The Future of Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk After ‘The Avengers 2′

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Planet Hulk Movie Story Line Bruce Banner The Future of Mark Ruffalos Hulk After The Avengers 2

Ever since Mark Ruffalo took to the stage at San Diego Comic-Con 2010 alongside the full cast of The Avengers and was officially announced to be playing Bruce Banner in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans have wondered if and when Ruffalo’s Banner would get a chance leading a third Hulk movie. That curiosity turned into legitimate discussion when the Hulk became a fan-fave thanks to The Avengers hitting theaters in 2012 and becoming the third top-grossing film of all-time.

There was just something special to seeing Hulk smashing on Captain America’s (Chris Evans) orders and Banner and Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) sharing lab space and techy banter (the “science bros.”). With Ruffalo having signed a six-picture deal with Marvel Studios and The Avengers 1 & 2 writer-director Joss Whedon “believing” in the character – and happy to have him sort of exclusively for The Avengers: Age of Ultron – Ruffalo cannot avoid being grilled on the subject everywhere he makes an appearance.

We already know the Hulk will get even more screen time in his Age of Ultron return and there were rumors in early 2013 that this movie could launch (literally) Hulk into a position where he’d get a Planet Hulk/World War Hulk storyline from the comics and potentially, a new solo movie. That story from the comics essentially involves Hulk losing control and Earth’s heroes feeling they have no other choice but to launch him into space. He lands on an alien planet (of a species featured in next month’s Guardians of the Galaxy movie, no less) and becomes a gladiator, fighting in a Roman-style arena. Without getting into too much detail, some bad stuff happens and Hulk comes back to Earth on a mission of vengeance.

Mark Ruffalo Hulk Movie Potential 1024x576 The Future of Mark Ruffalos Hulk After The Avengers 2

At the time, Ruffalo and Whedon shot down the rumors, but just last week Ruffalo went on record hinting that Marvel is indeed considering a new Hulk film. Of course, he can’t tell us either way even if they were, but chances are Ruffalo and Whedon have a pretty good idea of where Bruce Banner and “The Other Guy” are headed given that producer and Marvel Studios president of production has mapped out the Marvel Cinematic Universe all the way to 2028.

Update: Great timing! Sideshow Collectibles just unveiled on July 2, 2014, a Marvel King Hulk Marvel Premium Format(TM) Figure that is now available for pre-order and begins shipping in July.

Sideshow Collectibles King Hulk Premium Format Figure Back The Future of Mark Ruffalos Hulk After The Avengers 2 Sideshow Collectibles King Hulk Armor 1024x682 The Future of Mark Ruffalos Hulk After The Avengers 2 Sideshow Collectibles King Hulk With Sword 1024x682 The Future of Mark Ruffalos Hulk After The Avengers 2 Sideshow Collectibles King Hulk With Axe The Future of Mark Ruffalos Hulk After The Avengers 2 Sideshow Collectibles King Hulk Premium Format Figure The Future of Mark Ruffalos Hulk After The Avengers 2 Sideshow Collectibles King Hulk Premium Format Figure Size Comparison The Future of Mark Ruffalos Hulk After The Avengers 2 Sideshow Collectibles King Hulk Premium Format Figure Base The Future of Mark Ruffalos Hulk After The Avengers 2

Betrayed by those he once called allies, and exiled to the savage alien world of Sakaar, the fearsome Hulk smashed, bled, and conquered his way from slave to gladiator, and then to king. Crowned with a gleaming diadem, the mighty victor finally found peace in his kingdom, until a tragic turn of events brought Hulk’s world crashing down once again and set him on a new path of destruction.

Fueled by rage, and stronger than ever before, the volatile King Hulk is out for blood, girded for war in his gladiator attire and spiked armored gauntlet. Wielding a massive broadsword and deadly battle axe, the unstoppable World Breaker returns to seek vengeance and tear the Earth to shreds. Towering almost 30″ tall over the cracked and broken streets of New York City, he is the Green Scar, the Eye of Anger, the Hulk… and he has come home.

