The Plan for X-Men: First Class [Updated]

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x men first class original team The Plan for X Men: First Class [Updated]

The X-Men franchise has proven itself to be pretty much unstoppable so far with four financially successful films in a row, and talk of half a dozen more.

Even if they make a film with unfinished special effects, script issues, major leaks, bad critical response and a split fanbase, the movie will still bring in the crowds interested in seeing some of their favorite heroes on screen… even if they don’t match the characters they’re based on, who they came in to see.

With that in mind, there are many films Fox Studios has in development for the franchise but it’s been difficult deciphering which will come first… Could it be X-Men: First Class?

According to actor Tim Pocock who portrayed young Scott Summers in this year’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, he’s currently working on an Austrialian TV show then he’s set to start shooting X-Men: First Class next year. He revealed the following in a recent tweet:

currently shooting Australian TV series till February 2010…then X-men first class icon wink The Plan for X Men: First Class [Updated]

[UPDATE] Tim just posted the following on twitter a minute ago:

victim of cruel prank.last tweet=NOT me.AM filming Aussie show official word on XM:FC but am interested.please post retraction.

Is this damage control from his agent or Fox because he spoke too soon? Weird prank that got left for a few days until news was made from it. I still think First Class could be happening relatively soon.

This isn’t too surprising since the film has been talked about for a long time and they’ve had Josh Schwartz on the task of penning the script since last November. But what does this mean for all of the other X-projects supposedly starting up in the next two years as well?

Wolverine 2 is in development with Oscar-winning writer Christopher McQuarrie penning the script that that could film in 2011 for a 2012 release date. We also heard a few weeks back from David Goyer that X-Men Origins: Magneto could start shooting as early as next year as well. And of course, we can’t forget about Green Lantern… I mean Deadpool’s solo flick with Ryan Reynolds.

Don’t stop there! Taylor Kitsch who played Gambit (the non Ragin’ Cajun version) has a three-picture deal and there’s been a tiny bit of talk he could get his own flick. I wrote a while back that Gambit’s solo feature would come a few years down the road, after the franchise establishes some other characters first and after Kitsch has his stardom built up (that’ll come with his lead role in John Carter of Mars which is planned to a massive-scale trilogy). Then, Kitsch could support his own big budget X-movie.

That being said, Gambit could pop up in one of the other movies, the most sensible being this one (X-Men: First Class). However, producer Lauren Shuler-Donner says otherwise since the movie is set to follow X-Men’s first class of mutants and Gambit wasn’t a part of it… I don’t know what that means since Angel and Iceman were part of that first class too but aren’t in the movies.

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cyclops and emma frost The Plan for X Men: First Class [Updated]

It makes for an interesting discussion on what X-roster would be featured First Class.

I’ve said before that it’s almost definite that Pocock as Cyclops would return along with Tahyna Tozzi as Emma Frost and it seems at least one of those is true as of now. Pocock performed his role excellently and looked and acted exactly like a teenage Scott Summers should. He came off well as a young James Marsden and I support his casting in playing the younger variant of the X-Men’s leader.

What makes me happy about the potential of First Class is that it will finally test the franchise’s strength without its star, Hugh Jackman, who’s likely not going to have a role in the film (he sure as hell shouldn’t with the stories anyway – but I could see them trying hard to find some very minor cameo for Wolvy just to say he’s involved).

Fox made a strong effort to feature young mutant characters in Wolverine’s solo flick and to over-emphasize them in the film’s marketing to promote its attachment to the existing X-trilogy. They cast these characters for a reason, and set it up with Professor X for a reason as well.

Fox wants as many X-films as they can get but how many are they willing to finance at once and which do they want out first? With Reynolds nabbing the lead role as Hal Jordan in Green Lantern, what scheduling implications does that have on X-Men Origins: Deadpool?

According to the star, he says he can do both but there’s been little official word on that project and when they want it. That could a few years away now since he’s now very busy man. That’s too bad since Deadpool was one of the most desired movies from the fans and Reynolds had made a ton of promises about it – ranging from following the comics truely, the character breaking the fourth wall, presenting the character’s actual costume and having it separate itself from what happened in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

It’s an exciting time for fans of the films and X-comics for what’s coming out and all of these upcoming projects could spawn franchises of their own. Let’s hope it reverts to quality over quantity from now on though, especially after what happened with the last two flicks…

What X-Movie do you want first?

Stay turned for more on X-Men: First Class from Screen Rant soon!

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  1. Chamber is cool.

  2. @ propnut & Brodie_Bruce,

    Time travelling storylines would be neat and would allow for even more ways to tie in all the movies together.

  3. With a potential of 5 properties in development, and “First Class” to be the first we likely will see, it is important for this prequel to really set the stone for all that we know of the X-Men from film continuity to be tied together. The original X-Men team, in film lore, will likely be made up of Scott Summers, Emma Frost, Hank McCoy, Ororo Monroe, and Jean Grey. We’ve seen glimpses of Scott, Emma, and Jean as children and I would hope that Jean’s lack of control over her powers will be explored by both Xavier and the fascinated Eric Magnus. Among other things to expect from the film in terms of plot and potential characters would be the romance between Scott and Emma, with Jean to also be interested in Scott and the two psychic powers that are Jean and Emma having a feud over his affection (with Jean playing the semi-antagonist role here). There will have to be some creative way to explain Magnus’ going from ally to Xavier to X-Men’s greatest foe. While that will surely come in “Origins: Magneto,” Magnus’ tendency to have a darker and more cynical outlook will have to play a part in “First Class” – Perhaps with him even taking a liking to certain students who show aggression, such as Jean.

