Bana and Edward Norton – Bruce Banner at last returned to the big screen to thunderous applause as the Hulk, this time played by Mark Ruffalo.

While Ang Lee’s 2003 Hulk film is considered a standalone film, its mixed reviews prompted Marvel to reacquire the character’s rights from Universal Studios and make the 2008 film The Incredible Hulk, which is definitely part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Despite later changing actors from Norton to Ruffalo, The Incredible Hulk features an appearance by Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man, and there are also references to that film in The Avengers, thereby establishing it in the current canon.

The success of the big green dude in The Avengers has essentially returned the character into the limelight, and many have been wondering since then if another Hulk film could now be in the cards. Well, fans may be in luck. According to Latino Review, Lou Ferrigno (the former The Incredible Hulk TV star and current voice actor for the Hulk in the films) recently told a local radio station in Minnesota that Marvel is indeed planning another solo Hulk film, saying:

“Now because he saved the day they’re making another solo ‘Hulk’ movie after the second ‘Avengers’ comes out.”

Bill Bixby Lou Ferrigno Bruce Banner Hulk 570x294 The Incredible Hulk Sequel in the Works for After The Avengers 2?

This isn’t, however, the first time Ferrigno has made such a claim. Five months ago, the actor made the same statement in an interview, which was followed by Ruffalo and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige expressing their excitement about the idea, yet noting there were currently no plans in the works. And with half of Phase Three after The Avengers: Age of Ultron already taking shape with Ant-Man, Captain America 3, and The Avengers 3 on the schedule, we’re inclined to believe them for the time being.

The other slots in Phase Three could go to a mix of old and new Marvel properties, one of which is rumored to be Doctor Strange, but it’s still possible that the Hulk could get a solo film in Phase Four.

A year ago, Feige responded to rumors about turning Planet Hulk and World War Hulk into films as being really cool ideas, yet he also worried about the MCU being overwhelmed with continuity and mythology. At this point, it sounds like a solo film is just wishful thinking while Marvel continues to flesh out their many other films until they can nail down a storyline.

So would you be interested in a Hulk film starring Ruffalo? Which Hulk storyline do you think should be done on the big screen?


Stay tuned for more news on a sequel to Hulk as it develops.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. I think they should source the 70′s TV storyline… Hulk VS Bigfoot

  2. I enjoy all the cgi Hulks.. but wasn’t Ang Lee’s( and i cld be mistaken) the only Hulk who continued to grow the angrier he got ? In one of the features its mentioned that in his 1st transformation he is twelve feet but bythe end of the movie he is sumwhr tween 16-20 feet tall…

    • True, and that’s about the only thing I really enjoyed in this movie.

  3. I enjoy hulk ggi hulk,the incredible hulk on 16-20 tall and i hope more the incredible hulk 2, is in the work after the avengers:age of ultron and mark buffalo will will be in the incredible hulk 2,3 thavengers 3 for future marvel movies .

    • You know, it can be useful to read your comments before posting them…

      • I’m just curious about this Mark Buffalo fella.

        • You mean that you don’t know about him? It’s actually a referrance to the run of Marvel Comics from 71-73 where a native american was mutated buffalo archer. He took on famous supervillians like the mad general Crazy Custer.

  4. Personal thought: I think the Hulk is so much better as part of an ensemble and not in a stand-alone movie. I didn’t like the Hulk movies. That being said, I have much greater faith in a Hulk movie nowadays if M. Ruffalo is involved, because he carried it very well in The Avengers. But when I was a kid, I used to get scared when Bruce Banner would change into the Hulk ( yet I wanted to watch the show! Lol), so perhaps I have a slight prejudice lol. :P

    • I agree,

      For me the best film would involve an origin story for She-Hulk, the return / origin story of the Leader and a fight between an enraged Hulk and Thor (Which introduces She-Hulk as she rescues Thor from annihilation)

      I have the script I wrote if Marvel are interested, hint hint, its not very good though, but includes stick men story boards ;)

    • At then end of ironman 2 there are scenes from thor and hulk on the screens around tony. The news reports also for TIH

  5. I just need some real ties to The Incredible Hulk. As it stands, the one scene where Tony shows up to talk to Ross is all there is to even remotely tie the movie to the larger world. Ruffalo is so different from Norton that they don’t even feel like the same character; same with the CGI Hulk, which looks and even acts completely different. Personal tastes aside, there’s very little continuity and it makes it hard to think of TIH as canon.

    I hope that some of the cast is willing to come back for future MCU movies, Hulk stand-alones or no. I wasn’t particularly fond of Liv Tyler or William Hurt (truthfully I preferred Jennifer Connolley and Sam Elliot) but if either of the Ross’s get recast I’m going to be super annoyed.