Click here to see more images and official info from Sideshow Collectibles.

Ruffalo’s latest thoughts on the next Hulk movie are that it shouldn’t be about Planet Hulk though, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get something similar or parts of those storylines adapted…


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  1. @Xandra – Well either you didn’t see ‘The Winter Soldier’ or you forgot to tell them about that sister, because there was nothing thin or insubstantial about the plot in that masterful film. And I have a feeling you’ll be eating those words when ‘Age Of Ultron’ drops next May, hell you might be eating those words after GOTG drops next month.

    • Woah, take off those rose-tinted glasses, sunshine. It was great for a Marvel film and thankfully went more intelligent (as they all have post-Avengers now that the origins have been done) but The Winter Soldier’s plot was most definitely on the thin side and it wasn’t as substantial as you assume it to be.

      Then again, you called it “masterful”, which says it all, really. It was a good film but it wasn’t as great as you believe it to be.

      • Agreed

      • You have your opinion and that person has their’s.

        • Dazz just spoke the truth in his brutally honest way. As much as I found myself loving Cap 2 (a big surprise considering how I despise its predecessor), I still can think coherently and see it for what it is: a great comic book movie, no more no less. It’s as good as action movies can get but it’s only that and certainly not a masterpiece of the cinematic art form.

          • So why is what Dazz said “the truth” and everything else just an opinion? Why do you get to define what constitutes a “masterpiece of the cinematic art form”?

            Film, like paintings, pottery, and tapestries, is an interpretive form. Even the normally over-artsy critics – who tend to prefer musicals and indies to anything mainstream – lauded Cap 2 as a great film.

            Well cast, well directed, well acted. Great pacing, visuals, score and sound.

            You see, what some consider “cinematic art” is often ego bleeding through the actors. Psychological metaphors and political agendas pushed as twists, style, and expression.

            It’s every bit as phony as mainstream Hollywood; just executed in a way that’s far less interesting, and far less profitable. Furthermore, it doesn’t trigger any “higher thought” (thinking and intelligence are often foolishly attributed to more artsy films); just makes one wonder how neurotic and disturbed the writer is.

            lol…”truth in his brutally honest way”. Right. Or, it’s the “I can talk tougher than I am because I have a computer between myself and someone else” syndrome.

            • you just ranted trying to be philosophical about “what is an opinion” except, you talked about ego’s, yet you also blatantly have an ego, or your wouldnt have felt the need to push your opinion on someone who WAS speaking the truth

              whether or not the films plot was thin, isnt just a matter of opinion, it can be proven as fact

              now whether the film was GOOD or BAD, then sure yes thats simply an opinion

              but you really should mix the two when telling someone they are in the wrong and talking ego’s, no offence.

            • That’s real talk my friend, I agree with you.

            • I don’t get to define anything, the movies speak for themselves. I stand from a cinema lover’s perspective and I couldn’t care less about any actor’s ego trip. As I said, as much as I love Cap 2, it’s just a good action flick. It doesn’t compare to the likes of masterpieces such as The Godfather, Brazil, 2001 or One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, just to name a few. Chris Evans proves my point: he makes a decent Cap but honestly, he’s not that great an actor, as evidenced by Snowpiercer in which he didn’t exactly shine during the quieter scenes.

        • @Nick – Thanks man, I appreciate that. That’s all it was, just my opinion. Whenever someone says they liked a film I don’t come trolling saying that film wasn’t good and I hated it, I just don’t get down like that with some kindergarten childish s… man. We all have our opinions and we’re all entitled to them.

      • No rose colored glasses bro, I see clearly, probably clearer than you. Oh and thanks for the sunshine comment stormy weather haha. Dude I’m not the only one who thinks ‘Cap 2′ was masterful, many reviews have said that as well. Wake up and stop dreaming that what you think of something is the be all to end all jack, because it’s certainly not and far from that. I’m not saying my opinion is the end all to be all either because it’s not, it’s just my opinion and what I roll with, you roll with what you think and keep it moving.

