The Future of Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk After ‘The Avengers 2′

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Planet Hulk Movie Story Line Bruce Banner The Future of Mark Ruffalos Hulk After The Avengers 2

Ever since Mark Ruffalo took to the stage at San Diego Comic-Con 2010 alongside the full cast of The Avengers and was officially announced to be playing Bruce Banner in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans have wondered if and when Ruffalo’s Banner would get a chance leading a third Hulk movie. That curiosity turned into legitimate discussion when the Hulk became a fan-fave thanks to The Avengers hitting theaters in 2012 and becoming the third top-grossing film of all-time.

There was just something special to seeing Hulk smashing on Captain America’s (Chris Evans) orders and Banner and Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) sharing lab space and techy banter (the “science bros.”). With Ruffalo having signed a six-picture deal with Marvel Studios and The Avengers 1 & 2 writer-director Joss Whedon “believing” in the character – and happy to have him sort of exclusively for The Avengers: Age of Ultron – Ruffalo cannot avoid being grilled on the subject everywhere he makes an appearance.

We already know the Hulk will get even more screen time in his Age of Ultron return and there were rumors in early 2013 that this movie could launch (literally) Hulk into a position where he’d get a Planet Hulk/World War Hulk storyline from the comics and potentially, a new solo movie. That story from the comics essentially involves Hulk losing control and Earth’s heroes feeling they have no other choice but to launch him into space. He lands on an alien planet (of a species featured in next month’s Guardians of the Galaxy movie, no less) and becomes a gladiator, fighting in a Roman-style arena. Without getting into too much detail, some bad stuff happens and Hulk comes back to Earth on a mission of vengeance.

Mark Ruffalo Hulk Movie Potential 1024x576 The Future of Mark Ruffalos Hulk After The Avengers 2

At the time, Ruffalo and Whedon shot down the rumors, but just last week Ruffalo went on record hinting that Marvel is indeed considering a new Hulk film. Of course, he can’t tell us either way even if they were, but chances are Ruffalo and Whedon have a pretty good idea of where Bruce Banner and “The Other Guy” are headed given that producer and Marvel Studios president of production has mapped out the Marvel Cinematic Universe all the way to 2028.

Update: Great timing! Sideshow Collectibles just unveiled on July 2, 2014, a Marvel King Hulk Marvel Premium Format(TM) Figure that is now available for pre-order and begins shipping in July.

Sideshow Collectibles King Hulk Premium Format Figure Back The Future of Mark Ruffalos Hulk After The Avengers 2 Sideshow Collectibles King Hulk Armor 1024x682 The Future of Mark Ruffalos Hulk After The Avengers 2 Sideshow Collectibles King Hulk With Sword 1024x682 The Future of Mark Ruffalos Hulk After The Avengers 2 Sideshow Collectibles King Hulk With Axe The Future of Mark Ruffalos Hulk After The Avengers 2 Sideshow Collectibles King Hulk Premium Format Figure The Future of Mark Ruffalos Hulk After The Avengers 2 Sideshow Collectibles King Hulk Premium Format Figure Size Comparison The Future of Mark Ruffalos Hulk After The Avengers 2 Sideshow Collectibles King Hulk Premium Format Figure Base The Future of Mark Ruffalos Hulk After The Avengers 2

Betrayed by those he once called allies, and exiled to the savage alien world of Sakaar, the fearsome Hulk smashed, bled, and conquered his way from slave to gladiator, and then to king. Crowned with a gleaming diadem, the mighty victor finally found peace in his kingdom, until a tragic turn of events brought Hulk’s world crashing down once again and set him on a new path of destruction.

Fueled by rage, and stronger than ever before, the volatile King Hulk is out for blood, girded for war in his gladiator attire and spiked armored gauntlet. Wielding a massive broadsword and deadly battle axe, the unstoppable World Breaker returns to seek vengeance and tear the Earth to shreds. Towering almost 30″ tall over the cracked and broken streets of New York City, he is the Green Scar, the Eye of Anger, the Hulk… and he has come home.

Click here to see more images and official info from Sideshow Collectibles.