    My hopes for what happens in the development of “The Brotherhood” may never come to pass, but I sincerely hope that the young Toad we see imprisoned on Three Mile Island in “Origins: Wolverine” is not among the group Xavier brings to the Mansion (I will explain why further down).

    As far as release schedule? We’re dealing with five properties in “First Class,” “Origins: Magneto,” “Wolverine 2,” “Gambit spin-off,” and “X-Men 4.”

    X-Men 4 could either be released prior to Gambit’s spin-off as a means of creating better buzz for the character. However, Gambit is second only to Wolverine in terms of popularity (and that is without him being featured as a character in any of the original franchise movies or as a team-member in any of the recent X-Men animated series) so he would hardly need the buzz as those who don’t already know him would still likely see the movie so long as it carries the “X-Men Origins” name in front of it. Regardless of which is released first, I do believe that both films should be filmed back-to-back though (or at least around the same time-frame) so that they could ideally be released within a year of each other.

    I envision that “First Class” would be released first (and with rumors that they will be filming soon, that makes it to be so), followed by “X-Men Origins: Magneto” within the same year as “First Class.” Then, with “Wolverine 2” coming out in 2011, “Origins: Gambit” can release either later that summer or perhaps even in January of 2012, with “X-Men 4” releasing that summer. While that’s a lot of X-Men movies in a short time-span, any characters that have dual-roles will not be pressed for time as Xavier will not have a major role in Wolverine 2 or the Gambit spin-off, and Patrick Stewart will likely only have a major role in “First Class” with potential for a significant role in “Magneto” and “X-Men 4.” This allows for more than one work to be created at a time and it will mirror the gameplan being created by Marvel Films with their Avengers-related franchises and what’s in store for 2010/2011 while effectively tying in all spin-offs with the actual X-Men franchise.

    As for my idea for the Gambit spin-off?

    If Liev Schreiber has a 3-film deal, then the best way to go about this would be to have Victor Creed cameo in Wolverine 2 as somewhat of a lost man now that he no longer has his half-brother around. Logan and Victor had been through so much for so long and despite their differences at the end of Origins: Wolverine, they did work together once again to defeat the monstrosity that was Weapon XI. With Wolverine losing the memory that was Victor Creed and going off in search to find himself, Sabertooth will no longer be the main villain that Wolverine finds himself up against as Logan will head off for Japan. Perhaps Victor Creed’s de-evolution can be shown to be the resultof losing his brother and the one man who knew of all that had gone down over their origin story.

    In Wolverine 2, there can be a scene or two that show Sabertooth in search of his brother, and maybe an interaction between the two and a short battle before Logan heads for Japan. Sabertooth retreats from this fight upon the realization that Wolverine no longer remembers him, psychologically putting Victor at loss. This is re-visited after the credits of Wolverine 2, which will then lead into “Origins: Gambit” as we will see a seemingly more vicious Creed, with growing hair, atop a victim – perhaps even have Creed over a dead animal that he’s eating – with Mr. Sinister approaching and gaining his attention. The de-evolution of Victor Creed will then be further explored of the Gambit spin-off, to the point where it wouldn’t be far-fetched to have the Sabertooth we saw by the beginning of the first X-Men movie.

    Sinister would thus hire the now frail villain as his muscle, ending Liev Schreiber’s role in the Wolverine film/series, but transitioning the character for the role as secondary villain in “Origins: Gambit” as a part the Marauders, where Schreiber can attempt to balance that “animal” he spoke of so confidently in “Origins: Wolverine.”

    This would leave Gambit with Sinister as the final villain, but it also allows for a Victor Creed/Gambit showdown, where Creed can blame Gambit for bringing Logan to Three-Mile-Island and Gambit can seek revenge for the 2 years he spent incarcerated there. It would also sow the seeds for Magneto’s putting together the “Brotherhood” since the Marauders would also be made up of Mystique and Toad. Magneto could even enter the final act of Gambit’s movie to persuade the three to join his cause – perhaps even convincing Creed that he’d lead him to Wolverine.

    Mr. Sinister leading the Marauders of Mystique, Toad, and a more vicious and animalistic looking Sabertooth would be an excellent group of villains to contest Gambit and his group of Morlocks or Thieves/Assassins Guilds. Toad was seen imprisoned at Three-Mile-Island but wasn’t among the group that Xavier found upon meeting “First Class” members Scott Summers and Emma Frost, so it can be revealed in a flash-back scene in the Gambit spin-off that Sinister “rescues” a group of mutants from the island, among those being Toad and Mystique. The idea of Sinister in search of Gambit and looking to bring him on bored to lead his Marauders could either leave the film ending with Gambit in defeat and as Sinister’s new subject to work on (to potentially be the villain of X-Men 4), or it could see Gambit defeat Sinister and be brought in by Wolverine to join the X-Men. I kind of like the idea of Gambit being under Sinister’s control to fight the X-Men, though. Especially if we get a film already with him as the protagonist/anti-hero and he will ultimately end up as the Dark Phoenix-style villain that is conflicted.

    Wolverine can even bring him in to join the team (as he remembers him as his first acquaintance post-memory loss), immediately leaving Gambit with Rogue’s intrigue as she admires Wolverine – any friend of his would be someone Rogue would make acquaintance with.

    This would leave the New X-Men team with a core of Gambit, Rogue, Ice Man, Colossus, Shadow Cat, Storm, Beast, and eventually to be led by Xavier in his new body. Wolverine would have a much-reduced role, and Gambit/Rogue/Ice Man would take on the Wolverine/Jean/Cyclops love triangle with Wolverine perhaps even making a joke about how “some things never change” and this romance could then potentially leave Gambit conflicted for when he is eventually to turn on the X-Men.

  4. I would be happy if Tim Pocock gets cast as Cyclops in X-Men: Apocalypse