    • masterful film? xD dont make me laugh, it was just another typical marvel movie

      so many people are all swooped up in the magic of movies, forgetting that a good plot matters, and the avengers and solo films are not going smoothly

      like iron man, so many raved….yet its not been good since the first one, the second one was boring and mostly rehashed scenes from the first one and theird one oh man, that was just a terrible peice of garbage, which was a shame because i LOVED iron man, but movie wise, its been boring since the first film ended

      people are allowed their opinions, maybe you should remember that next time.

      • If your comment is supposed to be aimed me try harder next time homie. To me I thought ‘The Winter Soldier’ was a fantastic film and I’m not going to apologize to any TROLLS or HATERS about that, dig what I’m saying. I never said anyone had to agree with me, it’s my opinion that I stand by without blinking my eye. Now as far as ‘Iron Man’ goes, I agree with you 100% that’s it’s the best film in the series and i’ll leave it at that. And i’ll tell you another thing that’s TYPICAL about a Marvel movie, they continue to dominate and kick ass at the box office as GOTG is proving once again, I doubt you’ve got any comebacks on that.

      • Even 1st Iron Man wasn’t THAT good: the plot was abused and extremely predictable. The plus was the birth of the hero. This is always the best part of EVERY superhero story, sadly. That’s the reason for all the reboots we have today.

        • Actually, I can name plenty of superhero franchises of which the sequel is better than the origin story. For example The Dark Knight, Thor 2, Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 and especially Cap 2. Even FF2 was not as bad as the first one!

          • I agree on all counts bfg666, except Thor 2. I actually prefer the original and found no 2 to be a slight let down for me. Different strokes for different folks i guess.

            • The original was too cheesy and the weapons and costumes looked fake.

      • You say people are allowed their opinions yet the first person that commented can’t call the film masterful, which was his/her opinion? You sound like a hypocrite to me.

  2. So one thought I haven’t seen anyone mention:
    It’s all nice and good that Ultron will send him up to space, but, like, uh, Thor? Can’t he kinda just fly up there and get him back down? And he can fly pretty fast. So if Ultron is getting Hulk into space, he probably would have gotten rid of Thor first.

    • Since we are dealing with Sutur most likely in Thor 3, maybe Thor gets busy dealing with Ragnarok.

    • Yes….well you need to leave your logic at the door to truly enjoy these films. Otherwise, you can question everything such as why can`t the Avengers help Tony out in Iron Man 3, and even if he doesn`t ask wouldn`t they (or at the very least just one of them) pop up regardless and help out? I just pretend not to see these things and then the films are even better for me!:)

      • There are very logical and very simple explanations to these things. So really, no need to lock your brain in a box in order to enjoy a Marvel flick. It’s not your random Michael Bay crap.

  3. Ahh here we go again, “brainless green” is on the loose. Yummi yummi hulk smash ultron, ultron smash thor, thor smash ironman …..

    • its sad, but your actually right xD

      i know they do it alot in the comics, but im bored of them fighting, i get it, it happens, but just do it once and find a better side story section than repeating the same ones

  4. Hulk and Dr. Strange movie… add Namor (I think they got his rights back) and you almost have the original Defenders.


    • Did they get rights back for Namor?

      If so, Namor would be amazing to see…

      Instead of Hulk being shot into space, maybe deep into the ocean where Atlantis is.

      • The rights are still with Universal as of now, but I would have to think his right’s expire within the next year or two. Marvel could simply buy his rights back, but I think they’re just waiting for his rights to run out at Universal and assuming it’s worth the gamble to wait instead of paying. I don’t see how Universal could possibly make a ‘Namor’ film work without any connection to any other Marvel characters. This isn’t a Spider-Man, X-Men oven Fantastic Four property we’re talking about here, as cool as I think Namor is the general movie audience doesn’t have a clue about him or know who the hell he is. If Universal tries to make a Namor film before his rights revert back to Marvel it will be a flop. The biggest reason for the MCU films success is their connections to each other and their shared universe, without that those films wouldn’t have been nearly as successful. You that say the sum is greater than the parts, and Namor has no sum, just a part that wont work without the sum around him.

