The Plan for X-Men: First Class [Updated]

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x men first class original team The Plan for X Men: First Class [Updated]

The X-Men franchise has proven itself to be pretty much unstoppable so far with four financially successful films in a row, and talk of half a dozen more.

Even if they make a film with unfinished special effects, script issues, major leaks, bad critical response and a split fanbase, the movie will still bring in the crowds interested in seeing some of their favorite heroes on screen… even if they don’t match the characters they’re based on, who they came in to see.

With that in mind, there are many films Fox Studios has in development for the franchise but it’s been difficult deciphering which will come first… Could it be X-Men: First Class?

According to actor Tim Pocock who portrayed young Scott Summers in this year’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, he’s currently working on an Austrialian TV show then he’s set to start shooting X-Men: First Class next year. He revealed the following in a recent tweet:

currently shooting Australian TV series till February 2010…then X-men first class 😉

[UPDATE] Tim just posted the following on twitter a minute ago:

victim of cruel prank.last tweet=NOT me.AM filming Aussie show official word on XM:FC but am interested.please post retraction.

Is this damage control from his agent or Fox because he spoke too soon? Weird prank that got left for a few days until news was made from it. I still think First Class could be happening relatively soon.

This isn’t too surprising since the film has been talked about for a long time and they’ve had Josh Schwartz on the task of penning the script since last November. But what does this mean for all of the other X-projects supposedly starting up in the next two years as well?

Wolverine 2 is in development with Oscar-winning writer Christopher McQuarrie penning the script that that could film in 2011 for a 2012 release date. We also heard a few weeks back from David Goyer that X-Men Origins: Magneto could start shooting as early as next year as well. And of course, we can’t forget about Green Lantern… I mean Deadpool’s solo flick with Ryan Reynolds.

Don’t stop there! Taylor Kitsch who played Gambit (the non Ragin’ Cajun version) has a three-picture deal and there’s been a tiny bit of talk he could get his own flick. I wrote a while back that Gambit’s solo feature would come a few years down the road, after the franchise establishes some other characters first and after Kitsch has his stardom built up (that’ll come with his lead role in John Carter of Mars which is planned to a massive-scale trilogy). Then, Kitsch could support his own big budget X-movie.

That being said, Gambit could pop up in one of the other movies, the most sensible being this one (X-Men: First Class). However, producer Lauren Shuler-Donner says otherwise since the movie is set to follow X-Men’s first class of mutants and Gambit wasn’t a part of it… I don’t know what that means since Angel and Iceman were part of that first class too but aren’t in the movies.

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  1. What Fox needs to do for X-men First Class is introduce Mr. Sinister (Daniel Craig) as the main villian, and bring the whole story line of getting Jean and Cyclops DNA, then he some how gets away at the end of the movie. X-men First Class shouldnt have the X-men be a powerful team, rather just a team that barely gets by since they are all new at trying to be a team.

    Then make X-4 with Mr. Sinister coming out of hidding along with the clones. But have Ms. Marvel be the main villian and have them kick the X-mens butts so Rogue can jump in and take her powers from her and then we can finally see how powerful Rogue is really suppose to be.

    Since Fox messed up the Wolverine Movie, and the Story line of everyone, I think that First Class should be the following

    1. Cyclops
    2. Jean Grey
    3. Beast
    4. Emma Frost (only cause they cant use Iceman since he would be a child.
    5. Banshee ( I read that he was suppose to be written in as one of the mutants saved at the end of Wolverine, but took his name out. He is one of the Red headed Kids in the cages that wolverine frees. He would replace Angel as one of the first 5 who can fly. Plus he would be around the right age as the comics with him being the father of Siyrn who was in X-2 and X-3.

    Hopefully if Fox reads this stuff, they can see that this all makes a little bit of sense, and can some what save the story line that we all love.

    Please Fox, Please read this, and Please, Please, Hire me as a writer and I will give you the biggest money maker of the year, and I will actually please some fans in the process.

  2. @Drew

    Good thnkin’. You get a gold (absolutely worthless) star. :)

  3. Are they kids throughout the whole movie? Sounds kind of lame IMO.

  4. I dont think this (first class) will be that good, and without Hugh Jackman the movie will likely gross around 200 mill worldwide in my opinion (which is not that bad. I just wouldnt go all crazy with the budget because this is in no way a guarantee.
    I also woudl be surprised to see Ian McCellin sigh on for A Magneto solo flick…he’s too good of an actor to degrade himself to this.
    As for another Wolverine movie, it will probably be better than the last (because the last one SUCKED) but still not be that good.
    A Gambit solo movie would take a looooong time to even consider because the actor needs to develop a fanbase, being as the character by itself is not strong eneough to support a mass audience.

