The X-Men franchise has proven itself to be pretty much unstoppable so far with four financially successful films in a row, and talk of half a dozen more.

Even if they make a film with unfinished special effects, script issues, major leaks, bad critical response and a split fanbase, the movie will still bring in the crowds interested in seeing some of their favorite heroes on screen… even if they don’t match the characters they’re based on, who they came in to see.

With that in mind, there are many films Fox Studios has in development for the franchise but it’s been difficult deciphering which will come first… Could it be X-Men: First Class?

According to actor Tim Pocock who portrayed young Scott Summers in this year’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, he’s currently working on an Austrialian TV show then he’s set to start shooting X-Men: First Class next year. He revealed the following in a recent tweet:

currently shooting Australian TV series till February 2010…then X-men first class ;)

[UPDATE] Tim just posted the following on twitter a minute ago:

victim of cruel prank.last tweet=NOT me.AM filming Aussie show official word on XM:FC but am interested.please post retraction.

Is this damage control from his agent or Fox because he spoke too soon? Weird prank that got left for a few days until news was made from it. I still think First Class could be happening relatively soon.

This isn’t too surprising since the film has been talked about for a long time and they’ve had Josh Schwartz on the task of penning the script since last November. But what does this mean for all of the other X-projects supposedly starting up in the next two years as well?

Wolverine 2 is in development with Oscar-winning writer Christopher McQuarrie penning the script that that could film in 2011 for a 2012 release date. We also heard a few weeks back from David Goyer that X-Men Origins: Magneto could start shooting as early as next year as well. And of course, we can’t forget about Green Lantern… I mean Deadpool’s solo flick with Ryan Reynolds.

Don’t stop there! Taylor Kitsch who played Gambit (the non Ragin’ Cajun version) has a three-picture deal and there’s been a tiny bit of talk he could get his own flick. I wrote a while back that Gambit’s solo feature would come a few years down the road, after the franchise establishes some other characters first and after Kitsch has his stardom built up (that’ll come with his lead role in John Carter of Mars which is planned to a massive-scale trilogy). Then, Kitsch could support his own big budget X-movie.

That being said, Gambit could pop up in one of the other movies, the most sensible being this one (X-Men: First Class). However, producer Lauren Shuler-Donner says otherwise since the movie is set to follow X-Men’s first class of mutants and Gambit wasn’t a part of it… I don’t know what that means since Angel and Iceman were part of that first class too but aren’t in the movies.

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It makes for an interesting discussion on what X-roster would be featured First Class.

I’ve said before that it’s almost definite that Pocock as Cyclops would return along with Tahyna Tozzi as Emma Frost and it seems at least one of those is true as of now. Pocock performed his role excellently and looked and acted exactly like a teenage Scott Summers should. He came off well as a young James Marsden and I support his casting in playing the younger variant of the X-Men’s leader.

What makes me happy about the potential of First Class is that it will finally test the franchise’s strength without its star, Hugh Jackman, who’s likely not going to have a role in the film (he sure as hell shouldn’t with the stories anyway – but I could see them trying hard to find some very minor cameo for Wolvy just to say he’s involved).

Fox made a strong effort to feature young mutant characters in Wolverine’s solo flick and to over-emphasize them in the film’s marketing to promote its attachment to the existing X-trilogy. They cast these characters for a reason, and set it up with Professor X for a reason as well.

Fox wants as many X-films as they can get but how many are they willing to finance at once and which do they want out first? With Reynolds nabbing the lead role as Hal Jordan in Green Lantern, what scheduling implications does that have on X-Men Origins: Deadpool?

According to the star, he says he can do both but there’s been little official word on that project and when they want it. That could a few years away now since he’s now very busy man. That’s too bad since Deadpool was one of the most desired movies from the fans and Reynolds had made a ton of promises about it – ranging from following the comics truely, the character breaking the fourth wall, presenting the character’s actual costume and having it separate itself from what happened in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

It’s an exciting time for fans of the films and X-comics for what’s coming out and all of these upcoming projects could spawn franchises of their own. Let’s hope it reverts to quality over quantity from now on though, especially after what happened with the last two flicks…

What X-Movie do you want first?

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