        • Agree. Unless Namor is released as an IP relating to the MCU, Namor wouldn’t gain that much support of popularity. However, released in connection with the MCU’s characters? It would draw in a lot of attention and support.

        • The only person I can imagine making a great Namor movie is James Cameron. The only catch is it would take 50 years and a billion dollars for him to do, and that’s if he’s not busy with other projects, which he is.

  5. Hey what about Hulk vs. Rulk? or Hulk vs. the Leader?

    • Hulk Vs Red Hulk with the wendigo thrown in or a transformation from the Grey hulk to the Green Hulk with a battle in bewtween

  6. 30″? You do know that ” means inches, Right Rob?

  7. Why must everything be ruined? The kind of crappy ideas I’m seeing on this page. These are all video game ideas, NOT movie ideas. Can we please drop the idea of hulk being launched places. And can we ditch Planet hulk and WWH. None of these are gonna be a hit in theaters. I want a hulk solo film, NOW. I don’t want to wait until freakin 2017!!!! put Doctor Strange in 2017 and hulk in 2016 please! And this is not a video game, it’s a movie! The hulk belongs on earth, if there’s any avenger that should be teaming up with the guardians, it should be Thor. Marvel needs to get this stuff straight already!

    • You sound like you need to read the greatness that was PH/WWH asap…

      • PH/WWH was great, but it was great as a graphic novel and animated event. We already have that story, and don’t need the exact same story launched on screen. With a CG Hulk, it would just be cinematic plagiarism. I like that Marvel has put some twists and turns in the traditional build up to Thanos, each character’s origin stories, etc. If Hulk gets something solo, it needs to play into the overall story arc of the series, and not just be something we already have. Those are two hard sales, and Hulk just seems to work better on screen in small doses.

        • We also have Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns, yet this GN has been adapted twice already, with elements present in both Nolan’s Dark Knight Rises and the forthcoming BvS. So if it’s good for DC, why wouldn’t it be good for Marvel? And if they’re really heading towards a Planet Hulk movie, as the latest rumors about the end of Avengers 2 seem to point to, you can bet it won’t be the exact same story. Plus, Planet Hulk is basically a gladiator story and it would be interesting to see Marvel Studios deliver their take on a Spartacus on gamma-steroids.

    • You`re entitled to your ideas, but a lot of us would consider the Hulk stories where he is stranded on other planets and places as some of THE best stories about him and ones which would look great on the big screen and which would be an improvement on his past three outings. I have nothing against him going up against a villain on earth or against the army but sending him off planet seems like a logical step given his rage and the whole story fits in perfectly considering we have the Avengers etc. Planet Hulk was great as was Future Imperfect (great writing by Peter David), and if you haven`t read them I suggest that you do, or go over them once again and realise their potential for the big screen.

  8. “Towering almost 30″ (LOL) tall over the cracked and broken streets of New York City”…wow, earth doesn’t stand a chance! Our only hope are the action figures and other toys from, “Toy Story”!

    • Lol!

  9. I can’t recall how they set him up in the first Hulk movie (as some here have mentioned) BUT I don’t suppose we can get some support for Jeffery Combs as the Leader? I liked his creepy voiceover work playing the Leader on the Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes animated series. Incomprehensible how they cancelled that series and immediately replaced it with one that was basically identical, but worse.

    (I’d settle for DC casting Combs as the Question too, same reason, the spooky voice work on Justice League Unlimited.)

    • Avengers Assemble is a pretty good cartoon, it was just an unnecessary change. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes had a great story arc going that made it interesting to tune into every new episode. I was bummed when I discovered they cancelled it for no reason. AA is like a whole bunch of single shot episodes with no overall theme, other than Red Skull.