    @ Drew
    REALLY REALLY like your ideas. Mr. Sinister would make a great villain and woudl LOVE to see him in the X-men movies.

    Unfortunately, this is FOX we are talking about so lets not hold our breath

  5. I definitely agree that the update is because it made news yesterday. Maybe he blew the whistle to soon and First Class is going to shoot next year. Keep us updated Screen Rant.

  6. @ Thomas

    I like the idea and I think all X-characters could come back for a fourth film, Even Cyclops. Just say she knocked him out by the river or something and have Sinister come in, kidnap him, and brainwash him. Turn him into a semi-villain that eventually turns good at the end of X4.

  7. Jeepers Chris. That is a list and a half.

  8. If your going to make a fourth x-men it should move forward instead of backward in the story line. At this point in my opinion the storyline should build even more with magnetos powers returning as well as an introduction to apocalypse, mr. sinister,omega red, cable, bishop, and the acolytes, and you can even pop in jubilee. So theres another 3 movies or so there. Keep our hearts content,build the stories as they were written and dont go back in time. If you must show the past just add it in the sequels or make short films and put it in the bonus features lol.

  9. I love Drew’s idea. Maybe a Sinister storyline would help set up Cable for a Cable&Deadpool movie? Wishful thinking with a sure-to-be-convoluted storyline, but still … Cable&Deadpool is at the top of my wish list right now.

  10. @K
    Maybe Cable will be in the Deadpool movie if and when that comes out. I wouldn’t mind seeing that but you know Fox will put their own touch on him like they did with Deadpool.

  11. For first class, I like Drew’s potential team, but I do feel Storm should be there. I’m not particularly fond of her character, but I want them to at least ATTEMPT continuity, and in X1 it’s stated that Storm was one of Xavier’s first students.

    But like most people here, I want an X4. I couldn’t care less about Wolverine 2, because no matter how much potential it has, I still have that sour taste in mouth from the first one, or a Gambit solo flick.

    I say make Apocalypse the main villain for X4. Since I can’t think of any logical way to bring back Cyclops that wouldn’t feel contrived or forced, instead bring in Havok as his replacement. Combine the Apocalypse and Living Pharaoh/Monolith characters and suddenly you’ve got a plot.

  12. I do like the idea of a Cyclops/Emma Frost/Jean Grey love triangle as part of the First Class storyline. I think that makes sense, and it would be an interesting way to reverse the way things worked out in the comic book (since Scott has ended up with Emma instead of Jean).

    Beast and Storm make sense in there, too. I’d hate to see Banshee turned into a teenager, though. I think it’s much more interesting to have him in there as the older, former Interpol guy mentoring the kids in the field. Iceman worked as a kid, because he’s always been kind of immature (even as an adult). You can’t do that with Banshee. Of course, Banshee creates another part of Cyclops’ storyline there. Banshee gets injured and that forces Cyclops to take on the leadership role.

    Villain-wise, I think it would need to be the Shadow King. They’re obviously heading that way. After all, we see Professor X standing in that scene in Wolverine, so it’s pre-wheelchair, begging the question of how he got that way. I wouldn’t be upset to see them use Mr. Sinister, though. He’s an excellent villain when handled well.

    Rob, thanks for the update! And I’ll definitely be adding you to my Twitter roll. Thanks!

  13. If what’s been written all over the net this past year about Marvel character movie releases holds, then it doesn’t make sense that a “First Class” movie can be released any sooner than 2013. Keeping the same actors would sort of affect what story you tell too. The same mounting and release problems would effect an X-4 movie as well. I’m sure money will figure in here too. Ask this, any substantial cash been spent on the Magneto movie? Is the Wolverine 2 movie a sure thing?
    If they would decide to make First Class instead of Wolverine 2 then I could see that. Unless Fox would bookend summer and the winter holiday seasons with an X-Men movie, I don’t see them releasing 2 in any given year.

    If what’s been written all over the net this past year about Marvel character movie releases holds, then it doesn’t make sense that a “First Class” movie can be released any sooner than 2013. Keeping the same actors would sort of affect what story you tell. The same mounting and release problems would effect an X-4 movie too. I’m sure money will figure in here as well. Ask this, any substantial cash been spent on the Magneto movie? Is the Wolverine 2 movie a sure thing?

