Mark Ruffalo Responds to ‘Planet Hulk’ Rumors

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Avengers Hulk TV Series Mark Ruffalo Mark Ruffalo Responds to Planet Hulk Rumors

In early February an epic rumor surrounding the potential future of Mark Ruffalo’s role in Marvel Studios’ franchise led us to believe that after The Avengers 2 in 2015, the Hulk character would get a chance to smash solo once again. The scoop detailed a plan involved The Avengers 2 teeing up a Planet Hulk movie that would in turn factor into the story of The Avengers 3, taking advantage of Ruffalo’s six-picture contract.

The rumors seemed plausible considering the fan support for Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner in The Avengers and the promising words from Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige, who said the Planet Hulk (and World War Hulk) storylines were certainly of interest. However, there’s been nothing but denials and contradictions to this report since.

That original report came from Latino-Review – who were proven reliable with their Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers exclusives prior – but AICN countered by claiming two of their sources say the Planet Hulk rumors are “1000% inaccurate.” The validity of either cannot be proven of course, but the obligatory studio response would be to deny and avoid such claims. Joss Whedon, who’s overseeing Phase Two of the Marvel cinematic universe while also writing and directing The Avengers 2 called the rumors “nonsense” not long after explaining why another Hulk film would be very challenging to develop. He does have faith in Ruffalo’s take on the character however.

Mark Ruffalo Bruce Banner Avengers Still Mark Ruffalo Responds to Planet Hulk Rumors

The rumors got fans asking Mark Ruffalo a lot of questions on the topic and last week, and he ended up addressing them.

Ruffalo also re-tweeted a fan chanting “Planet Hulk!” and another about Hulk serving better as a supporting member of an established team. So, which do you want more, Mark?

Note that Ruffalo’s tweets about another Hulk standalone film don’t actually confirm or deny any of the rumors, and certainly don’t rule out any cameo appearance of Bruce Banner. We already know the next time Hulk gets a starring role it’ll be in The Avengers 2 since all of the Phase Two films already have release dates and Hulk isn’t among them. The rumors are specific to Phase Three, and none of those films are in production at the moment. Chances are, Ruffalo has a larger role to play in the years to come beyond being the brute force of The Avengers in each reunion. It may just be quite a few years before we see more.

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Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015 and Ant-Man on November 6, 2015.

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  1. Hmmm what if they brought in the Pantheon? that could be interesting, its a ‘hulk’ team, and it could be interesting, especialy since it involve ‘smart’ hulk, and hes still in the hero role

  2. Im still rereading to see where he addresses the Planet Hulk rumors…….

    • What do you mean?

      • I am very BUMMED, and also as confident as I can be that we are NOT going to see any more solo HULK films! Marvel, Whedon, and Ruffalo FINALLY got the big green guy right BUT the fact that the other 2 HULK films did not go as planned is playing a MAJOR ROLE in the reasons why we will NEVER see another solo HULK film!

        They are willing to take chances on movies like GOTG and AntMan because they are in the UNKNOWN catagory but the HULK is in the known catagory and from what we all know those 2 movies did not do as well as Mavel had hoped!
        There is probably only few ppl on the planet that would welcome with open arms another HULK solo film as muchs I would because by FARRR the Hulk is my all time favorite Marvel (or any) comic book character, but just the hopes and dreams of a few HULK fans are NOT ENOUGH to warrant the kind of money that would need to be put into another solo film AND MARVEL IS JUST NOT WILLING TO TAKE THAT KIND OF CHANCE even after the Avenger 2…. we are all going to be greatly disappointed when we FINALLY KNOW THE TRUTH!!

        THIS IS A VERY DISAPPOINTING ARTICLE, in more ways than one!
        As always Rob Keyes your on top of the Marvel news like NO OTHER!!

        • But he isn’t filed away in the known failure cabinet. Hulk was just an awful movie altogether but The Incredible Hulk, although not what it could have been was a solid enough movie. But the big point is; the Hulk was the breakout star of the Avengers and certainly has fans on his side. Now that they have a real continuous narrative and all the stuff planned out for these movies and the attention of people willing to make them they can easily make the Hulk movie the first one should have been. The first was just a standalone film before they really knew what they were doing with the MCU.

    • He address stand-alone Hulk movies in general, which Planet Hulk was a supposed rumor.

      • addressed*

  3. Notice how in the first tweet he blatantly states ” the next time you will see MY hulk”. Just my two cents

    • He is being clear about HIS Hulk, as there are going to be other versions of the Hulk before Avengers 2. Not least the Iron Man & Hulk CGI movie coming out later this year. It will be straight-to-video as far as I remember.

  4. HULK SMASH! My favorite character next to Iron Man.. I think since he’s a major character and not getting a movie in Phase two besides Avengers 2, he should cameo somewhere, somehow.. Most likely not going to happen and that’s a shame but I still love all the movies and am so pumped for them to come out.. In Marvel we trust!!!!!!!