    • At then end of ironman 2 there are scenes from thor and hulk on the screens around tony. The news reports also from TIH are on those screens tying them in to the same universe

  6. I dont lijes Ruffalo as Banner. Morton did a much better job with the character. And I was very disappointed with the change and the fact they changed the CGI model of Hulk. The Incredible Hulk’s CGI model completely reflects the power of the character and it doesn’t have a face of a gorilla.

    • Sorry for the typos. Stupid auto correct.

    • Yep! Agree! Edward Norton > Mark Ruffalo

      • I disagree.

  7. I think Mark Ruffalo is a better actor than Edward Norton and therefore a better Banner/Hulk. He fits right in with the style. I’m excited for this. They just need a good director (as well as script and supporting cast, but Marvel is great with both of those).

    • If they do a Incredible Hulk 2 bring back Edward Norton because I believe that Norton is a better actor than Mark Ruffalo. And Ruffalo doesn’t fit the role as Bruce Banner.

  8. Bana’s Hulk was disappointing not because of the story. The story was good. The real problem was how big the Hulk became. Ang Lee didn’t get the idea that the angriest he is, the strongest he becomes, not the biggest.

    Norton’s was great. If only the director and Norton had gotten along better. We could have seen a third film earlier.

    I hope they make another film. I do think there’s food for thought and that Hulk really works as a standalone character. This is the best example that you don’t necessarily need to kill a character to introduce another.

    • (y) I agree!

  9. Why MARVEL doesn’t make a sequel based on Hulk 2 (“The Incredible Hulk”)? You all remember what happend to Dr. Samuel Sterns, don’t you???

    • The Incredible Hulk isn’t Hulk 2. Saying so is about as stupid as saying that The Amazing Spider-Man is Spider-Man 4, or even better, that Batman Begins is Batman 5. Ang Lee’s Hulk isn’t canon in the current MCU.

      • If I say “The Incredible Hulk” many people will get confused. I know Hulk and the Incredible Hulk are two different things. Batman – Hulk – Spiderman 1, 2, 3, 4. etc. (or 1., 2., 3., etc.), it’s all the same thing…it doesn’t matter (certainly it’s not stupid)! Many people forget the real name of the movie and they use numbers instead. There is nothing wrong with this…

        • Don’t presume of your interlocutor’s lack of intelligence. Hollywood and TV do that all the time. Society really doesn’t need this kind of dumbing down.

          • First of all I already I said I know the difference between The Hulk and The Incredible Hulk (can you read???). Other thing…”society” is just an utopia. It’s a sick and twisted society we all live in, and the last thing that I will worry about are the movie titles and sequels. Get a life man, there are more important things than movies, sequels, etc.

            • Uh… yeah I can read, but the question is: can you? What does reiterating that you know the difference have to do with my latest comment?

              Also, “society is an utopia.” Riiiiight. FYI, a utopia is a perfect society which by definition can never exist. The society we live in is very much real and the constant spoonfeeding we’re subjected to participates in throwing it down the drain. There’s really no need to add to it.

              Last but not least, I find quite funny that you’re telling me to get a life while you’re also here just the same…

              • I’m really not sure If you can read. My latest comment has to do evertything with your comment. You said:”your interlocutor’s lack of intelligence.”…that reffers to me, right? I don’t have an interlocutor lack of intelligence, all I wanted to say is that I’m not one of those persons who use numebers to define a movie sequel, I only did it because of other people who might not understand the difference.

                Yes I know what utopia is, do you??? Is it really that difficult to understand? We “want” to show (imagine) our society as an utopia (or something similar) but it really isn’t and that is why society does not exist! We are all just puppets, nothing else.

                I’m here to make comments (give ideas) and not to argue with other people about things that don’t really matter (now I’m being a hypocrite). For example If you tell me that Ruffalo is a better Banner than Norton I will accept that because that is your opinion, but to make such a comment about movie sequels where you use insults and involve society in all this…that is just wrong. I have a life…how about you?

                • OK, now that’s official: you can’t read. Since when your interlocutor is you, exactly?

                  Not content with trying to dumb your discourse down for YOUR INTERLOCUTORS, you do it in the most confusing way possible by calling a sequel a film that is more of a reboot, if anything.

                  “and that is why society does not exist!” Oh yeah, right, silly me! Whatever. Such absurdities aren’t even worth debating.

                  “things that don’t really matter.” You’re right, you shouldn’t have made it drag into this nonsensical argument. I originally chimed in to correct you on what I assumed was a mistake, but if your idea of helping people understand is by saying incorrect things, you’re utterly beyond any help.

                  As for using insults, I never did that.

                  • You made my point…not only that you can’t read but you can’t understand things as well. Your means YOUR! If I say “your country” I reffer to the country where you live in!
                    Also, there is a difference between 2 and 2. or 3 and 3….

