Mark Ruffalo: New ‘Hulk’ Movie Should NOT Be ‘Planet Hulk’

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Mark Ruffalo on Planet Hulk Movie Mark Ruffalo: New Hulk Movie Should NOT Be Planet Hulk

As Marvel’s blockbuster machine has reached a steady pace, it has defied the odds by bringing new life to even established characters: The Incredible Hulk chief among them. With Mark Ruffalo’s take on the hero becoming a surprise scene-stealer in The Avengers, rumors of renewed interest in sequels and spin-offs immediately surfaced. But if you ask Ruffalo himself, a story as big as “Planet Hulk” isn’t the direction he thinks the studio will – or should – take in the immediate future.

Marvel was quick to temper excitement surrounding Ruffalo’s re-casting as Bruce Banner/Hulk, explaining that for the foreseeable future, it would be the under-served heroes taking the spotlight, instead of giving the enormous green rage monster a third big screen adaptation. But after a well-received supporting role in The Avengers, some posited that Marvel would do the exact opposite, and make the “Planet Hulk” and “World War Hulk” stories major tentpole events for Marvel’s Phase Three.

While speaking with MTV about his upcoming film Begin Again, Ruffalo gave his view on the possible plan for a future Hulk solo film; specifically, which comic story line he doesn’t think is Marvel’s plan – while offering a plot summary of the much-bandied-about “Planet Hulk” for his co-stars (therefore minor spoilers for the comic ahead):

“I don’t think that’s where they’re going to go… “Planet Hulk” is: they actually launch Bruce Banner into space to try and get rid of him and the Hulk. And he ends up freaking out, smashing up the spaceship, and it goes off course and it ends up on this planet of gladiator creatures, like pre-Christian, Romanesque.

“I don’t think that’s the way to go yet. I think you need more Banner. The whole thing is just him as Hulk, on a planet, fighting other gladiators. He falls in love, he has a baby, he finds a woman… and then The Avengers nuke the planet.”

Planet Hulk Movie Caiera Romance Mark Ruffalo: New Hulk Movie Should NOT Be Planet Hulk

It’s hard to disagree with Ruffalo’s assessment, since it was his non-monstrous scenes (alongside Robert Downey, Jr.) that earned the most praise, landing him in a post-credits scene for Iron Man 3 to boot. Marvel isn’t blind to the popularity of the character, or Ruffalo’s unique chemistry with Downey, Jr., having confirmed that Banner/Hulk will play a much larger role in The Avengers: Age of Ultron. But more than ever before, it seems any hopes of the character becoming a central antagonist in the shared universe should be put on hold.

That isn’t all bad news for fans, though, since it’s no secret that Ruffalo’s Hulk will be a key player in the coming years. Marvel obviously wants to keep interest alive, with Ruffalo having stated that the idea of a standalone Hulk movie (previously seen as a longshot) is once again being considered by studio executives. And if that’s the case, then “Planet Hulk” is certainly a prime candidate for any Hulk adaptation, given Marvel’s interest in blockbuster spectacle and cross-property storytelling.

But before that day comes (whether or not it’s followed by all out-Hulk War), it’s probably best in the short and long term to let Ruffalo’s Banner stand on his own two (normal-sized) feet. The cosmic/gladiator story’s day will come, we would wager, but not before the current villains of the Marvel universe get a chance to bring their own plans to fruition.

Mark Ruffalo Hulk Movie Potential 1024x576 Mark Ruffalo: New Hulk Movie Should NOT Be Planet Hulk

What’s your take on Ruffalo’s comments? Do you agree that another intimate look at the man beneath the green muscle is the right direction to head (especially with Tony Stark’s eccentric genius expected to take a step away from the spotlight soon), or is “Planet Hulk” the only story you wish to see adapted? Share your thoughts in the comments.


The Avengers: Age of Ultron releases May 1, 2015.

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  1. I have not read Planet Hulk and I just skimmed through World War Hulk years ago, but I do not see how or why people feel Marvel Studios can translate any of these big cross-overs in the films. They have introduced a handful of characters at this point and technically they are missing half of their top tier properties which would make the whole exercise kind of half baked.

  2. The Hulk probably cannot carry a stand-alone movie. I would rather see him as just a reaccuring supporting character in The Avengers movies. And a Planet Hulk or WW Hulk movie we definitely don’t need. heresy, you cry? Well then, here’s one that will really rock your world: while not bad actors, neither Ruffalo or any of the other guys who have played Hulk on TV or in the movies are that great that they are not replaceble. Guess I am just more a Cap or Iron Man fan.

  3. They can’t do Planet Hulk because the Hulk doesn’t even talk yet. I don’t want to see him growl and scream and everyone in the movie treat him like Lassie like they understand him.

    I hope they have him speak in the Avengers 2, it will be long overdue.
    I think if they have a another Hulk movie the villains should be Red Hulk and the Leader.

    Red hulk would make the way for a secret Avengers movie or a Defenders movie.

    • “Puny god.”

      That was the Hulk’s line when he trashed Loki back and forth. He can talk, but this is not why a Planet Hulk is too soon.

      • Your right I forgot all about that.

        He also said Leave me alone,and Hulk Smash in the Incredible Hulk. He hardly ever talks so its easy to forget.

        Oh well he still needs to talk more.