Ruffalo’s latest thoughts on the next Hulk movie are that it shouldn’t be about Planet Hulk though, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get something similar or parts of those storylines adapted…


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  1. @Xandra – Well either you didn’t see ‘The Winter Soldier’ or you forgot to tell them about that sister, because there was nothing thin or insubstantial about the plot in that masterful film. And I have a feeling you’ll be eating those words when ‘Age Of Ultron’ drops next May, hell you might be eating those words after GOTG drops next month.

    • Woah, take off those rose-tinted glasses, sunshine. It was great for a Marvel film and thankfully went more intelligent (as they all have post-Avengers now that the origins have been done) but The Winter Soldier’s plot was most definitely on the thin side and it wasn’t as substantial as you assume it to be.

      Then again, you called it “masterful”, which says it all, really. It was a good film but it wasn’t as great as you believe it to be.

  2. So one thought I haven’t seen anyone mention:
    It’s all nice and good that Ultron will send him up to space, but, like, uh, Thor? Can’t he kinda just fly up there and get him back down? And he can fly pretty fast. So if Ultron is getting Hulk into space, he probably would have gotten rid of Thor first.

    • Since we are dealing with Sutur most likely in Thor 3, maybe Thor gets busy dealing with Ragnarok.

  3. Ahh here we go again, “brainless green” is on the loose. Yummi yummi hulk smash ultron, ultron smash thor, thor smash ironman …..

  4. Hulk and Dr. Strange movie… add Namor (I think they got his rights back) and you almost have the original Defenders.


    • Did they get rights back for Namor?

      If so, Namor would be amazing to see…

      Instead of Hulk being shot into space, maybe deep into the ocean where Atlantis is.

      • The rights are still with Universal as of now, but I would have to think his right’s expire within the next year or two. Marvel could simply buy his rights back, but I think they’re just waiting for his rights to run out at Universal and assuming it’s worth the gamble to wait instead of paying. I don’t see how Universal could possibly make a ‘Namor’ film work without any connection to any other Marvel characters. This isn’t a Spider-Man, X-Men oven Fantastic Four property we’re talking about here, as cool as I think Namor is the general movie audience doesn’t have a clue about him or know who the hell he is. If Universal tries to make a Namor film before his rights revert back to Marvel it will be a flop. The biggest reason for the MCU films success is their connections to each other and their shared universe, without that those films wouldn’t have been nearly as successful. You that say the sum is greater than the parts, and Namor has no sum, just a part that wont work without the sum around him.

        • Agree. Unless Namor is released as an IP relating to the MCU, Namor wouldn’t gain that much support of popularity. However, released in connection with the MCU’s characters? It would draw in a lot of attention and support.

  5. Hey what about Hulk vs. Rulk? or Hulk vs. the Leader?

    • Hulk Vs Red Hulk with the wendigo thrown in or a transformation from the Grey hulk to the Green Hulk with a battle in bewtween

  6. 30″? You do know that ” means inches, Right Rob?

  7. Why must everything be ruined? The kind of crappy ideas I’m seeing on this page. These are all video game ideas, NOT movie ideas. Can we please drop the idea of hulk being launched places. And can we ditch Planet hulk and WWH. None of these are gonna be a hit in theaters. I want a hulk solo film, NOW. I don’t want to wait until freakin 2017!!!! put Doctor Strange in 2017 and hulk in 2016 please! And this is not a video game, it’s a movie! The hulk belongs on earth, if there’s any avenger that should be teaming up with the guardians, it should be Thor. Marvel needs to get this stuff straight already!

  8. “Towering almost 30″ (LOL) tall over the cracked and broken streets of New York City”…wow, earth doesn’t stand a chance! Our only hope are the action figures and other toys from, “Toy Story”!

    • Lol!

  9. I can’t recall how they set him up in the first Hulk movie (as some here have mentioned) BUT I don’t suppose we can get some support for Jeffery Combs as the Leader? I liked his creepy voiceover work playing the Leader on the Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes animated series. Incomprehensible how they cancelled that series and immediately replaced it with one that was basically identical, but worse.

    (I’d settle for DC casting Combs as the Question too, same reason, the spooky voice work on Justice League Unlimited.)

  10. Agreed

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