    P.S. I would really love to see Ms. Mavel realized to the screen in all her hotness too…

  5. I also wish he would at least get some cameos, even if it is just Banner. I enjoyed ‘The Incredible Hulk’ and hope we can get another if they can pull it off.

  6. I don’t mind Hulk getting a solo appearance for a while but it is a shame considering I think I need a few movies to really be able to accept Ruffalo as Banner. Norton to me was the best so far and even looked the part (skinny and not very tough looking) and acted the way I always thought the character would.

  7. I personally think the Planet Hulk story line would be awesome to see in a movie and great to have the Avengers fight Hulk and his armies of aliens that would be some great action, unfortuneatley it doesn’t look like its happening but knowing Whedon and Marvel they’ll bring something special.

    • Planet Hulk has already been done, albeit as a cartoon. Here is the trailer –
      What you’re talking about is World War Hulk, which would be a sequel to Planet Hulk, if they took the risk to make it in the first place.

      • The Planet Hulk animated movie was awful. The silly story with equally silly dialog reminded me of the old Master of the Universe show, in a bad way. If they are ever going to make a live action movie out of that crap they have to do some major retooling work.

        • To add to your point, if they did go so far as to make “Planet Hulk” live action. The follow up would not be “World War Hulk” it would just be Hulk vs The Avengers.

          • He was talking clearly about the World War hulk storyline, I was merely saying how that would play out if they chose to do it. So far as I understand it, that is also (roughly) the sequence of events as they were in the comics.

  8. I love (Mark Ruffalo) as the hulk i realy hope to seem in another hulk movie!!!!! I would also love to see more dc comics movies that lead to a justice league movie which will create enough buzz for a Marvel vs. DC comics movie or something along those lines would be pretty awsome!!!!

  9. personally i wish they would use him in either thor:DW, or CA:WS. the really cool thing would be to extend RDJ’s contract, and have hulk team up in iron-man 4,( the interactions between stark & banner were some of the best parts in the avengers) but marvel has their schedule full already, don’t think they could work out IM4 before TA2

  10. Hulk worked well in THE AVENGERS because it wasn’t a “Hulk movie”.

    Ange Lee’s Hulk was well-conceived but poorly developed; Norton as the Hulk was a solid performance in a commendable movie. But the Big Guy is a supporting player; a damn good one, but he’s not the lead.

    Same could be said about a whole klatch of DC characters: work well enough in the comic book, but as a feature comic-to-film reimagining–nada.

    Just saying….

  11. Once again Latino Review keep posting fake info. Mark Ruffalo has spoken!

    SR shouldn’t post their stuff tbh.

    • We shouldn’t post the latest updates and share our thoughts and predictions on it? That’s what we do, lol!

      Also, LR was 100% correct on everything about Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers they posted, to the point of them getting threats from Marvel.

  12. Latino-Review is so full of $#!++

  13. Of course they’ll do another Hulk movie with Ruffalo. They may even do the Planet Hulk/World War Hulk thing. But what Marvel isn’t going to do is tell everyone 6 or 7 years in advance what their plans are, and I don’t blame them. Just leave the movie making to Marvel and sit back and enjoy it.

  14. The reason that a Planet Hulk/World War Hulk movie wouldnt work is because Banner would need to be The Hulk for the whole film. This means that you wouldnt get to see Ruffalo (not including him acting as the Hulk), and thats the key to his success in the Avengers.

    Also, Hulk works better in a team: Standalone Hulk films arent that popular because its mainly him smashing stuff for the majority of an hour and a half.

  15. Not really it’s better that The Hulk should have a standalone Hulk TV series because they always have another episode back to back. And in Hulk film never start off they left off. Like for example is that the Hulk film last for two hours and don”t bring back the same actor s instead they replace person playing the lead that’s whats stupid about that.

  16. I really want an Incredible Hulk 2. I just don’t get why on earth they keep waiting. I really wanted to see wherever Banner went after the first Avengers movie. I thought maybe he went home, but then I saw him in IM3 and thought maybe he was staying with Stark. Marvel should know that fans are tired of waiting and someone needs to get the word out! Its been six or seven years already, how much longer do we need to wait? I know The Incredible Hulk had a rocky start to the franchise, but then again haven’t most starter movies! Another t.v series would be a waste of time and money in my opinion. Not to offend anyone with a different take on it but seriously. It could never out do the old t.v series, not even with the new tech. Marvel should just skip that and keep going on with the hulk movies. If no one else enjoyed the Incredible Hulk, I did. That and the Avengers one,(they are both the same by the way) both resembled the old hulk well. Also, I cannot understand why on earth everyone wants a “Planet Hulk”? It turns the hulk evil! For crying out loud! If marvel could not think of anything better than that they should not continue the hulk at all!! Really, that’s the big plan, turn every ones favorite green hero into a green villain! The Hulk smashes evil, he is not supposed to become evil! He is a brute force for good not evil! I mean really people lets get real here! Pick a comic to base the sequel off of that does not turn the hulk evil! Enough of this turning the hulk evil nonsense! Who ever came up with that idea should be fired! Common Ruffalo fight harder for your movie, that keeps the hulk a good guy.