      Marvel is basically trying to tie everything together, and the new cartoon is supposed to take place immediately after the Avengers movie. Hints at where everything is headed will be dropped throughout, but again, it was unnecessary.

    • Since Sterns was portrayed by Tim Blake Nelson in TIH, I don’t see Jeffrey Combs replacing him should the role ever be expanded. Then again, Marvel did replace Terrence Howard with Don Cheadle and Ed Norton with Mark Ruffalo, both of whom didn’t exactly look like their predecessors, so… All bets are off.

  10. I don’t get why the Hulk would need armor or weapons… ? His strength is in relation to how angry he gets which can be limitless, he is impervious to pretty much everything.

    • You don’t seem to have read Planet Hulk. He got weapons and (a little bit of) armor because Planet Hulk was essentially a gladiator story on a world filled with beings just as strong as him. Plus, you gotta admit he looks much cooler like that than in his old purple pants.

  11. I WANT A KING HULK MOVIE AND ALIENS AND I want king hulk movie 7 inch action figure toys for the movie.

  12. “Towering almost 30″ tall over the cracked and broken streets of New York City . . .”

    Oh my!

    You mean he’s a hulking 30 INCHES?!

    Because that’s what ” is, inches.

    If feet is to be used, then ‘ is the character you want.

  13. Lol, apparently my comment is “Spam” but whatever….TLDR version, I suppose: Bring in Peter David and PAK, have them help Joss really flesh the Hulk out. Professor Hulk/Gravage Hulk combo, if they don’t have the balls to go-grey and do the Joe Fixit storyline, they can at least “merge” banner’s persona into the Hulk’s body. Boom, there ya go. Introducing the “Banner Smash!” trigger is up to them, but it could all lead into the FUTURE IMPERFECT STORYLINE. Which WWH would actually be a great lead-in to (as it could be the cause of the Maestro’s becoming disillusioned with the world)

  14. My bad(for being ‘off’ subject in this thread).
    Hmmm? Speaking of Cap? I wonder, had Marvel expanded more on first CAs movie, with the Howlin’ Commandoes with both him and Howlett?(or Logan/wolverine)…. That would have been kinda cool! Or even in Wolverines movie?!! Wonder how come Marvel has cap / logan making no ‘references’ about each other? Forgotten memories?
    Ow…maybe down the road.
    Maybe make a Hulk movie with Wendigo and then have Logan show up as how he did in the comic world?

    • @Redman1 – You want see any appearances by Wolverine in the MCU or any references of him because Marvel does not own the film rights to him, Fox does.

  15. So I’m a little confused are they talking about redoing Planet Hulk as a live action movie, instead of animated?

  16. I love the Hulk. He’s been my favorite character since I began reading comics 30 years ago. When Planet Hulk came out, I read it and hated it, mostly due to the premise and character violation of the ‘heroes’ who sent him into space. When World War Hulk started, I stopped reading comics altogether. I hope they stay away from that as the subject of a film.

  17. I’m sort of annoyed by all these people clamoring for a Planet Hulk movie. Planet Hulk, to me, is the storyline they’ll use when they run out of other things to do with the character. Not saying it’s a bad story, but that once it happens and Hulk returns and attempts to conquer the Earth, there will be no place else for the character to go – in the comics, Hulk stories have seemed a bit lost since World War Hulk, and they’ve started to focus more on Red Hulk. You can’t just have Hulk re-join the Avengers after trying to kill them all. So Planet Hulk is sort of a point of no return, and once you do it, a lot of the other storylines become impossible to do.

    Before they make Planet Hulk, I really hope they cover other storylines like the blood-feud with Talbot, the rise of the Leader, being banished to the Crossroads, the destruction of Gammatown, his supposed “death” and new life as Joe Fixit, the creation of She-Hulk, Samson’s therapy resulting in Professor Hulk… all that good stuff.

    • WoW!! Excellent points!

    • Dude, if the Hulk can join the Illuminati after they sent him to space in the comics, he certainly can do the same with the Avengers in the movies…

  18. Hulk for President!

    Nuff said.