                    Good for you, If you call this what we have a “society”…well, I see you’re just another blind sheep.

                    I exactly know what you meant with your comment and If you really wanted to help you could say:”Sorry, but I think you wrote it incorrectly.” or something similar. If you really want to help “the society” why don’t you join to “Red Cross” or “UNICEF” and be of some REAL help.

                    Help people? When did I ever say that I want to help people? We all have the right to write whatever we want to write without persons like you complicating unnecessary things. If you say:”Such absurdities aren’t even worth debating.” then why do you debate??? Ooohhh, now I see your under my intelectual level.

                    Oh yes, FYI yesterday I went to see SPIDERMAN 5, FIVE, 5 (because I want to say it like this)! Not “The Amazing Spiderman: Rise of Electro” but SPIDERMAN number 5, 5, 5, 5. (I’m pretty sure “complex-free” people will understand what I’m talking about.) :) :D hahahahaha!!!

                    Chill out and have a great day! :)

  10. They should make “The Incredible Hulk 2″ (or Hulk 3) with Dr. Samuel Stern as “The Leader”. In the Hulk 2 that green liquid was dripping into Dr. Stern’s head wound and his head started to mutate.

  11. If they leave the Hulk the way he was in the Avengers movie and leave Mark Ruffalo play him, I would be excited to see it. Just stay away from the garbage they tried in the first 2 Hulk movies, the writers weren’t very good. Get the guys that wrote, directed the Thor, Captain America, Iron Man and Avengers movies and it should be a great addition to the Marvel Universe.

    • How was The Incredible Hulk garbage? It was awesome.

  12. They need to do the Leader vs the Hulk. There is a wealth of material in the Hulk comics for a Leader storyline.

  13. Long time Hulk fan here. Eric Bana’s 2003 Hulk had the wrong personality, his strength and speed was right, but he freakin’ ran from everything. The story and panels were goofy and I got sick of watching his size fluctuating. Ang Lee blew it.

    Edward Norton’s 2008 Hulk was near perfect with the attitude and looks, he was just too underpowered, not strong enough, but a much better film.

    In a traditional sense, during the 1990s, Hulk’s size was set at 7’6″ and 1,200 lbs. This is reinforced many times compared to Juggernaut’s 6’10″ and 900 lbs. along with I don’t remember Abomination’s measurements other than that he is bigger and taller than Hulk.
    Coming on the tail end of Norton with Ruffalo’s Hulk in The Avengers leads us to MY PREDICTION (or hope) that the next Hulk movie will take us into Peter David’s glory days writing for the Incredible Hulk on an outstanding run of 12 years. I believe we will see Peter David’s ‘Professor’ Hulk (retconned sadly as the Merged Hulk). My reasons for this is a tease of ‘The Leader’ from 2008 Hulk, and closing scene of Norton controlling his transformation, leading us into Ruffalo’s transformation at will in the Avengers. This will blend nicely with the next Hulk movie as a mix of ‘Planet Hulk’ and ‘Pantheon’ sagas. I know none of it will fit perfectly with the comic universe canon, but nothing ever is. Still it can be good, just as long as the Hulk isn’t choked out by a snake. ;)

    • Hmmmmm, sound like me, types like me but some how IS NOT me.

      Are you my clone…..

      Gotta agree, time to see “The Prof”

      Do we need Doc Samson and do a bit of a “Silent Scream” or do we continue with the Avengers rationale that Banner’s acceptance of the “other guy” with Tony’s belief in Banner is enough for him to gain control?

      • I like your style, and your choice of SS4 Gogeta for an icon. Bring on Doc Samson, it would be too much of a stretch if Banner becomes Professor on his own. We may even be able to tolerate a cameo of Joe Fixit or Absorbing Man. I just don’t like the possibility of losing the Professor in the end, because it’s the natural progression to making him a likeable hero. His affiliation with the Avengers has replaced his cousin She-Hulk completely, so this could be a blending of the Pantheon era, which still maintaining Professor could transition smoothly into Planet Hulk….I can see it all now. Once this is established, we could introduce Maestro or the Leader in another sequel. I would love it at some point if we could get Ruffalo-Banner to mention he shaves because he didn’t like seeing Hulk with a beard. Which would be a nod to Maestro in the one shot comic ‘Hulk: The End’ 2002. “I shave so that I don’t look like HIM”.

  14. I think they should have the Hulk vs Red hulk for the sequel. And throw in The Leader for another villain to deal with or make him the one giving orders to the Red Hulk.

    Then at the end of the movie they can have Cap or Iron man come to Ross with a deal while he is in jail, then that could be the start of the Secret Avengers.

  15. Not if its a Hulk vs Thor movie, then they can kill two birds with one Mjolnir.

  16. I know that the MCU is mainly Ultimates based and I’m not overly familiar with the Ultimates universe so I don’t know much about this version of the Hulk.