    If they would decide to make First Class instead of Wolverine 2 then I could see that. Unless Fox would bookend summer and the winter holiday seasons with an X-Men movie, I don’t see them releasing 2 in any given year. If you could recycle movie locations you could film two X-Men movies back to back or at nearly the same time. That seems real remote too. I just don’t see it.

    Knowing what we know Fox should do a focus group and see what people really want to see and make that. The INTERNET is obviously the place to get this kind of feed back. Set up a poll page have the netizens choose.

  14. Man, now THAT was a brain fart! :)

  15. @ Bill Blume

    I wrote exactly on that love triangle thing..

    how about Cable as the son of Emma and Cyc….

  16. I thought Cable was the son of Scott Summers and Madelyne Pryor…

  17. @Rob… I must admit that I’m kind of hesitant to see Cable make an appearance. Never got into his character, but I also stopped collecting the comics shortly after he entered the picture and “The New Mutants” series was relaunched as “X-Force,” so he never really got a chance with me as a reader.

    That and I don’t think the whole Madelyne Pryor thing is something the films should delve into. Frankly, once they created that ludicrous plotline that she was really a clone of Jean, I started to lose interest. Like Chris Claremont, I felt Scott leaving his wife (Madelyne) for Jean was very not in keeping with his character. The whole “well, Madelyne was really just a clone of Jean all along anyway” excuse was a really poor way to explain what still amounted to having Scott turn into an adulterer. That was one of the reasons I was glad to hear he was finally paired with someone OTHER than Jean. He’s an interesting character in his own right, and the films have done a disservice to him by reducing him to nothing more than Jean’s boyfriend.

    @Greenknight, a good point to consider. The whole division of rights really does get confusing for these Marvel films.

  18. @ greenknight333,

    Yeap, in the comics – Definitely not in Fox’s Movie Universe though.

    I think it would be a neat way to introduce Cable into the franchise in one of the First Class movies and that would allow a Deadpool/Cable work down the road.

    @ Bill

    The films won’t delve into the Pryor thing. They won’t get into Mr Sinister cloning experiments and Cyc having a kid with a Jean look-a-like. It doesn’t make sense with the trilogy. However, a Cyc and Emma relationship before Jean does work in the movies since they’re doing it backwards and have introduced her into the story (and meeting Scott) before Jean.

    Perhaps that love triangle ends with Emma leaving and as we know, him ending up with Jean.

  19. yeah that voting landslide about the x-men forward or backwards thing should be due to Apocalypse. Who would play him?

  20. Idris Elba would play Apocalypse.

  21. i would love to see an x-men movie based on the very first original team members with updated version’s of the vintage x-men costume’s. are there any fan’s of the classic x-men with cyclops,marvelgirl,iceman,beast & angel who want to see this become the next x-men movie made?

  22. The pipe dream that will never happen even if they paid me to write the dumb thing or did it for free…

    X-Men: Muir Island. (X4)

    Where we meet up with some new characters like Wolfsbane and Proteus, the latter who could alter reality…and Prof X gets rehab.

    Watch out for The Brood


    As to what we do have…Magneto to be is the best bet, because there is a slight chance that some of those film’s events could take place after Last Stand (Magneto tells the story of his past)

    I also like the Japan angle of Wolverine II.

  23. i think they should of just done an x-men 4 movie. i don’t want to see another wolverine film, the first had great action in it, but not a good movie(that’s just my opinion). deadpool movie would be cool. so would magneto. i dont think a gambit film could work, i think he’s better off in small roles. but hey that’s just my opinion’s.

  24. @ Chris

    you have an odd obsession with beak,chamber,husk, and i cant understand why VERY mediocre characters

    I like the Mr Sinister storyline that is being thrown about (but please not daniel craig…. Im thinking more “Boone” FROM LOST)

    First class will be cool, but they should definitely include gambit

  25. There is a precedent in the Marvel Universe which would eleminate events of the last film and set things back on track. That would be the time traveling Bishop (Or Wolverine & Storm) returning to the past to un-do the killing of professor X and the X-Men because they were the only hope for the future. It was done at least twice on the 80s animated series and again to a drgree on the latest animated attempt, Wolverine and the X-Men.
    The Apocolypse and Sentinel/Master Mold story lines weren’t really even touched upon in the films, other than a brief danger room sequence. Neither was Mr Sinister. Either through a continuation or reboot, there are still a number of places to go. At this point I really don’t care which direction they use.