  4. Planet Hulk & WW Hulk will be great stories to adapt at some later date.

    I agree w Ruffalo that a Hulk film needs to have Banner. I think what they should do is have a Team Up film with Tony Stark & Bruce Banner. Hulk & Iron man run into The Leader on their way to figuring out the mystery of the Ten Rings. Maybe Mandarin (the real one) is using The Leader to get them off his scent, or something like that. The film could resolve on its own but more likely they should follow it into Iron Man 4, where he & Hulk finally meet up with the real Mandarin.

    Just an idea.

  5. Ok they build up and show us just a tease of Abomination, and the creation of Samuel Sterns Leader, and wonder what direction to go in. Bring in The Leader have the Hulk become a Hero and be able to control Hulk but must beat Leader as Bruce using his mind, and maybe use some deeper thought provoking ideas.

    • Same here! THIS is really what I’ve been waiting for. NOT that lame Planet Hulk crap. Marvel needs to wake up and realize that the hulk was a big hit in The Avengers BECAUSE he was the hero. If he was the villain then that would defeat the whole purpose. I want to see the hulk SMASH villains, not BE a villain. I was so excited to see Bruce gain control over the hulk and use it to battle evil. I don’t want to see a stupid piece of crap movie about Banner losing control and becoming a villain. So I hope the Cosmic/Gladiators story’s day NEVER comes. I pity the fools out there who think Planet hulk is a good idea and are actually rooting for that junk!

  6. I hate to say it but he’s right. I would love to see a Planet Hulk movie but it’s too early in the storytelling imo.

  7. Thank You Mark Ruffalo!!!! Its nice to see an actor with a head on his shoulders for the evolution of story for his character, Vs ( Andrew Garfield knowing noithing or caring about spiderman).
    The Hulk and Bruce Banner need to be fleshed out character wise alot more and other major Stroy Arcs need to happen way before something like Planet Hulk. The Hulk wil and should be banished from the avengers for being uncontrollable rage. A new set of movies should explore his loss of control and being the “monster” eventually gaining contorl over a course of almost 2 trilogies. A long way to go and alot of fun befoer Planet Hulk

  8. Gray Hulk! Gray Hulk! Gray Hulk! Not Joe Fixit centered! Gray Hulk! Gray Hulk! The leader must be behind the scenes manipulating…abomination? General Ross? mad Man? But any way you cut it, tony stark and banner have to attempt to get rid of the hulk, screw it up, then bring Betty Ross into the picture, long lost love story! Then gray hulk, then central antagonist, a mystery which leads to the Leader. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! It’s not complicated. Maybe The Leader screws with the work of banner and stark which causes the gray hulk to appear. At the end of the final conflict with Sterns, the hulk gets transformed back to green hulk, he goes “ape-sh&@” and then the whole thing leads into Planet Hulk story line. Come on! Gray Hulk! Gray Hulk! Gray Hulk! Gray Hulk!

  9. A lot of people are forgetting that the Incredible Hulk is canon.

  10. If they goin’ do a Hulk solo movie,they should bring in Rick Jones & probably another supporting cast.
    Rick Jones lives in co-op housing & have music gigs in the surrounding NY state area.
    The other(guy or girl)scientist lives in same housing as Rick.
    Face it,the Hulk is not the smartest kid on the block. ;-)

  11. I’m gonna have to go against the grain here and say that a Planet Hulk movie could be the perfect next step for what has become a one dimensional (albeit a fun single dimension) character.

    This is the vehicle you use to propel nearly mindless, comic relief Hulk into a sympathetic character who develops an higher ability to think and reason. IF you show him forced to remain in Hulk form for an extended period (the why of that may be tricky) then you can explain that Hulk has never developed higher order reasoning because he’s always been all rage and destruction and then forced to revert back to Banner, preventing him from processing his actions. By being forced to do so, it also forces introspection and that leads to a (slightly) more articulate Hulk.

    While the gladiatorial scenes keep things fast-paced and exciting (the failings of the previous stand-alone movies) the real conflict is the one that rages within the Hulk as he not only gets to be a badass rage monster, but also finds a place where he is celebrated for that power rather than feared and condemned for it. Adoration of a planet and love of an individual help to further soften him into a more nuanced character.

    And, though with a potential for Incredible cheesiness, if you want to pull the story away from being all about off planet smashing, you could thread expositional flashbacks that further flesh out the character of Banner… maybe even (and I know it’s not canon) showing that the idea of “launch the Hulk into space as a safety measure” was in fact of Banner’s design rather than that of the Avengers or Illuminati.

    In a bigger picture sense, I’d love it if the button scene at the end of Planet Hulk was an angrier than ever Hulk hurtling through space (in a ship) and in his field of vision we see earth growing larger and larger. Then, in the next Avengers movie, towards the end, the chips are down, the Hulkless Avengers are all but beaten… and boom. There’s a Hulk like none of them have ever seen to save the day.

  12. I know why mark said what he said because all actors want there faces on the screen however The Hulk is the people’s choice of what they want to see not Bruce Banner so the problem with the Hulk character is they do not allow him to express himself through dialogue or any sort of verbalization and that is Josh Whedon fault. It may sound silly but watch the Animated Avengers Hulk Character and see what I mean. Also quit feeling sorry for Lou Ferrigno. He unfortunately cannot act so let someone elso voice the Hulk