    Given the choice I’d like to see one of the psychological Hulk stories that deal with Banner’s split personality – Silent Scream or Dogs of War.

    Only thing is does “this” Banner have the emotional problems that the other Banner has/had?

  17. I am a big fan of the Hulk character and I agree with most of you, that say the Hulk is not really a standalone character. That being said there are a few story that could be interesting as a standalone.

    The movie Hulk to me didn’t show a good Bruce Banner. They made him a sissy, emotional and of course daddy issues; but the Hulk was just what we love about him, the more you messed with him the more he got angry, the more angry the stronger her got. Granted they kind of went overboard with the height but with stronger attacks the more mass he have and a really wide Hulk is not my cup of tea.

    The Incredible Hulk movie nailed Bruce Banner, his a scientist that uses his knowledge to try to control, reverse and point the Hulk towards a direction. The Hulk in this movie was just disappointing, specially in the last fight. The Hulk looked like he was giving up, not tired but giving up. Hulk doesn’t do that, he gets tired after he has neutralize what ever made him angry.

    The Avengers Banner/Hulk… Banner on this one to me was more on the edge, collected but on the edge and I personally like that. To me Banner needs to be like that, understandable of the situation and ready to act. This movie didn’t really show the Hulk getting angrier and I think is because Banner has learned how to control it to an extent because the angrier Hulks get the more Banner loses control. The cgi is what killed me, to me the Hulk looked like a muscle builder stopped working out, gain weight and tried to get in shape again. Anyway these are my two cents.

  18. I believe if they do a Hulk movie and they stay with mark ruffalo the Hulk movie will fail because of mark ruffalo performing character Bruce Banner will not fit the role.

  19. I believe if they do a Hulk 2 then bring back Edward.. Norton

  20. If Edward Norton played the in the Avengers I would of been happy and Norton would of nailed the Bruce Banner role and the Hulk could get a standalone Hulk movie early .

  21. They need to get same cast from first Incredible Hulk film starring Edward Norton Liv Tyler and William Hurt for The Incredible Hulk 2.


    • X-Men are Fox and Spider-Man is Sony, not Marvel Studios. I’m always amazed that there STILL are people who don’t know that.

  23. dont care just put liv tyler in MCU once more ^_^

  24. I would like to see more of the hulk in avengers 2, 3 and 4, also I’d like to see the hulk like he was in the first hulk with Eric Bana the more he gets cranky he gets bigger and bigger.

  25. The Leader should be played by Noah Taylor. Turn the hulk gray. And reintroduce Betty.

  26. The biggest problem with a stand alone Hulk movie is there are so few comic-arcs of his to pull from that aren’t either (heavy with other characters) or So psychological that they would likely lose audiences who came to watch a big green guy smash stuff. Which would call for original story lines, unless teamed up in other movies.

    that being said:

    I re-watched the Incredible Hulk today, and it would be easy to bring in all three of the other main Hulks.

    Samual Stern (The Leader), has all that concentrated Banner gamma blood, he talked about doing it “better”, and mentioned how (before) he didn’t have Betty Ross’s primer. During the radiation immunity experiment Banner had taken a primer that was designed to absorb radiation.

    It stands to reason that if Banner took it, in the typical *I will if you will, give each other courage manner* that Betty likely also took the primer with Banner. Difference is Banner was in the chair and got a heavy dose of Gamma radiation, Betty never did..so gradual exposure to Banner, his kissing, slow chain reaction and (BOOM! Red She Hulk)
    -which by the way brings up the whole…if Banner’s tiny drop of blood that was stuck in a fruit drink bottle for who knows how long before it got on a shelf, got bought, and then drank was able to poison someone…why wasn’t he concerned about his saliva…and other bodily fluids when he was about to have sex with Betty? Only stopping when he realized he might Hulk out.

    Conversely, the army seized all that material and research *One-shot revealed*. So now the army has the research and likely went forward with it. Bing, Bang, Boom, Thadeus Ross uses the “refined” version on himself (Red Hulk). Especially if they justify the decision to have more “supers” in the military given recent events and the rise of more supers on the streets.

    In a little stretch, Samual Stern escapes imprisonment, because he is a super-genius. Much like the comics he is obsessed with finding out why he became super intelligent while other Gamma Mutates gain incredible strength; which he wants for himself (wasn’t subtle about his admiration of it in the movie). As a hypothesis he figures, it may be genetic. So he kidnaps Jennifer Walters (Banner’s closest living relative…who is also in New York City, and thus the closest living relative geographically as well, not like Stern has a ton of resources to go hunting down people across the country). Performs his experiment and…nothing happens, uses a drug to give her short term memory loss lets her loose…but then that night she transforms into the She-Hulk (delayed reaction).